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Name: Raven

Nicknames: Rave, Sam,  Princess, King Boon and or Boon

Gender: Female

Star sign: Aries

Sexual orientation: Bisexual 

Favorite colors: Black, red, and purple

Average hours of sleep: 0-2 hours on average 

Cat or dog person: Both I have a kitten right now

Favorite fictional character: *Nervous laughter* The Joker, old school comic book one

Favorite bands/singers: Metallica, Nirvana, The Cure, In Love with A Ghost, Lil Peep, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Slipknot, BucketHead, Ghost/Ghost BC, In This Moment, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Five Finger Death Punch, Son Lux, The Used

Dream trip: Anywhere in Germany

Dream job: SFX Makeup Artist or Make My Dream Comic

When was this blog created: Uuuuuh idk I thiiink October 27th? I might be wrong

Current number of followers: 111 [Didn’t think I’d get that many to be honest]

When did this blog reach its peak: Around the time I did the Flaceless Belch stuff

Time right now: 2:28pm

Song stuck in my head: I Crach, U Crash - Lil Peep &  Frühling in Paris - Rammstien

Last movie I watched: The Witch [Someone got it for me as a gift]

Last TV show I watched: Hannibal Seasons 1-3 All In One Go

What am I wearing right now: Grey Tank top, Black Letterman Jacket, and Black Leggings [Bonus and a silver necklace with an Aries pendant]

What kind of stuff do I post: TRAAAASH, umm here? Rp Content for the IT fandom mostly. Else where? Writing and art.

Do I get Asks: Yeah, I only have like 7 right now

Why did I choose my url: Because I play Belch Huggins for Rp ooooooo sooo spoooky

Lucky number: 48 used to be 24 before that it was 12 and before that it was 6 [If you can figure out why I’ll give you a gold star]

Following: 98

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when I was a kid I frickin loved warrior cats. that’s what got me into digital art (on scratch, if anyone remembers that haha) in the first place. now, like 9 years later I stumble upon @climbstudio and this reawakens my love for this world of dumbass cats (though I read like the fourth series just now and realized it’s actually not very good writing at all lol)

and then i found @warriorsredux and I love that a lot more than the actual series!! so much potential!!! now a redux fan 

anyway long story short this is Spottedleaf, my favorite kitty of the redux series (her personality is so much better……..) 

okay listen

even if someone says (bc someone is GOING TO) that it wasn’t a “mix tape” as in he didn’t choose the songs especially specifically absolutely for Cas, what i’m about to tell you is a fact

you don’t give someone your cassette tape that has your favorite songs from your favorite artist. you don’t. especially now bc who the fuck has cassette tapes? every cassette that you might find in the dark depths of my house have meaning and i will cut anyone who tries to come near them. Dean has snatched his cassettes away from his brother who he loves dearly and shares everything with bc he talked shit about his music. he wouldn’t have given Cas that tape unless it was deeply personal and had some serious meaning behind it. even if it wasn’t a mixtape in the traditional sense, it had the emotional weight of a mixtape. 

Quiet Self-Confidence

With all of @accioharo‘s talking about her upcoming “Yuuri wins all the gold” fic it made me want to draw what I think Yuuri looks like ~5 years in the future when he’s about to retire. Like… what length he stopped growing out his hair because he was happy with it, perhaps a change of glasses (but still blue because let’s not get crazy here), and a heaping dose of quiet self-confidence ahoy. And come to think of it, maybe that would be the reason for some less noticeable glasses… why hide behind big frames when you’re that gorgeous and talented, after all? 

This is one of my personal favorite pieces of Yuuri I’ve done now. :)

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my favorite picture of annie during the making of masseduction. beyond proud to know and work with this brilliant artist and person. those months making this album are ones that i will hold with me forever. it’s all out in the world now — what a thrill. still have a tough time listening to HBJ and smoking section without wanting to weep. this album means a great deal to me…. run don’t walk to it.

