this photoset is me in a gifset lol



Made this gif/photoset using videos made by @sentimentaltomboy (thank you so much again for coming with me to the concert 💕 ). Those were just some videos made so that we have something to take home with us, to watch and remember this incredible evening. No hq fancams and close-ups, just the concert from our point of view somewhere in the front of stage area haha

THE SHOW WAS AMAZING. The stage, the dancers, the band, Kwon Jiyong of course. All the songs were so much fun to see performed live and from what I heard and saw, the audience was in such a good mood too. My throat still hurts from singing along lol. And the SCREAMS were deafening when GD took over the stage. But my FAVE by far were the parts when Jiyong was talking to us, just this lil man (he said it himself, with the most adorable embarrassed laugh, he’s a man now, not a boy anymore lol aw) all alone on stage. Gosh he was so cute, he felt so.. real and sincere in those moments. He even spoke some words in German, hallo and ich liebe dich/euch.

The fanproject was a success and Jiyong seemed to love it. Sadly I didn’t see well enough during Untitled, 2014 (but for the rest of the concert I had a nice view, didn’t even need to look at the screens much) but people were saying he was teary eyed in the end so I think our message reached and touched him. The feeling was unbelievable, all those people holding up the banners. The venue was huge and not sold out, but you couldn’t see that at all. Also can’t forget to mention the fanchants. We all did amazing 💪

What made this day so special for me were also all these wonderful people I got to meet at the venue. I met up with ​ @uncledaesungfish, @ohseunghyuns, @thechoi-choi and many more. Ily all 💕

I’m not going to get into tiring details about the mess that was the numbering system, just let me say that I wished it all went according to plan it would’ve saved us all from a lot of stress I think aha.
Also gonna stop talking at this point lol, I’m not someone who is good at it anyway haha. And there are lots of good fancams around which I’m gonna watch now b/c I already miss him ;v; (Missing you is also the song stuck in my head since yesterday ahh)


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I’ve been wanting to do this for a LONG time !! And now, here it is. The ‘We Are Rooster Teeth’ network !!

Gif and banner made by me. 

How To Apply:
  • Must be following me (man, I know that sounds lame. I’m sorry lol)
  • Drop a message into the network blog’s askbox and add in why you would be a great member for the network!!! 
  • You don’t have to be a FULL RT blog, but hey, hopefully you do post a lot of RT.
  • So yes, multifandom is okay. 
  • Also, reblog this to spread the word.
If you get in:
  • You get to meet new people!!
  • You’ll have to put a link to the network on your blog somewhere.
  • Promos from me every month.
  • A specially made icon, sidebar, or gif (gifset, photoset, whatever you’d like) from me to you. (See here for examples)
  • You’ll have a special spot on the network blog, of course!!
  • Help with advice or pretty much anything you’ll need help with. 
  • Group skype calls if you’re ever interested.
  • So if you do get in, I will message you.
  • You’ll have to choose a picture/gif that you’d like me to use for you on the network blog.
  • You’ll have to send me a brief description of yourself.
  • How many people are chosen depends on how many notes this gets!!
  • And that’s pretty much it!!
  • Have fun, everyone! :D