this photo kills be because look at him

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the boy LOOKS like a male model too, w his cheekbones and eyelashes and height and everything, i mean look at him. if trevor said he was a model it would be NO surprise

trevor honest to god has. the weirdest face. because objectively it’s a nice face? like, good build on that one, god. and candid shots of him are a+, exemplify his good face, make him look like he just walked outta a shoot with his pearly whites and combed over hair. 

that’s candid pretty boy collins, the non-evil twin

this is staged photo trevvy, wanted for murder in fifty states, has not felt an emotion since he was six years old, tried on no less than three occasions to kill pretty boy collins with his bare hands

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OMG!!! Youngjae's pictures are so beautiful 😭 He never fails to kill us everytime 😭😭 He's so hot and sexy WHY IS HE SO PERFECT? This concept fits him so well, his pose beside the couch is oN POINT! Do you know how he manages to rip our hearts in pieces? Are you even alive after his pics? Because I'm not!! 💀💔

Hi dear,

I totally understand you dear. I think all Youngjae stan out there upon seeing his teaser photo experienced the same thing..kekeke  I know I may sound bias but I think Youngjae look the best in this comeback. I mean he’s always looks so good in every comeback but with his new hair color plus the concept they have for him made him even more outstanding. It’s not so often that our Youngjae in a sexy concept so I’m really satisfied with this one. Why do you think I answered your question few days after because I died after saw his teaser photo & clip…hahaha but I’m alive again now…LOL


Honey, you look so damn cute when you sleep ⭐️🌷🐝🌻 (He’ll kill me for taking this photo, but I had to do🌟💗)

And because today’s Ocelots Birthday I upload another fanart dedicated to him ♥
I thought about drawing an old babyphoto of him, but it seemed so boring and then my girl came to me and suggested:” hey why dont you add a hand holding this photo, like Ocelot holding and looking at this old photo of himself as baby at his birthday”. I loved that idea, so here you go =D
Happy Birthday little favorite kitten. Smooch a lot with your husband ♥

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This line really kills me. Along with the bookend “It’s you!”/”Despite everything, it’s still you”, which really gets me because like most things in the game, there are two ways you can take that.

But this one. Theories aside, just the line ”He looks happy”.

Sans has a grin plastered on his face literally the entire game. He never has any other expression. He always looks smiling and cheerful. So what is it about that photo that could prompt the distinction of him looking happy?

Problems Jorah lovers have to deal with

1. The most perfect otp is not canon
2. The endless friendzone joke
3. Not to know how to tag their otp dany x jorah because there STILL IS NO CLEAR NAME DAMn
4. Endless complainings from others how we dare to ship Dany with that ‘old man’ (btw shut up it’s fiction and it’s perfect)
5. Daily heart attacks when there’s a Jorah-in-his-armor-and-just-standing-in-his-awesome-sexy-way-photo
6. Just any photo of him..
7. When you see a bear - Jorah feeeels
8. You try to say Khaleesi in the sexy way Jorah does and cry over his beautiful voice
9. You wanna rip out your heart because you can’t handle his desperate looks
10. You f*cking wanna kill Daario
11. You want to be Khaleesi to make things right (marry Jorah, travel to Westeros and kick Daario in the ass, oh and MARRY Jorah!)
12. You get Jorahs feels just because someone says normal things like 'Oh, here he stands.’ or 'Look, I brought you a gift’ and noone understands…
13. Your daily question while doing anything: why is Iain Glen so perfect? He is ruining my life and shit!
14. THE TERROR not to know if Jorah survives grayscale after surviving that fucking pits!

Canon Alec Lightwood things (book edition part 2)

*Refuses to make Jace a pie because 1. He does not have pie ingredients 2. He does not know how to make a pie and 3. He is not Jace’s bitch
*Went on a world tour with Magnus and sent Jace photos of Magnus in increasingly elaborate area-specific costumes while Alec wore jeans and fed pigeons
*Captioned said photos with things like “wish you were here but not really”
*Described having to live with his parents’ view of his homosexuality as like getting a million little paper cuts everyday
*It was Jace who asked Alec to be his parabatai, not the other way around
*Alec had to think about it for a whole day
*But eventually agreed because he genuinely thinks that Jace could kill himself putting on pants in the morning and he needs someone to look after him
*While in a fight/broken up with Magnus he called him so many times that Jace eventually had to break his phone to get him to stop
*While Idris was under attack and demons were flooding the streets he stopped in the middle of the battle to ask Magnus why he never called him back
*Alec is clingy as shit, is what I’m saying
*Does not know who Madonna is
*Is two inches shorter than Magnus
*Is not used to being the short one, because he is six feet tall
*Is afraid of spiders

I was on America’s Next Top Model and Tyra was really upset that my photos weren’t coming out as good as she wanted them to so I got on top of this train and put up my arms and summoned a storm because I suddenly had the powers of Storm from X-Men and took amazing photos, then Voldemort went after me and Tyra just kept talking about how edgy his look was and to keep him from winning the challenge, I had to chase him off of the train (which was now moving) with Wolverine and Harry Potter and we got disqualified for killing the Dark Lord by pushing him off a moving train.

