this performance overall was so moving

Colton Ryan/Olivia Puckett DEH Review

Major Plot Spoilers ahead.

Wow. Honestly, just wow. I’m staring at the screen trying to write this and am still at a complete loss. For what it’s worth, this was my first time seeing the show. I’m seeing it four times while I’m in New York, but this was my first. I’ve been watching the video for as long as I can remember and haven’t gone a day without listening to the soundtrack. I’ve heard Colton’s audio as well as Michael Lee Brown’s and had no idea what to expect going in to this performance. With that being said, nothing could have prepared me for this. I have heard so many reviews regarding the two understudies the past few days and wasn’t sure what to expect out of Colton, but he stole my heart, crushed it to pieces, squeezed it into a mess, only to put it back together again in the finale. This boy is not getting enough credit for his talent. After seeing all of the MLB reviews and Colton reviews, I was left in awe of his performance. This guy deserves all the things, and I wish I could give them to him. He definitely deserves consideration for when November roles around. When he did Evan’s opening monologue, it was fast. Very fast. Almost faster than Ben’s and to the point where if you weren’t paying attention, you probably missed something. I felt right at home. This of course leads into AHAM and this is the first chance we have at seeing Olivia’s Zoe. (HOLY COW!!!!!) Her portrayal of Zoe was SO different from Laura’s. Mike Faist seemed to have more of a joking tone with her and their opening interaction seemed less hostile and more of a normal sibling dynamic.
This then leads into Evan asking Alana to sign his cast as she tells him about her summer. I thought that Colton looked very anxious and uncomfortable and you could see him fighting with himself as to what the right thing to say to her was. Will of course stole the show immediately when he came on stage and continued to do so throughout. His performance wow’d me and is so much stronger in person than any video could do justice.
Cutting to WTAW - and just wow. I was left speechless. I believe Colton was losing his voice (he seemed hoarse at the beginning of the show but once his vocals warmed up - he nailed it) but this just made the performance even better for me. You could hear the desperation in his voice as he sang and especially when asking “Is anybody waving, back at me?”. His interaction with Olivia was textbook perfect. He was so nervous even I was uncomfortable for him but Olivia was genuinely apologetic that Connor had shoved Evan and seemed upset at the fact Connor was like this. At one point in the song, Colton chased after her waving and she paid him no attention and his face was absolutely heartbroken (I started crying here and never stopped). Heading in to the WTAW reprise in the computer lab, Colton looked devastated when Heidi calls and says she can’t come pick him up and so pained when she asks how his day was. Even he was crying during the reprise and this is something I wasn’t expecting.
Olivia in For Forever showed a side of Zoe I had never seen. She looked so sad as Evan sang and I felt terrible that these happy memories of her brother were ones she didn’t have. (JLT’s performance and breakdown during this song - OMG!) Colton’s chemistry with the Murphy’s seemed natural and only grew as the show went on.
Sincerely, Me is one of my favorite numbers and seeing it in person was AMAZING. Because of Mike and Colton’s off stage friendship, this on stage performance was incredible. Colton mouthed the words he was typing in the emails as he was doing it and this just made the whole thing more realistic to me.
OLIVIA CAN FLAT SING. Requiem is not normally a song to leave me in tears, but the emotion in that song did me in. Zoe was so heartbroken and couldn’t even bring herself to read through all of the emails. I thought at one point she was going to break down trying to sing it but you could see the tears in her eyes. I loved how it seemed more painful and heartfelt.
Colton’s If I Could Tell Her normally gives me goosebumps but with Olivia on stage? I was speechless. They have natural chemistry and it looked so natural every time they were together. When Evan kisses her at the end, she didn’t seem angry, just shocked.
Disappear was wonderful as well and I felt like I got to see so much more of Jared’s character development when he tries to make an input to the Murphy’s and Evan shuts him down. This is something that doesn’t translate in the boot or audio versions for me.
You Will Be Found was where I lost it and didn’t recover. There was something so raw during the speech and watching him crumble on the floor. As Nic mentioned, Colton held on to Connor’s tie for dear life and was audibly crying before he could manage to look out at the crowd again and continue. Hearing Colton cry and look so broken made me want to jump the stage and give him a hug. Michael Park’s breakdown made my dad cry and I had to look away to control my sobs. He fell to his knees and JLT had to come help him up as he pulled her into a hug. When Zoe saw this, you could see her eyes tear up and when she sang and spoke to Evan at the end, she was crying about having her brother back. Once again, Colton and Olivia’s chemistry was off the charts. When they kissed, she wrapped both her arms tight around him and he her and they were both holding on for dear life.
Break in a Glove is a song I find necessary for the show but haven’t died to listen to on repeat. However, the dynamic between Evan and Larry here is SO good. They were both glad to have someone to share this with since they missed out on it when they were younger. Evan looks so hopeful and Larry looks so excited to share this and it was beautiful.
Only us - UGH!!! Olivia nailed this. She was so gentle with him and looked at him so lovingly and Evan looked so enthralled by her. She did indeed kiss him more than one time throughout the song and whenever they were close enough, she was touching him. In the end, Colton pushed her down onto the bed and it looked like the most natural thing in the world.
Good for you was just SO good. Jared’s heartbreak, Alana’s hurt, RBJ WAS CRYING and everyone else was too. Colton looked traumatized that he was going through this and the emotions on his face were painful.
Everyone talks about Colton singing words fail well and they aren’t wrong. This performance left me shaking with sobs and the girl beside me who had no idea about the performance going in, clutching on to my arm and crying. There was so much emotion on the stage at one time I didn’t even know how to handle it. Zoe was crying, Cynthia was sobbing, and Colton was just so so so broken. He kept pulling at his hands and at his chest like he was hurting and he would mouth i’m so sorry in between lines. I made eye contact with him during this song and felt sorry for him because I was sobbing harder than he was.
I didn’t even have time to recover before So Big/ So Small. Rachel Bay Jones was crying so hard and at the end of it, Colton threw himself into her lap and buried his face. He was completely off the couch and into the floor with his arms wrapped so tightly around her I don’t know how she could move. She held him so close and held his face in between her hands. When Evan finally pulls away, he looked like it was the last thing in the world he wanted to be doing.
And of course, I cried through the finale because it was over and it was the most beautiful performance I’ve ever seen.
Overall, I would say, after hearing so much of the OBC and the audios, Olivia blew me away. Completely. She was absolutely incredible and gave me so much more to Zoe that I never knew I needed. Colton stunned me and stole the show. His vocals were wonderful and in the parts where he struggled made it all the more real to me. It was these times where he seemed so desperate and broken the most. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for this and I’m so thankful. If you get the chance to see Olivia, TAKE IT and enjoy every second. If you get the chance to see Colton, please do not sell your tickets because Ben isn’t there. It is still worth it and I didn’t feel like I missed any part of the performance by having Colton. (He’s also beautiful and one of the sweetest people in the whole world. I love him to pieces) ❤️

I met my goal for the weekend - Marilyn’s dress is complete! There are two or three niggling issues - there always are, right? - but overall I’m very satisfied.

