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1/3Regarding Sherlock’s pause before “If it’s true just say it anyway”. I agree with Anon, that was such an amazing moment and it was a turning point for me as well. His energy changes palpably when he hears her say “it’s always been true”. It’s like time stops and everything else disappears for a moment. It was somehow such an intimate moment. To me it was as if he is (and we are) taken from the dimension of a task to be performed while time is running out to a completely different plane where

2/3 it is just the two of them and where performing a task successfully, even if it is saving her life, is not what it’s actually about. Something just gives way in him, like he can’t play the game any more. Her amazing sincerity in that moment, her refusal to continue playing games and the way she embraces vulnerability – these are her quintessential qualities, this is actually her strength and it is what I think he is drawn to in her, even if he doesn’t know it. When she says it, he can’t

3/3 go on as before, he is changing right before our eyes. He seems, for a moment, helpless against her sincerity. And that is their relationship right there. In that moment, something just stops, but then after a moment it’s also as if he is thinking: Oh God, Molly, not now, please, please just continue playing so I don’t lose you. I cannot believe this whole scene. I could write a book about it.


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 


I could watch this for forever I’m melting 😍

when you’re so busy thinking about not missing your entrance that you miss your entrance.