this performance has to be gif

Look, we all joke in the YOI fandom that when Victor says he was drawn to Yuri because of the way his “body moves to the music” he means WHEN YURI IS STRIPPING WITH A POLE, but I’m starting to feel like when we do that, we’re a) treating Victor like a bimbo and b) buying Yuri’s line that he’s just another dime-a-dozen skater.

Let’s not forget this glimpse we have here in the very first episode, of Victor in the hallway, right before he goes out and performs a routine that wins him his fifth consecutive Worlds title. What’s he doing? RUNNING OVER A STEP SEQUENCE.

Yuri never has to run over his step sequences. Before he performs, he’s busy psyching himself up, trying not to panic (which will make him ruin his jumps).

And let’s not forget it’s his performing, his step sequences, that get him Yurio’s attention as well.

Yuri is a beautiful skater. The end.

Guys can we just talk about lexa’s little shoulder strap thing for a second. What is the point of it?

Never once have we seen Lexa use it to block an attack and it literally only covers one of her shoulders

The only purpose of it really is her hold her little red sash, which she has draped over her head numerous times

Especially in this scene like what does she use it for? After her extra performance as a slave girl with a limp, she literally just has gustus place it on her shoulder so she can strap it all badass and make her revel more dramatic

Once again we have stumbled on another example of how commander lexa is the most extra person known to mankind

Amelia / Nerdmelia

Female, Age 21

Frisk’s older twin sister. Amelia is actually a well-known singer and has been lending her voice to multiple performances on stage starting from a very young age. She wears a mask and dress when performing, refusing to allow anyone to recognize her outside of her musical career as she still wants to focus on studies.

She is a huge fan of Owl City, and aims to be a skilled multi-instrumentalist like Adam Young one day.

She’s also a socially awkward, nerdy otaku who’s into BL and has a total of 10 fictional husbands.

Instruments : Piano, keyboard, violin, flute, ocarina, acoustic guitar

♫ Frisk / Chara / Asriel ♫


Can be found in

First Wave
Nightmare, Central Square Shopping Center, Subway
Second Wave
Brookhaven Hospital, Lakeside Amusement Park
Third Wave
The Church

Life Attributes

First Wave

Easy and Beginner Action Level 

Normal Action Level

Hard and Extreme Action Levels

Second Wave

Easy and Beginner Action Level

Normal Action Level

Hard and Extreme Action Levels

Third Wave

Easy and Beginner Action Level

Normal Action Level

Hard and Extreme Action Levels


First Wave

Beating attack (arm) 20 points
This attack can send Heather to the ground and then the Closer can perform a unique, highly damaging attack.

Beating Attack (needle) 40 points
Always knocks Heather to the ground!

Knock Down Attack (needle) 40 points
Can only be performed on Heather when she’s knocked down. Heather has invincibility frames when she’s climbing back onto her feet, so don’t panic!

Second Wave

Beating attack (arm) 24 points

Beating Attack (needle) 48 points

Knock Down Attack (needle) 48 points

Arm Swing 12 points
After arriving in Silent Hill, all Closers that are encountered will repel Heather at close ranges with this attack.

Third Wave

Beating attack (arm) 30 points

Beating Attack (needle) 60 points

Knock Down Attack (needle) 60 points

Arm Swing 15 points

10☆ Strategy

For the first wave of Closers that appear in the game, you’re going to want to fire twelve handgun rounds and then finish them off with one or two stabs with the knife or one swing of the pipe. If you lose count of how many handgun rounds you’ve fired into them, just switch to your melee weapon and beat them for that easy melee kill! They’re slow and manageable at this point in the game, so just strafe around them while whittling their HP down!

The second wave, namely the group Closers found on the rooftop of the Brookhaven Hospital, try to abide by shotgun only. They’ll be encountered in packs of three or accompanied by other types of enemies, so the shotgun blast will send one to the ground while you focus on another target. Reloading your shotgun through the inventory screen is probably more reliable than the quick reload and surely more than the manual reload. The submachine gun is also great since its limited usage is best reserved for these types of packs!

The third wave of Closers are teeming with bright yellow and neon green colors. Their attack animations are the fastest of any enemy in the game and of course they deal the strongest damage. Also encountered in packs, sometimes they can be safely skipped if you know you’ve accumulated enough shooting kills, but for these Closers reach for your submachine gun more than your shotgun!


Waiting for Jungkook backstage till he has finished his performance. You haven’t seen him in a long time but today was his last stage so you wanted to surprise him.
When he walked trough the door he was like the sexiest guy on earth. He wore his goofy smile because he was so proud of his members totally slaying their last perfomance and making the comeback a total success. Sweat was dripping down his delicious skin and his sweater was hanging low on his shoulder, revealing his collarbones which you thought were just hella attractive.
You stood in the corner waiting for him to notice you and when your eyes met you winked at him. A dirty smirk appeared on his face and he was totally aware what you were up too. He walked up to you and pulled you into a small, empty room. He stared at you with a lustful gaze and almost purred “i missed you babe” as he locked the door behind him.