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The RavenPrint Family!

I’m seriously in love with the children you guys have made for them!  They’re so cute and I love them! AND I WANTED TO ADD ANOTHER ONE SOMEONE MADE BUT I LOST THE NOTIFICATION WITH THE CHILD and now I’m sad :c

Thanks for making such cute and smoll characters UvU <3

Now credits!

Raven belongs to @ask-the-gothfamily

Bluebird (the one with long sleeves) belongs to @drawingerror

(????) belongs to @julliahantzee (they don’t have a name for him yet! If you have a suggestion for them, don’t hesitate to help!)

Blueprint belongs to me

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Any advice for young and/or new artists?

I know it’s going to sound cliche, but practice practice practice. Aim for a few drawings a week to get it in without getting burned out. Find an interest, something that’s fun for you and draw that subject. References are your friend. It’s better to learn the correct structure of things early on than develop bad/incorrect habits and try to fix them later. The better you know the rules of structure and anatomy, the better you can break them to create a style that’s both unique and looks right. Without having a good solid base for anatomy if you’re drawing animals or people, it’s going to look a little off no matter what you stylize. Look at magazines, look at dancers (who I find are the best subject for studying movement and how muscles work) look at animals, animals running, how people stand or how they carry themselves when they walk.

Even a failed drawing is something learned, a little extra muscle memory. Also, know that every now and then, you’re going to hate whatever you produce, and I mean hate it. When you hit this stage of your artwork, it isn’t ‘oh I’m horrible, it looks bad, I’m no good’. Not in the slightest! This is your level up stage, it means you’ve improved mentally, you’re seeing the mistakes and what can be done better, you hand just hasn’t learned it quite yet. Usually when I hit these stages, I’ll be in a huge art rut for weeks, sometimes a month struggling, but still drawing, that’s the important part.  After that, you’ll hit an ‘oh!’ stage and all the sudden you’ll be on a roll and you’ll have improved a lot.

Also, unless it’s under specific circumstances, don’t shade with white or black! While it works, it makes the colors look muted, muddy and a little boring. Instead, blue and purple are your friend in shading and makes the picture look more colorful and interesting to look at.

Here’s something I shaded with black and gray. While it does a passable job and puts the shading down, it’s a little dull.

Instead, try experimenting with other colors. Here’s blue shadows.

Orange shadows (my favorite color to use)

Or red/purple shadows. 

These shadows can also go in the hair as well to make it even more dynamic (I just didn’t want to re-shade it lol).  The same goes for lighting.  Bright orange/yellow or a pale, more saturated color of your base makes much more interesting and vibrant lighting than white or gray if you’re not using a specifically colored light source.

I hope this helps and if you have any other specific questions, don’t be afraid to ask! Good luck on your art journey!  It’s a rough one, but very, very rewarding.

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could you recommend some good langst fics? im gonna binge read so langst and i need good fics, please

Hmmmmmmm I have a few! 

If Fireflies Cast Shadows by SeaBreezy

-Klance, soulmate AU. 

-I read this one a few months ago and I honestly love it so much, the langst isn’t that strong but it’s still an amazing fic 

Beginners Guide To Living by Milk_bud

-Klance, Collage AU but Lance has a terminal illness 

- I haven’t read the most recent chapters due to lack of time but I really enjoy this fic 

On Thin Ice by Minadora 

- Klance, Figure Skater/Hockey AU 

- Again haven’t read past chapter 8 but I really enjoy this fic and it is written so well. One of my favorites (Chapters are long though) 

Just Static by Jessadilla (wobblyarms) 

-Klance, Lance goes missing

- I read this fic as it was still being posted and I love it with all my heart. It’s so good and the langst is strong 

Book 1:Freedom by Crescentdescent 

-Klance, Avatar: Legend of Korra AU 

- This is probably one of my favorite fics of all time. Like I literally cried reading it.

Tethering by Fairyuphoria 

- Different universes (You need to read the discription) 

- I really like the concept of this and my heart hurts whenever I read a chapter 

I’ll Love You Even When You Can’t Love Yourself by YunaDragneel 

- Klance, Depressed Lance 

- I don’t remember much about this one but I did like it 

Feel free to add to this! These were just my top picks! I hope you like them!!!!