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Nicknames: Taiga

Star Sign: Scorpio ♏

Height: 4′11′′

Time: 21:48

Birthday: October 29th

Favorite bands: BTS, EXO, Got7, BigBang, BlackPink

Favorite solo artists: (Agust D, G-Dragon, Taemin, Yongguk) Shawn Mendes, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Dean

Last movie watched: Silenced (I cried a lot boi, I thought my eyes would fall)

Last show watched: One Piece

When did I create my blog: I don’t remember

What do I post: Memes and beautiful things related to Kpop

Last thing I googled: How to write my birthday date in English

Do you have other blogs: I had a personal blog but I forgot the password

Do you get asks: Yes I get a lot and I don’t know why (I love you all)

Why did you choose your url:

Following: 542

Followers: almost 30.000 💛

Favorite colors: Black and yellow

Average hours of sleep: 6

Lucky number: 2


What am I wearing: A loose shirt

How many blankets I sleep with: 1

Dream job: Tattoo Artist and if I could sing, I would like to be a singer

Dream trip: Canada and South Korea

Favorite food: Pasta and Pizza

Nationality: I am Spanish

Favorite song right now:


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anonymous asked:

So the two of you where like, "oh, hello there" and then sat down to hold a conversation?

basically! i saw rich go past me in security and thought “ey, if i bump into him again, i’ll be sure to work up the gumption to say hey”

sure enough, i went through security, and he was just hanging out scrolling through his phone, so we had a little chat! it was mostly about the logistics of con. ticket sales, vending things, like actual shop talk. we were both a little grumpy that we couldn’t get our drink on and enjoy the festivals at nola a little more, though. our jobs are really unique, but not really the ones you get sloshed during.

anyway, i knew if i were in his place, socializing after a con wouldn’t be my top priority, so i bid him safe travels and we parted ways

….only to find out that we were going the same place

if you go on twitter you can see we were messing with each other on the plane a tiny bit–he wouldn’t switch seats with me unfortunately, but somehow in the time when we talked and when we boarded our plane, he’d lost his headphones

(do note i did offer him my new spare headphones, because dude he’d be able to give them back to me in less than 2 weeks, and i can guarantee he regretted passing on them)

Anonymous said:

Tbh stories of your interactions with the cast is my favorite reality show. I love hearing about every little thing.


i grew up having such crazy social anxiety, holding a conversation with teachers i looked up to was impossible.

i respect a huge portion of the cast as independent artists and creators, i’m so immensely intimidated by them, 5 years ago i couldn’t even imagine trying to speak to any of them. now i can tell dumb jokes to them, you guys. JOKES

so i like using the interactions as little personal confidence milestones. i’ve grown so much, and i’m really glad you guys’ve enjoyed watching it

anyway, i don’t like leaving an ask without an image, so here’s a happy borja

animation crossover couples:

dimitri x eric

songs n shit.

from @naepittanunmul

a song you like w a color in the title: frank ocean pink matttteeerrrrr (biyOOOTCHHH!)

a song you like w a number in the title: jay- z 99 problems (dont fight me, it’s a fucking classic)

a song that reminds you of summertime: miguel  leaves.

a song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about: ree$e molly(LOUDPVCK REMIX) :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) mm.

a song that needs to be played LOUD: mykko montana,k camp do it (i. get. so. hype. if you ever wanna see me twerk…play this)

a song that makes you want to dance: lil kesh, davido, olamide shoki

a song to drive to:(well i dont drive, but i can pretend!) zion.t, crush two melodies

a song about drugs or alcohol: afroman because i got high

a song that makes you happy: got7 confession song

a song that you never get tired of: crime mob knuck if you buck

a song from your preteen years: regina spektor the entire soviet kitsch album

one of your favorite 80s songs: chaka khan ain’t nobody

a song that you would love played at your wedding: diamond, ne-yo marry you

a song that is a cover by another artist: christina aguilera tough lover (etta james)

one of your favorite classical songs: john williams suo gan

a song that would sing a duet with on karaoke: specifically with @junmyeons-fursona (idk its tradition now) exo drop that (yes i tagged a fan made video)

a song from the year you were born: 2pac california love

a song that makes you think about life: daniel caesar loose

a song that has many meanings to you: afroman colt 45

a favorite song with a persons (my) name in the title: kings of leon mary

a song that moves you forward: janelle monae sally ride

a song that you think everybody should listen to: gene miller, liz callaway love will find a way(lion king 2)

a song by a band you wish were still together: idk. im indifferent about band bands breaking up.

