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I don’t know if it’s just me, but this line surprised me so much but in the good way?

He isn’t worried about the possibility that people see him in a situation like this with an other man.
He is just worried people think he doesn’t take the competition seriously. 

For any other anime with fanservice it would have been some teasing like “they’re gonna think I’m gay / dating a man” or else. 

So this is making me so much happy because it convinces me even more this ship is treated seriously, and not just like some queerbaiting since the question of gender hasn’t even been mentioned once in this anime!!!

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…

…let’s talk about the barter/currency system in the haus/hockey team/Samwell

How much is a slice of Bitty’s pie worth to hockey players who doesn’t live in the haus? (don’t have constant 24/7 access to baked goods)

And then how much is it worth to friends of the hockey players? (looking at your art students, Lardo has a black market of baked goods among that department)

And then how much is it worth to the faculty who don’t teach Bitty?

And how much to Falconers?

I mean, imagine the power of choosing which one of your friends will get a slice of pie and what you’ll ask in return! The power!

So yeah, there is a complex barter system in place for baked goods and at least one student is trying to write a social study about it.

yknow those friends/ppl who are always like “you’re not too much to handle!!! you’re not a burden at all!!!” and you want to believe them you really do
but how can i when i cant even handle myself, when my literal existence is a burden to myself. when eventually everyone just ignores most of the things i say and tbh it’d be better for everyone if they just forgot about me

think about if dean and cas kissed on spn. like, most of the codas we write are adding in kisses into episodes where they didn’t kiss. so like if they canonically kissed, what would we write coda about? trick question the answer is cockles


So this just arrived in the mail. It’s a huuuge polished quartz heart that I ordered at like 3am last week and completely forgot about until now. It has these beautiful silver flecks through it that go transparent from some angles?? So cool 💛✨

curious question, would people like/ support me making skam gifs like this???

if anyone ever tries to tell you modern technology is bad and us millenials are rotting our brains or whatever, remember that i aced a bomb disposal equipment challenge once because the robot was controlled by analog sticks (one side for direction, other side for speed) and no one else could work out how to sync them smoothly to make the robot move around without jerking and stalling

i picked it up right away and did the whole challenge literally 5-7 minutes faster than everyone else (who were all like 20-40 years older than me) and when one of the engineers asked me how i did it all i could say was “look my ass grew up running people over and going for the kill streetracing on simpsons hit and run for the ps2 alright”

Okay so imagine that Lance is memeing around and Keith just rolls his eyes and goes “you’re trash” and Lance, as fast as lightning responds with “Then take me out.” and then there’s silence and they just end up looking away from each other and blushing profusely because this was not what either of them had planned

keep me entertained ?!

so guess who’s bored ?? also guess who’s close to 1.2k followers ? that’s right, me !!! and so to keep me entertained and to hopefully help get me to my next milestone, i wanted to do something fun!

the main problem i had was that i couldn’t decide between blog rates, winter rates, name aesthetics, archive moodboards, or would you rather moodboards… so here i am, deciding to offer you guys all of them (or at most two each bc let’s not get too crazy here lmao).

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