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I have so much love and respect for you for making an Ace art blog and being really clear that you're sticking to that, even with all the pressure from ignorant people saying that life is incomplete without sex, just... Finding this blog made my day? And your art is so awesome as well like, WOW how did you make talking shapes look so beautiful. Thank you for existing.❤️

Honestly, messages like these make my day every time I get them. I honestly do get a LOT of hate for the type of blog I run, but with so many people cheering me on and with so much love for my asexual dorito fiances, it really makes it all worthwhile. Thank you so much, all of you, for being amazing, wonderful people.

All 1,403 of you.

holy flapjacks wait when did this happEN

Also this has been said many times before I’m sure, but still.

Can we kill this mindset of, “If I don’t ‘get’ a certain work of art, it automatically makes no sense and anyone who says they do is pretentious/on drugs”?

Like. It’s okay to JUST say, “This doesn’t work for me. There’s other art that does.”


“I need longer to think on this/a few more viewings, than maybe that person does, before parts of it click in my mind.”

Those are perfectly valid and common and normal.

I mean I know it’s human nature, but immediately flailing against things you don’t understand and calling them bad and everyone who likes them fake-deep, is very Trump of you.

tagged by!! @keithshiro !!! my favorite nyan neko sugar girl <3

What is your sex and gender?
nothing. i dunno. i’m like…….leaning towards a dude as of late? as of a while?  but mostly i’m juts a blank space of confusion

2. What do you identify as?
this is ALSO an i don’t know. i’m not straight tho!

3. Are you skilled in Martial arts? What do you know or want to learn?
when i was little i took tae kwon do!! but i moved so i stopped doing that, so my only skill is flailing rapidly and hoping that works. (Spoiler i’ve been between a fight before and no it doesn’t work)

4. How many followers do you have AS OF THIS MOMENT?
1,500 something? 

5. Are you a morning person?
noooooo i sleep till noon like EVERY day and i hate being in the morning but not waking up early makes me feel lowkey shitty cuz i lost so much daylight

6. How many languages have you studied/fluent in?
i took spanish in school so i BARELY know the basics of that, nd i’m studying japanese rn!! 

7. What are your hobbies?
UMMMMMMMMMMMM i draw, mostly. sewing is ok but i’m kinda bad at it! cosplaying also counts in there i think? but i mostly draw and hang out with my friends and watch shit with @keithshiro

8. What is one thing you did in the past month that you are embarrassed of doing?
there was a really really hot zoro at colossalcon and my friend tried to tell me to talk to him and i literally fucking bolted. i bolted so fast. he was so muscular. i didn’t know what to do. i just dipped. i was REALLY out of it too i called my friend by the wrong title like four times it was awful 

9. Do you work/highshcool/college?
I’m on summer break rn but i’m looking to get a job soon and i start community college in august i believe!!

10. Tell us one funny joke!
you wanna hear a dirty joke? a white horse fell in a mud puddle.


17K+ followers!

[runs around screaming]


I can’t even imagine that number of people, let alone wrap my head around the fact that you’re all interested in my art blog. I’m literally just a normal person, sitting here in my dressing gown and slippers, drawing really gay fanart of my favourite anime characters. And yet here you all are, cheering me on! 

I am honestly so grateful to have such a wonderful bunch of people supporting me and indulging my fluffy art needs and silly AU headcanons <3 Thank you all so much! I hope my blog continues to be enjoyable for all of you! (≧◡≦) ♡

In celebration of 200 followers, I decided to do something along the lines of a follow forever. However, I wanted to express my appreciation for some special bloggers who have made a difference to my tumblr experience in specific ways. I wanted to keep this a little more personal and meaningful, but I did include a small list of some of my favorites at the end.  

P.S. I reached this milestone over a week ago, but life has been nuts, and after working on this draft for ages, I decided it needed to be published. 


aimtoallonsy: She’s a fantastic writer (both fanfic and original), great artist, and she’s really a blessing to have as a friend. She inspires me to be proud of my fandoms and own that geeky side of myself.
julibellule: She’s a daily source of positivity and sunshine, and I’m so happy she trusted me to partner with her on thedalektables to help promote DW fanfic. Her enthusiasm for the fandom and Doctor and Rose is undying.
allonsywobbly: She writes super hot and amazing Doctor/Rose fanfic and is absolutely hilarious. Our frequent discussions about DT, Doctor/Rose sexy times, birds (did you know bird diapers are a real thing?), RL, and hammock thieves give me life.  
ten-and-a-rose: She is such a fun person and has boundless enthusiasm for a multitude of fandoms. This lady was also a huge, huge encouragement to me when I was considering writing and posting said writing for the first time. And then she made gorgeous art for my story!
perfectlyrose: She’s a gem of a human being and fills my dash with such positive and lovely things. She is incredibly nice and writes such great DW fic, both angsty and fluffy, and I love it.  And she wrote me this for my birthday, and it still makes me flail with happiness.    
tenscupcake: I first started interacting with her while reading Careful Surrender, and since then I’ve fallen in love with her writing and use of the telepathic trope. Thanks for all the fanfic convos and encouragement for a multitude of things. :D 
***Also, a huge shout out to Britt for making this beautiful banner!***
chiaroscuroverse: It’s been so fun getting to know her through thedalektables. Her encouragement and insight to various things in life is great, and she recently started writing/posting absolutely amazing fic.  
tennyo-elf / time-nebula: I have so enjoyed reading Star Hopping and getting to know her slowly over tumblr and through reviews. It’s been fun bonding over anti-Moffat sentiments and discussing the challenges of being part of an ever evolving fandom. 
jeeno2: Oh man, Jeeno is just so fabulously nice and friendly, and she writes great fic and loves cats. I’ve enjoyed chatting about fanfic/fandom things and life.  
tenroseforeverandever: This lady is such a wonderful and positive presence in my life and on my dash, and I think she was one of my very first followers. :D She writes some gorgeous fic, and is a pleasure to interact with in the fandom. 

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I really struggled to make this list and decided to make an additional list of people who have, in some way over the last year or more, brightened my day with a lovely comment, a bit of encouragement, good conversation, greetings, gifts (of the tumblr variety), or something along those lines.  

(Mutuals bolded.)

allegoricalrose,  arynrds, chocolatequeennkbraveten, buffyann23, buttons-with-strawberry-lemonadedreamsofpetesworld, greatspacedustbin, hanluvrhermitinthetardis, itsonlythesoapsktrosesworld, lunaseemoonyrundalek, sequencefairy, @thebadwolf ,  travelsinthetardis, veritascarawordsintimeandspace   

And these people I admire from afar and always enjoy their quality posts, tags, meta, fic, edits, art, or whatever it is that draws me to their blogs. :)

amyjeane, asthewheelwillsatimelordswife, badwolfrunblezon, bluedawn0123, @captain–kitten, @ceruleanbluesartcuriositykilledtheslugdirty-brian, elektrahnatchiosheartbreakingtennantgallifreyslostsonkelkat9, lauraxxtennant, @lixabiz@lizzy-lovegoodmegabadbunny, ofstormsandwolvesrudennotgingr, thebadddestwolfthetatyler, timelordinvictus, tinyconfusion 

I’m going to stop now before I end up with everyone I follow on here, because you’re all great and make this a great place. This list is by no means all inclusive, but I have to stop somewhere. ;D