I’ve been meaning to do a bow update - here’s how it looks…

I mocked up the bow in stiff netting, as I previously showed, to get the basic dimensions of the rectangle. The black lining is cut to the same size as the netting, but the pink outer layer is cut wider (+30cm I think?) to create a drapey, crushed effect. I pleated down the excess pink satin and seamed it all into a tube. 

There’s an opening at the upper edge where I can slide plastic boning into the seam allowance. The boning is important to keep its shape, but the fact that it’s removable means that the bow can be stored and transported completely flat.

I added a strap to the back of the dress to attach the bow. I simply fold down the upper edge on the right hand side to expose the black lining (like the original), gather the bow in the middle, wrap the strap around it and snap it in place. 

I don’t think this was how it worked on the original - maybe one day I’ll find out - but it’s secure and reasonably neat. Again, it means that the bow is detachable, which makes storing the whole thing much easier, even if the random strap on the back of the dress looks pretty silly without the bow. :p

One of the very first questions I had when I started this project was how to achieve the apparently gravity-defying effect of the original bow, which was voluminous and bouncy and never seemed to droop.

Hansford’s book and careful rewatching of the performance reveal that Travilla gave the bow some extra help - it was attached to the upper edge of the bodice and wired to the belt on the left and right hand sides. So I’ve done exactly the same thing; the bow snaps to the upper edge of the bodice on the right…

and will be wired to the belt on the left hand side, once I make the belt!

I’m really pleased with the overall effect. Again, I might make some tweaks - my version exposes more of the black lining than the original - but for now, I’m moving on to gloves!

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obviously i love all of my girls but who do you think out of all the liars, including mona (janel), is the best actress?

Right of the bat, top three is: Troian, Sasha, and Janel. All three of them can NAIL intense, emotional, and dramatic scenes and move you as a viewer. I want to say those three are nearly on the same level from what we’ve seen.

• Janel made her performance in 7x19 her bitch. I honestly feel like she’s slept on when it comes to overall recognition.

• Troian has always been a top dog on this show, rightfully so. I will never forget Druggie!Spencer and how she played the hell out of that arc.

•Sasha is also so, so good when she has to deliver. My favorite aspect about her is how she’s in such control of her face that just the littlest thing she does evokes emotion. I love how in 7x19 when she watched Mary confessed to killing Jessica, Sasha’s face said more than words could ever speak. You can actually see the breaking in her heart just through her stare.

Anyone remember that Grey’s Anatomy episode 12x09, “The Sound of Silence”, where Meredith got injuried and she couldn’t speak throughout 98% of the entire hour so everything was focused strictly on her facials and body language all episode? 

Even if you’re not a Grey’s watcher, I highly recommend that episode because of its greatness from the silent acting to the cinematography. That damn performance (along with others) won Ellen Pompeo that People’s Choice award in 2016. I could DEFINITELY see Sasha doing something like that - just telling a story through her face, no words. Just because she’s so good at it!

This year for the Teen Choice awards for best drama tv actress the nominees are Lucy, Troian, Ashley, Sasha, Shay, and Bella Thorne. No shade or anything but I would have yanked Shay or Ashley out and put in Janel instead. She deserves so much more. But those 3 are my girls - can’t even pick between them

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i mean i get where you're coming from when you say this vid felt forced but think about how far they've come? and i think dizzy made the point about how they never used to have such sexual humor with each other and now it's just their normal? isn't that exciting??

hahah i’m definitely aware of how far they’ve come and am endlessly excited about it. i think i have written about that progression in some form or another in basically every post about a video i’ve done in the last few months? but there are certain times when their own self-awareness about specific jokes or gags can make a video a bit uninteresting to watch. i mean look at something like the most recent golf with friends. it’s full of sexual humor that they aim at each other from start to finish and it was so funny and pleasant to watch, at least for me, purely bc they lacked that element of over-production and self-awareness. it felt very much like an approximation of how their natural banter/flirting must play out in real life. same with pretty much every video they’ve put out in the last few months to be honest! even on their main channels–pastel edits for example was one that so easily could’ve felt forced/unentertaining since it was quite literally them fulfilling a super popular fan fantasy/request. and although it did feel a little bit uncomfortable in some places (mostly when dan kept making exasperated comments about how dumb the video concept was) it was so clear that they were having fun with it and, yes, sexualizing it (dan making comments about wanting to tattoo phil’s penis or ass, the “strapping me up” thing when phil was helping him w his overalls, phil taking off his pants on camera and then moving but still remaining in full view of dan, etc.) but doing so completely on their own terms and seemingly organically. i think the reason the humor in this one felt much less exciting and in fact a little stale was bc it felt like they were trying to live up to a standard they’d already set for themselves in previous videos and it just didn’t work as well, didn’t feel as real i suppose, and felt much more like a performance (sexually charged or otherwise) rather than an organic 20 mins of dnp banting and flirting in their kitchen. which, as i said before, is okay and understandable. this is their job and they’re not always gonna be in the mindset to be that natural–in fact (and returning to your original point and dizzy’s as well) it’s only quite recently that we’ve started to expect that relaxed demeanor as their norm. 

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Hi there. I just wanted to ask: What would you think/feel in regards to the writing/acting/story telling/hints etc., if the show ended and Destiel never became canon (and also never acknowledged as anything more than brothers/best friends) and Dean was never outed as bi but rather kept straight? I'm asking because you write so thoughtful posts that I really enjoy reading. :)

Thank you :)

To be honest I would feel like they missed a great opportunity because I don’t just see it as important for representation (which I do) but also just bad storytelling if they don’t.

It’s been written that way so it doesn’t make sense not to follow through after all that effort. If you got to the end of Pride and Prejudice and Mr Darcy and Lizzie didn’t get together or Aladdin and Jasmine, Harry and Sally…. 

I’m going to go into something else, the other way round to explain the story thing… SPOILER FOR LA LA LAND COMING UP!

Originally posted by youtubersandothers

I LOVED how in La La Land the premise was a love story, but there was something ‘off’ about it the whole time. I was watching it thinking… I can’t quite put my finger on it, then it CLICKED.

The whole movie, the whole time, the two protagonists hardly ever talk about something other than themselves, than their dream, their ‘job’, that is what the love story actually is, her love for acting and his love for jazz.

I remember there is one scene where they are having dinner and I just thought…again? AGAIN with this discussion? Talk about something else!

And that is where it kind of falls apart, because yes they aided each others’ own endgame which is the point of romances in stories, not to be themselves each others’ endgame, but to aid them reach it themselves, but through this they didn’t actually gel with each other even though they were key to each others’ eventual happiness and endgames.

So when it ended and they weren’t a couple I LOVED that, whereas my mum who doesn’t look at stuff below the surface was outraged because hey, man and woman = relationship. Facepalm. Once I explained how it just didn’t fit though, she got it, but I had to explain…

So, reverting back to SPN, I feel like the story is leading one way and if it doesn’t lead that way it will have been a waste and not make sense, in the same way that La La Land wouldn’t have made sense if they did end up together. I mean I wrote whole super long meta posts when I first joined tumblr, probably got like 3 notes, but whatever, the point is still valid ;) about how season 11 and now season 12 in particular don’t make any sense on a basic storyline level without Destiel being real. 

