this pic does wonder

I’d been waiting for a pic where Luke would be in the beanie with a pompom about which he wrote today. So, here we go. Please, remember, Ash was in the beanie with a pompom today too. I have no idea if that’s the same beanie or it’s not… Does it matter when most importantly they’ve chose one day to wear exactly beanies with pompoms!!! Only two of them… Lashton, what’s going on?

reading A New Dawn

realizing that during the novel Ezra would already be living on the streets


“All the fans have never failed to surprise us with how dedicated they are so we just wanna keep getting better for them.”
You are, Harry. Happy 21st Birthday angel, may it be filled with bananas and legal drinks. ♥


// I know the devil you’ve been fighting with, I swear I’ll never let you down again //