this photo is very funny


Last year you advised me to make cosplay on Evie from “Descendants”, and now I started doing it!
Finally we meet with my lovely Cristina, and I feel so happy about our future cosplay! 💙 We really LOVE Mal and Evie and we are very similar to them. We even liked the camera angle for photos the same as Dove and Sofia. It’s very funny!
Btw, we dream of getting to the premiere of the film to America. It is a pity that we do not have the opportunity… But we will soon start sewing suits and that’s cool! 💙

Do you like our cosplaytest? <3
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The best photoshoot.

– Hello guys, I am (y/n) and I will take photos from you today. – I introduce myself for the boys with a big smile. 

 It’s funny when I accepted the invitation to take pictures of the for a magazine no one had told me how fucking sexy they are. When I look at them I see some surprised looks for me. 

– God, you are beautiful. – Slash says looking at me. I had time to record the names of all of them. 

 – And sexy… 

 – Duff! – Izzy berated Duff by slapping his head. 

 – Uh… Thank you guys but we really need to start this photoshoot so… do what you want.  – I stand behind the scenario and and I turn the camera to them. 

 – I have a question  (y/n)! – Axl raises his hand like a student. 

 – Ok… 

– I really want to kiss you and you tell to us to do what we want… – he is interrupted when Izzy sleps him on the head. I smile again. 

– This is very nice boys but I’m working and I need to take these pictures. 

 – I’m sorry for them. – Izzy says a little ashamed. 

 So I start to take pictures of them and they totally forget about flirting with me and get really happy with this because this proves how much they respect my work and they are professionals even drinking. 

 – Jeez why is this always so tiring? – Steven asks drinking his vodka. 

 – I think we can make a a little break. – I get up and give the camera to my assistant and then I loosey my hair. 

 – I think you are the most beautiful woman I ever seen in my life! – Slash says and I smile at him. 

– That’s really cute but… 

– You guys are being abusive! She is working. – Izzy says impatient. 

 – Izzy is right but you are a beautiful woman and we don’t know what to say. – this time is Duff who says. 

 – How about don’t say anything? – Izzy asks and Steven snorts. 

 – You are unbearable today. – Steven grunts.

 – Uh… that’s ok because to be honest I think I would go out with one of you. – they look at me totally surprise when I says. 

– Wait! WHAT? – Slash asks. 

– Please tell say you’d go out with me! – Duff says looking at me with hope in his eyes and I start to laugh. 

– I am sorry guys but we need to go back to work. – I take the camera back. 

 – Oh my God this is a torment. – Axl says while I take the pictures. 

 This is very funny, thir faces very confused and waiting me to say something while I took the pictures was very funny.   One hour and a hundred photos after the session ended. 

 – Ok… finish guys thank you for the time. – I smile at them one more time and turned to leave. 

 – Oh wait right there, we want to know! – Steven says and I stop, I look at them again and smile. 

 – I was just kidding I can’t get evolved with anyone I’ve worked with, bye bye. 

While I left there I heard some comments from them and calling me back but I really needed to get out of there but when I got in the car, I thought it would be nice to go out with Izzy. He is really handsome and sexy and seems to be smart. I get scared when I saw him banging on my window. 

– I was wondering if you wanna to go have some coffee with me or… I don’t know…. 

 – How do you know I want to go out with you and not with the others? – when I ask he smiles at me. 

– Well…. I don’t know but I really, really, really want to take you on a date…

 – A date? – I ask surprised. 

– Yes, so… –  so I smile and sigh. 

– Ok. 

– Oh thank you, I couldn’t stand those guys talking about you. 

 – And why? – he smiles again when I ask. He smile is so fucking perfect. 

– Because as I said I really want to take you on a date. 

2/4 Someone left a can of Pringles Brand Extruded Crispy Starch Paraboloids here! Now, by ancient treaty rights, all snack foods with unsettling hyperbolic geometry are to be rendered unto the chickens, Last True Children Of The Dinosaurs. So it is written.

We attempted to render the Crispy Starch Paraboloids unto the chickens. However, every time a chicken pecked at a Starch Paraboloid, instead of ending up inside her beak, the Starch Paraboloid just broke into two pieces, which, when pecked, became four pieces, then eight, and so on. Eventually all the chickens got bored of Exponentially Replicating Unpeckable Starch Paraboloid bits and wandered off. Thankfully, this was somewhat before the number of Exponentially Replicating Tiny Starch Paraboloids exceeded the number of atoms in the universe. 

The sheep ate all the Extruded Crispy Starch Paraboloids bits instead, using some weird meat flaps attached to their faces.

The new pillars for the rebuilt chicken yard are up and concreted, hooray.

Hooop Oley :)