this person was sick

So we should be sleeping. It’s 23.42.

We’re obviously not sleeping.
I’ve had to change the bedding (& put it in the wash), change me and change Arthur’s clothes due to vomit. Husband gone in the spare room to sleep (he was also being a bit of a grumpy arse as he was being kept awake).

Yawn. Long day tomorrow.
Final clearing of my parents house ready for the contract exchange date on Friday.

One of my favorite things about RE7 was how 100% Done Ethan became after a while.

He went from pure terror at his situation to just getting annoyed by the Bakers and monsters, no matter how fucked up, disgusting, or disturbing things around him got.

It basically went like -

*Confronting a gigantic, mutated, multi-eyed abomination dead set on killing him brutally*


If you get a cold

you don’t have to cancel a date!  Obviously if you are seriously sick or don’t want to go for other reasons, listen to your body and do whatever tf you want.  I just had the experience where I almost canceled a date purely because I was sick and thought he wouldn’t be into me.

So I got this nasty head cold toward the end of my vacation abroad.  I had scheduled a meet with a POT for the last day, and I told him the day before that I wouldn’t cancel so last minute, but he should be warned that I was really sick and very tired.  We met anyway, and even though I was stuffy and had a hard time speaking the language, he took me shopping and wants to see me again.

Right after I got back, there’s this one guy who was dying to see me again after vacation.  I gave him the same warning: I won’t cancel if you don’t want me to, but I honestly have the plague.  We still met and he sent me a picture of him buying me a surprise gift today!

Meeting when you’re sick can have lots of benefits, namely:

  1. You might not even have to kiss him at all!!!  Sometimes he will still want to and say he doesn’t care, but you can definitely shirk almost all intimacy because, well, you’re sick.  This is especially useful for that handsy POT.
  2. Both of the men I met had kids.  Both of them brought out this extremely paternal mentality of I WILL NOT STAND FOR THESE SYMPTOMS.  They both whisked my off to the pharmacy first thing and bought all the medicine and tea and everything I would need to last through the next three colds I get haha.  It was cute, and I didn’t have to drop the $25 on the strong drugs myself.
  3. “I’m just bummed because I’m missing so much work because of it.  I don’t mind being sick, but I’ll probably have to work overtime once I’m better so my paycheck won’t take the hit.  Sorry I probably won’t be able to see you next week.”  Cue lots of sad faces until he takes out his wallet.
  4. Literally Netflix and chill.  When you’re sick, obviously the usual wining and dining and adventure aren’t appealing.  All you want to do is lie in bed and not do anything.  Tell him you just want to snuggle on the couch and drink tea and watch his favorite movie.  No talking, no kissing, you barely have to interact with him.  You’re just doing what you’d do at home and getting paid for it.
  5. He won’t expect you to stay out late.  Tell him at 6:30 P.M. you want to leave at 7 to go home and rest.  Leave at 7, tell him goodnight at 8, and have zero obligation to respond to his late night texts asking if you’re up and stuff.  “Sorry, I took NyQuil as soon as I got home and knocked out!  Guess I really needed the rest!”  Even if you go to bed at midnight, you can start ignoring him so early in the night every night for the next week.
  6. If he sees you when you’re sick, he knows you’re not BSing him (à la Karen in Mean Girls “I can’t go… I’m sick”).  Then if you don’t want to see him the next week, you can say you’re still sick, whether or not you are.
    1. This also will build his trust in you, so if you want to cancel in the future, he is more likely to trust the excuse of illness, whether or not you’re malingering.  (;

Note: If you are seriously sick or throwing up, don’t trouble yourself meeting with someone or putting yourself out too much.  If you have the flu or are throwing up or seriously just need the sleep, stay home!  This is advice for those times of seasonal allergies or the common cold, where you can still put up with doing a few things low key, just as long as you take it easy.  If you wouldn’t go to school/meet a close friend, don’t meet a POT/SD.

As with everything I post, these are my personal experiences.  Not everything will work for everyone, but if this does work for you, go out and get the sugar!  <3