this performance was amazing

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Louis looks absolutely amazing on stage. His voice, his performance... He looks so carefree and I couldn't be more happy for him. He's literally glowing. ☀️❤️



December 27, 1965 - an amazing number of jazz performers showed up to play a WBAI benefit at the Village Gate. The crowd was so big that Art D’Lugoff had to open another room, the Top of the Gate, and each of these great musicians appeared in both places! Monk’s manager, Jules Colomby, helped get it all together. Monk came early and fell asleep in the kitchen—it was a somewhat hectic but memorable night.

How you know it was an excellent trip

Had to buy another suitcase to carry all the books we bought.

Other highlights:

  • Saw Helen Mirren perform in person!!!
  • Found an amazing library where I want to live
  • Found a perfect hat for the part I’m playing next week
  • Best of all, hung out with my daughter for a week!

Six-Time Tony Winner Audra McDonald will be on Disney’s Live-Action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast!

After amazing us on Broadway withher award-winning performance in Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill (and we haven’t forget about that HBO adaptation), the woman of our hearts is set to be on Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast as Gardrobe (the wardrobe)*.

We’re really pumped about that, because after seeing her live, on stage and television, we’ll get the chance to see her on the big silver screen. I mean, we sure want the whole world to appreciate her as much as we do!

*Even though Hollywood Reporter is saying that Audra is set to be on the new adaptation, other sources ( & insists that she’s still on final negotiations, which may change the course here.

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Have you seen Looking After Jo Jo and if so would you feel up to writing s summary of it pleasethankyouiloveyoursmut!

Wow… How can I say ‘no’ to someone who loves my smut! ;-)

It’s been over a year since I saw Looking After Jo Jo, but it has definitely stayed with me.

First, let me say that if you are a Robert Carlyle fan, this is most certainly worth seeing.  He gives an amazing performance and does that thing he does so well, where he can be the charming king of the world and a completely depraved psycho all in one movie.

Second, things get violent in this and not in a good way.  There is animal cruelty and death, murder, and heavy drug usage.  So, if you are squeamish with any of those things… you’ve been warned!

Third, I won’t give any big spoilers away in this synopsis.  It will just be very basic.

So the story is basically this… things are hard for folks in 1980′s Edinburgh, Scotland.  John Joseph (Jo Jo) McCann has been a criminal since childhood who had a criminal father who died mysteriously and a criminal Uncle who is kind of the big wig of crime in this area.  He lives with his mom and sister at the beginning of the show and they all seem pretty close.

Jo Jo is smarter than your average criminal and everyone seems to respect him… to the point where his Uncle is threatened by the respect Jo Jo garners from his crew.  To top off this already strained relationship, Jo Jo believes his Uncle had something to do with his father’s death.

In the first episode, he meets a woman who is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and wants to be an actress.  She’s not the most stable or brightest of girls, but Jo Jo likes her and they start a relationship. 

Jo Jo runs into some legal trouble, but has a great lawyer who gets him out of jail whenever he runs into a problem.  She and Jo Jo have chemistry, but since he has taken up with the wannabe actress, nothing romantic happens with the lawyer. .. which is a shame, because she would have been a good influence on him.  Jo Jo also wants to get out from under his Uncle’s thumb and so he starts his own crime network by dealing in a new drug called heroin.  

Because Jo Jo is smart, he’s a good dealer and pretty soon he is making good money, buying his girlfriend expensive gifts, moving into his own apartment, and living a better life than he’s ever known.  Jo Jo has a mate named Basil, who is played by Kevin McKidd of Trainspotting fame.  Basil starts using heroin and gets Jo Jo using the product as well. It being the early ‘80′s and the start of AIDS… you can imagine that this doesn’t bode well later on.

The more successful Jo Jo becomes, the more the cops want his head, the more the clean folk of the area resent his presence there,  and the more his Uncle wants him out of the way.  Things start to unravel for Jo Jo in a very horrific fashion.  Things get violent with his Uncle, his girlfriend/wife (I can’t remember if they get married or not) gets in trouble because of him, and his usage of the drug makes him violent and unpredictable.  He does some fucked up shit… and then things only go downhill from there.

In the end, he is betrayed by people he trusted, finds out some devastating news about his fathers death, and is left by his girlfriend/wife who is pregnant. Someone who started out with so much potential is basically destroyed by the environment of poverty, drugs, and violence.  

Like, I said… Bobby is amazing in this… and we do get a scene with him in a bath… though, I can’t exactly say it’s sexy because of the context of what is going on in that scene. And for some reason, he wears a lot of open shirts, so his chest is on display more than usual here.

This is a definite must see for a Robert Carlyle fan! 


the energy in this performance is amazing

But can we please just take a moment and give a huge round of applause to Benedict Cumberbatch? That episode must have been incredibly hard to do. It was literally one extended monologue by Sherlock that had to be memorized, and performed, and emotionally executed, take after take after take. Not to mention all the scenes in-between. To be able to take on a work load like that and turn out such an amazing product is astounding and deserves every award.

그 XX
  • 그 XX
  • G-Dragon


if you haven’t listened to this, do it. the best That XX live performance in my opinion.