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This isn't really a question and I apologize for that but I wanted you to know how much of an inspiration you are! At first I never gave Trish a second thought since Araki didn't give her too much room to make a personality but your art gives me really good perspective on her. I love her lots now. Thank you! Have a good evening!

Omgosh thank you so much!!  This is such a huge compliment!  It makes me so happy whenever someone says they appreciate a character or ship a little more because of me!  I’m just happily flailing with friends about Jojo on this blog, and it’s exciting to meet other people on Tumblr who enjoy the same kinds of things!!

I LOVE Trish!  But I admit, when she first appeared I didn’t like her much.  She seemed to have a lot of potential:  she had a mouth on her (when Narancia was trying to shoo her away from the public bathroom, she was basically like, “Do you own this bathroom?  Oh, your name must be Mr. Toilette, then, and this is your home.” lol), and where did she get these skills??

We know right away she’s the boss’s daughter, so she most likely has a Stand.  Not since LisaLisa have we had a cool female character who was a main protagonist and fought alongside the guys.  Holly never fought and we didn’t get to see what her Stand even does, Yukako was mostly used to torture Koichi, and Aya was just used by and quickly killed by the main villain… *sigh*
And in her first scene, she wiped her hands on Fugo’s jacket (I don’t care how ugly his clothes are, that was so rude), and was bossing him around for trivial things like the brand of water she wanted when there were more important things to worry about like how everyone’s lives were on the line.  Suddenly her sassy mouth was annoying because she crossed the line from being sharp-tongued to being an obnoxious, rude, and selfish person (later after I knew her better did I realize her actions were because she was scared, overcompensating, and testing how much voice she had in this group).

But Giorno seemed to understand her and when he talked or thought about her, I began to understand her a little more for the first time through his analysis.  

Giorno says she’s very strong-willed after this.  At the time, I thought he was just being generous/kind.  Because at this point, we mostly see Trish as a scared girl.  She’s shoved in this damsel in distress role (which I don’t mind but leaves little for her to do to make much impact on the plot).  Her mother JUST died, she’s had no time to grieve, she was most likely kidnapped by Polpo’s men (who are strangers to her) only to be transferred to even more strangers in Buccellati’s group, who are going to transfer her again to another stranger, her father who she’s just recently found out is boss of the mafia!  Everyone’s been ordered to give her no information so Buccellati’s group is pretty standoffish around her and rarely talks to her, weird stuff she can’t explain is happening around her, people want to kill her for no fault of her own, and she’s all alone in this world where she has no power or autonomy.  Other people decide where she’s going to go, who she’s going to travel with, and she has no choice but to obey.  

BUT!  Things change once the boss tries to kill Trish and Buccellati’s group rebels.  Now there are no orders to follow and the group starts to talk to her more and involve her with their decisions.  Trish, in turn, has fewer restrictions placed on her, can now start making decisions for herself and decisions for the group.  She chooses to help them fight and bring down her father, give them as much information as she can, help the group as a tracking device for her father, and she chooses to not run away (like Shinji Ikari but 5000% cooler and less teen angst).  She wants to face her attempted-murderer and take him down.  We start to see the strong-will Giorno was talking about more and more!


She seems to have a lot of pride and wants to appear calm and collected, though she’s not very good at hiding panic:

Here she’s reaching for him to hold her hand for comfort, they hold hands in the elevator, and it’s adorable.  When we first meet her, Pericolo told everyone that Trish doesn’t like to be touched, but we see her slowly opening up more to Buccellati and his gang as Part 5 progresses.

She finally comes into her own once she awakens her Stand. She changes from a damsel in distress into a full-fledged member of the team.  Before this, there wasn’t much she could do as a non-Stand user, but still she tries.  We saw her struggling on the plane with the decision of running away vs. fighting Notorious B.I.G.  She decides to face the danger and fight even though she knows this decision could very well kill her but because of her decision to be brave, she gains control of her Stand.  She even defies Buccellati because she now has:  1) Power and 2) More information on the enemy than anyone else at this point.  She makes her OWN decision even though the leader of their group disagrees with her, and she ends up saving everyone.

Trish attributes this huge growth in her character and the emergence of her Stand to how much Giorno has influenced her for the better & that’s really sweet!

Her Stand also has an… interesting personality and reminds me of Koichi’s Echoes.  It can sometimes have a foul mouth, which like Koichi makes you wonder if Trish’s internal thoughts and feelings are a lot more… “spicy”… than she lets us believe.

EDIT:  I FORGOT TO MENTION HER SWEET SIDE, TOO!!  Look at her keeping an eye on Narancia after Giorno healed them while deeply considering Narancia’s feelings.  Even though Narancia didn’t need emotional comfort and he even seemed confused about receiving it, Trish still wanted to defend him.  This shows how much Trish values warmth in people.

By the end, Trish has grown SO much as a character, she says one of my favorite lines of all Part 5 during the final showdown against her father:  “I, too, can overcome the fate I inherited from you.  I will not cower or flee!  If you try to stop me, I shall soar beyond you.”  This line is so good because it’s contrasted against the past where we did see her cowering and fleeing.  But no longer.

