this photoshoot is kinda old


I want this fucking scene in S7. The way Henry looks at Elizabeth. I want that between Jon and Dany!! I know I’m being demanding but I waited like 6 looong years…. endured too many countless tragedies while watching the show. I just want tender looks between them! Sincere, pure looks of love. I fucking need it! Okay stop rant.

The other pic was from an old photoshoot, where they look kinda cute together.

while i’m thinking about my angel baby finn wolfhard, i just wanna talk about how i keep seeing posts on instagram of people comparing his new photoshoot pictures to old pictures of him and saying things like “what kinda water is this boy drinking 🤤” and grown people saying “he’s lookin’ like a full course meal now” and it really really bothers me because i love him, and it’s like….you fucking weirdos, he’s 14. if i see anyone being creepy towards him i will personally deal with them myself because he is a KID!!! he’s a kid!!!! stay away from my son!!!