this person is crazy omg

I need to move lmao 🏠

Some of you guys will remember those crazy newlyweds I had as neighbours? Who kept kicking each other out the house and then calling the cops on each other almost every night?? Well they’ve been no bother for weeks now but today, I came home and some some lady had parked her huge white, private reg Range Rover in my space. So I confronted her about it and asked her, very nicely, how long she was going to be because you know it’s MY space. And she said that all the spaces at her house were full so she was entitled to park wherever she wanted. And I was getting very annoyed because on our street every house has a garage and two parking spaces each and then there’s communal parking for overflow at the end so I said she should really park there. But she said she couldn’t park there because last week a car had been hit whilst parked in the overflow area and she didn’t want her car getting damaged. So I asked her if she expected me to park there because SHE’D parked in my space? And she said, and I quote, “I don’t give a f*cking sh*t where you park” and just shut the door. And now I’ve come home all mad and ready to blog about it xD But the thing is?? I live in a sweet little English village with less than 1000 people ?? How on earth have I been stuck with such crazy and obnoxious neighbours???? ugh

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Bokuaka, relief.... for the prompts :))

Akaashi is late.

This is a sentence that almost never happens, and it scares Koutarou a lot. Koutarou himself is often late to a variety of things: school, dentist appointments, weekend hangouts, buses, dates. The only thing he’s not late to is volleyball practice.

But Akaashi. Akaashi is not someone who arrives late—he doesn’t even arrive on time, he arrives early. He once admitted to Koutarou that it makes him anxious when he keeps other people waiting, so he’d rather take the earlier bus and scout out the place where he can see the other person coming. Koutarou doesn’t really understand, but it’s what makes Akaashi Akaashi, so he just shrugged and apologized for being late to their shopping trip.

Akaashi is late today.

Koutarou has checked his phone twenty-four times in sixteen minutes. He’s paced back and forth in front of the train station enough times that the security guard is eyeing him warily. He’s sent thirteen texts and seven voicemails to Akaashi’s phone, but there hasn’t been a single reply. Koutarou’s hands are shaking. He’s scared.

He pulls out his phone again, meaning to dial Kuroo or Konoha or someone who has a calmer, better head on their shoulders than he does. Someone who can tell him to sit down and stop overreacting. Someone who can tell him that Akaashi’s just fine, he’s probably overslept because Koutarou kept him up last night video-chatting him about his latest term paper, maybe he got held up helping an old lady find her cat because Akaashi’s nice that way, even though he doesn’t really like cats. Yeah, Akaashi’s just fine. He’s on his way. His phone is dead. He’s not dead. 

Akaashi is late, and Koutarou is on his knees in front of the station stairs, blocking people’s path but he’s breathing a little too fast, clutching his phone a little too hard, panicking a little too much. There are concerned voices above his head, but his vision is all blurry. Is he crying? Again? What a baby, Koutarou is. 


He still doesn’t understand why Akaashi would want to arrive early to his appointments, this waiting game is no fun, no fun at all.


There’s a slight pressure on his shoulders, and Koutarou glances up to find familiar green eyes watching him in quiet worry. It takes him a moment to catch his breath again, to recognize the boy with the messy curls kneeling in front of him.

“A-Akaaagsheee,” he says, but Akaashi understands him just fine. “Y-You’re l-l-late.”

Akaashi nods. He helps him up, leading him to the side so people aren’t staring at them anymore. He offers Koutarou tissues from his pocket, always prepared, but he keeps a hand on Koutarou, letting him know he’s here. He’s here. 

“My phone died this morning,” Akaashi says, “and I had to take my neighbour’s kids to their daycare. It’s not an excuse to make you worry though. I’m sorry.”

Koutarou shakes his head. His hand is probably squeezing too hard on Akaashi’s hand, but the other boy doesn’t complain. The panic has receded, leaving behind heavy relief, crashing through Koutarou hard enough to make him want to sit down. So he does. Akaashi follows suit, sitting closer than usual, close enough to press his side against Koutarou.

“You’re here now. It’s okay.”

“I’m here,” Akaashi agrees.

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Full moon.

A loud, annoyed growl breaks the quiet of the night as she struggles to get up. Her limbs are shaking, they feel weak, as if they were like jelly. And, after what seems like an eternity, You can finally stand … On all fours.


She lowers her head to see what is so wrong right now, and her eyes land on two paws, resting on a tuft of grass. A surprised yap escapes her mouth as she stumbles backward. Once she’s come to a halt -meaning that her butt met the ground once she had tripped over a visible root-, she shakes her head and internally sighs.

