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tonigarrn: Happiest Birthday to my wifey from day one 💞I met you when working at Calvin pretty much exactly a decade ago and theres hardly anyone who knows me the way you do. I’m so proud of everything you’ve done, built and become. I couldn’t pick my favorite pic, so here’s a little throwback to some of our crazy baby days.. Love you to bits and now please party like there’s no tomorrow. We’re 25!?!!


289-297/? suga solo twitter selfies (in chron order)

Fannibal Self Rec- Diamonds Are Forever, But Watches Wind Down

For this self-rec, I decided to add something new, just to freshen it up, so I tried my hand at an aesthetic photoset for my fic Diamonds Are Forever But Watches Wind Down

Diamonds Are Forever started as a one-shot, called “Daddy’s Home,” where Hannibal has a sugar daddy. The jumping off point was Will staying at that dinner party in season one as a guest of honor, instead of dropping his wine and running. Will winds up not being pleased when a surprise guest shows up to “his” party. I’m not big into OC’s but I kind of fell in love with Sugar Daddy Jeffrey, so I kept going. From there it Got Weird and Dark, but I enjoyed the descent!

I don’t have a favorite single line, because I feel the best parts were Hannibal and Will pinging attitude off of each other, both of them being little shits in their own little way.

My favorite comments were the ones who expressed concern for Jeffrey’s safety! I thought it was really great that someone actually cared about the OC, especially one that is “in the way” of the main ship!



*pops onto tumblr for five minutes to post another niche fanmix*

I don’t think there’s ever going to be a better time that right in the middle of P5 hype to post this Persona 2 FST I made last year. Persona 2 is very good and it made me have several emotions.

P2 [INNOCENT SIN] The Kids Are All Right
“We’re… definitely going to meet again, right? I won’t forget.”

1. Omen - Mother Mother / 2. New Style Akashi - The Bilinda Butchers feat. Juri Nakashima / 3. New Romantics (Taylor Swift Remix) - 8 Bit Universe / 4. With Me - Cashmere Cat / 5.  Illegal ± - ± Craspore / 6. Moonchild - CIBO MATTO / 7. Finisterre - St. Etienne / 8. Soul Below - Ljones / 9. Nightlife - Phantogram / 10. Ribs (Lorde Remix) - Ryan Hemsworth / 11. End of Time - CocoRosie / 12. Goodbye to a World - Porter Robinson / 13. Goodnight - KONDOR

LISTEN [8tracks][Youtube]

“What are adults anyway?”

1. Claire de Lune - Claude Debussy / 2. Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap / 3. Sad Song - Lenka / 4. The Moon Asked the Crow - CocoRosie / 5. Déjà Vu - Takeharu Ishimoto (TWEWY OST) / 6. Jakou - DJ Whitesmith / 7. Take Your Face Off - Lydia Ainsworth / 8. Begin Again - Knife Party / 9. Faure - Haruka Nakamura feat. Uyama Hiroto / 10. By The Throat (CHVRCHES Remix) - Leevon / 11. We Can Be Ghosts Now - Hiatus feat. Shura / 12. Death - ::M∆DE::IN::HEIGHTS:: / 13. Golden House 2 - The Bilinda Butchers feat. Juri Nakashima

►LISTEN [8tracks][Youtube]

You can also listen to it as one unified playlist on  [SPOTIFY]*

*(with a few track substitutions/exceptions unfortunately. if 8tracks doesn’t totally suck in your region, I recommend listening to that version of the mix <3)

(credit to this photoset for giving me the idea for the mix covers)

I’m at a place called MacDaddy’s right now. This place has an arcade, and even better, free WiFi, so I can show you one of the pictures I took early!

Lemme tell you about this place. There’s an arcade, bowling allies, and 80s rock on the speakers. It’s heaven.

So I was taking pictures of the outside of the party rooms and one of the employees caught me. He immediately offered to let me in without asking any questions. He turned on the lights and left me alone. I took a ton of pictures. This is just a taste of what you’re gonna see.

I would upload more but I’m using mobile and that’s a hassle. So just be patient. I’ll be back with multiple photosets really soon



POE PARTY: MODERN AU: part two (part one)

LENORE: heiress, sass master, self-declared fashion expert. likes reality T.V., cute guys, and selfies. dislikes boredom, edgar allan poe, and talking about feelings.

H.G. WELLS: engineering professor, author, professional cutie pie. likes science fiction, photography, and lenore. dislikes public speaking, conflict, and eduardo dantes.

Ok, I saw the photoset of Licia Ronzulli that is floating around tumblr, and let me tell you something: that woman is NOT a role model. Not even remotely.

Forget about her taking her baby to the european parliament, because that’s the only positive thing that woman did since she joined politic.

She is part of the Freedom Party (Popolo della Libertà), and even if the name could appeal you let me just tell you the actual translation: Party for Belusconi’s freedom to do whatever the heck he wants even if laws tell him to behave differently. She’s one of those politician who fights with a passion to allow that disgusting man to do his own business instead of taking care of the whole country, at least when he had the power. The Freedom Party is strictly catholic, just as long as Berlusconi doesn’t do anything against the catholic moral, in wich case all the deputies leave their strict anti divorce position to defend him and his acts. The only ideas that keep the party compact is the anti gay/anti abortion position, ideals they are all very proud of.

