this persons art is all really cute check them out

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Your blog never fails to make me smile!!!! (/UwU)/ Thank you for all the adorable children you draw in your cute and sunshiney style!!! 😘💜 Your second gen captain are just 23/10 🌠🌠(I ESPECIALLY LAUGHED REALLY HARD AT YOUR MOST RECENT FUTAKUCHI IN KARASUNO OH MY-)

heyy! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I love your art and I hope you’re doing good! thank you for your kindness, I’m glad I can make you smile, your stuff makes me smile too; keep up the amazing work!! 

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What are some of your favorite tf fanfictions? any human x transformers? ;)

To be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve read any transformers fics because there’s just not much out there I’m interested in. But I do have one on here I love so far and my favorite transformers blogs so hopefully that’ll help. 

So @writeyouin has a new Swerve fic that is so freaking awesome so far! I love their writing and definitely recommend their blog because they have a lot of other great content. 

Okay so here’s a long ass list of some transformers blogs I love. You probably already know some but I’m gonna tag them anyway because they deserve it! 

@zenxenophilia (a mutual, friend and overall amazing person who inspired me to start my own blog and is also a fantastic writer, has talked to me about personal stuff thank you, CRAZY KIND PERSON OKAY PRAISE THE GODDESS)

@mycarhasasecret (a mutual who always does my requests despite them being stupid, thank you fam you rock and so does your writing)

@cybertronianrecords (has no idea who i am lol but i love their blog so much, so much detail in their writing??)

@anonymous-human-girl (awesome writer x100, mutual, friend, kicks ass, good person who i am rooting for)

@fortheloveofsinkind (an NSFW tf blog that has some good quality shit okay, good shit)

@rocksinmuffin (i fucking love this blog, i would die for this blog, lots of other fandom content too, so much awesome smut my god)

@transformers-headcanons ( awesome writing and sent in one of my first requests)

@theamicaendura (great writing!!! love it! so jelly!!)

@robotrashcentral (omg i love this blog omg)

@tilallareimagined (yo great content and really funny, fucking amazing match up they did for me, big inspiration)

@til-yall-are-one (also really funny and great content!)

@tranformers-4-life (a friend, a mutual, i love their blog SUPPORT, also has talked to me about personal stuff thank you)

@random-bubble-writings (i need them to come back because they have some banging writings)

@peachcanwrite ( i have loved her blog for a long time and she’s another person that really inspired me, helped me get my blog running and with my insecurities about writing, friend, mutual, best person!! great artist!!)

@robotsandromance ( funny, great writing, cool people)

@caribouwritings (she’s been busy with school and i miss seeing her on my dash because great writer and really nice person)

@smstransformers ( a kind, good person with hilarious stuff on their blog and fun content, i love all the lambo twin with ratchet as their dad, FOR REAL CAN’T GET ENOUGH)

@self-indulgent-scribbles (been following them for a long time and i love their blog HOLY SHIIIIITTTT)

@herzspalter (has some of the best fanart i’ve ever seen!)

@transformativeramblings (freaking amazing blog woot woot)

@ask-shadowsinner (long time follower, amazing blog!)

@beebeegal (a lot of awesome writing and reblogs of cool art)

@mtmte-headcanons (Omg i love them! super nice person, super great writings, super cute blog!)

@spaceficsforall (yo check them out! it’s worth it, good shit!)

@veesheadcanons (another blog i’ve been in  love with for a while)

@tfwiki (okay so this is more if you ever need to know about the tf universe but they have good information and it’s been helpful multiple times for me)

@more-than-meets-the-canon ( i miss their content because HOLY FUCKING CRAP IT’S GOOD)

@until-all-are-one (one of the first transformers headcanons blog i followed and began to get me excited about the fandom again)

@letsdiscussrobots (SMOOCH EVERY ROBOT INDEED, go follow for real they’re a great writer!)


There are plenty more but these are the ones I get excited about the most!! All of them are amazing and deserve lots of attention!! Go check them out~! <3 


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hi! i know this might be an odd question to ask, but do you have any recommendations for simple mori kei/dark mori/vintage style stuff? i'm pretty new to the whole aesthetic, but most of what i can find is more fantasy oriented and i'd like something a little more earthy instead. there aren't a lot of fashion oriented mori blogs on here, so i'm not sure where to start. thank you for your time!

i have tags for all of the stuff you’ve listed (mori kei + dark mori + vintage and also strega which is similar to dark mori kei) so i definitely recommend checking them out, but i don’t really follow a ton of mori blogs–it’s an aesthetic i adore but it’s not at all how i personally dress, i just find it really cute on other people. 

some folks i do follow who dress that way areeee:

poison apple printshop - kickass lady printmaker who makes awesome art and also dresses incredible and has been doing really cool textile work–definitely good for inspiration both clothes and art wise

disheveled mori witch - AWESOME outfits, such incredible layering and tons of other cute mori outfits as well

c4tbus - plus sized nb poc with incredible outfits….what more needs 2 be said tbh

kesstiel - MORE incredible outfits by another nb person!!!! 

their blogs are all good for fashion inspo, but maybe not so much if you’re looking for links to buy stuff? anyone else have any suggestions for this anon? 

