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I need your help. I’m struggling to decide which project to work on. From the two story ideas you can pick the one you’d love to read first! Their working titles are (1: Discovering fire) (2: The football rejects).

Synopsis 1: Desiring to find out the identity of a man who once saved his life as a child, Alistair soon discovers the “unknown man” looks identical to his modern-day self.
Genres/themes: Sci-fi, fantasy, identity, mystery.


Synopsis 2: Jasper, accused of murder, tries to clear his name after a gay footballer struggling to deal with homophobia in sport had his throat cut.
Genre/themes: Drama, mental health, teen life.

Let me know which one you’d love to see by commenting/reblogging or messaging! :) 

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How can I stop crying from rage when I think about how Hillary was treated, how she won (would have won in every sane country where 1 person=1 vote) and people still blamed her? And yeah, I'm involved and I am marching and organizing and stuff, but some days it feels too fucking unjust, I can't bear it. I can't stand to live under Trump for the next 3 years, not even till the end of the year. And I hate it so much that rules never apply to him: he was joking/didn't mean it/didn't know.*screams*

when you figure out how, please tell me. i haven’t learned how either. 

idk what gets me about the entitlement and insistence that celebrities should or have to share their political opinions/beliefs and/or campaign publicly/endorse a particular candidate… the idea that they have a responsibility to do so because of their societal position… is that this is their job.

what you’re essentially saying is that if someone does not decide to bring the political opinions into their workplace, they are being irresponsible and siding with hatred automatically.

what you say when you say things like “tweeting about equality isn’t good enough if it doesn’t directly endorse a position on a ballot” is “if someone strives and works for equality at work, but does not disclose the ballot votes they’ve made/make, they are doing something wrong.”

what you say when you say things like “it doesn’t matter, they could have voted for ___ even though they tweet about and talk about equality” is “if people in a workplace do not discuss their personal votes, but rather they choose to express their values, those around them should assume they voted against the values they express.”

like this is their damn job. these are their professional lives. it would be inappropriate and abusive even to say that everyone in a workplace has to disclose their political votes and opinions. that would threaten anyone’s job and there’s a reason why it’s illegal for employers to require it. 

like just because they have this job vs an office job doesn’t mean that it’s any less unethical to require them to disclose their personal political views.

  • underrated group stans: Hey guys! you should check out this group, they're extremely underrated and have nothing but bops.
  • yall: *crickets*
  • Underrated group stans: Hey guys! This is really important this group is having a comeback and really needs all the support they can get or else they could disband
  • Yall: *crickets*
  • Underrated group: Disbands
Who’s Your Daddy? Results

DirtyHaikyuuConfessions’s poll has come to an end! We first want to thank all of you for voting and we hope you had a little bit of fun while doing it. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we did! (Mod Kuroo practically screamed when looking at the winners.) Please expect the winners’ memes to come out soon-ish (Mod Bokuto is camping for a couple days). Without further ado, please give a warm round of applause as we announce DHQC’s Top Five Daddies!

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People 👏🏼 dont 👏🏼 just 👏🏼 ship 👏🏼 Evak 👏🏼 because 👏🏼 they're 👏🏼 white 👏🏼

Not everyone is obsessed with race, dammit.

the saddest moment of competitive overwatch for me was when i got two card votes at the end of a match after hard carrying as roadhog on volskaya…. my ending card was for landing 25+ hooks with 88% hook accuracy

UK Politics: 2017 Snap General Election

Call me a conspiracy theorist but the timing of this election just seems too perfectly in the Conservatives’ favour…
It’s in the middle of A level and university exams, meaning the turnout of young people will be even lower than normal, and as young people are more likely to vote left, this favours the Tories.
And it’s in the middle of Ramadan, so Muslim MPs will be less able to campaign as they’ll be fasting. This is important because out of the 13 Muslim MPs, 9 are Labour - again, this favours the Tories.

to those who know their general election voting stations are not accessible, or feel unable to vote in person:

-postal votes are totally valid ways of voting! even if the polling station is just down the street, it’s totally acceptable to postal vote! you can set this up when you register to vote.

-you can also nominate a proxy! this can be a friend or family member who votes on your behalf, which is great if you’re housebound! you can also set this up when you register to vote.

-it’s ok if you don’t manage to vote! ableism is a bitch, and it’s not your fault this shit isn’t accessible ❤️❤️❤️


Hillary Clinton reminiscing about visiting the AIDS Memorial Quilt in a speech at the 2012 International AIDS Conference.

btob’s mv: a summary

insane: everything is on fire and minhyuk is crying
father: the song is actually really fucking sad 
irresistible lips: minhyuk got the girl despite not knowing transportation is a thing that exist and should be make use of 
wow: no one get the girl but they change the game
second confession: cleanest looking post apocalyptic city i have ever seen there is literally no human or traffic except for the seven of them and a baguette
second confession (pj version): soft sleepy little babiesssss in pajamas 
when i was your man: white shirts 🙌🏼
thriller: arms, TATTOOS and blonde ilhoon (please bring back changsub’s tattoo sleeve concept thanks and thank you)
beep beep: instead of girls they got parking ticket also peniel is really cute
you’re so fly: ilhoon has knee fetish hyunsik is alvin the chipmunk and changsub put booger on eunkwang it is chaotic it is btob 
wow (jpn version): everyone’s shirt are like 5 sizes too big 
you can cry: lee changsub is so beautiful i cried 
you can’t cry/the winter’s tale: furry in a crystal ball #kinkshamed
future: sungjae didnt get the girl 
it’s okay: chicken man changsub eunkwang is the cutest like THE CUTEST this time both minhyuk and ilhoon got the girl(s)
summer color my girl: drunk uncle ilhoon on a beach 
way back home: the 10 seconds of eunkwang and peniel beating changsub and ilhoon up is the best 10 seconds of my life
dear bride: changsub didn’t get the bride but eunkwang got the groom 
remember that: leak lee minhyuk lips make up tutorial 2k16