this performance was amazing ok

Episode 9 wishes

I really hope Yuuri’s FS performance is flawless, especially his quad flip at the end. His confidence and abilities have improved so much and this would really give him the extra boost he needs, especially as it seems unlikely Victor will make it back in time for the event.

I want to see Victor surrounded by Yuuri’s family, Makkachin nestled contently in his lap (recovering after the scare he gave Victor) cheering him on, knowing Yuuri has the strength and belief in himself to give his best performance yet. 

Even though they’ll be apart, it’ll be ok, their love and trust in each other means they’ll get through whatever obstacles come their way and come back stronger than before.

And when they finally reunite it will be wonderful.


One OK Rock in Toronto.

Their performance was JUST AS AMAZING as the last time I saw them Spring 2014.

Bigger venue. More people. I didn’t get crushed in a crowd.

Not to mention Taka’s English has grown so much! I’m so proud! I’ve been a fan since 2012 and it’s been so amazing to watch them grow. Not just in popularity but in their skills as musicians and individuals.

They deserve all the fame in the world! And all the love from their fanbase!


Favorite BDJ moments in Something Rotten! (Brian’s final SR! performance countdown 5/10):  6 - A Musical

“Take it from me;
They’ll be flocking to see
your star-lit, won’t-quit,
big-hit musical!”