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Little Warrior

The League watches over a baby Annabella.

Word Count: 1,257

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“So why are we here again?” Questioned Hal.

“Bruce hasn’t checked in at the Watchtower lately and I’m getting worried.” Said Diana.

“Okay but why do we all need to be here?” Asked Hal, Diana shot him a glare and he shut up.

Clark knocked and always Alfred opened the door. Diana noticed that the butler seemed very tired.

“Hello Alfred, is Bruce here?”

“Yes Mr. Kent, if you would follow me.” Said Alfred.

He escorted the league to the living room where they saw a very tired looking Bruce watching over a baby girl. The girl was walking around in a purple walker. When she spotted the league she squeaked in delight.

“So you have a daughter.” Said Shayera. Bruce’s head snapped in the direction of the league and groaned.

“Are we sure it’s spooky’s she seems too cheery to be his.” Said Hal and Bruce glared at him.

“How old is she?” Asked J'onn.

“Going to be a year in a month.” Bruce answers as he rubs his eyes.

“You managed to keep her hidden for almost a year?”

“Mr. Wayne didn’t want the media to find out Mr. Kent. And he also believed her could watch over her along with doing his duties as the Batman.” Said Alfred as he went to pick up the baby girl.

“What’s your name little warrior?” Diana asks as she tickles the girl tummy who squealed in delight.

“Annabella Wayne.” Said Bruce as he smiled at his daughter. “Come on sweetie it’s time to eat.”

“Bruce when was the last time you got any sleep.” Asked Jon.

“Two days ago.” Said Alfred. “Miss Wayne has been a bit difficult with going to sleep as of late.”

“Bats why don’t you let us watch over her a couple of days while you catch some zzz’s” said Barry.

“No she’s my responsibility.”

“Bruce you don’t have to do this alone. Let us help you.” Said Diana.

Bruce looked over at Annabella who was munching on Alfred’s tie. After a few moments he sighed.

“alright fine. Let me just gather some things.” Said Bruce.

“Would you like to hold her Miss Prince?” Asked Alfred.

“Of course.” Alfred passed Annabella to Diana. “Hello little warrior.”

The baby cooed and reached up to take Diana’s tiara.

“No no no.” Diana light scolded and the baby laughed. Annabella pressed her hand to her lips and extended it out as if she was blowing kisses.

“I wonder where she learned that from.” Clark chuckled and Annabella made grabby hands towards him.

Clark held her and she repeated the same action except this time she pressed her hand to his mouth. Clark smiled when suddenly she reached up and ripped his glasses from his face. Barry caught them before they hit the ground and placed them back on Clark’s head. Annabella squealed in delight and tried to take the glasses away again.

“See Clark even my kid thinks your disguise is stupid.” Said Bruce as he came back into the living room.

“Where are you going?” Asked J'onn as he noticed the small bag in Bruce’s hand.

“Decide to go to a hotel for the day if I hear her cry you’ll just wake up me not be able to sleep.” Bruce took Annabella from Clark. “I’ll be back first thing tomorrow morning. I love you.”

Annabella babbled and smiled when Bruce kissed her cheek, Barry held his hands out and Bruce hesitantly handed her over.

“Here is her schedule for the rest of the day. She should be eating right now so go do that first. Here are the different ways to contact me is anything goes wrong. And if something goes wrong you’ll be suspended from the league. Her room is at the top of the stairs to the left third door from the right. You’ll notice it there’s a sign with her name on it. And I think that’s it. Alfred shall we?” Bruce handed to folder to Diana.

“Of course Mr. Wayne, have fun Miss Wayne.” The butler kissed Annabella’s forehead.

Bruce gave his daughter one last kiss before leaving.

“Alright baby bat let’s get you some food.” Said Barry as he grabbed the folder and walked to the kitchen.

Annabella babble as Barry put her in her high chair and look around for her food.

“Alright baby bat here you go.” Said Barry as he sat down with a jar of baby food, he scooped some up and held it in front of her. Annabella made a face and pulled her head back. “Come on.”

Barry tried to bring the food closer to her but she pulled further away.

“Yeah I don’t blame you kid this stuff looks nasty.” Barry looked at the papers in the folder. “Says here your dad is trying to ease you into some solids.”

Barry sped around the kitchen and came back with a banana and some peanut butter.

“Alright let’s try this.” Barry scooped up some of the peanut butter and gave it to her.

She looked at it curiously before eating it. Barry noticed that she seemed to like it and continued to feed it to her occasionally giving her some mashed up banana.

“Barry you can’t feed a baby peanut butter.” Said Hal as he walked in.

“Why not look she loves it.” Barry gestured to Annabella who’s mouth was covered in peanut butter. “Alright baby bat let’s get you cleaned up.”

Barry picked her up and went to wet a paper towel. Once her face was clean Hal went up to them and tried to reach out for her but she held her hands close to her chest and leaned away.

“Oh come on you’ve been through half of the league’s arms it’s my turn.” Hal reached out for her again but she let out a cry of protest.

“Hal what are you doing?” Asked Jon as he walked in with the rest of the leaguers.

