this photoset is me in a gifset lol

ooc. i lowkey feel bad for my new followers who hasn’t followed my john from when he was on my multi, is probably thinking that this is going to be a cool john blog, when in reality, we all know at least half of the posts i’ll be posting will just be me rANTING IN ALL CAPS about how i love john winchester or how the amount of hate that he gets in the fandom is the one thing that legit manages to make me aNGRY AF with the special guest appearance of 500 pages rants in the tags on gifsets/photosets lol. i’m sorry in advance ??


Cruella DeVille is spotted running among the 101 Clownmatians.


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I’ve been wanting to do this for a LONG time !! And now, here it is. The ‘We Are Rooster Teeth’ network !!

Gif and banner made by me. 

How To Apply:
  • Must be following me (man, I know that sounds lame. I’m sorry lol)
  • Drop a message into the network blog’s askbox and add in why you would be a great member for the network!!! 
  • You don’t have to be a FULL RT blog, but hey, hopefully you do post a lot of RT.
  • So yes, multifandom is okay. 
  • Also, reblog this to spread the word.
If you get in:
  • You get to meet new people!!
  • You’ll have to put a link to the network on your blog somewhere.
  • Promos from me every month.
  • A specially made icon, sidebar, or gif (gifset, photoset, whatever you’d like) from me to you. (See here for examples)
  • You’ll have a special spot on the network blog, of course!!
  • Help with advice or pretty much anything you’ll need help with. 
  • Group skype calls if you’re ever interested.
  • So if you do get in, I will message you.
  • You’ll have to choose a picture/gif that you’d like me to use for you on the network blog.
  • You’ll have to send me a brief description of yourself.
  • How many people are chosen depends on how many notes this gets!!
  • And that’s pretty much it!!
  • Have fun, everyone! :D


“This ordinary red hair I hated so much had brought me the person of my destiny.  It became the ‘red thread of fate’.”
-Uzumaki Kushina

↳ For starlitgravity