It happened again.

Glancing up, You closes her eyes after seeing the moon in her full phase, irked.

The full moon sucks.

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September 21, 2017

8:37 pm

I wonder what you’re up to
I wonder what you got going on
I wonder if you’re feeling blue
I wonder if you think I’m a moron

For texting you that one day
Asking if you were okay
But that didn’t play out like it does in the movies
And I wonder if you saw right through me

Did you think I had forgotten you before then?
Well surprise because on my mind you’re all that’s been
I’m consumed with thoughts of there being an us again
But I know there’s a 99% chance that’ll never happen

I don’t say 100 because only a sith deals in absolutes
I had to throw in a Star Wars reference because I know you’d think it’s cute
But back to the question at hand
Where do we stand?

I know you want nothing to do with me
But in a world that’s infinite tell me honestly
That you really believe we weren’t meant to be
Just look at all the signs and with me you’d agree

We live miles apart
But somehow someway I found my way to your heart
You said we’d definitely met in previous lives
And with each of our encounters we did nothing but thrive

Idk man I guess I just refuse to believe we have an end
Maybe we’re not completely broken and this is just a bend
And maybe one day this is something we can mend
Ugh I wish I had the courage to type this on my phone and hit send


Just found out on Twitter that J.K Rowling knows MBTI and actually identifies as an INFJ and not a INFP like everybody else thought. Also through this stupid MBTI chart she admitted that Remus Lupin’s personality type is actually ENFJ! and Dumbledore is INFJ! It’s new Canon! Can’t believe the internet hasn’t exploded yet! :O Am I the only one who is mindblown by this?

The WIFI here. It’s mind blowing. WHAT IS THAT ??? I’ve been challenging it since yesterday,it’s just so incredible ?? I watched youtube videos on hd ?? I watched anime episodes with no problems ?? I watched an art livestream ??? I DOWNLOADED A GAME I CAN’T EVEN PLAY BECAUSE MY COMPUTER IS TOO WEAK BUT DAMN I DID IT ?????? I’VE BEEN SCREAMING FOR TWO DAYS

 I.. have.. so much… POWER !!! 

what if you’re boyfriend gets you a SILVER engagement ring when you literally only wear gold bc silver looks so bad on you like would u still say yes like this is the person ur gonna be w forever and he doesnt even kno u well enough to know what colors look good on you omg bye im crazy unfollow me 

So, I’ve been babysitting most of the day, and one of the girls wanted to draw with my ‘proper artist pencils’. So I drew her a quick, scruffy face just to show her how you’re supposed to hold them and be gentle with them. And then I said she could draw the hair, if she wanted, but she went another step forward and drew a body as well and

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OMG the last weeks were crazy - in more than one way and now things should get back to normal - more or less (what is ‘normal’ even???)

I turned 30, I went on vacation, I was in Cologne and in London, I met @absolute-eruri-trash (a few times xD) and @zedsdead1001 (twice), I spent a night in a train station, I didn’t sleep in 36 hours but NOW I am home and had 12 hours of sleep.

I’ll have to write one more paper and attend one oral exam before I can start my bachelor thesis. So the end is near <3

I just logged in to Tumblr for the first time in quite a while and I’m like: ????? 999 followers ????? Jfc! Thank you???
I must have missed SO much and I hope I can catch up - feel free to DM the ‘must sees’ that I definitely shouldn’t miss.


KuroBasCup 2015

(NEW) Shimazaki Nobunaga
(NEW) Masuda Toshiki
(NEW) Ohsaka Ryota
Ono Kensho, Ono Yuuki, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Eguchi Takuya, Inoue Go, Kimura Ryohei, Ono Daisuke, Suwabe Junichi, Suzumura Kenichi, Hoshi Souichirou, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Taniyama Kishou

120hrs in 🌜

This marks the longest time I’ve ever fasted. Omg today was soooo hard. I’ve been cycling for 40mins everyday and today was definitely the most challenging. Not to mention the 2hr dance class. We had a guest teacher (she’s incredible I admire her so much) but she pushed us super hard and I was literally dying but too embarrassed to ask if I could take a break/sit out. Then tonight my sister had some friends over so they ordered pizza 😩i stood there smelling it like a crazy person omg. But somehow I didn’t budge. I’m so scared to eat something because a) this is the furthest I’ve come and I don’t want to ruin my progress and b) for me, if I eat one thing that I know I shouldn’t it leads to a binge and it’s so so bad to binge when you’ve been fasting because your digestive system freaks out. I’m so tired but it’s officially the weekend which means I get to sleep in 😁 goodnight xxx