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Do you know any good blogs to follow?

I’ve been pretty busy lately so I haven’t gotten to do a lot of Tumblr surfing, but I can think of a few! 

Here are some of my friends who are super cool, like undertale and occasionally write/draw stuff for undertale: : Super cute art, super cute just all the time, very cool and GEEZ. Update: Totes rad. General feel goodness, they are really awesome and caring, will definitely brighten up your day 100% : How do I… I don’t even… Listen, I can’t supply words; they are just a sweet person with great content, check em out. : AMAZING FANFICS, the best pal around, serious, go check them out when you have the chance. : They make really cute plushies that look really well made, and I’ve only talked to them a little but they seem super nice!!

ALSO, because reading and seeing the things they bring to my dashboard is just wonderful! 

And here are some general, ‘I love when these blogs release content’ blogs. : Whenever I see there stuff on my dash I’m just happy. : Dreby is the cutest thing I have ever seen and whenever I’m sad I just have a whole folder of pictures of them to cheer me up. ALSO AMAZING ART STYLE I DIE. : Funny, adorable content for DAYS and they also have some art tutorials that have definitely helped me improve my art. I literally get all my Mafiatale inspiration from them?? Its so quality. : Yes, Yes, yes, yes.  YEs. YESS. Okay, just, read their fanfictions and try tO TELL ME NO. BECAUSE ALL OF IT IS YES. : Another fanfic writer blog, but HOLY MOLEY. JUST, MHM, MY KINDA CONTENT. : I have read pretty much all of their fanfics, have cried, laughed, died inside, rinse, repeat, I’m not machine washable so I shrink, but like; worth it. was apprehensive about their fanfic at first, but now I’m in love with it, and even more in love with UF!Sans because their interpretation is so god damn cute. Also qUALITY ART, and they make keychains, I want all of them ;w; 

So yeah, there ya go. If I think of anymore I will update this list :)


Got some new paints, so naturally I decided to use them for fanart rather than my coursework XD (sorry for the bad image quality, it would only scan in black and white so I had to take a photo)

This is Nora from LongStory, a super inclusive and queer positive game that allows you to have a romantic interest of any gender! You can pick he/him, she/her, or they/them pronouns and there’s even an awesome nonbinary character (as well as a giant turkey of unspecified gender….) It’s really fun and inclusive and Nora is hella cute so you should all check her the game out!

(I just headcannon Nora as a wheelchair user, I don’t think she really is :P Also her glasses went a bit wonky, but she’s not exactly the straightest person so…)


Round 1 of Follower Appreciation!

@princessdoodle - I only just met you recently and already you’re one of my close friends! You’ve given me good advice for little things and I appreciate you! Your tumblr is also super cute!

@socially-awkward-skeleton - *slightly nsfw* Not a little blog but seems like a pretty cool person. Draws art.

@hello-new-little - has really cute content and posts pictures of animals!

@daddy-gravesyard - *probably nsfw* has a lot of good content, posts a lot of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

@daddys-baby-april is adorable and you should go be her friend!

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blog recs maybe?

sureeeee i always rec the same people i feel like but here we go :)

abadoom - libby is my wife, i love her lots and i love her blog. she’s the best, one of the kindest people you will ever meet, i just love everything about her

clevercosima - sammy is the sweetest! she’s nice to literally everyone i love her 

felixdawqins - i love prisca she’s so damn cute and i love her blog and i just love her okay 

vivacosima - christine has an amazing blog, p much great taste in everything and she’s great

floorplan91 - i love rita she’s one of the sweetest people ever

agaysongbird - noa’s great and hilarious and super cute yep

sarahbloodymanning - i love kathy, she’s always really funny and super nice too 

sarahcosima - ameliaaaaaaaaa. the sweetest. quality blog quality person all the love for amelia

delphuck - ella’s amazing, i love her a lot okay

sharkodactyl - natalie’s v talented, hilarious, and super nice as well you really can’t go wrong and i love her blog as well 

cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus - caseyyyyyy. she’s smart, pretty sure she knows everything. and she loves pugs so i love her forever 

cloneinstitute - love theressa, she’s great and talented in pretty much everything. she’s amazing 

aparadoxinflux - love leigh! love her blog and love her, her headcanons and stuff are always great 

mannhaus - alysse loveeeeeee her. all love. love her blog as well

soitgoeschild - ena’s really rad and v cute 

tittymalaysia - jaymes has an amazing singing voice, is hilarious and just an all around sweetheart

fee-lixdawkins - love katy, she has great taste in music and has a great blog as well 

ne0lution - my music soulmate, we pretty much like all the same stuff and she’s wonderful 

lumberdudecal - rado is a cool dude and super nice to everyone. go follow him immediately

captain-jaybird - great taste in tv shows and comics, super nice and just a cool dude all around

