this photoset is terrible


[shadowhunters lookbook]: hair + clary


Taekook for @thekookiest
         Happy Birthday, Angel! ♡♥


“You know, I was proud when you took the name Nightwing. And now, a little part of me is kind of sad you gave it up. The great rebuilder, the catalyst of change, eternally reborn to start anew. But then, I think there’s a more appropriate name for that title now. Grayson.”

Just don't do it

Please stop leaking my sets fam.

If you can’t afford my sets, I suggest getting an account for cosplay deviants, I have 10 entire photosets there under the model name “Minerva Quill”

It’s not a secret, at all! You can even use my model name at check out for a discount off your sign up price. The only difference is that I’ve gained like 5 pounds since my last set and I started wearing color contacts.

I work very hard on my sets, even if you don’t personally feel that way, I really do. I try to deliver content that makes me happy and characters that my patrons want to see, so it’s really sad to see leaked content appear on The internet

If you don’t feel like putting money in my pocket, I understand that. If you can’t afford it, I understand that too! There are tons of artists and Cosplayers that I want to see their content, but can’t afford it, but you know what I do? I don’t buy it, I don’t look for it either.

This is another huge reason why I don’t ever post my nudes, it’s really sad, but people resell them to people who don’t know any better or think they are cheating the system or something. Someone was reselling my CD sets for more than the cost of a membership. Don’t be dumb, just pay the 5-10 dollars and fap like anyone else 🙌🏻

I think the sadder thing from all this, is that there are people who have paid me in the past that are calling me a bunch of terrible names and posting my photosets. If you don’t want them, don’t buy them. If you don’t like my face or my body, if you think I’m ugly, just leave me alone. Why would you want 90+ photos of someone you didn’t find attractive? I wouldn’t.

Even if you don’t realize it, the girl behind Microkitty is a human being just trying to exist.

I have discounts, I have coupon codes, I have sales. I try to do as much as I can to get my sets to people who want them, without compromising how hard I worked on the set.

So if you buy a set, please don’t put my hard work into the hands of people who want to see my nudes to tear me down and be mean to me.

I try to brush it off and not get sad, but sometimes it’s just hard, I feel a little betrayed 🤔🤔


My lil’ baby niece was more than happy to help with my secret santa gift ( Hyrule Warriors) to my bro-in law! Luckily he’s as big  a zelda fan as I am! Made the costume and painted the chest in one night so I’m pretty proud of myself ;v; 

I was so happy he liked his gift! I think Liv likes her new outfit too! My scarf was a bit big on her but she wears it with gusto! 

My sister made an album with more photos( ithink*) if you wanna check it out! She’ll be doing a photoshoot with me in the future! Excitedddd *v*