this pic does wonder

RL fitspo probs

Just found out I have the same BMI as my real life fitspo (not thinspo, she works out/doesn’t starve/doesn’t have an ED, etc.) and I can’t help but look through her old Instagram pics wondering WHERE?

I look so much fatter than she does and I’m 4-5 inches taller! My new goal is to weigh as little as she does now. 20 more pounds and I’ll have to look smaller than her.

.::.tour de columbus.::.

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Are there any new official spoilers ? Official I count aswell what the boys did tell us aswell.. coming to you because you are the best to sum up everything and I am sure this aren't any rumors.. also i saw the Shedule picture there is a road and we all know a road does have a meaning.. like Road of life etc. Now wondering does it happens often that the schedule pic is a hidden spoiler aswell.. or is just nothing important to it.. thanks in advance

Official spoilers? Well, the photo teaser with schedule I’ve just posted is the only thing for now. From what I’ve seen fans sometimes tend to overanalyze everything in JYPE’s teasers but in the end some choices JYPE made are accidental ^^

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How do I feel okay with expressing and being confident with myself sexually, especially when I'm really into cosplay and fancy outfits? I feel dirty and gross, even tho I'm a girl and I know that, damnit. - A confused trans girl

Everyone loves trans girl cosplayers! You should take selfies and make a tumblr blog for em or even just post them on an appropriate discord server or an image board like *shudders*  4chan or something. You can do it anonymously if you need to. Just like put cute cosplay pics out into the world. Getting positive feedback does wonders.

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Misc of me

oh thank god you said misc of ME and not US cause then i’d have to kill you

Favourite Track:

Like a Fire (!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness this song makes me so happy and i can’t help but smile when listening to it and if i’m ever really down it lifts my mood immediately. and of course the swc iii performance who can forget??? i won’t go into it but this song is iconic)

Least Favourite Track:

Orgel (yup there’s another fandom favorite that’s at the bottom of my list. Again…jjongie…i’m sorry. i know you wrote it and it’s a great song and i love it by default but…i love every other song on this album infinitely more. i actually…skip orgel on the daily *runs away*)

Underrated track:

Dangerous (Medusa II)  (this was hard because rarely do i see people talking about a lot of the songs on this album, but it boiled down to this song and sleepless night. because of the SHINee ballads, Sleepless Night is one of my favorites. it’s another i could listen to forever. I thank Changmin every time i listen to it for writing it and then giving it to SHINee to sing because it’s gotten me through many many many sleepless nights. Jonghyun’s voice in this song hits me right in the heart. and hearing it live? breathtaking. but again…hardly anyone talks about it compared to selene 6.23 which is on Us)

Overrated Track:

Orgel (it’s really the only track that i see so many people scream about and i just sit here like ?? what is there to scream about? lmao no i get it i get it, but just to me..we never really talk about the songs on this album that much outside of the live performances from swc iii&vi)

do u ever like really want something but don’t actually need it and it’s something stupid but you’re dead set on having it because for me right now I really really really want more buttons for my awful million pound fire emblem ita bag as if it wasn’t heavy enough already lets just go ahead and add more shit to it

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Nobody talked about C's snapchat video with "border crossing" written on it... 👀 but what does that mean? Did she leave for LA yesterday? I thought they were about to shoot the wedding episode today? Your thought, please? 🤔

Okay her post and GG’s IG pic are very similar, it does make one wonder if they were riding in the same car yesterday, and I don’t think Cp went back to LA yet, they’re still in Vancouver.

  • Me looking through the tumblr NOMAP tag: It's so cute and pastel now, I mean I dont know know 98% of these new people or supporters and feel weird about the NoMAP thing because it is debate-able as to what is a real non-offending MAP but niiiice
  • Me realizing the winds of change are swooped in and that Im old now: Oh shit

reading A New Dawn

realizing that during the novel Ezra would already be living on the streets

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I notice that Nikki likes a lot of Z's pics and posts on social media, I was wondering... does Nikki even follow any of Tom’s OTHER co-stars from the Spider-Man film? Just curious if this is just typical of her to do or…lol

I don’t believe so, she actually just recently followed Haz but she def follows Z