this person looks like that person

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pro tip: if ur a guy (or girl/nb folk!!!!) and u ask out some1 n they say no for whatever reason dont turn around and call them ugly or a slur or anything like……it just makes u look pathetic

the meaningful Caryl interactions in this episode were so overdue they cleared my skin, watered my crops, healed Rick’s hand and turned a tiger into a kitty asking to be petted

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you're so hypocritical and two faced. you're truly a disgusting, disappointing person and it's unsuprising that you haven't succeeded in anything in your non-internet real life.

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I might be venturing into the world of commissions next week if you guys are interested in that…



( waiting for my ride to come back & thus with this new found free time before work ; i took a few selfies for munday. )

its one line


“I have so many things to tell you–”

((the airport reunion is still making me tear up, so I went and re-drew some screenshots to deal with the feelings))