Now I am really so over some people screaming OOC about Dean this season and the fact that he is not central to the story and the story not making sense? I’m literally just… what show have you been watching?! Just put these two things together and it ALL MAKES SENSE!

This is all part of the deconstruction of Performing!Dean and is so core to this season’s emotional narrative and therefore shows that this is exactly where we are headed - with Dean really being himself, accepting himself as a whole.

There is so much now that isn’t just character based but actually is part of the overall storyline and affects other characters and stories, so the story just really really doesn’t make sense without it, hence people who don’t see Destiel or Performing!Dean are struggling - because without these aspects of the story it DOESN’T make sense! Because both are real and a part of the show. Jeez. Breathe…

Also, if it doesn’t happen, I will put it down to production reasons, not narrative ones, because the narrative is clearly headed that way for me and I will be sad but I will move on because its a TV show and at some point I need to get my life back and not spend my days on tumblr obsessing about this show ;)


We had our forms and kicking performance last night! This week has been crazy, but overall I think I did really well.

I had three people, including my coach who taught me everything from white through green belt, commend me on how much my wheel kicks (photo above) have improved. 😊😊😊 So I’m trying not to think too much about how I completely left out two moves in Koryo. (“You left it out on both sides, so at least you were consistent?” – My instructor lol)

We don’t know what we’ll be testing on next week. I’m guessing it’s either going to be jiu jitsu or self defense.

I feel really lucky to be testing with this group of people. A lot of folks get their black belts and then quit, or move, or are younger and end up going off to college or whatever. I think that’s why it’s sometimes hard for schools to have an active black belt program. But, I’ve come SO FAR since I got my first degree – I’m so glad that we have a healthy number of black belts to train with. These guys make me a better martial artist!

Oh! We also had our official 400yd trials today at the track. I got a personal best of 1:16 (78 seconds)!!! Not bad for a 34 year old asthmatic cat lady, right???

Seventeen Reaction (Performance Unit): Their crush is a ballerina

Request:  Seventeen(performance unit) their crush being a ballerina? (I feel like performance unit needs more reactions!! ) thank you 💓

A/N: Hello beauties! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, school has been craaaazy! So gorgeous anon I’m so sorry for the wait but thank you for your patience! xx


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He’d be so impressed not only at how graceful and seamless your moves were but at how determined you always were to improve. Seeing you practice the same move day in and day out until it was perfect inspired him to do the same with his dance moves, having a knock on effect in how well he performed in Seventeen. Overall, it was just one more thing he admired and adored about you and how you improved him as a person and performer.


Originally posted by infinitblaq

You two were a team in every aspect of each other’s lives, always supporting and cheering each other on and being one another’s biggest supporters. Being a ballerina, it meant you could support Hoshi in his choreography and take his work to a new level. He trusted you more than anyone to critique and improve his routines and often used it as an excuse to spend time with you; time for which he was always grateful.


Originally posted by mountean

Minghao was totally head over heels for you and so finding out you were a ballerina only enhanced that. While you were pretty to him all the time, seeing you dance and become so lost in a passion and talent you had honed through the years was when you were at your most beautiful. The way your toes would point and your muscles flex at the memory of the dance you knew so well, it was both hypnotic and captivating to him.


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Dino admired anyone who had a talent for something he couldn’t do but when it came to you, he was your biggest fan. He would squeal with joy at how cute you looked in your tutu’s and leotards and would be at every dance show and recital he could be, his grin and polite clapping when appropriate motivating you with every step. Even if your dance didn’t go to plan he would gush to the other members at how talented and pretty his Y/N was.

Woochan’s VVIP featuring sik-k was not only the cutest thing ever but also in my opinion, very symbolic and is quite the achievement/milestone/whatever you want to call it in both woochan’s and sik-k’s paths as rappers because it showed how far both of them came. Indeed, Woochan, at such a young age, was able to stand in front of a big crowd and veteran rappers and show them all the potential he has while Sik-k, who as a previous contestant that didn’t make it far enough for most people to believe in him, was able to show his growth and feature in smtm6 and rile up the crowd.

Also, there are many other aspects of the performance that made me love it so much like how the dancers with Woochan were his age, how Sik-k incorporated his songs into VVIP, and how woochan had certain moves that were very similar to Sik-k’s that made the performance look like it was done by a younger and older version of the same person. 

I just really enjoyed it overall and all I know is that both of them did an incredible job and have a lot more to show us. 

Hiii! ^v^ Are you still doing art trade prompts? I-um.. drew this cute idea of mine where Sonic and Amy are leaders of two different dance groups.They of course do a dance battle but end up dancing together and growing closer. 

P.S. I love the hard work you put into your prompts and how much passion put into them. You’re an amazing writer, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! <3

(I’m always open! :D for whatever you may need, my darling~ And what a cute AU this is! Or will be~ ‘,:7 lol, I’ll do my best! P.S: I love you for noticing how much I put effort into these, sweet one~ I’m sorry if I’m sometimes tried during their creation, but I will NEVER FAIL to write them for you :) )


Team Spinners was up against Team Twirls, and as they stayed on the sidelines, letting the announcer call out their names- Sonic folded his arms and smirked, looking up to see Amy walk out with her team.

“Sonic, are you sure this is alright?” Tails, putting a hand to Sonic’s shoulder, stepped out from behind him. “I mean, ever since Amy left the team…”

“It’s all good, Tails.” Sonic spoke over his shoulder, and then moved his head down, showing some confidence. “We’ll just show her what a terrible decision she’s made.”

His face suddenly shifted as he saw her warming up again… it had been so long since he saw her… glowing with that smile again. A smile like a sunset that never went down.

His eyes softened before he looked to the ground…

Maybe he missed her on the team more than he let on?

“And now! We’ll see the performance of the two champion teams! The Overall Dancing Champions! TEEEEAMMMM SPINNERS!!!”

Clapping, the team came out and side hopped together, before flipping over the other in unison and then landing with gangster signs.

The crowd with wild, as Sonic turned to see Amy looking at him… and slowly got up, nodding to her.

She held herself a moment, and smiled sweetly, nodding back… but her eyes were full of questions…

“And now! The rookie! Runner-up and looking to take the full-league in their strides! Give it up for the new division all-stars who made it to Champion-title through Rookie league! ITTTTTT’SSSSS TEAM TWIIRRRRLLLSS!!”

Throwing a ribbon up, Amy caught it in her mouth as girls then threw there’s up. Spinning on one foot, the ribbon traced her line before she flipped in the air and elegantly lifted her leg to a perfect split in air.

The team behind her continued to mimic her, since she was the lead and team captain.

“Heh. Still a show off.” Sonic flicked his nose, looking away as he mumbled… a somewhat cute comment under his breath as his face betrayed him.

He had definitely missed her.

Especially all that spunk.

And flexibly…

He didn’t really have anyone who could move like her on the team anymore… so those moves they created together couldn’t be replicated, and they had to be cut from the performances once she left.

It was a stupid feud really.

“And as tradition!” the announcer stated, raising a hand up into the air. “The winner can choose one member from the opposite team to dance with the one member of the winning team!”

