this photoset is shit but ok :]

Ok so this might sound like some shitty creepypasta but it’s 100% true. 

This is my old kindergarten. It has been closed and abandoned for years, and last month my friends snuck up into the abandoned building to take a look around, cause that’s what white people™ do, ok?

The place has been covered with mold and honestly? Looks like it’s straight outta some zombie movie.

Like, this is some “The Last of Us” shit right here. There’s even a mushroom!

Not even kidding, this looks like some edgy horror game teaser:

Anyways, I’m all in for the Creepy Haunted Kindergarten™ aesthetic

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OKAY BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT SYAORAN WAS LITERALLY MADE FROM A MIRROR HERE??? That foreshadowing though with the mirrors in Shura and his past with the many reflections of himself “and the dangers of mirrors” NO KIDDING! Hahahahaha *whispers* Head canon: Actual Mirror Card Syaoran *whispers*



What follows are the three great ironies of the Assassin Order:
1. Here we seek to promote peace, but murder is our means.
2. Here we seek to open the minds of men, but require obedience to a master and set of rules.
3. Here we seek to reveal the danger of blind faith, yet we are practitioners ourselves.

I feel weird with cis men on here (and some cis women) reblogging and commenting on nonbinary people’s pictures because 9/10 times they are either fetishizing or misgendering them (especially when it’s a conventionally attractive dfab person). Idk…shit kind of irks me and then they have the nerve to get defensive about it when they are called out, like they aren’t in the wrong for misgendering said person (How y’all fail to read ‘they/them pronouns at the end of a photoset is beyond me’). But they aren’t going to acknowledge this so it’s a waste if energy typing it

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Interestingly Ouma was being completely sincere in this part. Maybe it was not the way to get to Saihara, but he did not lie.

god ok so sorry for not replying earlier lol, I saw this & wanted to reply earlier but mobile tumblr is hot garbage for everything but reblogging, so…

ANYWAY I figured that was the case lol. Since he “””lied””” about the exact same thing TWICE before I thought it was just him trolling again, and that he would just turn around and complain that Saihara’s lack of reaction is no fun haha. But nah, then he goes and drops those fucking lines, and absolutely KILLS me in the process. Kudos to that little shit for still staying unpredictable. And somehow, he manages to be even more terrifying when he’s sincere than when lying…

I’m both scared and hyped to go into the class trial, cause I feel like it’ll be the most… ‘direct’ confrontation with Ouma in a trial so far. He usually just messes around and admits to lying a second later, but this time he seems really gung-ho to make Kaito a suspect, whether it’s cause he’s the culprit himself or not (and honestly, if he’s not, then it’ll be the biggest red herring in the series so far, if you ask me… He must’ve played at least some part in the murder, even if it somehow turns out he’s not the killer himself) 

But I’m hyped as HELL cause he seems to really want to fuck up everyone’s shit, his conversation with Monokuma earlier in the chapter was fucking TERRIFYING. (Who designed those sprites?? Was it Satan?? They were straight up nightmare fuel (I still love him tho)). But that’s all what makes things interesting, if you ask me. And I’m always ready to learn more about my boy.

augh, rant over. I’m just really stoked about the class trial, cause Ouma is like… my new fave in the series (sorry Komaeda, you’re in second place now). Everyone that reads my stupid liveblog posts deserves a cookie (and yes, I keep an eye on all the notes. I love y’all).


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“Sarada: 0, Papa: 1 for those who don’t get the joke you’re an angel”

ok but does sarada ever even the score??

well, sasuke that little shit, keeps a score book under his pillow, sakura finds out about it one day and refuses to sleep with him for weeks. just to spite him, she has sleepovers with sarada every night 

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I love your OCs!!! And they are so cute together<333 My personal favorite Eriadnus, such pretty colors<333

holy shit. thank. This  makes me really happy! i - i /

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thats ok! no pressure should be put on you  U<U)/ please pace yourself so you dont over work !!<3

Hi Kiwi. ;>; thank you! Though, the thing is, that I barely do anything at all as of late, hahaha… be it drawing for myself or college work, which definetely has to be done. but thanks! ☺

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I am so going to buy something as soon as I get some more commissions done, these look gorgeous as always!

dfssdgffk that’s really flattering, Herz. /covers face


Sebastian “I don’t know what my face is doing” Stan
at Hublot’s Tennis Fusion Celebrity Challenge (2009)


((More cutie team drawings, I did some for my boo’s fighting team because I love her and wanted to draw her some since she liked mine.  I also did a new one for my team because I’m thinking of kicking off my Chandelure for a Talonflame, also known as the giant devil bird that Miles hates and calls names.  That’s ok tho, Duke just Brave birds his shit. ))