this persons art is all really cute check them out


Got some new paints, so naturally I decided to use them for fanart rather than my coursework XD (sorry for the bad image quality, it would only scan in black and white so I had to take a photo)

This is Nora from LongStory, a super inclusive and queer positive game that allows you to have a romantic interest of any gender! You can pick he/him, she/her, or they/them pronouns and there’s even an awesome nonbinary character (as well as a giant turkey of unspecified gender….) It’s really fun and inclusive and Nora is hella cute so you should all check her the game out!

(I just headcannon Nora as a wheelchair user, I don’t think she really is :P Also her glasses went a bit wonky, but she’s not exactly the straightest person so…)


anonymous asked:

blog recs maybe?

sureeeee i always rec the same people i feel like but here we go :)

abadoom - libby is my wife, i love her lots and i love her blog. she’s the best, one of the kindest people you will ever meet, i just love everything about her

clevercosima - sammy is the sweetest! she’s nice to literally everyone i love her 

felixdawqins - i love prisca she’s so damn cute and i love her blog and i just love her okay 

vivacosima - christine has an amazing blog, p much great taste in everything and she’s great

floorplan91 - i love rita she’s one of the sweetest people ever

agaysongbird - noa’s great and hilarious and super cute yep

sarahbloodymanning - i love kathy, she’s always really funny and super nice too 

sarahcosima - ameliaaaaaaaaa. the sweetest. quality blog quality person all the love for amelia

delphuck - ella’s amazing, i love her a lot okay

sharkodactyl - natalie’s v talented, hilarious, and super nice as well you really can’t go wrong and i love her blog as well 

cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus - caseyyyyyy. she’s smart, pretty sure she knows everything. and she loves pugs so i love her forever 

cloneinstitute - love theressa, she’s great and talented in pretty much everything. she’s amazing 

aparadoxinflux - love leigh! love her blog and love her, her headcanons and stuff are always great 

mannhaus - alysse loveeeeeee her. all love. love her blog as well

soitgoeschild - ena’s really rad and v cute 

tittymalaysia - jaymes has an amazing singing voice, is hilarious and just an all around sweetheart

fee-lixdawkins - love katy, she has great taste in music and has a great blog as well 

ne0lution - my music soulmate, we pretty much like all the same stuff and she’s wonderful 

lumberdudecal - rado is a cool dude and super nice to everyone. go follow him immediately

captain-jaybird - great taste in tv shows and comics, super nice and just a cool dude all around

324b21-clone - JJ my love. she’s amazing and always super friendly to everyone. pretty sure she knows everything about film as well. 

bettervillains - yo mads is super cool go follow her right now 

meatheadmanning - lovely, super sweet and just a great person. love the blog as well 

jennifer-fitzsimmons - jillian is really cool, love her and love her blog

eatingpizzawithcophine - rin makes amazing songs, love her voice, and she’s rad. i mean she loves pizza so she automatically becomes cool in my book.

quidpropunk - sam is super nice to everyone, has a great sense of humorous and just all around great!

queeniehaus - maj. is. the. sweetest. love her and she is v cute. 

cosimamehaus - really cool, love the blog and love the person!

cheekyniehaus - Isabelle, is super nice. love her!

cloneclubbing-with-helena - mar is the coolest. v v rad. love her. 

cheeky-geek-m0nkey - they love pugs so i love them forever plus they’re super nice as well!

watching-crazy-science-fiction - miriam is really rad. i love her, she’s very cool!

valentinemichaelsmith - love kristen’s art, seriously go check it out right because it’s amazing. she has a extensive knowledge of horror films as well and is just a cool person all around 

mirrormanning - drew’s a cool dude and always has smart stuff to say. go follow!

alisonisthegreateststar - analysis always on point. very smart and always nice to everyone 

cosimahellaniehaus - jenny’s art is rad and she’s the sweetest!

detectivechilds - jasmin is always there for her followers and such a lovely person i love her lots

tinytmas - maria is really nice and i love her blog. such a cool person

calmorrison - a-ma-zing art and a-ma-zing blog.

yerawizardsarry - hayley’s always super sweet and i love her blog

killergrades - love scout, one of the nicest people!

tatianazmaslany - randy is v cute and makes amazing covers. she has the voice of an angel i swear

ronaldweezly - jaime is adorable i love their blog! super cute and super sweet 

littlesestras - hannah’s really rad yep. so rad!

immunologie - sian is so cool. so so cool. love her and love her blog. 

cosimageekhaus - yo i love irma and i love her writing 

i-effed-it-all-up - the essential ob blog to follow pretty much. shelby’s cool and hilarious and always runs a quality blog 

tatsrathat - love her. super sweet to everyone and v adorable 

sanetwin - sam is the sweetest, always being super nice to everyone out of the blue. just lovely!

punk-rock-science - meghan’s really cool i love her a lot okay 

lisathevampireslayer - lisa. love lisa. one of the best blogs and i love her so so so much 

genetically-identical - makes tons of cool stuff. talented in so many areas and runs a great blog! 

prettyaveragewhiteshark - jillyan’s super sweet to everyone, i love her a lot and her blog is p rad

prolethean - clark is rad, love her blog and her writing/headcanon stuff as well 

monkeykira - always makes rad edits and a lovely person

clonesbians - mapee is super sweet! and i love her blog, she always finds the latest info somehow, bless her

lets-have-crazy-science - makes the raddest art, i love love love the tattooed cosima thing they did. also rad as fuck. 

attack-on-titiana - makes rad art as well. always love seeing her stuff on my dash!

tatianathevampireslayer - love her writing and aimee is super nice!

soccercopping - talented writer and i love devon’s blog. hilarious as well.

alanabloomsperpetualangryface - super sweet and super smart. love her!

lesbian-geek-spiral - we are bonded forever because we are both from Massachusetts, love her blog as well!

puppyniehaus - jessie is a youngin but already super talented. go follow do it

tinymanning - yo gen is cool and v talented at guitar

clonebanana - steph makes amazing art and is super funny. love her!

geekdawson - yo such a cool dude and always has thoughtful things to say!

a-nice-little-cigarette - lia’s cool, love her edits and she’s v nice as well

butthedeadgofaster - soph is rad as hell, loveeeee her 

eorroxsox - yo love their songs and love them. so rad.

wethecurious - emily is the sweetest and makes such pretty edit!

safecosima - such a lovely person, love the blog and love her

kaldwins - one of the best video game blogs, love her as well. 

tonyswicki - yo anna is rad and makes the best edit. they’re like magic seriously

this is a long list, but i tried to include as many people as possible! there’s probably a ton more so i may reblog later and add some people if i forgot! :)