a song by an artist no longer living: aaliyah are you that somebody?

a song that makes you want to fall in love: outkast prototype

a song that breaks your heart: frank ocean self control

a song by an artist with a voice you love: slipknot pulse of the maggots

a song that you remember from childhood: mase, diddy  breath, stretch, shake

a song that reminds you of yourself: freshberry, b-free super saiyan god

all songs are linked.

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  • Dean: Nothing ever changes. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince is still just Prince. Grey’s Anatomy always wraps up every episode with some cheesy voice-over that ties together all the story lines, which, incidentally, is my least favorite device on television. Castiel continually will try to violate my Personal Space Policy. And Republicans will forever try to raise…
  • [Castiel appears out of nowhere 2 inches from Dean]
  • Castiel: Hello, Dean.
  • Dean: Of course, I would go kill him right now, but he actually just helped to prove my point.

I don’t post on here that much, but portraiture is always something I love doing. It’s always a joy playing around with colors in the face, it’s so complex, and I have a great time laying down color after color.

I painted Maisie Williams as she appears in Game of Thrones as Arya Stark, one of my favorite characters (among others)..yet I haven’t painted a portrait of her until now..not sure why.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to sit down and really work on something personal. I just… have no energy lately…..I really needed this.

I’m decently satisfied with how it turned out, but the grind never ends. Maybe I’ll do another character in the near future now that season 7 began airing.

‘Heyahe’ & ‘Gettin’ By’ by ONE

I’m not really in a state to write anything that makes sens, but let’s go, or I’ll never write about it.

1. I am more than proud of him. Never in my life have I waited for an artist to debut like I’ve waited for him to debut. He’s come a long way, and seeing grow as an artist, a person, is very satisfying. He’s now releasing his own music, supported by the company and other great artists. Damn. I don’t have the words anymore.

2. First, Heyahe. Definitely my favorite out of the two, but I think it will change depending on my mood. Producing by GroovyRoom makes it a very good song, but surprisingly (or not) you can still tell it’s his song. My favorite part of the song is how his voice sounds so different from what we heard of him so far. It’s kinda heady, kinda sensual too. A song about innocence, he said. Not believing a single word.

3. Heyahe’s MV is more YG’s style, or something we’d expect from the company : beautiful, but really weird on some part, and not very subtil even though they tried. It’s nice to watch, and he’s really beautiful with those outfits. Clearly, watching the making film, I wasn’t expecting…. that

4. Then Gettin’ by. At the end of the song, my sister told me “But isn’t he rapping?”. She was very surprised by the genre of the song, not really expecting that kind of music from a YG artist. And she’s not the only. That’s what I think is fantastic. YG is slowly going out of his comfort zone, letting in artists that don’t really match his style. JaeWon really isn’t like any other artists from the company, especially with this song. But it’s good nonetheless, calmer, ‘flat’ just like he said, and soothing. The kind of song you listen to calm down.

5. Gettin’ by’s MV is more my kind of aesthetics. Very soft, pastel and clear. It’s the softer and shyer side of JaeWon that shows off there, the kind of style that is appreciated lately in Korea. It’s really pleasing to watch, with a hint of storytelling if you squint. I like that.

6. What I love the most about this debut, it’s that they managed to show a lot of what JaeWon is able to create musically speaking with only two songs. AM, and PM. JaeWon, and ONE. This is how I see it, and I like to believe I’m not the only one. To say it simply, I love his debut, am not disappointed at all.

A last word : please support him. He’s soft and really hardworking.

frittzz-deactivated20171030  asked:

Apart of fanfic, what books or authors you prefer ?

