this photoshoot is honestly a blessing

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Our girls are prospering and I'm here for it. Normani hath blessed us with that quickstep and will continue to bless us, Dinah's breath control is slowly but surely improving, Lauren's vocals are on fucking point lately (Normani's vocals have been on fire too), and Ally and Lauren are serving endless looks in these photoshoots. Rise, queens!

everything is just going so well, honestly. and not that everything’s always flawless with fans, but i feel like this era has been the happiest i’ve seen the fandom.



• smokey vibes •
honestly, my camera just loves smoke ok just L00k at it!

hi-res cigarettes ladies and gentlemen
* liqxr totally not glorifying smoking at all… ayyy lmao*

god bless Harmony Korine..

Honestly, Cristiano is the BEST person to stan… he gives us so much to work with like… weekly cute videos of random q&as and of him playing with his son, DAILY SELFIES (do you know how many people would kill for daily selfies of their faves?!), tons and tons of photoshoots and interviews, a whole documentary about him.. He truly makes us feel like we’re a part of his life, and as a fan that’s really all we ever want right?