At the very end, we see how comfortable, happy, and trusting she is around the gang where Mista pretends to scare her with his “weird fingers” and she playfully screams in mock fear.  SHE IS SO CUTE!!!  THEY ARE ALL SO CUTE!!!

I wish we saw more of her cute, playful side.

But yeah, that’s my take on her character.  Part 5 is partially the story of a girl who takes a desolate situation she didn’t choose to be involved in, uses it to make herself stronger, and overcomes the evil that is literally trying to destroy her.  I REALLY LOVE TRISH!!!!!!  (Oh god, this got SO LONG, I’M SO SORRY!!!)

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I can’t even imagine that number of people, let alone wrap my head around the fact that you’re all interested in my art blog. I’m literally just a normal person, sitting here in my dressing gown and slippers, drawing really gay fanart of my favourite anime characters. And yet here you all are, cheering me on! 

I am honestly so grateful to have such a wonderful bunch of people supporting me and indulging my fluffy art needs and silly AU headcanons <3 Thank you all so much! I hope my blog continues to be enjoyable for all of you! (≧◡≦) ♡

In celebration of 200 followers, I decided to do something along the lines of a follow forever. However, I wanted to express my appreciation for some special bloggers who have made a difference to my tumblr experience in specific ways. I wanted to keep this a little more personal and meaningful, but I did include a small list of some of my favorites at the end.  

P.S. I reached this milestone over a week ago, but life has been nuts, and after working on this draft for ages, I decided it needed to be published. 


aimtoallonsy: She’s a fantastic writer (both fanfic and original), great artist, and she’s really a blessing to have as a friend. She inspires me to be proud of my fandoms and own that geeky side of myself.
julibellule: She’s a daily source of positivity and sunshine, and I’m so happy she trusted me to partner with her on thedalektables to help promote DW fanfic. Her enthusiasm for the fandom and Doctor and Rose is undying.
allonsywobbly: She writes super hot and amazing Doctor/Rose fanfic and is absolutely hilarious. Our frequent discussions about DT, Doctor/Rose sexy times, birds (did you know bird diapers are a real thing?), RL, and hammock thieves give me life.  
ten-and-a-rose: She is such a fun person and has boundless enthusiasm for a multitude of fandoms. This lady was also a huge, huge encouragement to me when I was considering writing and posting said writing for the first time. And then she made gorgeous art for my story!
perfectlyrose: She’s a gem of a human being and fills my dash with such positive and lovely things. She is incredibly nice and writes such great DW fic, both angsty and fluffy, and I love it.  And she wrote me this for my birthday, and it still makes me flail with happiness.    
tenscupcake: I first started interacting with her while reading Careful Surrender, and since then I’ve fallen in love with her writing and use of the telepathic trope. Thanks for all the fanfic convos and encouragement for a multitude of things. :D 
***Also, a huge shout out to Britt for making this beautiful banner!***
chiaroscuroverse: It’s been so fun getting to know her through thedalektables. Her encouragement and insight to various things in life is great, and she recently started writing/posting absolutely amazing fic.  
tennyo-elf / time-nebula: I have so enjoyed reading Star Hopping and getting to know her slowly over tumblr and through reviews. It’s been fun bonding over anti-Moffat sentiments and discussing the challenges of being part of an ever evolving fandom. 
jeeno2: Oh man, Jeeno is just so fabulously nice and friendly, and she writes great fic and loves cats. I’ve enjoyed chatting about fanfic/fandom things and life.  
tenroseforeverandever: This lady is such a wonderful and positive presence in my life and on my dash, and I think she was one of my very first followers. :D She writes some gorgeous fic, and is a pleasure to interact with in the fandom. 

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I really struggled to make this list and decided to make an additional list of people who have, in some way over the last year or more, brightened my day with a lovely comment, a bit of encouragement, good conversation, greetings, gifts (of the tumblr variety), or something along those lines.  

(Mutuals bolded.)

allegoricalrose,  arynrds, chocolatequeennkbraveten, buffyann23, buttons-with-strawberry-lemonadedreamsofpetesworld, greatspacedustbin, hanluvrhermitinthetardis, itsonlythesoapsktrosesworld, lunaseemoonyrundalek, sequencefairy, @thebadwolf ,  travelsinthetardis, veritascarawordsintimeandspace   

And these people I admire from afar and always enjoy their quality posts, tags, meta, fic, edits, art, or whatever it is that draws me to their blogs. :)

amyjeane, asthewheelwillsatimelordswife, badwolfrunblezon, bluedawn0123, @captain–kitten, @ceruleanbluesartcuriositykilledtheslugdirty-brian, elektrahnatchiosheartbreakingtennantgallifreyslostsonkelkat9, lauraxxtennant, @lixabiz@lizzy-lovegoodmegabadbunny, ofstormsandwolvesrudennotgingr, thebadddestwolfthetatyler, timelordinvictus, tinyconfusion 

I’m going to stop now before I end up with everyone I follow on here, because you’re all great and make this a great place. This list is by no means all inclusive, but I have to stop somewhere. ;D