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Kibum’s really cute, glad to see that Jonghyun thinks so too. 

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hey @taylorswift!! today is my 17th birthdayyyyy :))
im so so SO happy you’ve been a part of my life for the past 10 years, at this point i can’t imagine a time where i was living life without you in it. i feel so blessed to able to have grown up watching you thrive, its really helped me become the empowered woman i am today. i haven’t been able to afford seeing you in concert (yet!!), but i’ve been saving up from teaching at kode with klossy camps this past summer, and i think i have enough now! hopefully i’ll get to meet you this era?

lots and lots of love,

sofia 💓

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With all the crazy fees the past two summers. Neymar, Lukaku, Higauin, Walker, Mendy, Pogba. All I can think of is how the FUCK did we only get Umtiti for 25M euros.




Dear you,

You took another girl to get boba at one of our fav spots. You were singing in the car with her and you looked so happy, and I couldn’t help but get jealous of her, even if she’s just a friend. I had to delete her and another one of our friends, and it made me sad bc I was getting excited thinking I had made real friends this past summer since they didn’t block me after we broke up— you know it was extra lonely for me, but you kept pushing me to hang out with them haha. I think I might’ve actually made an actual friend this summer, wish I were still with ya so I could visit you and her more. Anyways, I miss getting in your car after you would finish work just to go on late night boba runs or to get electric berries from Dutch bros, and fitting my hand in yours or hugging your arm. Fighting with you over who would pay haha. Then getting our drinks and standing close to each other and talking, laughing nonstop. Trying to look for stars before heading back in the house, then watching himym. You showing me a really good song you heard. Falling asleep tangled up in your arms. I miss my best friend. I wanna be mad at you soooo bad, but all I can think of is everything good about you and us. Strengths based— I’m obviously a social worker haha. I miss telling you about how my day went and hearing about yours, even if it was always “just alright.” I hope you’re doing well, and you have days that are better than just alright. I love you, and if you’re happy and safe… I’m happy for you.

The past couple weeks I’ve been obsessively thinking about what happened to me this past summer. I really wish I could talk about it to someone because it just keeps tormenting me. That one night I completely just snapped and that was it. The next days and weeks and months I’ve been like a different person. No looming depression controlling every single thought and convincing myself of awful things, much less severe anxiety attacks that are now just occasional mild freak outs with mostly situational causes.

Obviously I’m glad I’ve been doing well but I’m also just very frustrated and don’t understand how that night it’s like I completely just flipped a switch and now im just living like I’ve never even heard of or experienced any debilitating mental illness.

Part of me is like wow this is amazing I’m cured! Another part of me is like it’s a trap and I’m a ticking time bomb.

Nex was some kind of little character in my head, and he’s been in there for a while ever since I started drawing actual characters and well, now that I can actually ‘draw’ I decided to make him. I don’t know what he is, but he’s something special to me somehow, but I don’t know in what way he’s special to me, I just made him look a bit.. deformed, and since I did read the book Wonder over the past Summer breaks’, I think I got that as his main inspiration.

I made a thing.

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I finished sailor moon (the original animation) this past summer and i was thinking about aquiring some merch in the future got any recomendations? I would appreciate if the merch is ascociated with the original anime and not crystal!

Could you maybe list all of usagis weapons (preferably in the order she gets them) and the attacks associated with them? Bonus is you also list her different transformations! I would really apreciate it and thank u in advanced if u do do this! 

I don’t know if the same person sent both of these messages, but they were very close together & they’re kinda similar, so I’m going to group them together. If you guys were different anons, sorry ‘bout that!

First off, I almost can’t believe I got this message now, because I JUST found/finished watching @xosailormars​‘s YT video on this exact topic. I agree with everything she says so give it a watch:

But my 2 cents: figure out what kind of collector you are. Do you like to put your merch on display and keep it in good condition? Or do you like to use/play with your merch and don’t care much about resale value? Then, find out what it is you like about Sailor Moon. This might be multiple things! A specific character/relationship dynamic? A certain arc/season? The art style and animation? The fashion? The designs and cuteness? The action and humour? Find some merch that reminds you of everything you love about Sailor Moon every time you see it.