(If you want more you can DM me!)
Voltron as stupid shit I said part.1

#1 Lance: “keith, you are the memes, that helps me out of my depression”

#2 Keith: “I honestly just want to chogiCry”
#3 Shiro: “well, is such a good day to fuck guys, or for them to fuck me, whichever happens first”
#4 Pidge: “tomorrow I will have chips and uuuh have depression”
#5 Hunk: “im hot! do the math, I cook and the kitchen is in a higher temperature so basically I’m a hot steamed bun”

#6 Coran: “i like guys but sometimes I find girls attractive, as a gay man, am I sick?”
#7 Allura: [forgets the word parrot] “…a green chicken, sorry I can’t English today”

Thinking a lot about forgiveness tonight. I think there’s a lot of pressure to forgive people no matter what in the ~spiritual~ sphere, but… I don’t think that granting forgiveness inherently means you’re the bigger or better person. It’s okay to be upset when someone hurts you. You don’t have to forgive them unless you want to. And it’s probably better for your mental health to forgive them eventually or whatever, but even then you can’t really force it. It might take time and that’s okay. It might take LOTS of time. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to be angry or hurt when someone acts against you and if they’re the one who burned the bridge, you don’t owe them anything. 

QPRs are a little like being nonbinary. Its def its own thing, and maybe is closer to friendship for some, maybe closer to romance for others (just like how some nonbinary people are closer to male or closer to female,) or maybe its somewhere inbetween (like people who are both/neither binary genders.)

They both get ridiculed for not being real, because society has normalized a binary (male/female and friendship/romance,) and concepts like those that people don’t personally experience seem too out there for them to believe. They’ll try to convince you that you’re actually one side of this binary. They’ll try to “prove” that neither can exist. They’ll call you special snowflakes and accuse you of trying to get attention and fake being “kweer” to fit in.

And ime, people who ridicule us nonbinary people ridicule QPRs too.

Here is me existing as the huge freaking mess of a person that I am. The Queen of Not Having Her Shit Together. The Princess of Procrastination.

Please Read:

(i accidentally deleted the original post)

Okay i am only doing this because i have no other options. I have just received my phone bill and it is over $100 more than i thought because i am a new user and i didn’t think it would be nearly as much since the representative told me that i would be paying at least $150 less than the bill. Also my rent money is due at the same time and now i cannot afford these things since they’re higher than what i had previously thought and i just don’t know what to do. On top of that stress, i have the tax company saying i never paid my tax return (which i did) and this is in the process of being fixed, but that is over $300 as well. I hate to do this because i don’t want to seem greedy and i know i was just mentioning buying things, but that will never happen and they’re only wishes. I am asking if you are able to help in any way please i would so appreciate it and owe my life to you. I know this sounds pathetic but that’s exactly how i feel and i’m desperate, and i am kept up at night stressing over these things. I’m trying to get more hours at work but they’re too low on payroll to offer any, and i’m in the process of applying for a second job. If you are able to help in any way, my paypal is: it would mean the absolute world to me, thank you!

if you aren’t driving 20+ over the speed limit on a highway you don’t belong in the left lane. “but you could get pulled over” listen my guy the left lane is not for people who follow the rules it is for fucking assholes like myself with places to be and general lack of patience. 

Sometimes I catch myself thinking “This is why I’m single,” or things along those lines when I’m in the middle of scream singing Taylor Swift on the drive home or when I start dancing to the radio in between reps when I’m lifting or when I see a beautiful sunrise and start to tear up because of it. But, you know what? Those are the little things that are going to make someone, the right person, fall in love with me one day. Someone is going to see all of my weird, quirky habits as endearing and will love me so much more because I choose to share them rather than hide them. And that’s what I need to learn to remember. Because I am done hiding pieces of myself, of who I really am, to make other people more comfortable or to ensure that I’m well-liked. I love the real me (most of the time) and I think other people should get to know that person, too.

i get it, James portrayed someone that could be seen as offensive, fine, I never said he didn’t. All I am saying is, telling me how terrible he is or why he’s the worst, isn’t necessary, i’m not him nor am I related or will ever tell him how you feel. You just are an asshole. End of story.