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long before we both thought the same thing by katelusive

Rating: E

Pairing: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne

Summary: It had all been so normal, until suddenly it wasn’t.  Hell, Liam had been nervous.  It seemed ridiculous now – to be worried about proposing when there were much more pressing things to be distressed about.  Like time travel, for instance.  

(Or, the one where 2010 Zayn pays a visit to the present, and Liam and Zayn aren’t sure how to deal with it.  Until they are.)

Word Count: 12026

Thank you to thedimplesinyourback14 agapeeternal and catchjadedreamer for the massive amount of encouragement, excellent ideas, beta reading and late-night scream sessions.  Love you guys forever.


Lady Mabelton and Sir Dippingsauce in maching sweaters

I imagine Mabel making Dippers sweater too big so that when it comes up she can call him a shortie then proceed to shout alpha-twin everywhere they go :D

I know, I know, this sweater-thing was done hundreds of times, in so much better ways, but I just had to take my swing on it :D

(I also tried to make a “I will take a photo of my workspace because that looks cool” thingie XD Bill approves :D)


ACEN 2015 Photo Dump #5. Tokyo Ghoul Photoshoot

Sorry this is so late. I was waiting for my sister to send me the rest of the Acen pictures (cause I really wanted to put in that shot with all the Kaneki cosplayers since her phone has this cool video swoop take photo thingy that let her take the wide shot, so yeah enjoy that picture). We had a perfect spot for photos! Right in the front and everything was wonderful. 2 minutes later the photoshoot is moved and we lose our perfect spot. ;,; But we were still able to get some good photos!

Special thanks to, the Tsukiyama cosplayer on the far right, who told me about this photoshoot. We met last year when he was dressed as Howl. I was still As Nodt (sorry I couldn’t remember your tumblr name. I keep wanting to say Pen Dragon since you were Howl haha). I was going to say hi after the photoshoot, but our ride was waiting outside and we had to leave the gathering early. But you made a fabulous Tsukiyama!

Everyone at this gathering was fantastic! Even though I had to leave early, I still have a lot more pictures. So message me if you want me to see if I have more pictures of your cosplay. 


Checkered Pants Tsukiyama: