this photo creeps me out a bit

No, I don't come with the car/boat/hot tub.

I sometimes work as a model at various car shows, boat shows, hot tub shows, or other events where a model or similar eye candy was needed/wanted. I don’t mind the guys flirting with me, I know to expect it considering the outfits I’m required to wear for these jobs…but it gets annoying when they keep asking the SAME joke over and over “Do YOU come with the car/boat/hot tub/jet ski/etc.?” I really hate it when they actually reach out and try to touch me, or slip me their business cards (which I throw in the trash right in front of them). I’m in a reltionship. Fortunately I can call security if they get out of hand like that, though I only hail security if these creeps try to touch me or one of the other ladies.

If they want to take photos, that’s fine, but DO NOT try to climb over the velvet ropes or onto the platform (especially when the signs say to “Keep Off The Platform” and try to put your arm around me to pose while your friend takes the picture. You can stand in front of me, and we can fit in the frame of the photo your friend takes if he steps back a bit. Not that hard. The velvet ropes and “keep off the platform” policies are there for your safety. We’re not responsible if you fall and get hurt just because you wanted to pose too close for comfort with one of the ladies.

It isn’t cute or flirty when you say you want to drive home with that car and me tied up, gagged, and locked in the trunk of that car. That’s really creepy. It’s also messed up when you say that you want to tie me to the bow of that boat, like a the figurehead on a sailing ship. And don’t ask to climb in that hot tub with me the signs clearly say that you may not. And no, we are not allowed to pose sitting in tandem on the jet ski or on the motorcycle for photos, customers aren’t allowed on the vehicles at all, and most of the time neither are the models.

These conventions and expos are not a place to pick up dates.

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All this is really reminding me of a build-up to a song. Ya have the beginning, where nothing much is happening (the Epidemic video). Then ya have the prechorus, where shit is beginning to roll a bit (all the small hints), the chorus hits and shit really starts hitting the fan (all the photos, possibly?) The bridge ('the calm before the storm') and then, the second chorus hits and shit goes d o w n (possibly tomorrow ?? Who knows) and when the songs over, ya can't stop yourself longing for more

Dude you’ve creeped me out but I really like this analogy!! :D

If Naruto characters had Tumblr: Part 2

Part 2 of 2! What if various Naruto characters had Tumblr blogs? What would their usernames be, and what would they blog about; if at all? Part 1.

1. Naruto: Username - NineTailsOfRamen

Naruto would predominately blog about ramen. He would make sure to set up a queue to post or reblog a new photo every couple of hours with uplifting captions underneath them. He would also rave constantly about how everyone should eat at Ichiraku. 

Post 15: Man this is making me suuuper hungry

Post 27: Ate this bad boy today!! Extra Chashu and naruto!! (that’s also my name heheh)

Post 56: Guys guys you NEED to eat at Ichiraku okay he is like the GOD OF RAMEN

2. Sakura: Username - PinkHairDontCare

Sakura would post motivational things such as body workouts, words of advice and things to lift peoples spirits. She would also (unknowingly) reblog Konan’s photos of flowers from time to time. 

Post 34: Here’s my daily routine for workouts in the morning! Try and add a few extra push ups or sits ups if you can manage it!

Post 44: DON’T GIVE UP. You can DO IT. There is nothing in your way of achieving your goals except for you! I know you can do it!

Post 78: Super beautiful Sakura tree; much like myself! ;))

3. Sasuke: Username - saszuke

Sasuke would literally just post about his thoughts and feelings throughout the day. He would never reblog anything but rather upload his own photos of things like the sunrise or the sky during a thunderstorm. He has a feeling that all the lovely anon messages he’s getting are from Itachi but he can’t be sure. 

Post 6: Actually ate breakfast today. That’s a new one. I haven’t been committed to eating breakfast in a long time. Had eggs; they were alright.

Post 21: Here’s a photo I took last night; managed to capture some lightning during the storm. I feel it reflects my personality pretty well.

Post 50: To the anon who keeps sending me nice things; who are you??? Are you Itachi?? It’s kinda creeping me out tbh

4. Shikamaru: Username - StitchedDream

Shikamaru would be on Tumblr quite a bit when he’s bored. He would reblog pictures of the sky and super comfortable looking bedrooms or beds. He keeps promising his followers he’ll upload a selfie of himself but he’s too lazy to do it.

Post 40: These clouds are me. Not even joking

Post 67: I kinda just laid down today and didn’t get up for like 4 hours. I didn’t even sleep.

Post 89: I want ALL of these beds. Just one big room filled with beds. That’s the dream. 

5. Chouji: Username - FoodIsAlwaysMyMood

Chouji would of course blog about food. He mostly uploads his own photos of various places he goes and the food he eats there. He’s gained a huge following and always takes suggestions on what to try. 

Post 345: Tried the new BBQ chicken at my local BBQ place today! It was AMAZING. The texture was PERFECT. Here’s a photo!

Post 400: Someone suggested I give a miso based ramen a try; so I did! It was SO GOOD THANK YOU FOR SUGGESTING IT.

Post 567: Here’s a photoset of every meal I had this week! It looks like quite a lot now that I see it but everything was INCREDIBLY TASTY! Let me know which one is your fav!

6. Suigetsu: Username - ThinkingBoutH2Hoe

Suigetsu shit posts. A lot. And he doesn’t even care. His blog has no theme whatsoever; sometime he posts porn and sometimes he posts photos of birds. He follows Kisame and reblogs a lot of his posts about sharks too.


Post 444: Kisame Senpai this shark looks SO COOL YOU ARE THE COOLEST


7. Rock Lee: Username - TheMostYouthful

Rock Lee obviously would post anything and everything to do with training and fitness. From reblogging fitness videos to uploading his own routine, he’s followed by heaps of people who look up to him. They get a bit weirded out when he posts a lot of close up photos of Gai, though.




8. Gaara: Username - RedCactusPanda

Gaara doesn’t like telling anyone he has a Tumblr. He prefers to stay anonymous but LOVES posting about cacti and succulents. He always asks bigger blogs questions about how to look after his own and posts photo of his own secret cacti garden. 

Post 32: This little succulent has grown so much since I got him! I’ve named him after one of my friends; but not saying who!

Post 55: Someone suggested I would probably enjoy having some marimo’s so I got some! Here they are only two days after I got them and they are pretty cool looking :))

Post 70: Here’s my collection after 4 months. It’s grown a big bigger than I originally wanted but I love them all anyway!

9. Kiba: Username - 99PercentDog

Kiba posts dogs. And a lot of them. That’s all he posts as well; constantly reblogging photos or uploading his own of Akamaru (which get pretty popular).

Post 100: Look at this husky!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Post 150: THIS IS AKAMARU! Isn’t he the most handsome dog you have EVER seen?? This is a video of him asking for food haha look at those adorable eyes that I can never say no to goddamit


10. Haku: Username - It’sAlwaysWinter

Haku is always posting his best selfies. He reblogs a lot of posts relating to snow and winter as well, but it’s mostly selfies. A lot of people think he’s a girl. He likes shutting down perverted men who message him. 

Post 106: Me today~ :)) I really like my hair in this pic

Post 142: Thanks to the kind anon who told me my eyes were beautiful, but not as beautiful as my face on the floor :))) you’re the man

Post 600: Oh yeah, by the way. I’m a guy. A dude. A male. Surprise!

Memories of Us - Chapter 8

A/N: This story turns out to be longer than I had originally planned. I was thinking of making this a 10 chapters story since I want to work on the sequel for Our True Love, but I ended up adding new chapters here and there cause of new ideas coming up. But either way, I hope you guys enjoy this one! 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warning(s): A little NSFW, language (like, miniscule) 
Word Count: 2,343
Summary: Soldier Reader looks exactly like Linda, a woman Bucky used to love. Little by little, she uncovers his past with Linda and what had happened between them through her visions. As she does, her feelings for Bucky grew as well. But, one question remains: if Bucky returns her feelings, will it be for Reader or for Linda?

<< Previous Chapter  ☀

★ ★ ★

• • •

“That should do it. Now, don’t get the bandages wet.” I say as I clean the supplies up. I’m going to rest for a few minutes.

“A lady such as yourself should be working up on one of those stages along with the Captain. I’m sure a lot of those boys would be more than happy to see you moving that pretty little body of yours on stage.” The soldier flirts with me. I give one hard slap on the wound on his arm. His yelp sounds pathetic.

“Next.” I say simply. I hear the soldier wobbling out in pain as he clutches the wound on his arm. That’s what you get for thinking of me as a simple girl. I wanted to rest, but not with this creep in the same tent as me.

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o also I saw IT the other night with my roommate and bf… it was good, really impressive cgi and really good visuals. I’ve never read the book but i cant imagine how King would have written some of those scenes- they translate really well into film. also i kind of despise Stephen King but that’s just me

notable cool things: the clown’s light-up hypnosis mouth unfurling, the creepy flute lady in the painting, the color palette, the LOSER cast with the red V scrawled over, the big dirty board of treasure in the sewers, all of the scary bits were very fun to watch and visually crispy, esp. pennywises transformations

notable uncool things: the photo of the head in the tree creeped me the fuck out, and I hated seeing Beverly get ogled by all the boys right after a scene where her dad tries to molest her. she literally couldn’t get a break that whole movie. why aren’t there any girl characters who get to ride on bikes and talk about ET or what the fuck ever? we got childhoods too ya know, 80s nostalgia isn’t a boys club

Introduction Video

REQUEST: If requests are open again can I have a super fluffy scenario where Dan is talking about how much he loves the reader in a video, and how he reacts when the reader sees the video? Thanks, I love your blog!

*Dan’s POV*

I wasn’t at all nervous to actually film the video. I knew that, per usual, the words would flow out of me with ease. Especially talking about you. I could talk about how much I love you for days, for weeks, for ages, and I wouldn’t run out of things to say. It would come completely naturally. And it did.

I introduced you to the Internet whilst trying to protect you from it. I never mentioned your name or showed any photos. After simply announcing I had a girlfriend, I described you a bit. “She does this thing when she laughs really hard where we snorts a little, and then her cheeks get red because she’s embarrassed, and it gets me every time,” I chuckled just thinking about it, picturing the blush that creeps over your cheeks as you try to stop yourself from laughing.

“And she makes me cry-laugh more than nearly anybody. Just the other day she came up with her own joke, but then couldn’t even tell it because she made herself laugh so hard with her own joke that she couldn’t even talk. She was laughing so hard that I couldn’t help but laugh, and soon enough we were both reduced to tears over a made up joke that, by the time she had calmed down enough to talk, she couldn’t even remember.” I laughed again, brushing some of my fringe off my forehead and biting my lip. “I’m not ready to share her with you guys completely yet- you all know how I like to keep some bits of my personal life private. But I love her, you know? I really love her. And I don’t want to hide the happiness that she brings me from you guys anymore, because you’re a big part of my life just like she is.”

I sighed, smiling in thought, and about to continue when I hear your knock at the door. Grinning up at the camera, I quickly signed off. “That’s my girl now. Bye Internet.” But, in true Dan fashion, I didn’t remember to turn the camera off.

I’m more nervous to show you the video. Way more. A week later, when I’m done editing but haven’t uploaded, I’ve got your over and you’re seated on my bed with my laptop in your lap. “I don’t know if I can sit here while you watch it. I might need to leave the room.” I say, smiling anxiously as I queue up the video.

“Pssh whatever, Dan, you’re staying! We always watch your videos together, and I laugh and you cringe. Why is this one any different?” You ask, furrowing your brow. “What’s it called, anyway?”

Smirking, I hit the play button just as I answer, “it’s called ‘I’m in Love.’”

Your jaw drops and your eyes widen at the screen. As you watch the video, I can’t tear my eyes away from you. A strand of hair falls over your face, hiding your expression from me, and I gently tuck it behind your ear so I can look at you, and admire how beautiful you are to me. I would feel bad about the tears pricking at your eyes if they weren’t pricking at mine too. Listening to my own voice saying the things I feel about you is a little overwhelming, and it’s all I can do not to pull you in my arms and never let you go. “Oh Dan, I love it. I can’t believe you did this!” You say, your voice breaking adorably as I say my ‘bye internet’ on the video.

I don’t answer right away, knowing that I had added a bit after my sign off. The end screen is my empty room, after I had walked out to let you in that day. Our voices can be heard clearly, albeit faintly, in the background. “Hi, love,” is my greeting.

“Hey babe,” your voice answers. “Sorry I’m a little early. I was bored scrolling tumblr by myself and I missed you.”

“You missed me huh?” I teased.

“Only a little. Don’t get too cocky.”


A giggle can be heard from you, and I remember that I had pulled you in my arms as you fake-struggled to get away, and pretended to try to avoid the kisses I had begun peppering on your face. Finally, you pulled back to gaze up at me fondly, and you brushes a bit of my fringe off my forehead and rested your hand on my cheek, “I love you.”

I had grinned, “I know.”

pyrrhy replied to your post “pyrrhy replied to your photo: Also here is…”

that was exactly the vibe I got off her - a little bit like asra, and a little like nadia, but entirely her own. And yeah, the art was jaw dropping, which was a large part of why I picked up the game. But the storytelling’s great too; I genuinely wasn’t expecting to be so creeped out by events in chapter 4

Yay, success! And don’t get me wrong, the writing is amazing and I’m loving the game - I just meant that sight-unseen I would probably still have backed it without any story teasers at all just to get to wander around in a world populated by danarune sprites. XD

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This is so very relatable

That comic is one of my favorite things, because every introvert I know sees it and is just like, ‘Same.’

quilleth replied to your post “pyrrhy replied to your photo: Also here is…”

When in doubt add bling needs to be printed on t shirts xD

And here we have the reason no one should let me do graphic design:

quilleth replied to your photo “Also here is Lethian, my apprentice in Arcana. I think. Honestly it is…”

She’s so cute!! I love her jewelry and the scarf

I kind of want that scarf, ngl.

quilleth replied to your post “I keep hearing things go THUMP and it sounds like the door to the…”

Eeep I hope it let’s up for you soon and doesn’t get too much worse! (also yes cat pile of introverts and mutual spending time together by doing other thigns in the same room not talking much)

Harvey is stalled, so they’re saying we’re probably getting rain until the middle of the week - but the gales will go down, so there’s that! (And yes! Sitting on the same couch and mostly ignoring each other is the best kind of hang-out.)

I just downloaded tinder and this guy was one of the first that I actually seemed to click with and didn’t struggle to continue the conversation. After chatting for a week or two we met up to get some Mexican fast food followed by ice cream. The dinner went well. We had a lot more in common than I initially thought. The second part was a different matter…We were sitting on a bench eating ice cream when he started telling me about his recent haircut. He got into how it looks a lot better now and showed me his license where he had a pretty insane bowl cut. I lightly joked about it and he told me to show him what my hair looked like in my photo. I told him that it doesn’t look any different and handed him my license. The first thing he does is read my address aloud. I’m a bit creeped out, so I take my license back immediately as he sits there saying how easy it is to remember. He says it another time and I try to change the topic. After talking for an hour or two longer I drive myself home. Later that night he texts me my address. I was really creeped out and probably should have stopped talking to him and blocked him right on the spot. I reasoned that if we became friends I wouldn’t have to be freaked out about some stranger knowing my address…right? (No). Well I did go on another breakfast date with him about two weeks later. But of course during that date he said my address again. Not really sure what I was expecting. I got out as soon as possible and never responded to any of his other texts. Good thing he hasn’t showed up…



The cover of Vanity Fair pronounces you Hollywood’s highest paid star {2014). What’s that mean to you when you read it?

“[…] I always think part of success is being able to replicate results, taking what is interesting or viable about yourself as a professional person and seeing if you bring it into different situations with similar results. So there is some part of you that feels like, yes, and it’s going to stay this way, mother fuckers, and the other part of me is like, is that the metric by which I want to measure my success? It never has been, and it creeps me out in a way because there’s something so seductive about it. Also, I’m at what can be a bit of a turning point as far as opportunities to do this or that. Different roads lead to different results. And finally, because I wasn’t raised in the dough, how much money is enough money? Well, it’s enough if you can ensure to not have things taken away from you in an embarrassing way.” [x]


Mike Schmidt // Five Nights as Freddy’s - MAGFest 8.5

A few days before MAGFest 8.5 (which was a couple weekends ago and way too much fun <3), Heather got it in her head to make a FNaF costume consisting of stuffed animals. Thanks to Amazon (and Amazon Prime, oh man), four cheap Beanie Babies showed up at the door the Thursday before the convention.

The little additional bits (top hat, eyepatch, bib, etc.) were added last minute and look a hot mess but in the end it was worth it because the reactions went from “Cutest version of Five Nights!” to “THAT BEAR SCARED ME.” That last one was from a tiny little girl that the elevator opened to while Freddy was sitting on Heather’s head. 100% sure she had no idea what FNaF was, but that means Freddy was doing his job.

(Bonus photos of Foxy creeping out of Pirate’s Cove!)


Alien-to-Alien: The Galaxy of Music Photographer @thesupermaniak

To see more of Maria’s music photography, check out @thesupermaniak on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

When Maria Jose Govea (@thesupermaniak) travels, she brings along a companion. He’s short, has brown, wrinkly skin, an infamous index figure and was the star of a beloved ‘80s movie. He’s also an alien.

“I carry [the] E.T. [doll] with me all the time. He’s just very symbolic to me,” says the 35-year-old music photographer. “It’s funny because a lot of people hate E.T. They’re like, ‘He’s so weird. He creeps me out.’ Really, you don’t like E.T.? What’s wrong with you?”

Like Spielberg’s creation, Maria considers herself a bit of a loner. However, her origin story begins a bit closer to earth. She works by herself and leads an untraditional life –– a nomad who travels with musicians, takes their pictures, stays out late, then comes back to edit the final photos until 8 a.m.

After growing up in Venezuela, Maria moved to Toronto to study film, but ultimately wanted something else. With her visa running out, she decided to take up photography. By then, she had been throwing parties and DJing on her own, posting pictures of the events to her Myspace page. She soon built a solid portfolio and started getting freelance gigs at an alt-weekly in the city. Even then she didn’t know much about photography –– or the politics and stage rules that came with it.

“I was just shooting like there was no tomorrow,” she says. “I only had a fisheye lens. Everything was fisheye –– a fisheye and a flash and I was just going wild and shooting and getting people’s faces and DJ’s faces. But somehow I was making content that people were really relating to. So I started taking it seriously. I started learning a lot, and I started shooting rock and indie shows and buying different lenses and shooting from afar and trying different angles and really thinking about it. At the same time, I always go with the flow and follow my gut.”

Around 2009, Maria would meet a then-relatively unknown Skrillex, who discovered her thanks to the work she did with the DJ 12th Planet. When Skrillex came through town, he would invite her to shoot on stage. They became fast friends, and she’s continued to travel with him over the years, including a recent train tour across Canada.

“He became one of the biggest stars in the world,” says Maria, of Skrillex. “It’s unreal to be so close to everything that he has done. It’s also been great to see how he stayed exactly the same. He has not changed at all. He’s stayed really humble. Everybody loves that kid. Everybody asks me, ‘Oh, you’re friends with Skrillex? How did that happen?’ It’s weird because to me he’s just Sonny. It hasn’t sank in, I guess.”

As Skrillex’s career has grown, so has Maria’s approach to photography. She’s more interested in shooting the intimate moments on tour: musicians hanging out after hours, or prepping behind the scenes, or skateboarding on their off days.

“The more and more I get to know these DJs, the more access I have to them,” she says –– and she’s right. Not every photographer gets to sit in the observatory car of a train at three in the morning with the world’s biggest DJs and an E.T. doll and watch as the northern lights pass by in the distance. When you have opportunities like that, it’s hard not to go with the flow.

—Instagram @music


My photo ops from DC Con. First was Jensen. I just wanted a “normal picture” with him to complete my Team Free Will collection (I got Misha and Jared last year). So that was nice.

Then came my cockles op. Which immediately followed winjennster‘s twister picture. Jensen was still sort of laughing and shaking his head about it, and I said to him, “that was really adorable.” He’d taken a step back, so I just walked around him to Misha’s other side, so he had to turn his back to Jensen to face me. I said (while looking directly into his eyes because damn where else can you look while talking to Misha?) “You just looked so damn sad at the end of Season 10, I just really think you need a hug.”

By this point, Jensen was recovering and realizing OH HEY SOMEONE ELSE IS HERE FOR A PHOTO OP, and creeping up behind Misha. Misha smiled and looked so damn sincere, and said, “Oh, thank you.”

Just as he was reaching up to hug me, I leaned over his shoulder and glared at Jensen, and said, “I MEAN HE NEEDS A HUG FROM EVERYONE.”

Jensen’s eyes bugged out a little bit and he snapped into action and took one huge step and hugged us both, and SNAP here’s the result. It sort of looks like I tackled Misha, but that’s mainly because I was trying to stay upright after Jensen basically tackled us both. It was fantastic!