“Trying to hold her. Oh wait I got it.” Hal made a little green bunny appear in front of her and Annabella cooed in delight.

But when she reached out for it the bunny disappeared and Hal grabbed her. She began to cry and reach out for someone else. Jon quickly grabbed her and chuckled.

“Smart kid.”

“Well I think that proves she really is bats kid.” Said Barry.

“I will get you to like me.” Said Hal and the girl hid herself between her hands and Jon’s neck.

The rest of the day was spent entertaining the girl. She would be passed on from person to person everyone of them telling her stories. A the end of the day she was surrounded by her toys and babbling to a stuffed bear.

“Okay little warrior time for bed.” Said Diana as she came unto the living room with a freshly made bottle.

Diana picked up the girl and carefully place Cher in her crib and gave her the bottle. As the baby drank Diana noticed a book on the rocking chair next to the crib. She picked it up and inspected it.

“Alice in Wonderland, your father reads this to you!” Diana asked as she looked into the crib, the baby stared back at her curiously.

Diana. Rocked the spine of the book looked very worn out, where she opened it on the first page was in nice handwriting was written

For Bruce,
Love mom.

“So that’s why he reads it to you.” Diana smiled. “Okay then, shall we?”

Diana sat down and began to read.

BIGBANG React To; Being on Return of Superman

Writer ; ~ MonsterYuYu/ Yuyu ~

A/N ; I just love that show so much..

T.O.P ;

SeungHyun would be very hesitant to accept the invite to appear on TV with his son at first, thinking of all the things that could go wrong in just the first day. He was really not experienced with his kid, handing him to his mother whenever the little baby started to cry because he was clueless what he wanted and you somehow always knew what the baby wanted. You would convince him to accept it, because he wanted to get closer to his baby and also help you take care of it so that’s why he accepted after some months.

The first two days would be difficult, too difficult. It was like an war with his baby, calling you all the time to ask what he should do. But as time passed, he grew to understand what he had to do and what to do to make the baby stop crying.Things were going well, but when his kid started to crawl suddenly one day he wouldn’t know what to do anymore. Yesterday he was just kicking his foot in the air now he was crawling around the house? I feel like he would forget that his kid started to crawl someday and honestly lost him in his own house. Overall he would be a great entertainer, always doing silly faces that sometimes would make his baby laugh and other times cry.

“Wait.. WHERE’S MY BABY? … Oh there you are.”

TaeYang ;

Without even thinking, he gladly accepted. Youngbae knew his daughter well and was expecting to be asked in the show, after he accepted it he told you what he did. Your reaction would change his decision, if you didn’t want it, he would respect it. But he said he was doing it only because he wanted to get closer to you guys daughter and show her more things in life and make her interact with others children her age. He thought he knew what to do prefectly from watching you, but he really didn’t expect everything that was coming his way.

So yes, He would be clueless when things didn’t go his way, he thought he looked like a idiot in the TV, because he was saying how good he would be in the show and how his baby wouldn’t even miss it’s mother, but things took a turn, he didn’t new anything truly expect from playing with his daughter. But that didn’t work as she cried for you,her mother as the minute you walked over the door. She would be banging on the door softly and crying out for you, and Youngbae really didn’t know what to do. After that day, things would softly calm down and he would get along more easily with his daughter and know what she liked, what she didn’t like and these types of things.

“Ya…Mommy will come back later…”

G-Dragon ;

As soon as Jiyong got the invite he was already talking with you ether or not go to the show, he wanted to go but first he wanted you to be sure you were okay with you guys kid on the TV so early. He was a good father, he always helped you and you were sure he would do good. But his daughter was a bit of a cry-baby and she cried really easily because of small things , but that’s because Jiyong spoiled her too much and being on the show, going trough the child psychologist would make him realize that he shouldn’t do everything his daughter wanted at such young age. When you agreed he would happily agree with the contract in the same day.

As expected, Jiyong treated his daughter very well and actually knew what to do in the situations where she cried or even was hungry. Every time you did something to your daughter to eat, he would record it on his mind to do it when you weren’t home and his daughter needed food besides milk. When some people told him that it was not good to spoil the daughter too much, he would have a hard time saying ‘no’ to her and seeing her cry because of it, he hated seeing her cry and every time he had to take her to the medic or to the dentist he would feel bad seeing his child crying or in any pain so he couldn’t stay with they whenever he had to go.

“So.. i spoil her too much?.. I’ll try to stop… try.. ”

Daesung ;

As soon as he got the invite, Daesung didn’t really want to go at first, not because he didn’t know how to take care of his son but yes because he wanted hid son to live a life out of the cameras, Would only accept after a year to be honest, because he noticed that he hadn’t been that much active and present father, so he would accept it taking that in mind. Also, he thought about you taking a break for a while and that pratically made up his mind and he decided to attend the show.

