this photoset is everything i wanted out of this cosplay

For anyone interested in buying my nudes or private snapchat

🌹 wishlist 🌹

• Must purchase something from my wishlist

• $10 or less will just get you a shot of my boobs

• $11-$20 will get you a full nude

• $25-$45 will get you a set of 2 or 3 full nudes

• Spend $50 and get lifetime access to my private snapchat

• If you spend more than $50 (for example: buying the bookcase, any of the figures or cosplay outfits) you will get my snapchat + a nude photoset of me. You can request what you want me doing/how I should pose as long as I’m comfortable with it I’ll do it

• If you buy any of the lingerie you will receive a photoset of me wearing it

• Must be 18+

• You must send me a screenshot of the order confirmation (you can crop or scratch out your name) showing me the price and telling me everything you bought so I can remove it from the wishlist

• You can remain anonymous if you like