this pic does wonder

reading A New Dawn

realizing that during the novel Ezra would already be living on the streets

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My all time favorite blog is @deanwinchesterforpromqueen! Although Ry hasn't been on lately, she always posts amazing gifs/pictures of Dean! And I love her writing! And she's super nice to any and everyone! 💜

Ryder, @deanwinchesterforpromqueen is super sweet! I love her to pieces. She does post wonderful Dean pics and I noticed she also shares a love for Priestly! I haven’t had a chance to read much of her fics yet, but her master list is on my summer reading list for sure! Go give Ryder some love people!

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So after seeing the Brad Pitt pics, I wonder if 1) Ryan always does a "boy in vest in outdoors" shot and 2) the hayfever story about Harry was rubbish, Ryan's just mean and makes his subjects cry (or Brad has hayfever also??)

I hope he makes them cry

I’d been waiting for a pic where Luke would be in the beanie with a pompom about which he wrote today. So, here we go. Please, remember, Ash was in the beanie with a pompom today too. I have no idea if that’s the same beanie or it’s not… Does it matter when most importantly they’ve chose one day to wear exactly beanies with pompoms!!! Only two of them… Lashton, what’s going on?

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I made a submission a month ago and even resubmitted twice. I blocked out images and the guy's personal information on the pic. So I was wondering, how long does it usually take to see your submission up?

we have 21388 messages that really go back all the way to last year and we just found out about the thing where you can make the submissions page into multiple pages so that will make it easier. 

“add more mods!!” i hear you cry. to be able to access the messages (and therefore submissions) and edit them you need to be an admin, so everyone who helps with the blog needs the username and password to my tumblr?? so i’ll just keep it at friends-who-are-willing-to-help for now! 


“All the fans have never failed to surprise us with how dedicated they are so we just wanna keep getting better for them.”
You are, Harry. Happy 21st Birthday angel, may it be filled with bananas and legal drinks. ♥