He would be more into the playfully husband and father, but would surely know what to do when his son started to cry. Would love when other members of Return of Superman came to his house with their babies, he adored seeing his son so happy and running around, Daesung wants his son to grow more kinder than smart and that’s was his plan for him, teaching him stranger danger and how to share things. Even if he was still on the show for a long time, he would feel a bit surprised seeing cameras everywhere when he just wake up, it’s not always that it happens. But actually he was more afraid that the cameras were invading you both privates life and your child’s life more than getting surprised by it, he would think a lot. But would always do the show, succeeding on being a father and always making his little one smile in delight.

“ Whyyyyyyy?~ Whyyyyyyy are you crying?~~~ Daddy is going to be sad!~”

Seungri ;

The only word to describe how Seungri was, is definitely excited. He would always be taking care of his child and always watched the Return of Superman, when he got the invite he would talk over to yoy at first, but a quick talk, just asking you if he and your daughter could be on the show. You can’t say no, that’s a basic. He will be staring at you with those exciting and puppy eyes trying to win you over and we both know that we can’t resist anyway. It would take only a few weeks before he was on the show, in the middle of this he would learn more new things with you about the baby.

Seungri would love to have a lot of babies around, just kinda of inviting his daughters friends over with their mothers acceptance of course, It would be practically a baby’s sleepover and he didn’t mind one bit taking care of that many children. In fact, I guess seungri would be a guy who wants at least two kids and this experience would be kinds of leading him more to have more children with you. Would find amusing when his child noticed the cameras and started walking around with it following her each step. He would love to be out with his daughter, she would receive attention from everyone, from the granny’s who watched the show, from his fans and a lot of more people who thought she was absolutely stunning for a baby. In general, he would get pretty well on the show because he already take care of the baby without the cameras.

“That’s a camera! Look it’s following you! Run from it! Run!”

Donnie Yen Autobiography  “All About Donnie  (問丹心)” Translation Ch.1(pt 1-3)

Guess what… I have translated more of the content of Donnie’s autobiography. I’m planning to translate the first two chapters of his book, which are about his childhood and his experiences when he was early into the show business. 

There are 5 parts in the first chapter “My Personal Development” and 4 parts in the second chapter “Into the Show Business”. 

The previous post I made I had translated part 2 of chapter 2. 

Once again, BIG THANK YOU to my dear beta Dream @evocating for her generosity and patience. My work looks legible because of you. Also thank my real life friend Asura for helping me to clear my mind and translating a few but important sentences for me. 

Crappy photos of the original text taken by me are attached with this post below for reference. Baby Donnie is ADORABLE OKAY!???

Reminder: This post is so damn long with words and pictures. 

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Close Your Eyes

Here is Part Eight in “This Love”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1082

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

          You got out of bed in a blur. You couldn’t believe this day was here. How had this even happened?

           “Y/N?” Jensen looked at you as you walked toward the bathroom.

           You turned and looked at him, feeling the tears in your eyes, “How is it even possible?” you asked.

           Jensen chuckled, “They told us not to blink,” he said.

           “She’s a year old,” you said, trying not to fully cry, but you couldn’t believe your baby girl was already a year old.

           Jensen chuckled again as you disappeared into the bathroom, “I can’t believe it either,” he said.

           You finished in the bathroom and walked back into the room where Jensen was sitting on the bed looking at something.

           You walked over and sat next to him. His smile had faded and he wasn’t chuckling anymore. You saw the emotion on his face as he looked at the first picture taken of your daughter when she was first born.

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The kid also passed his test this weekend (9th kyu), along with his best dojo friend and fellow orange belt sidekick (whose belt always manages to come off ;). I love this pic because of their tiny feet in seiza but also because they look so similar. Even from behind, you can see the huge smile they both have on their faces - practice nights are always “entertaining” when the two of them run amok on the tatami.


[Trans] 170204 Entertainment Weekly ~ Minho Interview

*Minho said hes not the type that falls in love easily like his character Suho in Hwarang but after filming hes becoming more similar to suho

mc: what’s a trait of woman that you fall for? 

 minho: it’s when they’re working hard

mc: no way, isn’t it me? 

mh: … yeah you almost make fall for you (in sarcastic and joking way)

Minho on entertainment weekly today said during debut days he didn’t know the right timing to catch camera  so during star golden bell filming he put on smiley face for 6 hours

Minho  Sweet Sambeoji : ’Sambeoji’ is abbreviation of ’Sam/삼’ (Three) and Beoji (From word ‘abeoji/아버지’), which means father “ 3rd floor father”  Minho pay attention to fans on 3rd floor during concert so they gave him the nickname

When MC asked if there’s a fan that minho remembered the most, he mentioned about a fan who was going to take SAT,   She said to Minho, “Oppa I will study hard!” Minho told her not to come back until she passed the exam.  Minho didn’t see her for awhile & He was like “as expected I’m proud of SHINee World!”  then when the fan came back to her he asked him if she’s passed the exam. The fan said “I came to see you” the fan didn’t pass the exam and Minho told her again not to come until she passed

Minho said he told the fan like that in joking way ^^;; and hoped for the fan to see him when she feels more contented

mc: a hyung that’s like a dongsaeng to you? minho: ma dongseok hyung-nim. i want to give him a hug and i’m not kidding. minho “he (ma dong seok) likes to bury his head on my tummy. he’s so warm when i hug him. the cold winter makes me think of him (laughs)”

trans cr: * omggminho , @sagyehan video: link 

The Boy in His Mind

Summary: (sequel to The Boy in the Mirror) As Phil slowly becomes more visible, Dan finds it hard to remember that only he can see Phil.