Oooh, thanks for this question. This is for everyone:

I read a lot of genres, to be honest. But because of the style I use and type of fanfics I write, I find it especially helpful to read a lot of “juvenile” fiction. This kind of books is usually frowned upon since critics (and people that like to think of themselves as superior to everyone else) believe that they have nothing good to offer. And while I won’t deny that a big part of this genre’s too basic and in some cases, it’s even badly-written, I think there are tons of incredible novels out there.

So, my first big series was Harry Potter. I started reading it on my own when I was 6, and I read every book as it got out. So, even though in time I’ve come to realize that there are so many things Rowling did wrong (I think of her as a 6/10 author, honestly; I don’t think she’s particularly good at her job), this entire saga is one of my favorites. I read them all in order once a year during my winter break, and it never disappoints me.

I have The Complete Series edition in my bookcase, in English, and with all that fantastic art by Kazu Kibuishi. I just love it.

A couple of years ago I was going on a 20 hours road trip in a car, and I wanted to have something to read during those boring hours, so I went to a bookstore near my house and started looking for something interesting to read. I decided to buy “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan, and HOLY SHIT.

The first thing I did when I got to the new town (I kid you not), was going to the closest bookstore and buy the other 4 books of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians saga. I devoured them in a week or two. Since then I’ve bought the other 5 books of the Heroes of Olympus saga, the trilogy of The Kane Chronicles, the first book of Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard and the first book of The Trials of Apollo, all of them by Rick Riordan and all part of his amazing universe. So I have 15 books from good ol’ Rick.

Well, that’s because Rick Riordan is my favorite author of all time, and I try my hardest to imitate his style, even though I add some of my personal touches. Too bad they fucked up the movies (TOTALLY NOT HIS FAULT, HE HATES THEM TOO), if they did justice to them they could have a Cinematic Universe that would give Marvel a run for their money.


(also, @viria , one of my favorite artist out there, is doing the official art for Riordan’s page, which is awesome)



Memorias de Idhún, by Laura Gallego García.

I don’t know if there’s an English version of them. I suppose there is, and I hope there is since this 6 book saga is the best thing I’ve ever read in my life. So many plot lines without feeling confusing, so many interesting twists, so much romance (the love triangle here is like nothing you’ve ever seen, I bet you $500 you’ve never read anything like it), SO MUCH FRICKING AWESOME ACTION. It has magic, it has Gods, it has new races, it has dragons, it has a wonderful world, it has prophecies, it has… IT HAS EVERYTHING!

Look it up and read it, if you can. You won’t be disappointed.

(this is an image of the comic, but check out the novels)

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On Asra / Julian

I am a little late to the “drama” perhaps, but I really wanted to voice my opinion.  So here I am.

I first want to commend the devs with how they handled portraying the relationship.  Often times, in visual novels and other medians, when there is an unhealthy relationship, it can be portrayed in a positive way.  OR, even if the creator meant for that relationship to be unhealthy, it comes off as a plot point or the lens still obscures the pain a bit.  In “The Arcana’s” case I thought it was clear that what was going on was unhealthy, and it was presented in a way that felt natural.  It also did not feel like the devs were using an unhealthy relationship to create drama for a main pairing, but rather to flesh out both the characters of Asra and Julian.  By showing us their mistakes, we are able to see where they were before the apprentice lost their memories, and perhaps compare them as we discover the characters more through their routes.

I also appreciated the portrayal of the relationship because I have been in both situations before (with the same person, back and forth.  He used me.  I used him.  Yeah, it was not good).  It was hard and made me uncomfortable, but at the same time, it was encouraging to me to see an artistic depiction similar to my circumstance.  I am going through a healing process right now, and it is nice to not feel too crazy.

To be honest, even though I was committed to Asra’s route (he was my favorite personality of the three and I liked his connection with apprentice from the start), I was a bit off put by his scene with Julian.  I was beginning to doubt if I had chosen to invest in the right route.

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