this personality

I hope no one misunderstands this episode and starts like… twisting it up to be a real awful mess…

I mean i think the message is really clear…

Don’t be an asshole and don’t think you have the same voice weight as an “ally” that as a real part of the minority.

things that rando thinks are homophobic: drawing taako skinny

things that rando doesn’t think are homophobic: derailing and insulting a canon gay relationship, reducing said relationship to a “ship,” ignoring and mocking gay people trying to spread information on fetishistic fanshipping, making blogs dedicated to harassing and stalking gay people

This dating thing is really hard ! This guy asked me out on a date, but i later found him on facebook and he seems to have a close relationship with his ex. He “loves” her posts on facebook and she “loves” his posts. I don’t know…it’s weird. She’s currently out of town because she’s studying abroad for 2 years. The whole thing just seems weird. Should i go out with him or do you guys think is a bad idea ?

I love my mom!!! She bought me the Luxury Party and I paid her for the Spooky Stuff. :”~) I also have my virus protector!! (after an hour of struggling to get it to work… sigh) I can’t wait to see all the content because I’ve never actually looked at it before??? EEEEE I’m excited!

thoughs on Rocknaldo


we dont joke about these things, Amethyst.

Im expecting Crewniverse to post that Ronaldo video from episode to Keep Beach City Weird blog sooner or later. Technically, the episode follows the “gems episodes -> plot episodes -> beach city citizens episodes” loop, so im not all that surprised. Im just kida sad we didnt get any foreshadowing (at least i didnt spot anything)

but hey, it had some good moments, to name few:

“Rock People hate men!” …what did you do Pearl.

Delmara con.

You´re just a guy with blog! sweats nervously

Thats rough, buddy - I can add SU to shows with this quote right next to Avatar and Voltron, sweet!

All around, i understand people saying its filler episode, but hey at least SU isnt on hiatus. Next week its time for "Tiger Philanthropist" and im quite hyped if we ge to see the return of Tiger Millionare because it has been 113 episodes.

I have no idea what I did to deserve such kind loving humans following me n sending me nice messages on here but it truly makes my heart feel so full n warm like idk it’s just so. Ur all amazing ppl and I can’t even come close 2 fully expressing my gratitude thank u so much