Who Kills The Bug Discouse™:
No offense but Bitty’s the one who kills the bug. Because he’s desensitized to most bugs. Like there’s so many HUGE ASS BUGS in the south so the tiny ones in Mass are whatever, you know? Like he’ll have a more emotional reaction to the bug, sure, but he’ll also kill it.
On the other hand there’s Jack, who seems like a right put together dude, sure, but he’s seen maybe 3 bugs in his whole life because he’s a rich snow man who doesn’t have time for things like bugs. Like the whole survival kill or be killed mentality just isn’t there for Jack. He’ll be like “oh look this spider looks so cool maybe I’ll take a photo and show my friends”
And Bitty’s behind him with a shoe screaming about how it’s a black widow

*!SPOILER ALERT IF YOU’VE NOT SEEN 6x09 OR THE FIRST 2 MINUTES OF 6x10!* So, I want to talk about the reactions in this photograph:

Ok so let’s start off with Ali’s reaction, just because you really can’t tell anything about Charles’s identity from how she is reacting because I think it could be pretty much anyone behind the mask and she would probably react the same because he is her brother and all she wanted to do was meet him and give him a chance, so now she’s met him I think that him about to kill himself probably would warrant this reaction regardless of who he is.

Aria looks the most calm out of the girls, she is the one who looks the most composed and doesn’t look too upset about Charles about to kill himself, this to me indicates that she knows Charles the least
In this photo:

She also has the same sort of reaction which to me strongly implies that it is someone she doesn’t know too well and his identity is not that much of a devastation to her.

Like Aria, Emily also doesn’t have that much of a strong reaction, however hers is a little bit stronger than Aria’s, while Aria didn’t seem to have any sadness in her face, we can clearly see some kind of an emotional response. To me this implies that Emily does know Charles better than Aria but she still doesn’t know him that well. Also Emily I feel is a very emotional person and reacts quite emotionally
As you can see from this photo:

She clearly reacts very strongly but I think that’s just the kind of person she is, she does react very emotionally and boldly and this is the reaction I would expect regardless of who it is, if she knows him then she is probably going to react like this.

Now Hanna looks very emotional here, as you can see she is quite clearly upset and really doesn’t want Charles to kill himself, which to me suggests that she knows Charles pretty well, it is also a huge change from how Hanna has been reacting, during this season she has been saying that she hopes Charles is caught because there is nothing that can be done to him that is worse than what he’s done to them. So why the sudden change? Maybe because she knows him fairly well…
Also her reaction here:

To me also suggests she knows him pretty well but is still angry because I think she would be pretty angry no matter who it was. She also looks confused and maybe a little sad but not really, this also suggests it’s someone she knows because though she’d be angry anyway, there is a glint of confusion and maybe a little sadness, which really does suggest is someone she knows and is fairly well aquatinted with.

Finally we come to Spencer, her reaction is one of the strongest, like Hanna she looks really upset and very clearly doesn’t want Charles to kill himself. It is very clear from her reaction that like Hanna she knows Charles pretty well and would be saddened by his death.
I feel that she knows Charles a little better than Hanna because:

Here we can Spencer’s reaction to what we assume is the Charles reveal, a lot of people have said that her reaction is quite plain and has no emotion, but to me she has the strongest reaction of all of them because you can see that she is in shock and while the others look shocked, confused and or angry, she doesn’t, she looks saddened, almost like she is going to cry, she just looks like she is in complete shock and while she doesn’t look as dramatic as the others in her reaction to me it speaks a lot louder than the others because a reaction like this clearly means that she knows Charles pretty well.

Ok so going by this it is clearly so one who is known mostly by Spencer and Hanna, a little bit by Emily and barely at all by Aria.
Now who do we know that would be closest to Spencer, close to Hanna, known by Emily and barely known by Aria?

That’s right, Rosewood’s finest Doctor, Mr Wren Kingston!
He is the only person who would have warranted those specific reactions from each of the girls. If it were Noel then Aria would have the strongest reaction, if it was Lucas Hanna would have the strongest reaction (I know she does have a strong reaction, Spencer also does and she probably wouldn’t have that strong a reaction to Lucas), if it was Wilden then I really don’t think Spencer would have reacted like that.

But I guess we’ll find out next week who is right?

Thanks for reading, feel free to message me with your thoughts on this post and theories on this or who you think Charles is no matter who you think it is :)

George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon onstage at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada, 17 August 1966. Photo © John Rowlands.

“Killing time before heading to the concert, John would say, ‘You know, I’d rather go bowling than wait around.’ He was very dry, with stone-cold humour. Quite the sarcastic guy. George was very open and very friendly. McCartney was the teddy bear. He was the quiet one at the time. And Ringo Starr was just looking to jump in on any conversation where he could contribute something, because not a lot of people talked to him.” - John Rowlands (who photographed The Beatles in Canada in 1965 and 1966), The Globe and Mail, 7 February 2014

“It was very exciting to be backstage and meet George Harrison one-to-one. I got to know him a little bit.” - John Rowlands, North Toronto Post, 1 August 2016


As always, the Kings team photo is killing me. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. 

