this photo creeps me out a bit

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It's me or people are praising a little too much beyonce about her pregnancy?

I have to say, I was a bit creeped out by some of the intense reactions to her pregnancy. I mean, I get it, Beyonce is amazing and those photos are art, and fans are going to be excited about what’s going on with her, but there’s a tendency when it comes to celebrities and pregnant people to cross boundaries and invade privacy. 

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hi so i was reading your lance head cannons and they describe me really accurately?? like i've done the recorder thing? and the baby photos? and like everything else??? idk i was simultaneously amazed and creeped out and thought i should share!

When I look at everyone’s tags for the post, a lot of people are saying how they’re the exact same way as well, so you’re not alone!

I realized I relate to Lance quite a bit while watching Voltron, and as someone who loves to make headcanons, thinking of ones for him was very easy because I could 100% see him doing things I already do or have done. Not trying to say I’m pushing myself onto a character, because that is not my intention, I just find him extremely relatable, and so do many others!

The recorder one is probably my favorite because that is a true story from me when I found mine. Found it, played a note, got yelled at by everyone, and haven’t touched it since.

I just downloaded tinder and this guy was one of the first that I actually seemed to click with and didn’t struggle to continue the conversation. After chatting for a week or two we met up to get some Mexican fast food followed by ice cream. The dinner went well. We had a lot more in common than I initially thought. The second part was a different matter…We were sitting on a bench eating ice cream when he started telling me about his recent haircut. He got into how it looks a lot better now and showed me his license where he had a pretty insane bowl cut. I lightly joked about it and he told me to show him what my hair looked like in my photo. I told him that it doesn’t look any different and handed him my license. The first thing he does is read my address aloud. I’m a bit creeped out, so I take my license back immediately as he sits there saying how easy it is to remember. He says it another time and I try to change the topic. After talking for an hour or two longer I drive myself home. Later that night he texts me my address. I was really creeped out and probably should have stopped talking to him and blocked him right on the spot. I reasoned that if we became friends I wouldn’t have to be freaked out about some stranger knowing my address…right? (No). Well I did go on another breakfast date with him about two weeks later. But of course during that date he said my address again. Not really sure what I was expecting. I got out as soon as possible and never responded to any of his other texts. Good thing he hasn’t showed up…


Imagine #89

Character: Thomas

Rating: K

Words: 953

Warning: TST spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet. Which you should’ve so get on that

Request: Imagine looking for supplies in the abandoned mall with Thomas and uncovering a picture of yourself when you were a little girl amongst the rubble and clutter surrounding you guys. This triggers a memory from your mind, and you remember when and where you took the photo.

A/N: Sorry it’s a bit short, but I really enjoyed writing this one! I felt like anymore would be filler!


We split up from the others to cover more ground, look for a way out and gather some more supplies. I went with Thomas and Minho to see what we could find. Something about this mall was giving me the creeps. A chill I couldn’t quite shake out of my system and it was bugging me. 

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