Amy turned her face away, talking to her team as Sonic’s chest rose and fell… 

Did he already have an idea of what he was going to do?

“Now! Let’s dance!” The battle was intense. Amy’s team was graceful with deeply emotional performances, but left room for amazing stunts and breath-taking fleets of strength, agility, ability, and overall stamina.

“Tsk.” Sonic was slightly curling his lip down, bearing his fangs as he tried to hide his disgruntled displeasure as seeing her dance her signature moves with some other dude…

Knuckles gave him a look… “You okay, bro?” He put a hand to shoulder, trying to psych him back into the tournament.

“Hmph.” Sonic turned his head, moving his thumb that he was lightly biting on…

“I just don’t like to see OUR moves used against us.” he growled out.

“…Heh.” Knuckles’s eyelids dropped, as if knowingly as he patted Sonic’s back in good humor. “You mean… you and Amy’s.. moves..”

Sonic frowned deeper, growing annoyed.

“Dude. Why not kick her butt and then send some karma her way?” He heard the announcer call out, and pushed him forward to perform.

“W-woah!” Sonic stumbled, but caught his balance as he smiled to Knuckles.

“Make her dance with you again. Remind her what she left behind.” Knuckles teased, and got into position.

Sonic held himself in a moment of quick contemplation.

He looked over to Amy who was encouraging her team and telling them what a great job they did, before looking back at Sonic.

Seeing her eyes highlighted by the dance lights again…

He didn’t bend down into position like the others… instead… he sped off and got a mic.

“This one is to show a certain stubborn hedgehog how wrong she was.” he dropped the mic.

“I’m the best.” he stared right at her.

“And I’ll get my partner back.”

Suddenly, the beat dropped and so did Sonic, his team simply throwing a break-dance move out and kicking their leg forward.

They did some gnarly moves, twisting and flipping, jumping and Tails doing a perfect pop-and-lock to robot, and then that stanky leg!

The team were very modern; the windmill and the free-style gymnastic moves… the team won by a landside…

Amy’s taste for ‘class’ over ‘flare’ was in the end, her done in.

She frowned as she looked disappointed… but then smiled slowly with a soft look to her old friends and team…

“And now! With the votes in! The winner is-! SPPPPPINNNNERRRSS!!!” the teams clapped, before Sonic stepped forward.

“I call Amy to the stage.” he declared.

“You heard him!” the announcer gestured to Amy, “Come on up here, sweetheart.”

He took Amy’s hand and helped her on the stage, as the crowd ‘ooh’d as they seemed to know there was history of her in the group before.

Suddenly, the two began to improv, which wasn’t hard, since they’ve known each other and practiced moves for so long..

“You remember quite well.” Sonic mumbled during their dance, flipping her into a cartwheel as she shook out of it and swished herself, back to the ‘flare’ instead of class again.

She rose her hands up and let people call out to her as she moved her hips around and then dashed back to Sonic, who slid in and looped a hand around her waist, hoisting her up and down again.

“I never forgot your lead-ins.”

She felt his signal… the same familiar touch lightly across her back to let her know where his hand was, and where to spin herself back to grasp it on point.

She did so, flipping her head back, exposing her neck as her leg came up to a perfect bend and arched back.

He suddenly moved up and pressed his head to her neck, more flare, as the crowd went wild and they broke into an old sequence of there’s, as she was now fully back into her old break dancing ways.

She never did forget… not a single step… not a single cue…

Not a single touch.

“I let pride get in the way.” Sonic finally stated, fast foot work, before nailing a finishing pose as she took his hand and struck another cute one of her own.

“I know.”

The crowd went crazy.

As he lifted himself up and then dropped, he moved back over to Amy, seeing her trying to escape, he put hands to her waist and held her there a moment, forcing her to turn around and look at him…

“What are you doing..?” she breathed out.

“…I…” he tried to speak through his heavy breathing, looking to the man on her team that she danced with, and then away.

“Is Mr. Tan the … ‘tan’talizing’ romance you’ve always wanted?”

Amy remained silent,.. seeing him avoid eye-contact before moving herself closer to him and pulling his head back to look at her.

The crowd fell quiet with some calls every now and then…

They couldn’t hear what was happening.. but they knew it was an intimate moment.

Sonic’s eyes showed the longing of wanting to ask her to come back… but nothing came out of his mouth.

Moving up and down, swallowing… it was like he couldn’t.

“Sonic… He’s not… we’re not anything- N-not together.” She cleared that up, stumbling in her words a little.

His eyes widened a moment, before growing more desiring to speak… but again… he just fell silent.

“Sonic,..” Amy moved more up, on her toes, towards his face.

As close as she could possibly be so his eyes could scan the sincerity of her next statement.

“I still want this… if you’ll have me.”

Sonic knew.

This was the last time she would ask.

If he rejected the notion again… she’d be gone forever.

He tilted his head, a painful reminder of that moment… the fighting and the hurt feelings… he couldn’t endure that again.

“..Amy..” he finally breathed out.

She scanned each action, each subtle movement… looking for any hopeful sign of acceptance.

He placed a sweaty hand on her own… and smiled, chuckling a moment.

“Come back, Ames.”

He seemed to almost plea, but knew what her answer would be.

“No… come home.”

She smiled.

In her gleeful excitement, she jumped up fully on her tippity-toes, like a ballerina, and kissed him tenderly.

He allowed the fans to go wild in the crowd, and put his hands around her, drowning out the crowd through simply focusing on closing his eyes and enjoying having his-…

True partner… back in his arms once again.

( :)c hope you liked it!)


STRIP THAT DOWN - Song Review and Analysis

You know, I’ve been taking some time / and I’ve been keeping to myself / I had my eyes up on the prize / ain’t watching anybody else

But your love, it hit me hard, girl / yeah, you’re bad for my health / I love the cards that I’ve been dealt / do you feel the same as well?

You know, I used to be in 1D (now I’m out, free) / people want me for one thing (that’s not me) / I’m not changing the way that I (used to be) / I just wanna have fun and (get rowdy) / one coke and Bacardi (sippin’ lightly) / when I walk inside the party (girls on me) / F1 type Ferrari (6 gear speed) / girl, I love it when your body (grind on me)

You know, I love it when the music’s loud but c’mon strop that down for me, baby / now there’s a lot of people in the crowd but only you can dance with me / so put your hands on my body and swing that rounds for me, baby / you know, I love it when the music’s loud but c’mon strip that down for me (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

You know, that since the day I met you / yeah, you’ve swept me off my feet / you know, that I don’t need no money / when your love is beside me 

Yeah, you opened up my heart / and then you threw away the key / girl, now it’s just you and me / and you don’t care ‘bout where I’ve been

You know, I used to be in 1D (now I’m out, free) / people want me for one thing (that’s not me) / I’m not changing the way that I (used to be) / I just wanna have fun and (get rowdy) / one coke and Bacardi (sippin’ lightly) / when I walk inside the party (girls on me) / F1 type Ferrari (6 gear speed) / girl, I love it when your body (grind on me)

You know, I love it when the music’s loud but c’mon strop that down for me, baby / now there’s a lot of people in the crowd but only you can dance with me / so put your hands on my body and swing that rounds for me, baby / you know, I love it when the music’s loud but c’mon strip that down for me (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

*Written By: Liam Payne, Steve Mac, Ed Sheeran, Quavious Marshall, Orville Burrell, Rickardo Ducent, Shaun Pizzonia, Brian Thompson, Sylvester Allen, Harold Ray Brown, Morris Dickerson, Le Roy Lonnie Jordan, Charles William Miller, Less Oskar, and Howard E. Scott*

FAVORITE LYRIC: “So put your hands on my body and swing that round for me, baby”


“F1 type Ferrari (6 gear speed)”

LYRICS: I absolutely adore how straightforward this song is. What the lyrics say is what the lyrics mean. That can be a very dangerous way of songwriting because it doesn’t always work. It works amazingly well for this song. I love how poetic they sound. The lines rhyme so well, using some words that you would not think to rhyme together. I don’t have much else to say about the lyrics but the words sound so well together. 