TW: alcohol, violence, hallucinations.

Word Count: 2.7K

Genre: Fluff and then angst

thanks to my beta randomtroylerblog :]

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Law is kept as a pet named Corazon, and lives under the care of his master, Doflamingo. When Law doesn’t receive enough attention due to Doflamingo’s long working hours, his behaviour becomes unmanageable. As a solution, Kid is offered the job of being Law’s personal entertainer; but first he must pass the test to determine if he is up to the challenge.

read the awesome fic by @mudmanworld over on AO3 (NC-17, KidLaw/DofKidLaw)

my piece for @opreversebang, I got paired with the lovely mudman who was a total pleasure to work with! also view some bonus NSFW artwork over on my nsfw blog

This is why behavior is communication.

My ‘rents and I went to Supercuts because my bangs (fringe?) needed a trim, mom needed a haircut and my dad needed haircut and a beard trim.

I’m at the back half of my sensory-hell-everything-hurts phase due to Aunt Flo’s visit, but my choice was go today or wait another month and my bangs were literally poking me in the eyes. So I went. I had my black Tangle and my No Gloom ‘Shroom. I took earplugs in a baggie too, just in case.

We get into Supercuts and it’s loud. Hair dryers, clippers, an angry yelling kid getting his first haircut(he gets a pass tho, poor kid!) while another kid– a little black girl who was probably 10 or so– played with the wooden blocks in the toybox with her parents nearby. Yeah, Supercuts has stuff to entertain kids. 

I sat off to the side by the toybox and did my head-ducked-temple-tapping routine that I do when I’m overloaded. It wasn’t enough to send me into a meltdown, but I had to really focus. I put my No Gloom ‘Shroom in my mouth and twiddled my Tangle as I angled my head to watch the kid playing with the blocks. She was cute! I don’t know what the hairstyle is called, but she had her hair done up in lots of braids that stuck out every which-way with cute ponytail holders on the ends, and the parts in her hair looked like patchwork on her scalp. (I love seeing little black girls with that hairstyle, it’s adorbs!) I also noticed she was sucking on a pink pacifier.

I put my head down again. About five seconds later the little girl came over and handed me one of the green triangle-shaped blocks. They were wood with grain on one edge, but finished smooth to prevent splinters. She jiggled the block up and down and I immediately pocketed my Tangle and rubbed my finger on the grain. Her face kept the same curious expression, but she jumped up and down like I answered a question correctly.

This kid picked up on my distress and comforted me with something that made her feel good. 

Her parents didn’t interject. They probably figured out I was autistic too by the way I acted when I sat down. I glimpsed them smiling a bit in my peripheral vision as I showed the girl how cool it felt to rub the grain-side of two triangle blocks together.

I didn’t say a word to her, I just got down on the floor beside her and lined up blocks with her. Sometimes I took the round peg shaped ones and rolled them back and forth between my hands like a kitten batting a ball around. She picked up the rectangle block and dropped it repeatedly on the little play mat like she was experimenting with all the ways she could make it land. It felt so natural, like we carried on a sensory conversation that included only us.

We didn’t look at each other at all, except to watch our hands and the blocks. We played with those blocks until it was my turn to get my bangs trimmed. 

The place got quieter when the future death metal scream kid was finished having his first haircut. NOW I could really relax all the way, just in time to put up with the unpleasantness of a bang trim. I was a lot calmer and I attribute the biggest part of that to the girl inviting me to talk to her. I gave back the block the girl gave me and jiggled her hand like she jiggled mine. It was how she said hello, so I thought I would use it to say goodbye. She slapped the floor as I got up and resumed playing like she was before.

I heard her parents praise her when I walked off to my bangs trimmed. Her parents were complimenting her for communicating with me her way instead of trying to force non-autistic interaction. They respected her behavior as meaningful rather than dismissing it as “meaningless repetitive movements”.

That’s parenting done right.

anonymous asked:

I am so sorry if you're tired of these! They're just so fun! Headcanon these parenting ones!: Who are B/I's #1 babysitter of choice for the twins? How was Iris' pregnancy - was it a breeze or were there complications? Which one spoils the twins and which one encourages them to work for what they want? How old are B/I when they have the twins? How do they cope with evil metas coming after the twins and protecting the twins?

1. Iris is at first insistent on hiring a professional nanny, but Barry thinks she’s being extra and assures her they have plenty of people to watch the twins whenever they need someone. Iris reluctantly agrees. They always ask Joe first and foremost because he never passes up an opportunity to spend time with his grand babies and he knows his shit when it comes to feeding, entertaining, bathing, and putting the kids to sleep. Joe unfortunately isn’t always available, forcing Iris to grit her teeth and ask either Wally or Cisco. She knows they love the kids as if they’re their own, but neither of them are the most responsible… Let’s just say Wally lets them race out and about freely despite Barry and Iris’s strict rules not to while Cisco uses babysitting nights to sneak Don and Dawn off to STAR Labs to run tests on them or to give them mini suit fittings. 