It was proved she used to bring girls (prostitutes, minors and showgirls) to Berlusconi’s house in Villa Certosa, as attractions for the famous parties. She was intercepted while she was desperately asking Giampaolo Tarantini how to cover the thing, all of this AFTER she testified in court she had nothing to do with all the prostitution story. It turned out she was actually directing the traffic.

She told the girls to “dress as hookers” before they came to Villa Certosa.

She interrupted in an incredibly rude way the deputy Sonia Alfano while she was exposing the ridiculus situation in which, the same month the EP was celebrating the Day against Corruption, in Italy the Freedom Party was approving a law in favour of the Corruption of Deputies. Licia Ronzulli clearly didn’t like the speech, and tried in every way to stop Alfano, acting rude and poorly for a European Deputy.

Oh yeah, I forgot, she’s also proudly fascist and anti immigrant.

And you people would identify her as a role model BECAUSE SHE BRINGS HER CHILD AT WORK???


POE PARTY: MODERN AU: part three (part two) (part one)

MARY ANN EVANS: ghost writer, feminist, aspiring author. likes sports (or, she’s pretty sure she would, if she understood them), fake mustaches, and vests. dislikes beer and people asking her what her plans are for the future.

EMILY DICKINSON: vlogger, star of the slam poetry scene, part-time hermit. likes wine, cats, and romance novels. dislikes excessive noise, interacting with people, and when people forget her name.


Kay so, someone asked if they could see the Pale Ghost Nick CGs so I decided to make a photoset for the first time xD

Here are the CGs

1: He catches you after you lose your balance flying due to the wind

2: He gives you a bracelet made of moondrops that he collected and carefully polished.

3: He wants a cuddle. Well, I think he actually wanted comfort xD since he said you’re the only one who he’d be this way with

4: He chooses a dress for you after he becomes visible, gets revealed as Jean’s brother and there’s a welcome party. He didn’t realise the dress looked quite so sexy because all he was looking at was the veil which seem like a wedding veil (which I’m STILL trying to get from the Ball).

5: I love this CG because two of my favourite characters are in it. Except..that isn’t Nick, that’s Helheim Nick and he’s being psychotic and stuff while Helheim Jean just doesn’t care one bit. :(

6: Le Romantic End CG where he asks you to marry him after Jean kind of did it for him already haha.

7. Mystical Ending CG 1 where Nick gets smacked on the head by Jean just before he could kiss you. God I just end up loving Jean even more because of that adorable pursing of his lips and narrowed eyes like =3=.

8. Mystical Ending CG 2 is right after Nick got smacked when he’s wincing and Jean is complaining 

Edit: I HAVE THE MYSTICAL ENDING CGS! Had them for awhile but hadn’t had time to deal with them. 

Here’s what you asked for ughstupidhumans :P


Melanie rares🍼💧
- (Pt.1)
DISCLAIMER: Rares as in not a lot of people have seen these, I didn’t search the black market so if you’ve seen at least one of these pictures before pls don’t shit yourself and pull a CAPS lock on me.


Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Two)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s behind-the-scenes article from DWM #370

[filming the Cybermen breaking through the glass windows]
   David, Shaun, and I position ourselves behind an antique table, several feet in front of the glass.  As the window is carefully examined, there’s the somewhat postmodern spectacle of the Doctor Who Confidential cameras filming David, who in turn films the action with his camcorder.  CRASSSSSSSSSH!  Perhaps because we’re closer, this one seems the loudest of all.
     "Jesus!“ gasps Shaun, as shards fly across the table.
     "I got a couple of glass bits,” cackles David, standing up.  "Probably shouldn’t have been here.“
     Did the bits strike your camera, for maximum effect?
     "I don’t know,” he ponders.  "Let’s see.“  He winds the footage back, revealing a truly impressive shot.  The campaign to get it on DVD starts here.

[Filming one of the party scenes]
    In this scene, before the Cybermen’s dramatic entrance, the Doctor dodges his way through the crowd to reach Rose.  David’s unhappy with Take One.  "Bad acting,” he apologetically says of his performance.

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The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available here

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The real question is - has this post been marked NSFW? My guess is probably not, since only toddlers and birthday parties are NSFW, dontcha know?

It sure wasn’t! Unlike about half of my other posts from today, which were until I asked for them to be reviewed. The algorithm really hates pictures of ranch houses.

At least this one’s PG-13 (which is why I didn’t mark it myself.) I’ve got a NC-17 one in my drafts that I’m not gonna post that’s not marked.

I’m such a loser and I spent 2016′s transition into 2017 at home. My friends were all out doing parties or some shit with other friends and or family.. and I didn’t have anything to do but sit in my room and draw. Mark had posted a photoset of him and Tiny Box Tim the previous day, and so I sat and focused on drawing him that night and early morning. This drawing was my “Happy New Year” to everyone who ever views my posts. I know I’m at least a half a year late to post it on tumblr, but here it is anyway! I was so excited when this one was done :o)

done in prisma color pencils/ markers and fabercastell markers.