this photoshoot is really gorgeous

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What do you think about Louis photoshoot?

I really liked it! overall I think the photos showcast how gorgeous he is and the photographer really worked with his natural photogenicity, which usually wouldn’t do it for me in bramell’s other work with male models but considering that we’ve never seen louis like this it works really well and it didn’t cross over to be too generic or commercial. 

I liked the styling too, they went for a palette of colors that suit him really well, and they didn’t step away from who he is in terms of clothes which goes along with his interview that was kind of a tell all. I liked the set they chose, and I really liked the props, it kinda told a story without trying too hard to actually place him somewhere - he is this laid-back guy who’s super rich and likes to wear athleisurewear and write music but isn’t tied to a specific place or time or people who’d then be used as his “influences”. he’s his own person opening up about his story and the photos go along with it, and I think it was done really well. 

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what do you think of Emilie Autumn?

I used to love her and look up to her so much that if you look at old photos of me from around 2007 to 2009, you’ll find a little heart under my eye and striped stockings in every photo. Then a lot of drama happened with her and the fans and her book and it felt like her personality and image took importance over the music and then I kind of lost interest. I didn’t really enjoy Fight Like A Girl either, though I did go see her on tour after the album came out and I’m happy that I did.

I still listen to everything she’s done up til FLAG, but I don’t really follow what she does or look up to her anymore. From what I can figure the drama’s toned down and she’s doing better in general, so I’m happy for that cause obviously Opheliac was born out of very dark things. I still definitely have a soft spot for the Opheliac-or-so-era Emilie and always will, her style around that time was a big part of my life for a while and a lot of the photoshoots she did back then are gorgeous. And now I really feel like listening to Organ Grinder…

(Funnily enough, when I was looking for burlesque pictures some months back I came across Veronica Varlow’s blog where she’d used a picture I took of her in one of her posts! I think I’m friends with Contessa on Facebook as well.)

haikyuu characters + what their facebook profile pictures would be:

Hinata: jumping pic; he’s silhouetted against a sunny blue sky

Kageyama: clip art of a volleyball

Tsukishima: a photo of him (preferably at a ¾ angle) wearing headphones and a hoodie making a completely straight face

Yamaguchi: a candid of him walking with Tsukishima; he’s laughing and smiling but Tsukishima looks vaguely pissed off

Daichi: an action shot of him about to receive a serve

Sugawara: one of those “candids” that’s obviously staged; he’s smiling and laughing and he has a scarf wrapped around his neck and the wind is touseling his hair *just right*

Asahi: an action shot (he’s about to spike the volleyball) but it’s cropped to just his face and he’s making a weird expression

Nishinoya: one of those pictures that a lot of teenaged bro boys who think they’re hot shit have; he and Tanaka are leaning against the hood of a car with their arms crossed wearing tanktops and snapbacks

Tanaka: an extreme close-up of his face at a weird angle

Ennoshita: a black-and-white photo of him holding a camera up to his face

Kiyoko: a really gorgeous photoshoot-type picture of her (shoulders-up)

Yachi: a photo of her laying on her back on the grass laughing with her hair splayed out all around her

Oikawa: a selfie (obviously)

Iwaizumi: a shot of him from behind (waist-up) standing at the edge of the volleyball court in his Seijoh uniform

Kuroo: a photo of him where you can tell he’s trying to make a sexy expression but he’s not quite pulling it off

Kenma: fanart of a video game character

Bokuto: a fairly close-up picture of his face; his eyebrows are raised and he’s grinning

time is simultaneously flying by and not going fast enough it seems like yesterday we were complaining we weren’t getting BTY by the end of june and there was no photoshoot no interview NOTHING now it’s almost july 21st we had two gorgeous photoshoots two really cool interviews and this is just the beginning!!!