2. Iris’s pregnancy was complicated because she was carrying two meta-humans in a human body. She was closely monitored by Caitlin throughout the entire nine months. They still went to a conventional OBGYN physician regularly to make sure things were progressing smoothly, but Caitlin always accompanied her to talk on her behalf and to conceal the possibility that Iris was carrying meta-humans if the physician ever suspected anything. Five months into the pregnancy, Caitlin and the OBGYN both diagnose Iris with pre-eclampsia which freaks Barry out and makes him regret the entire pregnancy in the first place and beat himself up. Things are really tense for the remaining four months: they’re trying to be excited but they’re also worried because the risk of complication is now knowingly heightened. They always planned to deliver the twins at STAR Labs away from any prying eyes and to protect Barry’s identity and the twins if they happened to have meta-human abilities, but as suspected, Iris’s condition does escalate to full-on eclampsia. Barry knows it’s coming the moment she complains of a headache and he notices the jaundice of her skin. She seizes, forcing them to rush her to the hospital. Because Iris becomes comatose after seizing, the twins are delivered via emergency C-section. Barry is obviously distraught, broken, can’t even bring himself to look at his babies (“I can’t without Iris. Not until she wakes up. She has to wake up.”). He promises he isn’t going to meet them until she’s conscious again, but Caitlin, Cisco, and Joe convince him to go to calm him down because he’s seriously on the verge of a breakdown. He bursts into tears when the nurse points his kids out to him through the glass window and all he can do is whisper, “Iris, you have to wake up. Oh God, you have to live to see them.” After enough angst to satisfy me, IRIS WAKES UP. She’s confused before remembering what happened. Once the realization dawns on her, the first words out of her mouth are, “The babies, are they okay?” Barry kisses her hand and tears stream down his face when he tells her, “They’re okay. They’re more than okay. They’re perfect.”

3. When they’re younger, Barry spoils the kids. He can’t resist. He’s an absolute sucker. All they have to do is pout at him and beg “Pleaaaaaaaaaaase, Daddy??” in their tiny, high-pitched voices and Barry sneaks them a cookie before dinner or buys them that toy they want. “But no telling Mommy,” he warns, with a finger to his lips. Iris finds out anyway. 

4. Barry and Iris are going to be 27 in Season 3 right? I’m going to say anywhere between the ages of 29-31.

5. They are both fiercely protective of the twins. Captain Cold somehow finds out Barry and Iris had twins, cocks his head deviously: “Congratulations on the new additionS to the family. Leonard makes a good middle name, you know.” which makes Barry MURDEROUS (”Stay the HELL away from my family,” he mutters with the most hostility and threat Leonard has ever heard in his voice.) Barry of course has powers and is able to actively defend them in that way from any villains, but Iris still shields them whenever she can. At one point a meta-human breaks into their home when the twins are still infants and seizes one of them and Iris begs them to take her instead, which they do (Barry thankfully saves the day, but that was the first incident where they truly realized their kids were going  to be in danger for the rest of their lives). Essentially, Iris would sacrifice herself willingly for her babies.

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👶 Do they want children?- Goldie/Evan/Vixxy/Flea

Goldie: “Are you kidding me? If I have kids, I’ll probably die! You think the King wants kids around here? He’ll be all ‘All Kids Must Die!’ Nah. I’ll pass.”

Evan: “You know, when Sar was pregnant, I was looking forward to being a  father. It just made me think that all this meant nothing and that I could look after a child instead of living this shitty life. But then the baby died…and I lost my shot. Maybe one day. ONe day I’ll be a father. I would like that.”

Vixxy: “Me? Kids? Oh lords, no! No, no. Look, I used to work as a dancer to entertain men and that’s just one thing that got taken care of, you know, just in case i wanted to make a few more gold pieces after a dance. So, nope! No whiny brats for me!”