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Back To Basics Pt. 15

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone for so long. 
Chapters 1[x] 2[x] 3[x] 4[x] 5[x] 6[x] 7[x] 8[x] 9[x] 10[x] 11[x] 12[x] 13[x] 15[x]

A/N: This is kind of a short one. I really wanted to dedicate a whole chapter to just this conversation between them. The next chapter(s) will close things up.

Chapter 15 - “Better than you know yourself.”

His eyes pleaded with her to let him in. Not just in her room, but back into her heart. She studied his face through the thick glass window. He looked disheveled and distraught. His clothes were soaked. It wasn’t until she looked past him that she noticed the rain pouring down outside.

She leans over and unlocks the hatch, sliding open the window that he could barely fit through. They stand before each other, as he climbs inside dripping wet.  Everything was silent. All she could hear was the rain outside her window and the sound of her heart pounding in her chest. When he finally spoke, his words filled the air and left a bittersweet taste on her tongue.

“I’m in love with you.” He says calmly, looking into her eyes.

“No, you’re not.”

How could he love her? When you love someone you don’t give up on them. You fight. And he didn’t.

Although the same could be said for her. She just accepted it. He gave up on them but she walked away. They were both guilty of not trying hard enough. It was something she struggled with for months this past summer. She kept thinking to herself ‘if only I asked him not to go’ or ‘if only I told him we could make it work no matter what.’ In the end all she was left with was a bunch of ‘if only’s and a broken heart.

But this right here hurt more than anything. Hearing him say those words stung worse than when he left. She felt like the world was playing a cruel joke on her.

“Yes I am.” He insists, taking a step closer.

“You weren’t in love with me in March why should I believe you’re in love with me now, 6 months later?”

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   So, the first thing I pondered after watching His Last Vow was why Sherlock despised Magnussen so much even though he was just another criminal mastermind to defeat, like Moriarty.   
Or was he?

A Possible Explanation

External image

   In HLV, Sherlock clearly expresses his disgust and loathing for Charles Augustus Magnussen.  When asked about it by Mycroft, he says “Because he attacks people who are different and preys on their secrets” (HLV).  I had also read somewhere, possibly a review or another meta, that Magnussen as well as Moriarty are reflections of the actions/path Sherlock could have taken, looking at his level of intelligence, isolation, and his own self-diagnosis of being a “sociopath” (placed in quotes because at this point it is quite obvious that he is not). 

   Then I read about the “shadow”, the dark side of each of us are ashamed of that we try to ignore.  The most significant part of this is that the parts we secretly hide away from the world, the “bad” qualities we so hate the most, are reflected in the people we hate.  Sometime in our lives we most likely bump into a person or an idea that we absolutely despise, sometimes unreasonably.  As I’ve read in a book and in an article, this is because we see in that person a quality we furiously loath in ourselves.  

   Sherlock hates Magnussen.  "No one turns my stomach like Charles Augustus Magnussen" (HLV).  We can assume that Magnussen has the ability to deduce secrets of other people (like Sherlock) and we see him use his mind palace (like Sherlock) and watch him be cruelly manipulative as a blackmailer (like Sherlock can be).  Who’s to say Sherlock is not just like Magnussen?  We’ve see him deduce people’s secrets and throw it in their faces and brutally deceive and manipulate Janine.  

   As the season goes on, we also watch him slowly learn, because he’s still learning, the consequence of his carelessness with emotions.  I would argue that he’s coming to dislike the qualities of himself that leads to actions that hurts other/certain people (*cough cough John*) yet he knows he still has them and still does things that hurt people - this time he is aware of it and he doesn’t like it.  

    What I thought was that Sherlock must have seen the “dark” side of his personality in Magnussen that he, after John affected him so much, perhaps has come to regret.

   Of course, I have no experience in psychology (yet) and I’ve only started watching (and constantly reading metas about) Sherlock this past summer.

  So why do you think Sherlock hate Magnussen?  I keep thinking it’s something deeper than Magnussen “attacking people” and “preying on their secrets”, because Sherlock is admitting here that he cares about people whereas he claims to be a sociopath.


   (By Serene)