this photo is so hilar omg

anonymous asked:

okay so it's not just me that thinks the latest RA photoshoot is... not the best pics he's ever taken? by the end his expression (to me) is screaming 'omg i did not sign up for this'

Yeah, nonny, totally not just you.  I mean, I absolutely adore the man but this?

This is fucking ridiculous.  Truly, hilariously, tragically ridiculous.

You’re right in saying he’s gone a bit uncomfortable and dead in the eyes in a few of these shots, as well.

And while I appreciate this photo shoot for the hilarity, I do dearly hope he wasn’t miserable throughout.  

Also, it’s a waste of what is actually a sexy outfit, yeah?  White button up shirt, those goddamn green trousers, and those boots??? Seriously???

It took a lot of effort to make this look as silly as it does, with Richard dressed like that.