Flea: The undead sighed and stared ahead at nothing. “If only it were possible. Of course, I didn’t consider this when I was alive, but then death comes at you while you’re turning away and here I am: undead and without the ability to reproduce. So of course, having children is not something that I can aspire to.” He smiled and his golden eyes gazed off at nothing in particular. “But my beloved has a daughter with the most amazing curiosity and fascination. She enjoys my stories and my magic tricks. Right now, she is the closest I have to a daughter, and I will enjoy the parental moment while it’s there.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Jason peered around the edge of the cliff he’d just rounded, shielding his eyes from the reflection of the sun off the water. “Please be kidding me.”
“I thought you said this island was deserted?” Roy asked, coming up behind him.
“I said it was privately owned.” Jason looked down at the figure floating beneath him. “Hey, Damian.”
“Todd.” Damian didn’t bother opening his eyes. “What are you doing here?”
“I was looking for some supplies. You?”
“Waiting my turn.” He pulled one of his arms out of the water and gestured behind the cliff. “Any second now.”
Jason turned in the direction he’d been pointing. Now that he was paying attention, he thought he could hear faint yelling— it became louder and louder, echoing off the rock walls, until some kind of water motorcycle shot by carrying two figures. The first was hunched over the handle bars, laughing maniacally. The second was completely horizontal, clinging on by the tips of his fingers to the shoulder pads of the driver. That’s where the screaming was coming from.
“Nice,” said Damian, sitting up. “Do you think I could get Drake to ride with me, if I told him I didn’t know how to drive that thing?”
“It’s worth a shot.” Jason set his helmet on the ledge and squatted next to the water. “Listen, if anyone asks, I wasn’t here, okay?”
“Sure.” Damian lay down again, closing his eyes. “But if you’re going to disappear, you’d better do it now. They’re coming back around.”
“Oh hell no.” There was no way they’d be able to scale the cliff quickly enough— Jason shoved Roy behind the ledge and looked around for a place to hide. Nothing.
“Cover for me,” he told Damian, and he jumped into the water, splashing underneath just as the cycle pulled into the clearing.
Jason held his breath as long as he could, but when he resurfaced, the cycle was still there. Dick leaned over the handlebars.
“Heya, Jay.”
“Dammit, kid! What did you think ‘cover for me’ meant?”
“You left your helmet,” Damian replied, calmly pointing back at the ledge. “Drake, can you teach me how to drive that? It looks entertaining.”
Tim stepped off the back of the cycle. “Pass,” he said, lowering himself into the water. “Too many near-death experiences already. Hi, Jason. Hey, Roy. What are you guys doing here?”
“I was just…” Jason sighed. “I didn’t know you guys were gonna be here, so I—”
“Were you going to steal the boat?”
“You were going to steal the boat.”
“Fine.” Jason rolled his eyes. “I’m leaving, okay?”
“Who’s leaving?” asked a voice from above. Jason ducked back under the water for a few seconds, but then he reconsidered. Ah, who was he kidding? His helmet was still sitting on the ground.
He resurfaced slowly, turning to the cliff top. “Hey, Bruce,” he sighed. “Can I borrow a boat?”


The translation of HKT48′s Matsuoka Natsumi on Asahi Shinbun Digital’s “AKB48 Yume no Entry Sheet” serialization with her essay entitled “Shiritaishi, Shittehoshi”

(TL: “I want to know you, I want you to know”)

I am a moody person, and the members also tell me that I am easy to understand. My spirit is low in the morning, and when the night comes, it gradually rises. There are also times when I am high spirited after moving around in the concert that I get warned, “so noisy”.

I used to be very shy. I could not converse with the person I met for the first time, and it took a long time until I opened up my heart.

Although I was shy, for some reason, I set my heart on becoming an entertainer since I was a kid. It was an intuition that settled on “entering” instead of a dream such as “wanting to enter” or “wanting to become”. I thought it was easy to reach. My plan was to enter the entertainment world after I graduated the high school, but when I was in the 3rd year of junior high school, there was the audition for HKT48 and my sister encouraged me in a jocular vein, so without telling my mother, I submitted my application and passed the audition.

After I passed the audition, there were lessons everyday, and just about the time I started, the manager told me, “Matsuoka is shy, isn’t she.” It seems that it was obvious. The members of HKT48 made friends with each other since the audition and I was the only one who didn’t.

I did not talk to anyone for about 1 week, and I always spent my time by myself. My surrounding was always bustling. “It seems fun" “I want to talk” “I can’t bring myself to”. There was always Nakanishi Chiyori (Now in AKB48) at the center of the bustling circle, so when I made up my mind to talk to her, “can we eat bento together,” I finally got to enter the circle.

There was a job of handshake event in HKT48. On my first day, I was nervous and my head went blank. I spoke “thank you” “please come again” in honorifics and I was not able to converse at all.

When there were fans who were nervous, both of us would shake hand in silence.

As the matter of fact, when I saw the members, everyone interacted with their fans in friendly manner, and swung their hands as they said, “come again, okay.” To swing the hands of the person you met for the first time, I couldn’t do that, I was surprised by it.

Murashige Anna-chan particularly interacted with them very cheerfully. Since the audition, she has always stood out more than others. We became tensed in the waiting room of the audition like during an exam, but Murashige-chan was the only one who wasn’t, and she spoke by herself, “anyone who thinks she will pass, please raise your hand,” abruptly. Even in the handshake event, she was cheerful like that, and I felt, “so amazing,”

I believe that, in those days, it must have been not enjoyable for the fans who came visiting my lane. I was not able to tell interesting story at all.

I was also poor in MC. At school, I felt at ease talking with my friends I got along with, but as an idol, I had to talk about things that were suited to the strangers. However, I did not know what I should do. On the summer of the following year after our debut, Sasshii (Sashihara Rino) was transferred to HKT48. She told us that our MC was “hopelessly uninteresting.” HKT48 at that time had many members who were poor at talking, so we dealt with it by deciding the contents of the conversation like a scenario prior to the show.