MUSIC: I did not like this song when I first heard it. I repeat: I did not like this song when I first heard it. The number one thing that opened my heart to how catchy of a song this is was that funky bass. I am a total sucker for a good bass. Is that even a bass? Or a sound machine? I can’t tell. Regardless, the instrumental made me fall in love with this song. To this day, the instrumental remains my absolute favorite thing about this piece. You’ve got the bass, the snaps, the claps, the ‘heys’, the weird keyboard sound…there is so much happening here and it works! Seriously, this song is good even without the vocals. Listen to this:

That instrumental alone was enough to get me on board with Liam’s entire solo career.

VOCALLY: How do I even begin this section?

Can I just…Here.

(before I say anything else, can I just say that I was not expecting this song to sound so good on guitar)

It’s no surprise that Liam has a phenomenal voice. He always has. I’m sure it surprises most of the general public when they find out that this kid originated in One Direction. He got little to no attention, even though I would consider him to be one of the top voices of the group. He’s surprising people. He’s even surprising the media with how good he’s doing since they may as well have ranked him as the ‘Least Likely to Succeed from One Direction.’ 

Also, can I just say that this is not an easy song to sing live. It leaves you very little time to catch a good breath, it’s relatively fast, the melody goes up and down…etc. Liam does a phenomenal job performing this. His voice is just the icing on the cake. 

PERFORMANCE: Guys, I’m adding a new section, which now makes me feel like I have to redo all of my previous reviews. Damn. Anyway, this section is going to deal with a live performance of this song. I know I already post on in this review but that was an acoustic version. Why don’t we take a look at a live performance on this song as it is in the studio, single version? 

This was probably when I got on board with this song. Sometimes seeing a live performance really changes your view on a piece of music. It can either make it or break it. This performance made it for me. 

I used to think that Liam had the most awkward stage presence in One Direction. I always thought he was trying too hard. I’m coming to realize that I was wrong. He’s got phenomenal stage presence. He owns that stage. I now wonder why I thought his stage presence was so atrocious. I’m thinking it has something to do with Harry…but I can’t quite put my finger on it. 

Moving on, he does something that many theatrical performers are trained to do. Give every section of the audience the time of day. 

I know people have given him so much crap about his dance moves but…I find him to be really good. He’s not a dancer by any means but he’s far from bad or cringeworthy with the dance moves. 

OVERALL CONCLUSION: This song is such a funky, fun bop. It was a perfect summer song and a perfect introduction to Liam as a solo artist. I find it hilarious that people were trashing Ed Sheeran for giving Liam such a terrible opening single (because most people did not like this song when it first came out), now it’s topping the charts. Ed Sheeran never fails, does he? That man knows what he’s doing, I swear.

Connor Ingram #1

Requested by Anon:  Can you do a cute Connor Ingram one, you choose the situation, I love your blog ❤

*Here it is!! Connor Ingram is such a funny kid, love him. I hope you like this one and thank you so much. :)*

Word count: 793

credits to @oliverkylington

There was at least ten feet of space between you and your boyfriend, Connor Ingram, goalie extraordinaire and overall funny teddy bear. On your right was the wooden coffee table you got from a thrift store when you first moved out of your parents’ house and to your left was the tv set. There was enough space that if you fall, you know you won’t be hitting your head on any sharp corners but you still look at Con like this was the most dangerous stunt you’re going to perform in your life.

Connor spread his arms wide and tapped his sock-clad foot, “come on,” he laughed, “hurry, I am a busy man.”

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BUT HOW ABOUT A KNB CHEERLEADING AU (but really, it could happen):

  • Midorima would be technically perfect but he’d also have the energy of a dead fish. He’d even refuse to join in on the chanting, at least at full volume.
  • Takao’s spacial awareness allows him to coordinate routines pretty well. When performing, he's loud. When he sees Midorima mumbling the cheer to himself, he grins and shouts even louder. The team tends to keep those two together since Midorima is picky about who he throws (rather, he makes it hard on the one being thrown) and so Takao can counter his lack of energy. 
  • Kise would be the sassiest pyramid top. HE IS BORN TO SHINE. But seriously, even his hip movements have sass. He goes all out and specializes in splits and other moves that require amazing flexibility when he’s not in the air.
  • Kasamatsu is all embarrassment and nerve, which translates into yelling really hard. He channels this confusion and awkwardness into his dancing, which ends up setting the mood. Their team in general can be described as fiery.
  • Kagami and Aomine would try to out-yell each other when their teams perform. The chants stop being peppy and start to sound like battle cries. For their respective teams, Kiyoshi and Sakurai try to counter this tone with their own shouting.
  • Aomine does lots of backflips and is in the center of things due to his intense energy, which would attract attention no matter what anyway.
  • Kagami’s jumping power lets him do ridiculous aerial acrobats. The first time, he jumps off of Kiyoshi and Mitobe’s hands, and the audience gasps at the fancy spins he manages to fit in. Then, later on, he jumps without any help and achieves the same height and it’s pretty fucking rad, really.
  • Kiyoshi is the designated catcher most of the time. He makes sure their usual jumpers, Koganei and Izuki, are safe and sound. They had to train him especially hard to suppress his urge to leap and catch anyone he sees falling. He watches other teams with a grimace due to how concerned he is over the aerial component.
  • Riko is, as always, an amazing coach. She doesn’t have a great sense for dance, but she dedicates herself to watching old competitions and collaborates with the team on creating something new.
  • Kuroko would be a genius support. He doesn’t have the strength to throw people into the air, but he’s perfectly steady. Also, using misdirection, he tops the pyramid without people’s notice, then grabbing attention using some elaborate flip. Their squad usually uses this move at the finale.
  • Murasakibara’s cartwheels are eye-catching due to his long limbs. Actually, when cartwheeling and dancing, his look becomes angrier and his pout more pronounced. Some people swear they’ve seen a snack sticking out of his mouth as he performs.
  • Himuro’s style involves lots of hairflips and really, he’s one of the most talented cheerleaders, right next to Kise. People are almost so distracted by his face (that’s gotta be the coyest smile they’ve ever seen) that they miss his elegant spins. Well, when his face is turned away they can’t help but notice his graceful arms and legs and honestly everything (as Annie put it: ERUPTION OF AWKWARD BONERS THROUGHOUT THE CROWD. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE QUESTIONING THEIR SEXUALITY AT ONCE). When Murasakibara isn’t off cartwheeling, he’s Himuro’s stand.
  • Akashi’s movements are tight. As in they have a deliberateness that’s breathtaking. He seems to have absolute control over every inch of his body. His team specializes in symmetry, as well as moving in perfect unison, with sharp movements, jagged elbows and arms.
  • Reo is the centerpiece in Rakuzan’s team. While he follows the same almost militaristic choreography, he brings a softness that contrasts well with the rest of the team and awes the audience.
  • Imayoshi moves so smooth that people aren’t sure whether he has as many bones as everyone else. He slides across the stage, so slinky, and when he’s in the air it’s like he’s extending his limbs and torso somehow. It’s unnerving and exciting with Aomine’s loud screams and Sakurai’s peppy bouncing on the ground. Overall, the mood seems jumbled at first, but what comes across by the end is power and confidence. Their fan base is rather strong.
  • Momoi focuses on expanding the number of moves each member can perform, especially aiming to add to their flexibility. She makes sure that everyone retains his uniqueness while they come together as a group.
  • Hanamiya. Oh Hanamiya and his penchant for dangerous stunts. Two people must be flying across the stage at all times. There’s lots of position switching in their squad, with what look like last minute catches. The audience is on edge and Hanamiya loves giving them a heart attack, especially Kiyoshi, who he knows worries about people getting hurt.
  • Hara adds to the suspense through languid motions, like he’s not going to twist at the right time or like he just doesn’t care what happens to the person flying at him. He wears a big grin and cheers in what would be a monotone if it dropped a layer of sarcasm. Surprisingly, Hanamiya cheers normally and energetically. Well, he always enjoyed acting anyway. Actually, he’s so energetic that it’s a bit scary.