1) Jeff Carter looks like he’s going to die because they made him sit in Mike’s spot.

2) Justin Williams’ hair, forever.

3) Robyn Regehr - I don’t even know. Does he know where he is? Amnesia, perhaps?


You are all welcome for the bad crops. It makes me laugh harder the worse quality it is. 

They released the Shadowhunters trailer and... um...

I’m gonna go in order of the trailer. These are my thoughts/reactions. 


- Why do they give us a Magnus flashback in Pandemonium to when he took Clary’s memories when we just saw him take them like 10 seconds ago?

- Can we talk about how corny it looks when JACE SHOVES SOMEONE ONTO CLARY’S SERAPH BLADE. Someone please make that a reaction gif

- Why does Clary look grossed out at killing someone rather than scared that she killed someone? She looks like a bird pooped on her shoe, not like someone just died. Maybe she just saw a photo of ramen noodles. 

- “I think I killed a guy”. Clary… you straight up murdered him. With an assist from Jace #Teamwork

- We have four male Shadowhunters walking in an alley because reasons? Are they Valentine’s henchmen?? And then right after, there’s only three of them? I’m assuming they work for Valentine because they look creepy.


- Clary literally poofs away. I can’t even elaborate on this what the fuck. She ends up at a school? But then she ends up at home again?  She’s looking at her wrist so I think Jocelyn put a rune on her to teleport her away and it wears off soon and Clary ends up back home but Jocelyn is already gone and there’s a demon there. 


- Stop with this FUCKING DUBSTEP! It made sense in the club but why are you playing dubstep when Jace and Clary are just talking?? 

- So they’re sticking with the rumor where several people live in the NYC Institute? I’m not opposed to it but I’m wondering why they’re doing it? Because they wouldn’t waste money on people that they don’t actually need so maybe Valentine will kill everyone? IDK it just doesn’t make sense for them to be there for no reason. 

- Clary, Jace, Alec, Izzy, and Magnus are standing around a pentagram. Simon is noticeably missing and this is during or after Magnus’ party so maybe they’re trying to locate him? 

- I’m loving this group Avengers-style shot where everyone looks ready to kick ass and then there’s Simon pushing up his glasses. Fucking nerd. 

- Remember how I predicted Dot was going to die? Bitch got thrown out of a window by some blonde dude. He seems like a rude house guest. 

- Why is the Cup just sitting in someone’s living room? 

- Luke’s wolf eyes are green? I… I don’t like that. They look too alien. 

- Luke finds Clary in a garage with a witchlight and a stele and I’m just like… there is clearly light outside this garage, Clary. What are you doing sitting in the dark with a supernatural flashlight? 

- We see a small glimpse of Meliorn acting out a Florence and the Machine music video. He looks like he’s doing magic so is this how he gets to our world? 

The acting was a bit over the top, and the effects sucked (which is to be expected, they JUST finished filming. We probably won’t see good effects until December-ish.)


These two photos are so important to me. 1. The Uzumaki are sooo damn selfless! They deserve a medal for it. Naruto loved Sakura, but decided to back down because of her love for Sasuke. Karin, on the other hand, loved Sasuke, yet back off because she knows that his happiness is with Sakura. I don’t like how people are saying “Omg look at how selfless naruto/karin is! I cant believe sasusaku is canon bc sakura is so selfish for going after sasuke and trying to kill him and getting between sasuke and karin of happening! Or sasuke is a jackass! He’s a horrible father! Sasusaku is an abusive relationship! -tell me one person sasuke did not try to kill. -tell me the reason why he kills. -and tell me why he can’t reprimand for his mistakes. Sasuke went from a person who hates everyone and wants only the darkness, to a person who would risk his life to protect konoha and the future generation. He didn’t want his kid(s) or his friend’s kids to go through what he and his generation went through. Something or someone must’ve changed sasuke’s perspective and heart. *cough cough sakura cough cough* 2. Everyone says that Karin has a selfless love for sasuke bc she was an orphan who grew up without love so what she felt for sasuke was love. That is true. If it wasn’t for Karin, sasuke woulve died a long time ago. Naruto is also an orphan like his cousin. He grew up without any love. But please take a look at the 2 pictures above. They mightve not known love themselves, but Karin and Naruto definitely understood what love is when they look at Sasuke and Sakura. The two of them gave up their first loves, so Sasuke and sakura could be happy. Two kids who grew up without knowing love, understood what love was when they saw Sasuke and sakura interactions. Even sarada knew her parents had a strong connection when she saw them together. That’s why Narusaku and sasukarin didn’t workout. The connection between them wasn’t deep enough. Looking at sasusaku is kind of like art: it’s not perfect, but no art is perfect. Art is suppose to make you feel something. And naruto and Karin definitely felt something when they saw sakura and sasuke together.