Sasshii taught us, “the current method is not interesting. Decide the contents of the conversation somehow or other, the rest would be better if you insert ad lib.”

Until then, we dealt with the MC as a filler between the songs, and we did not realize its importance. I imagine the fans were bored and felt sleepy.

With Sasshii’s guidance, we built self-awareness to do the MC firmly.

Sasshii gave as an advice, “it’s better if you collect the topic regularly,” and we put it into practice. The dressing room is bustling, material treasure in HKT48. Recently the small children being vigorous is turned into a joke material. The height of 6th grader Imamura Maria-chan is 130 cm. It is like when she puts on Komada Hiroka-chan’s short pants, she can put in both of her legs in one leg part.

The 2nd year junior high school students, (Yabuki) Nako and (Tanaka) Miku has grown a little bit maturer now, but it was tough when they just came in. They loved hide-and-seek and game of tag, so when they asked “let’s play,” at first I would keep them company, but I could not keep with the physical strength of younger members. Sasshii also went “it is hard so stop it.” Although there are also times when the age gap difference becomes a joke material, the small children sooth us. Little by little, we became better in MC.

It was a turning point for me to be settled as the regular personality of the radio show “HKT48 Radio Kikanight!” (KBC Radio) in the spring of 2012. It was the two of us with me and Nakanishi Chiyori-chan. After the first recording, the staffs called us and told us. “The listeners of the radio can only hear your voice. If you don’t speak, they can’t hear anything, so you must speak firmly.” Surely, as there was the announcer, Chiyori and I said nothing but “it is, isn’t it” “yes”. I felt grateful for those words.

Since then, even when it is not my turn to speak, I would give responses with my voice and aim to do the “I’m here” appeal. On the radio, the 4 members, Sakaguchi Riko, Tashima Meru, Tanaka Natsumi, and Yamamoto Mao, appears in turns as semi-regulars.

Sakaguchi Riko is older and reliable, so I feel relief when there is Riko-chan, and we exchange conversation in calm atmosphere.

When it is with Tanaka Natsumi, who is called the Boss of Hakata, she is on rampage, so I take the role of containing her. She loves the local dialects, and runs a dialect submission corner called “Please make my heart tightened with the local dialects.” The frequency of beep sound inserted is high even though it is an idol program. She is fearful but interesting.

Tashima Meru-chan is, at any rate, vigorous, so I get abused. Yamamoto Mao-chan is peculiar. She has a learning corner for the kids who are poor at learning, and always does a quiz. Recently we did an answer-a-question quiz challenge after she said the same word 10 times, but she could not say it 10 times, and it brought laughter when we could not conclude the quiz.

I am not the type who is proactive in talking, but dealing with the other party flexibly and drawing out personality might be my strong point. Once we become close, I want to get to know more about the other party, and I also want the listener to feel like getting to know. I’m doing my best to have a talk that makes the best of a person.

I have also got used to the handshake event nowadays, and I came to be able to interact properly. I am a tsundere so I assume prickly attitude. Each round, I receive the close fans who come visiting with a little bit unkind and cold attitude. “Who are you again?” “Have you forgot?”. When I call their names in the end, they are delighted.

The fans who know me during the debut are surprised, “you have become able to chat, haven’t you.”

This month, I was given the opportunity to publish my first photobook “Tsuishin”. I felt that I love a job where I am photographed. I want to be someone like Kojiharu (Kojima Haruna)-san who can put out mature facial expressions in gravure and/or fashion magazines.

■ From the reporter

Her first photobook “Tsuishin” (Shueisha) was published in September. On the blurb of the book jacket was “I don’t remember giving birth to this kind of child”. Words given by Sashihara Rino. The photobook had a great number of photos in daring swimsuits and photos with sexy facial expression floating. “I am embarrassed and I have yet to hear Sasshi’s impressions from herself.” Having her own photobook lining up at the bookstores, she said, “it feels miraculous.” The photo where she showed a big smile at the classroom is my favorite. “It is a photo taken when the staffs and I laughed as the makeup artist fell suddenly during the photoshoot. The photographer did not laugh and took it.”

She went to the location for the photoshoot in Yamaguchi for 3 days. “The photoshoot was enjoyable, but I felt lonesome without the members,” she said. Her love for HKT, to the point that it made her feel homesick, was conveyed. She likes the activities of daily theater shows and concerts. “I am confident at having the most fun in a live.” She said that she would like to challenge herself to modelling in gravure and/or fashion magazines, and other things such as being actress as well hereafter.

With her “tsundere” character, she may come in contact with the fans in cold manner. She was smiling and calm from the beginning to the end of the interview this time, but I would like to see that side of her as well.

Disclaimer: Please take this translation with a grain of salt. It’s close to 3AM as I’m typing this and I’m sleepy. Thank you for reading.

Super Secrets

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Imagine: Finding out your best friend Peter is Spiderman 

tbh the name of this dumb but i couldn’t think of anything and it was delaying this getting put out soooo ignore it lol

Warnings: None!