Bonus: imagine them wearing female cheer uniforms.

Another bonus (thanks to Annie): Midorima throws Takao into the air and walks away. “Man proposes, God disposes.”

Last bonus: imagine them creating cheer routines to music like this. Okay I’m done now.

In the case of episodes exploring Louise’s feelings, Bob’s Burgers certainly has grown a very strong way of telling the story and saving the most important stuff for the end. Strongest louisefeels episodes usually seem to go like this : Louise finds something she wants to get involved into > cue over-the-top Louise scheme > after everything unfolds, either Louise herself, or somebody else reveals the emotional reason for Louise to have acted the way she did — which usually isn’t what everyone was expecting, as people usually just expect Louise to seek chaos for the mere sake of chaos.

…Well, actually, I said “has grown”, but that kind of storytelling was kind of there since season 1, with “Spaghetti Western and Meatballs”, which remains one of my favorite episodes. Except in “Spaghetti Western and Meatballs”, Louise’s emotional point of view had been revealed pretty obviously from the get-go. The kind of emotional digging the show has perfected so much lately must have happened several times since (“Carpe Museum” had at least shades of this), but the first time it struck me was in “Tina Tailor Soldier Spy”, as I was genuinely taken by surprise by Lin’s lampshading of Louise’s actions, although in hindsight, it makes perfect sense.

This kind of storytelling fits Louise’s character very well. The little girl lives her life in an armor of toughness, wit and cynicism, and it takes only her family, or herself to crack it open and reveal just how genuine and strong her feelings and concerns are. It’s something she rarely shows, and she doesn’t really want to show it as it might be associated with some weakness, but when she does show it, she truly shines.

Of course it works somehow even better when SHE’s the one letting such reveals slip, like what happened in last night’s episode when, while in the middle of the reconciling process, she suddenly broke character at the sheer depressing thought that a father and a daughter can stop talking to each other for decades, and the fear that it might happen to her and Bob someday.

Don’t you worry, though, Louise. You’ll be a little girl forever. You’ll never have to face the concerns of terrible adult life. And even if you did, your family is so freaking perfect anyway. Nothing that bad would ever happen to you. You keep enjoying it, and I’ll keep letting my heart grow three sizes at each sight of you guys.

PS : While I’m at it, as much as the louisefeels were the highlight of “Hawk & Chick”, I have to give this episode credit for being a fantastic episode in general. The whole family participating in the plan was great to watch ; Lin’s will to get more important lines was so incredibly Lin, and so relateable, I can assure you, as was Tina’s fight to KEEP her part as the mayor. Gene proved to be equally competent and incompetent depending on the occasions, in his true messy genefashion. The new side characters were great as well. Dominic was so likeable and helpful, and so was Koji in fact (Keisuke Hoashi’s voice performance was amazing). And overall there were just SO MANY funny moments, and that one “take that” to people who think subtitling is easy, which shall remain one of my pet jokes. I’ll need to watch this episode again, and hopefully show it around. These finales were such gems, really.


I’m Still Here | 2010 | dir. Casey Affleck

Even though we now know that this entire “documentary” isn’t a real documentary and that Joaquin Pheonix’s “captured breakdown” was in fact just one long method performance, it’s still a film that contains a crazy good method performance from one of the best actors currently working today, and overall I found the film completely captivating and occasionally even moving, so it’s definitely worth a watch.


INFINITE: Vocal Analysis (Part II)

Infinite 5 Years on! 

With 5 years in this competitive industry (and thriving) it can be said that Infinite has indeed grown plenty since their debut days and can now be considered veterans. I decided to do a follow up of the Part I Vocal Analysis I did back in mid-2012 as a sort of catalog of their growth.

Music-wise, INFINITE sound has retained its sound. I still hear their characteristic 80s-blended indie-pop sound that has followed them since debut days, but with greater diversity in recent years. They’ve had a few less successful releases in the past years, but every song is nevertheless musical gold. Every piece is meticulously crafted, with interspersed melody and harmony lines that not only fit together, but also play to each members individual strengths.

In my post before, I had mentioned that while Sweetune has never missed their mark with Infinite’s releases, too much Sweetune had allowed Infinite’s musicality to somewhat stagnate. Hence, it was a refreshing change when Woollim brought Rphabet under their roster to change things up for Infinite in 2013. I really do like Rphabet’s works with Infinite, perhaps even more so that Sweetune. I feel like Rphabet tends to experiment more with their sound, and songs like Back and Destiny, which essential moved away from Infinite’s retro sound, modernized it a tad, remodelled and represented what essential makes Infinite who they are, while not at all losing the group’s identity. I also really like how Infinite has moved away from the normal uptempo peppy dance music. Back, my undeniable favorite release to date, meshed ballad with synthesizers and guitar riffs, and strayed away from the rapping bits (Hoya and Dongwoo certainly pulled off the vocals). Their newer music is also a lot more rock and a lot less mainstream I feel? It’s more evident in their Japanese official and unofficial releases  (Dilemma, Telemonster) and I do see the viability in Woollim pushing Infinite into this new direction in future.  

