this photoshoot is honestly a blessing


U know as a kid when u got a present but its just too glorious and its like deep down u feel u probably didnt deserve it… Honestly i just wanna thank Vanity Fair and Annie for these pics and the video cause this is more than I ever expected, and I really needed this today. #blessed

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Were you the Hunk at the AB voltron photoshoot that picked up a few people? If you were, like, bless ur soul?? Thank you?? You're very strong and i was extremely impressed. (I was the pidge that got picked up)

I was in fact that Hunk! Did a couple push ups in preparation for the convention so I could get the most important part of the costume right: 

(Joking lmao Honestly thanks for letting me pick you up for the picture? It was tons of fun!)

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discussion question: is one of kai's hands for taemin or for kyungsoo? why or why not? support your answer with evidence from the text

well damn amy i may as well write my college thesis on this but let’s get into it shall we

because kai’s first hand is obviously for krystal as we have discussed in the past, while his second hand is clearly for Taemin

if we’re going to go into textual evidence, let’s start with the basics

as we all know, Taemin and Kai have known each other since trainee days, as was shown on the 4 Things episode from when Taemin had his solo debut

like lmao tbt to when everyone thought that Kai was Taemin’s brother when this picture got released

look at those two buddies roamin’ the streets going shopping doing whatever it is guys do idfk

then there’s of course Taemin and Kai’s first award show together!!! 2011 gayo daejun!!! 

in this video at 56 seconds you can clearly see Amber (bless her) pushing Kai towards Taemin and then soon enough to two sweet bubs are smiley and laughing and just so cute they’re such good pals

then maxstep happened and that was truly a blessing like come on taekai in a car together

u know what weird fanfics happened after that and i’m not ashamed to say i read a fair few of them

plus let’s not forget the iconic Pretty Boy and all it’s performances!!! the jam of all jams. truly a bop. best hit. my all time favorite song ever honestly

like honestly i could go on for days how taekai are true bro goals like

they go get ice cream together

they go on romantic walks in the park together

just look at Kai’s arm draped gracefully over Taemin’s shoulders, what a true pal

so sweet

literally they never stop touching each other the skinship in this friendship is Truly Magnificent 

so much hand holding god bless the hand holding it’s so sweet so delicate so pure and wholesome

and let’s not forget the beauty that was this photoshoot like honestly it was the best photoshoot in the history of all photoshoots

not only are they holding hands in this picture, but taemin’s hand is placed gently on kai’s waist what True Pals

and we mustn’t forget

the Most Pure Moment. look at that. such a loving embrace. like Taemin’s group has just won yet it’s Kai who’s crying harder. is this not true friendship??? being proud of your pal for achieving so much and working so hard and being Recognized for it??

basically Taemin and Kai are True Pals, Best Bros, Friendship Goals of the Century

and yet it has dare been asked who Kai’s second hand is for??? no question about it. Taemin and Kai will hold hands for the rest of eternity


So tomorrow I turn 28…

And honestly, I never felt so blessed in my life. I’ve accomplished so many of my goals this past year with the support of God, my family, and friends. Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

A lot of people worry about getting older…I worry about getting BETTER.

Here’s some video footage of this weekend’s photoshoot with Panda Clothing Co.

Spring 2017


Please check it out because your girl is Glo’d Up!

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the best part about the catwalk was that Shawn was just Shawn even tho he is now the face of a luxury product. He was so happy and adorable and he had no idea what he was doing

Honestly you’re right. I didn’t give two shits about armani before this. Now I’m blessing them for getting him to dance and putting him in nice clothes, that photoshoot and giving us nice close ups of his hands and veins.

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I’m only posting one before you spiral >_> 





💦 💦 💦

And lastly, a cute one.

More reasons to love Jimin
  • his stage name was almost Baby J
  • eyeliner is his life
  • thighs thicker than the bible
  • puffs himself up to look bigger when he’s mad it’s a bts acknowledged thing that he does
  • dinosaur noise aegyo
  • makes ugly faces that are somehow still rly cute
  • can literally make the XD face
  • lips like two soft pink anime body pillows
  • takes 10 billion selcas with his makeup on but is super self-conscious of his bare face
  • soft. fluffy. large. sweaters.
  • thinks he looks cute and pretty when he cross-dresses
  • would probably most definitely marry Taeyang if he wasn’t saving himself for Jungkook
  • has “short person syndrome” which i completely relate to
  • thinks most people like Iron Man so he chose the Hulk as his favorite super hero what a fuggin cutie
  • super stubborn and competitive but in a cute way
  • shaves his pits. probably shaves his legs too
  • his small delicate ankles
  • the little mole on his collarbone
  • his slightly chipped front tooth is so cute omg
  • very outgoing but still gets shy and nervous when put on the spot
  • cannot rap like not even a little even jin is better at rapping than he is
  • thinks his rapmon hyung is cool as shit when he’s speaking english so he wants to learn english too but all he’s learned is how to go “yyyyyyeh aw yeh” like he’s always about to start rapping and baby please no please
  • has so much muscle but it’s all show muscle he’s weaker than jin and jungkook what a showoff bless him
  • is flexible enough to do the splits both ways!!!!!!
  • has so much dancing chemistry with j-hope it honestly blows my mind the way they can improvise together
  • gets rly excited about photoshoots bc they do his hair and makeup and he gets to do cool poses and he rly loves photoshoots and it’s adorable
  • makes the doofiest faces all the time for NO APPARENT REASON other than he just likes to make doofy faces
  • everyone loves him it’s just a fact
  • he’s honestly just so wonderful and i’ll probably be making another list at some point bc i keep finding more and more things to love about this stupid little idiot so STAY TUNED

the first “REASONS TO LOVE JIMIN” post: 1


• smokey vibes •
honestly, my camera just loves smoke ok just L00k at it!

hi-res cigarettes ladies and gentlemen
* liqxr totally not glorifying smoking at all… ayyy lmao*

god bless Harmony Korine..