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im in the same boat as you brendon, i just drank a monster and i havent slept more than 3 hours this week and im extremely hysterical and everything is funny,,,,i laughed at the word bologna for 5 minutes,,,,,and then cried when i saw a photo of jon smiling,,,

right,, my mum was like “dont drink that its the devils juice” and i was like H A and then look at me.. I am a Wreck, What is a Word?

Hanzo picks up and looks over the picture of himself and Genji in his brothers room in Nepal. He is aware his brother is behind him, very well aware, as he runs his fingers over it.

“You still have a photo of us.” He says as he feelsover the back, almost wanting to take the picture out. He isn’t mad.

“Why would I not, I told you then that I loved you. My Master helped me through my struggles and it only made me love you more.”

Giving a small acknowledgement Hanzo sets the picture back down, “And I loved you, but we had been over this many times.”

“We had, but now everything has changed, what is stopping us? We are free and my Master can help you.” Genji takes a testing step towards his brother, and then more until he could come up and put his arms around Hanzo. Pulling him into his chest he rests his head against his brothers. “I still love you.”

For a long moment he worries he misstepped as Hanzo says nothing, until, every so gently, his brother turns in his arms and wraps him up. Hiding his face in Genji’s neck to hide that he doesn’t have the strength to keep the broken parts of himself from showing in his eyes. “And I love you, Genji, I always have.”

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I still can't fully comprehend what's happened. I wasn't even there and I feel so sad and heartbroken and I've been crying off and on since I heard the news last night. I just keep thinking about what if Ariana had gotten hurt or even lost her life? She has saved my life and without her I wouldn't be here typing this right now and just the thought of her losing her life at all, especially like that...just the thought makes me cry. Those photos of her arriving in the US crushed me.

Everything about this is truly tragic. All ~20,000 people there went to her concert to have the best night of their lives and some aren’t going home. There is no way to comprehend that. Again, we are all here for you if you need any extra support.

since i signed up with @yurionicebigbang & they said it was okay to share previews, i thought i’d share a bit! i’m working on a band au with @cy-ren !!!

Christophe, Mila, Viktor, Georgi. Messy hair, dark clothes, thin smiles, and worn shoes against the light walls of the club. A well-shot photo in black and white. One of the very few of them together and the only one in his possession.

He stared at the photograph for a moment, holding only the edges of the paper with his fingertips. Any jealousy he had of the past was intentionally quelled. He sized the figures up instead, trying to imagine him and his bandmates standing in front of Ice Castle Studios. The same messy hair and clothes and smiles, but against a different backdrop, a different scene. It proved impossible.

Everything had changed.

“Give me that.” Yakov snatched the photograph from Viktor’s hands and tucked it into his coat pocket.

Hi, I’m Anastasia. I’m from Russia, 19 years old, I study programming and dream about real science :) My English is not so good I want it to be.

I would like to find someone close to my age I could chat with. Share photos, tell the news and other stuff. Improve everyday English, you know. Happy to talk with native speakers (but not only with them).

Friendly to everything. I don’t care about race, sexuality and other things.

Some random facts about me below.

I enjoy competitive programming. I’m intersectional feminist. I love tattoos and I have one (and want more!). I live in Saint Petersburg. I’m asexual. I like theater and especially musicals.

In the depths of my soul I’m a pirate – I like rum and adventures!

About music: I like classic rock, indi, folk, post-rock.

Sometimes it’s difficult to me to get along with people. But I can tell cool stories :)

Feel free to contact me on tumblr/instagram/twitter :) hamelinny


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Character, All For the Game © Nora Sakavic

KMG/CSC x dazed korea


she was warned. she was given an explanation. 

nevertheless, she persisted

Mother’s Day

REQUEST: Can you write like a super fluffy blurb where it’s mother’s day and Harry and your kids just wake you up with cuddles and kisses and (like your other one-shot My Love, My Life My Always) he shares a pic of you and your kids cuddling and laughing and its pure fluuuffffff

A few of you have also been asking for fluff recently, so here it is! Sending so much love to you all. x

“C’mon, bugs…nice an’ quiet now.”

“We know Daddy, yeh don’t have to keep remindin’ us,” your little boy explained, causing you to giggle quietly from your place in bed.

Usually you would be up and out of bed already, preparing breakfast with Harry before you needed to go wake your twins up for the day. But Harry had made a huge fuss the night before about you getting the chance to sleep in—however, your sleep schedule had been to synced to your children and your morning routine that you had been laying in bed awake for a half an hour now.

You closed your eyes and tried to stay as still as possible when you heard your bedroom door open slowly. Harry’s steps were paired with another set of quicker ones, and it took everything you had in you not to flip over and look at your loves.

“Daddy, can we wake her up now?” Your son whispered as quietly as he could manage, which was still pretty loud.

“Yes, go wake her, loves.”

You waited a few seconds, hyperaware of your breathing and whether or not it would be fast or slow enough.

Suddenly, you heard two pairs of little feet pattering against the floor as your babies ran into your bedroom.


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