In terms of the members’ individual vocal abilities, Infinite too has made much improvement. It is nice to see them all working just as hard on their weak points 5 years into debut, and the marked development in each and everyone of them, I feel, stand testament to their work ethic and mindsets in the industry. As mentioned before, we do see more of the members’ strengths being displayed, and every member now has a sort of niché style in their music. It’s no longer just about the group as a collective, but also about each and every member when it comes to their releases. Of course, in many ways, I still cannot say that they stand on par with the vocal capabilities of many K-Pop vocal legends as any of the TVXQ members, stylistically not as developed as the likes of Big Bang, and even the vocals of certain select members of their hoobae group EXO. Note that I am not trying to put down Infinite here or compare them with other groups (No fanwars please!). I do think they hold their own against the other groups, but what does indeed make them a strong group certainly does not lie in sole vocal poweress. One of the greatest strengths of the group is how each and every member adds something to their sound – and this ‘Infinite’ sound, I’ve come to realize, cannot exist without the members themselves. I’ve watched rookie group Alphabat cover one of Infinite’s easier songs, Nothing’s Over. Perhaps vocally the rookies are not as strong as Infinite, but nevertheless, with a different set of voices, the song no longer worked for me. There was no Infinite sound despite the song being exactly the same. Another great improvement I feel is in the overall stability of their voices while dancing. While Infinite has always been good live performers, I do see that their world tour and the constant schedule of performing live certainly helped to build stamina and stability in all the members.

There has been a much more even spread in lines for their recent releases so we do get to see a lot more of their individual vocal abilities. Without further ado, let’s move into discussing the members (in no particular order):

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“Grown Woman” Mather Dance Company junior small group jazz, 9th overall, MOVE Pasadena 2, May 2015 

★ Dancers ★ Emma Christie, Miabella Gonzalez, Alexa Jozuka, Emma Mather, Scarlette Palacios, Madison Smith, Cameron Weinstein

♫ remixes of “Grown Woman” and “Get Me Bodied” by Beyoncé Knowles 

Not an easy project - it took hours to re-do the audio track and then the video was blocked worldwide because of the copyright claims. This 2nd upload is up-pitched slightly to play, so it might sound a little funny, but I hope you enjoy the performance anyhow  ❤ 

anonymous asked:

any early analysis on the starters?

It’s still a tad early to say anything, but at the same time there’s some stuff we can reasonably conclude as well, so I’ll take a crack at it. But first, let me point out that no matter how accurate this is to what we’ve seen, the right Hidden Ability could throw all this out the window, similar to Protean kicking Greninja into the stratosphere. 

Decidueye seems to be the fan favorite, at least in the creators’ eyes, since I get serious Greninja vibes from it. It’s objectively the most creative of the 3 designs I feel, but anyways. 

Type: Grass/Ghost is alright. Could be worse, could be (a lot) better. It leaves you with some useful resistances to Water, Electric, Grass, and Ground, as well as immunities to Normal and Fighting. On the other hand, you’ve got weaknesses to Dark, Ghost, Ice, Fire, and Flying. Offensively, Grass isn’t too great, but Ghost is pretty reliable, if not all that useful. I have a strong feeling that Ghost is now strong against Fairy, which would make it significantly better overall, but doesn’t help out Decidueye ALL that much. The biggest issue for it, though, is probably going to be the Grass type’s general lack of coverage moves; that is, Grass types don’t usually learn moves of many different types, which is a hassle considering how much support they usually need. 

Signature Move: Spirit Shackle is a god send. A manual Shadow Tag is amazing, and keeps momentum in your favor. Exactly how well this move will work depends on a few other things. It’s almost definitely going to have perfect Accuracy, as Ghost types are the most accurate type there is. I see it having about 70 base power, which makes it too weak to rely on heavily, but it’s main use would be the utility of pinning Pokemon down, so this isn’t too big an issue. 

Projected Stats: I see Decidueye being very fast with an average Attack, which will probably be its primary attacking stat. If this is the case, Spirit Shackle (which I assume is a physical attack but I could be wrong) will be quite effective, as Decidueye will be able to force slower Pokemon to switch out, then be able to pin down the incoming Pokemon so you can pivot to the right one and go from there. Anyways, it would probably have to rely on Leaf Blade or some such if this is the case. This isn’t a bad thing at all, but there are stronger, more useful moves on the special side of things. And of course like most fast Pokemon, it’ll probably be quite frail as well. 

Overall: Right now, it looks like Decidueye will be pretty average, probably performing a bit better than say, pre-Mega Sceptile or something. But, I sense it will get some favoritism in the form of Hidden Abilities. 

Type: Fire/Dark is not bad at all. Weak to Water, Ground, Rock, and Fighting, but offensively powerful against Steel, Grass, Bug, Ice, Ghost, and Psychic. If nothing else, it’ll be useful on mono Dark teams to help with Bug and Fairy (to a lesser extent) types. 

Signature Move: Darkest Lariat looks awesome, but competitively it can very a little. The move is said to ignore the opponent’s stat changes, which is nifty in that it ignores Defense boosts and Evasion ones. However, these stats are rarely, if at all, boosted in the common battling scene, so the actual effect of this mvoe won’t be seen too often. However, IF this move works like Unaware, in that it not only ignores the foe’s stat boosts, but also your stat drops, THEN this move will really be useful, allowing Incineroar to stand up to Intimidate users better than most physical attackers. It’s probably pretty accurate as well, and I see it being quite powerful, probably 90 power or so. 

Projected Stats: Incineroar is 100% going to be a physical attacker, anyone can see that. I get Emboar vibes from it, in that it will probably be kind of bulky but not too fast. However, tigers are usually pretty quick, so I think it will have a pretty average Speed, maybe 90 or so as well. Being a Dark type, if it gets access to Sucker Punch (which I’m almost certain it will), this is a non issue to a degree. It will probably have a pretty high HP and/or Defense. It will almost definitely have low Special Defense. As for Special Attack… it’s kind of a toss up whether it’ll go mixed or not. I think it will stick to the physical side though. 

Overall: Nothing too special, but nothing too significant holding it back. Hidden Abilities notwithstanding, I see Incineroar being the worst of the three by default (which doesn’t make it bad, and won’t stop me from choosing it).

Type: NOW we’re talking. Water/Fairy is one of the best types in the whole game. Resistances to Fire, Water, Ice, Dark, Fighting, and Bug as well as an immunity to Dragon with only weaknesses to Grass, Electric, and Poison sounds too good to be true. 

Signature Move: I can’t even remember what it’s called, but it’s easily the worst. In fact, it’s actually below useless since it HEALS THE OPPOSING TEAM. Sure, it does damage, but nothing excuses healing the opponent. And because it does damage, you can’t reliably use it on your own Pokemon either. The ONLY way this mvoe will have some semblance of use is if it goes the Wake-Up Slap route, and doubles in power to 140 or so if it hits a Burned target, curing the Burn in the process. Even then it’ll be tough to use right (although it opens the door to some interesting strategies), but definitely not out of the question like it is now. 

Projected Stats: Obviously leaning to the special side; while it may have Special Attack as its highest stat though, I foresee it having average HP and good Special Defense (and low Speed). All of this combined with presumably a useful support movepool (and hopefully at least one recovering move) would make Primarina a terrific defensive Pokemon, one that many common Pokemon struggle with. It could also most likely function as a bulky special attacker as well, making it the only one of the 3 starters who, based off of my (baseless) projections, has multiple roles available to it. 