324b21-clone - JJ my love. she’s amazing and always super friendly to everyone. pretty sure she knows everything about film as well. 

bettervillains - yo mads is super cool go follow her right now 

meatheadmanning - lovely, super sweet and just a great person. love the blog as well 

jennifer-fitzsimmons - jillian is really cool, love her and love her blog

eatingpizzawithcophine - rin makes amazing songs, love her voice, and she’s rad. i mean she loves pizza so she automatically becomes cool in my book.

quidpropunk - sam is super nice to everyone, has a great sense of humorous and just all around great!

queeniehaus - maj. is. the. sweetest. love her and she is v cute. 

cosimamehaus - really cool, love the blog and love the person!

cheekyniehaus - Isabelle, is super nice. love her!

cloneclubbing-with-helena - mar is the coolest. v v rad. love her. 

cheeky-geek-m0nkey - they love pugs so i love them forever plus they’re super nice as well!

watching-crazy-science-fiction - miriam is really rad. i love her, she’s very cool!

valentinemichaelsmith - love kristen’s art, seriously go check it out right because it’s amazing. she has a extensive knowledge of horror films as well and is just a cool person all around 

mirrormanning - drew’s a cool dude and always has smart stuff to say. go follow!

alisonisthegreateststar - analysis always on point. very smart and always nice to everyone 

cosimahellaniehaus - jenny’s art is rad and she’s the sweetest!

detectivechilds - jasmin is always there for her followers and such a lovely person i love her lots

tinytmas - maria is really nice and i love her blog. such a cool person

calmorrison - a-ma-zing art and a-ma-zing blog.

yerawizardsarry - hayley’s always super sweet and i love her blog

killergrades - love scout, one of the nicest people!

tatianazmaslany - randy is v cute and makes amazing covers. she has the voice of an angel i swear

ronaldweezly - jaime is adorable i love their blog! super cute and super sweet 

littlesestras - hannah’s really rad yep. so rad!

immunologie - sian is so cool. so so cool. love her and love her blog. 

cosimageekhaus - yo i love irma and i love her writing 

i-effed-it-all-up - the essential ob blog to follow pretty much. shelby’s cool and hilarious and always runs a quality blog 

tatsrathat - love her. super sweet to everyone and v adorable 

sanetwin - sam is the sweetest, always being super nice to everyone out of the blue. just lovely!

punk-rock-science - meghan’s really cool i love her a lot okay 

lisathevampireslayer - lisa. love lisa. one of the best blogs and i love her so so so much 

genetically-identical - makes tons of cool stuff. talented in so many areas and runs a great blog! 

prettyaveragewhiteshark - jillyan’s super sweet to everyone, i love her a lot and her blog is p rad

prolethean - clark is rad, love her blog and her writing/headcanon stuff as well 

monkeykira - always makes rad edits and a lovely person

clonesbians - mapee is super sweet! and i love her blog, she always finds the latest info somehow, bless her

lets-have-crazy-science - makes the raddest art, i love love love the tattooed cosima thing they did. also rad as fuck. 

attack-on-titiana - makes rad art as well. always love seeing her stuff on my dash!

tatianathevampireslayer - love her writing and aimee is super nice!

soccercopping - talented writer and i love devon’s blog. hilarious as well.

alanabloomsperpetualangryface - super sweet and super smart. love her!

lesbian-geek-spiral - we are bonded forever because we are both from Massachusetts, love her blog as well!

puppyniehaus - jessie is a youngin but already super talented. go follow do it

tinymanning - yo gen is cool and v talented at guitar

clonebanana - steph makes amazing art and is super funny. love her!

geekdawson - yo such a cool dude and always has thoughtful things to say!

a-nice-little-cigarette - lia’s cool, love her edits and she’s v nice as well

butthedeadgofaster - soph is rad as hell, loveeeee her 

eorroxsox - yo love their songs and love them. so rad.

wethecurious - emily is the sweetest and makes such pretty edit!

safecosima - such a lovely person, love the blog and love her

kaldwins - one of the best video game blogs, love her as well. 

tonyswicki - yo anna is rad and makes the best edit. they’re like magic seriously

this is a long list, but i tried to include as many people as possible! there’s probably a ton more so i may reblog later and add some people if i forgot! :)