this performance makes me cry every time no shame


glee meme ✰ ten performances [2/10]: to sir, with love.

“At the beginning of this year, I was just another football player.” / “I had a stutter.” / “I was a closeted diva.” / “I used to be captain of the Cheerios.” / “I was afraid to dance outside of my room.” / “I hated everyone in this club.” / “So did I.” / “I wasn’t honest about who I was.” / “I was tossing kids into dumpsters.” / “I had never kissed a girl before.” / “I was getting slushied.” / “I didn’t have a father, or someone I could look up to; model myself after. Someone who could show me what it really meant to be a man.”

“Glee club will never end, Mr. Schue, because you are glee club.