this photo is absolutely amazing


here are more pictures from toms photo shoot and i am absolutely in love!!! he looks amazing😍😍

(once again i saw these on insta and thought i should share!! these photos were taken by photograpgher michael muller and all credit goes to him) 


Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to tired college freshman in his moose pajamas, Neil Armstrong. The dorms were full that year, so he ended up living in a house in North street with a few other guys. In the top image, he has what appears to be a ripped piece of construction paper in a slide rule that he is flying around like an airplane. The second and third are pretty self explanatory, and are absolutely adorable.
Photos courtesy of the amazing folks at the Purdue Archives and Special Collections.


Color illustrations from the French version of the Tron film novelization, by Nadine Forster

Had to let the excitement of these photos subside before I could verbalize any thoughts. Besides these two looking absolutely amazing, the fact that Michonne is being appreciated in this light is emotionally overwhelming. Things like what you see above, don’t happen. This is the definition of disrupting normalcy, this gorgeous black woman, is his queen and she is treated and recognized as such. It’s so refreshing to see a African American woman shine in this light, shining in the realm of an industry that is not always welcoming or inviting. Love and light to Andy and Danai. Peace, blessings, and prosperity to yall. 🙏❤

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hope it works for western Europe and US viewers :) it's Aliya Mustafina todays interview on russian tv, and you know what?) Aliya was defending Melka and Lena from dumb cinclusiond that tv people make!) Also she's so OMG with that new hairstyle :P Aliya part starts at 23:55 www(.)gamak(.)tv/match/2017-10-07/14:35/

The video isn’t working for me, unfortunately. Maybe someone will translate it eventually! And YES I saw a photo of Aliya and she looked absolutely amazing!

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The story behind this photo op is actually pretty funny so have a seat kids. So on Saturday during Misha’s panel (guy with the denim jacket), he was struggling with Twitter and I offered to help him and he accepted my offer. Later on at his autographs, I asked him if he recognized me and he stared at me for a good 5 seconds trying to remember who I was. So I said while lifting up my phone “Twitterrr..???” And he said “did I meet you on Twitter?” And I jokingly said “wow I am sooo offended” but then I explained that I helped him with his tweet about chocolates. He recognized me and I said “that’s okay I still love you” and I blew him a kiss. As I was leaving, he said “I miss you already!” Then Sunday came around and I had my Jensen/Misha duo and I had no clue what to do. One of my friends jokingly suggested that I should have Jensen fight Misha for me because he didn’t remember me and I did that. I love Misha to death and this photo op was just a fun one. This weekend was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait till next year 💗