Overall: A terrific typing allows Primarina to overlook its useless signature move, and propel it to the top of the list of these 3 starters. That said, I see the other two starters getting better treatment with their hidden abilities, if only because they remind me of Greninja and Chesnaught respectively. 

In Summary: Primarina looks to be the best right now, probably followed by Decidueye and then Incineroar, although this was literally all just based off of gut feelings of mine regarding their stats. And, I cannot stress this enough, the proper Hidden Abilities, especially new ones, can come out of nowhere and really shake up this ranking (although it’s unlikely Primarina will ever be the worst of the three given its fantastic type). And that’s not even taking into consideration whatever these starters’ “secrets” are. Perhaps their own Z moves or something akin to Battle Bond? Who knows. 

But yeah, sorry if this wasn’t much of an answer!

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If you've got the time, could you possibly write one where Chloe serenades beca with I'm yours by Jason mraz with the help of the rest of the Bellas as back up? Thanks so much, I absolutely love your writing !

She always got a few butterflies before she performed. Overall, though, they were dismissable - overtaken by Aubrey’s uncontrollable anxiety or Beca’s snappy jitters. She shrugged them off with a light smile, taking a breath and counting to ten with eyes closed before walking onto stage. Then, it was easy. As if her brain were on auto-pilot, she performed like she had a thousand times before, moving smoothly through the notes and the movements without thought for the audience in front of her. So, no, stage-fright was totally not Chloe Beale’s game. 

But today? Well, today she was pacing in the bathroom outside of the Bellas rehearsal space, feeling her hands get clammy despite how cold they’d grown. Today, she wasn’t capable of breathing past the number three before the air got caught in her throat. She’d torn up almost one complete toilet paper roll, ripping it into tiny pieces to keep her mind off the performance. Today, of course, of all days, she would get stage-fright. Today of all days. 

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All right kids, let’s talk about water retention!

I retain water like crazy. My body hoards water at the slightest provocation or alteration to my routine. And that’s okay, and normal, and expected. It’s a super basic thing that our bodies do, but we throw around the term “water retention” like it’s such a Big Fucking Deal.

Bodies are full of water, all the time. It’s not just your stomach and digestive system holding the water, it’s also each individual cell and its constantly changing levels of hydration. But for a ton of infuriatingly miseducated reasons, people are so damn hung up on their scale weight! People make knee-jerk reactive decisions about what they’re allowed to eat that day, or how much cardio to do, or what their moral worth is or whatever, all based on that random meaningless little scale number. A number that is, more often than not, due to water retention.

Please consider the above photos of a drinking cup. This cup weighs 13.6 ounces, as displayed by the kitchen scale in the lefthand picture. This cup is 8 inches tall and 3 inches across. In the second picture, the cup has been filled with water. The cup now weighs nearly 1.5 pounds, almost twice as much.

Did the cup, as a unit, become “heavier”? Yes.

Did the cup itself increase in mass? Did the cup become larger? Did the cup suddenly gain extra “cup” out of nothing? NO! The cup isn’t any larger or more massive. It is simply full of water, and therefore it weighs more on the scale.

Water is, and should be, everywhere in your body. Depending on your current lifestyle, you may simply be retaining some extra water. It’s nothing to stress about. Exactly how much water you are retaining is dependent on many situational, health, and lifestyle factors, highlighted below:

  • Do you drink enough water? If you don’t, your body is clinging to what it can get, which translates to extra water weight. Drink more water.
  • Do you eat a lot of preservatives, artificial foods, and/or refined carbohydrates? Preservatives are often in the form of sodium, which is an electrolyte that tells your body to retain water. Artificial ingredients are commonly a result of factory processes that alter its natural state, which means your body probably doesn’t recognize it and will retain water as a stress/flush response to the “foreign substance. The human body retains about four grams of water for every one gram of carbohydrates consumed - again, this is natural and not a bad thing, but since refined carbohydrates are absorbed quickly and are often consumed excessively, this may contribute to extra water retention. Gradually shift your diet to include more whole, fresh foods and your body may release some of the water.
  • Do you get enough sleep? If not, your cortisol levels (a stress reaction hormone) are too high. Guess what? Water retention. A stressed body will always hang on to water, its most precious resource, just in case something really bad happens. This is a survival mechanism.
  • Are you mentally or emotionally stressed? See above re: cortisol. Mental and emotional stress cause a physical response.
  • Do you eat enough? Restriction creates water retention by causing physical stress response in the body. 
  • Do you eat too much? Overeating causes water retention. This is primarily due to digestion, since your digestive system requires more water to process a larger amount of food, but it may also be due to an increased carbohydrate intake (as previously discussed).
  • Are you on your period? If you are, I personally advise you to NOT step on the scale unless you’re immune to number fear (if you are, that’s great, just saying). Your uterus is literally shredding part of itself and regrowing new tissue. Your hormone levels are all over the map. You have earned the right to be bloated and moody. It is natural and understandable.
  • Have you fasted, “cleansed”, or crash dieted recently? Sudden decreases in intake are pretty much guaranteed to cause bloat once you return to a regular routine. Low-calorie diets cause your body to burn its glycogen stores, and since each gram of glycogen is bound to 3-4 grams of water (see above re: carbs), burning glycogen also means losing water. Glycogen is your body’s main source of fuel, and your body will eagerly start storing it again once you return to any semblance of normal eating, even if that eating is super healthy. This is why fad/crash diets look successful on paper but are spectacular failures in real life. It’s always good to focus on small, long term changes rather than quick fixes.
  • Have you voluntarily purged recently? Both deliberate vomiting and laxative use are forcing your body to rapidly dehydrate. This is something bodies generally don’t like doing, so your body is responding in panic by hoarding water “just in case”.
  • Are you constipated? Gross, but it does cause your body to hoard water in an effort to get things moving, so to speak.
  • Do you exercise? Inactivity makes your body generally slower and less efficient at processing stored water. Try a few days of moving around a little bit if you feel bloated.
  • Are you on any medications? NSAIDs, birth control/hormonal treatments, corticosteroids, and some blood pressure medicines cause significant water retention
  • Are you lifting weights? Strength training in particular creates temporary “water padding” in the muscles to aid their recovery and performance. This is technically considered water weight, but in this case it’s specifically a good thing.
  • Do you live an overall healthy, moderate lifestyle? This is so simple as to be condescending, but people somehow manage to ignore the fact that if your lifestyle is imbalanced, so is your body.

If you’re retaining water, be patient and let it leave on its own, which it will, you’ll pee it out over a few days. Eat good foods. Do not restrict or overexercise (this actually makes it worse). Water has weight too, and just because it’s showing up on the scale DOES NOT MEAN THAT “YOU GOT FAT”. Fat gain doesn’t happen overnight. The amount of extra food you’d have to consume to create that kind of fat gain is extreme and unlikely. Your body doesn’t suddenly start storing multiple pounds of fat for no reason, especially when the majority of people I interact with would actually be better advised to eat more, not less. Please calm down.

End note: 5 pounds of water looks scary as hell on the scale, but that’s less than a one-gallon jug of milk. Quite honestly, I pee more than that in a single day. Keep it in perspective. Everything is gonna be okay.