this photoset makes no sense at all

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I hate to say it because I really do like Levi but he does have other similarities to Tobias. Like making a move on Archer when Archer’s relationship with Tobias was at it’s lowest. Kind of like Tobias did with Archer when things weren’t working so well with Levi all those years ago.

While I guess I agree with your words, I don’t agree with the point you are trying to make. Yes, that is happening. What is being dismissed are the bigger details like.. Archer had already decided that his marriage with Tobias was over. Levi isn’t “stealing” him away from anyone. This isn’t a relationship at it’s lowest; it is literally the end of a marriage. And technically, Archer so easily giving in when Levi is so unsure about Shane doesn’t make him much better. The difference is that not only do both Levi AND Archer see the connection, they can admit that it’s happening. And as selfish as it may be, Levi will even admit that he is getting some kind of thrill out of getting his man back after the guy who got between them fucked things up. Levi didn’t have to persuade Archer to cheat. Tobias fucked his relationship up all on his own *shrugs*

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The Dick Francis is definitely For Kicks, in case you fancy revisiting it!

ah and here it is on Goodreads! I remember this, it was… oh gosh, and I read all the surrounding ones too. First published 1965! 

I am uncomfortable aware, suddenly, that while all the authors surrounding me in fandom, I mean my contemporaries of a certain age, got their start and inspiration from whatever that genre is, Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey and all, I definitely, definitely formed my sense of What A Protagonist Is by reading a shitload of Dick Francis. 

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I’m with Bernie: Getting old sucks. :) Gotta love Emily’s optimism, though!

It does suck! If someone had warned me about the pains of growing up, I never would have done it. (Actually, I’m sure several people warned me, but I was too excited to be a real grown-up without a bedtime or junk food restrictions to listen.)

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Great pictures. XD

Heh, those Castaway conversions are plenty of fun! :P I can’t tell if certain skills (like body would make sense) have any relation to them or not because all my Sims are terrible at them, but the failing animations are so funny, I don’t mind at all. :D 


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wat is this sorcery

u caught me ^ im a witch

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K, I need to have some PS talk with you…unless that’s not what you use lol

Photoshop is so difficult for me to understand lol, I just use SAI for editing skin and hair and their magic wand tool is better than PS or GIMP. I use GIMP for the extra editing, like filters are all done from sratch, actions are helpful but some are just not the style i want? idk if that makes sense lol. Talk 2 me bb

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i’m fucking blown

honestly it makes so much sense that halsey lyrics on spongebob pics became a meme because halsey has thus far managed to appeal to all the major demographics on tumblr

like, she got the aesthetic bloggers with having good/pretentious (opinions vary) lyrics to make graphics with

she got fandom bloggers because her lyrics can be used on photosets of characters

she got social justice bloggers because she’s open and informed about issues of mental illness, sexuality, and race

the only group she hadn’t really appealed to was the shitposters and memers, but now this meme has given her that demographic

halsey has now achieved the extremely dubious honor of having conquered tumblr

“It’s very difficult for me to talk about myself. You feel strange, self-aware, very foolish. Your third eye clicks on, just to try to maintain a healthy sense of perspective, and you think, “What am I doing here? I’m just making a movie, and people want all these things from me.” It seems strange to have so much fuss over a film.”

Something weird is going on, let’s figure out what it is

Okay guys, it’s official. I barely post in here, only when I have something solid to say. And I do have something to say right now:

They are obviously and explicitly promoting Emma and Regina’s relationship. However, there are some points I don’t understand, let’s share our thoughts and try to put logic into this.

SDCC facts:
1. Sean and Lana interaction was practically non existant.
2. Lana and JMO were constantly put together: panel, interviews and official photosets.
3. Colin and JMO were also sitting together most of the time. Their interaction was cute and normal, just as usual.
4. EXCEPT FOR OQ, every OTP was interviewed together on the rotating tables interviews: Snowing, Cs and Rumbelle. Also, everybody had a companion while interviewed: Adam had Eddy and… If I am not wrong, Sean was randomly paired with Rebecca Madder and one time with Emilie?? Lana was interviewed ALONE, all by herself, ALL THE TIME.
That makes totally no sense. The normal thing to do is: if you have an OTP, promote it. Why would Sean sit with Rebecca? Wouldn’t Rebecca be the one that should be interviewed alone? This totally confuses me.
5. JMO was promoting CS, just as usual.
6. LANA, my friends, was promoting EMMA AND REGINA’S RELATIONSHIP. ALL. THE. TIME. Some months ago, EVERYTHING was about OQ, Sean and Lana promoted every little thing related to OQ, twitter, interviews, photos, whatever.
- She clearly states that Robin and Zelena’s stuff is SECONDARY TO WHAT’S GOING ON WITH EMMA.
(first interview)
- BUT WAIT, SHE STATES IT TWICE, which means that this is something she has to say when asked about certain things.
(second interview)
-In those interviews, she KEEPS talking about Emma. Everything is about Emma.
-When an interviewer told her she loved OQ, Lana had no time to answer, but at the same time, she didn’t look too satisfied to hear that. She didn’t even know how to react. I would say that what that girl told her was something she didn’t want to hear. Let me get this straight: she doesn’t care about someone loving OQ (or whatever the ship is), but she might had received orders to avoid OQ questions and do not promote OQ, so she was nervous about it.

LANA is ACTUALLY and OFFICIALLY promoting Emma and Regina’s relationship. Isn’t it crystal clear?

7. Also, the media avoided asking questions directly related to Robin Hood. Everything was about her role as the saviour, her relationship with Emma, with the rest of the town, Henry, the evil part of Emma, etc.

8. Things I dislike/I don’t understand:
-Lana keeps mentioning that potion to make Regina’s fertile again. Dafuq.
-It’s totally one sided (Lana), they are clearly promoting CS (as they are clearly promoting -I won’t say SQ, but Emma and Regina’s relationship).
-Lana seemed to be a little bit off, passive, down. Uhm?
-Rafstein thinks that they seemed to be trying to focus on Dark Emma and avoid much “ship talk”, but still, that doesn’t explain what’s going on with OQ, while still promoting CS.

So, here’s the question: What the hell is going on? Thoughts?

It doesn’t matter if we are “moved on” or not, or whenever we have kids. They’re going to know about the Awkwardly Tall Canadian Drummer who stole our hearts and have a place for him in our hearts. Because we’re going to keep reblogging photosets, and make posts every May 11th and July 13th.  Because no matter how much we fought to see which ship is the best or who is the better character, etc. We have one thing in common, we all miss him.


Modern Romantics

A photoset for Jehan and Bahorel

This is my contribution for Poetry Smash Week (and @pilferingapples‘s birthday). I’m not 100% sure how much sense all of these choices will make to anyone else, but there is a certain sense of past, present and future all mixed together that these two evoke in me, and that’s what I hope comes across here.