You hopped up the stairs of your best friend Peter’s apartment, hoping he could cure you of your boredom. You texted him that you were coming over, but didn’t get a response, which wasn’t unlike Peter. He was always forgetting his phone somewhere - buried at the bottom of his backpack, hidden under piles of notes, left in his locker - but you knew he wouldn’t mind you stopping by.

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Request: Big Adventure

Request: Hi Its SATURDAY!!! SO HAPPY SATURDAY NIGHT TO YOUUU. I have a request if you don’t mind… Can you do one where Team Free Will has to babysit a shy little boy (any age) who surprisingly knows a lot about supernatural creatures. Them TFW get a call for a hunt so they have to babysit while on the hunt. 🐙

Word Count: 1,737

This was really fun to write, thank you. Have a lovely day, I hope you like it!<3

“Y/N?!” There’s a yell of something that sounds like panic from the bunker’s doorway, causing you to drop your laundry and make a run for the door.

“Dean?! Sam?!” You yell, trying to figure out where they are – not in the library, nor the kitchen. You’re running down the corridor, trying to find them, when you almost run smack-bang into a tiny figure stood right in front of you, “Woah! What the- who the-?” You cut yourself of.

A tiny kid – no more than four – is stood in front of you, looking up at you with huge blue eyes. A shock of brown hair covers his head and he’s dressed in some kind of jeans and t-shirt combination. He winces as he sees you, causing you to look around – and, as neither Sam nor Dean come running down the corridor, you bend down to the kid’s level.

“Hey, there.” You say softly, staying at arm’s length – the last thing you want is for him to run off into this rabbit warren of a place and see something he shouldn’t, “Uh… how did you get in here?”

You’re greeted with total silence, the boy only looking at you with something that could be fear. He isn’t running, however, and is listening with rapt attention.

“Okay, then. I’m Y/N, okay? It’s nice to meet you.”

He smiles slightly, “Are you a hunter too?” He asks, his voice so quiet you could have dismissed it as a breath if it wasn’t so quiet in here. You feel your eyes widen and you nod slowly.

“Yeah, I am.” You assure him, “I’ll keep you safe, okay?”

He nods interestedly, and you’re about to ask him something else when the brothers in question appear at the end of the corridor.

“Ah, Y/N,” Dean smiles, stopping as he sees the pair of you, “I see you met Jacob.”

“Jacob?” You ask, and the little boy nods silently. You offer a smile.

“Yeah – we’re looking after him for a few days until his mom gets back from Albania.”


“She’s hunting some kind of dragon hybrid with another group, I don’t know. All I know is that his babysitter had to leave,” He pauses, drawing a finger over his throat, “And so I said we’d take care of him until she got back.”

You nod slowly, “Right, okay.”

“I know she’s dead.” A high voice speaks up suddenly, “I know the demon killed her. It’s okay, you can say it.”

All of your attention is suddenly drawn to the kid standing in front of you – he looks at you fearlessly, an unwavering courage in his eyes. It makes you smile a little, however bittersweet it may be.

“Alright, kiddo,” You offer affectionately, offering him a hand, “You must be hungry, right? Shall we find you a snack?”

He nods vigorously, that childish innocence shining through once more, “Do you have PB&J?”

“I’m pretty sure we do.” You assure him, and in response he takes your hand and you lead him to the kitchen, grabbing him a snack and letting him eat in relative quiet. You lurk by the door, keeping an eye on him and having a quiet discussion with Sam and Dean.

“You’re telling me we have a four-year-old who knows god-knows-how-much about our stuff on our hands? Did you bring clothes? A toy? Hell, how do you even get a kid to do what you want?” You whisper, looking over at the poor kid. Sam shrugs.


“Literally no child likes raisins, moron. And if they do, they’re sure as hell not going to be bribed into doing stuff with them.” You roll your eyes, “Look, you two go and fix up a room for him, okay? Lock up any weapons and get rid of any seriously spooky shit we’ve got lying around. Dean, hide your porn – seriously.” You command, “I’m gonna see what food we have and make sure we can provide for a kid – oh, make sure we have a couple kid movies on a laptop or something, too.”

They stare at you for a moment, before nodding and springing into action.

Your little venture works quite well for a few days. Cas zaps in and spends some time talking to Jacob, entertaining him with stories of the earth’s creation and everything after that. Despite the kid’s obvious knowledge and experience, he’s never met an angel before so Cas becomes an infinite source of information and entertainment for the little boy. On the third day, lunch has just passed when you get a call from an old friend.

There’s a hunt – an urgent one that no-one else can take. People are dying on the daily and it’s only a few hours from Lebanon. You pass the information on to the guys, who are equally loathe to go.

“Are you going hunting?!” The kid asks, standing up on the couch and bouncing up and down excitedly. You look over at him and smile slightly.

“I don’t know, kiddo.”

“Can I come?”

“Excuse me?” Dean’s eyes widen at the thought of actually stringing a four-year-old along on one of these, but he seems enthusiastic.

“I’ve never been really hunting before. I want to go. Pleeeeeease can we go?” He begs, “Pretty please? I’ll be really good, I promise!”

You all share a look, and then a silent, almost undetectable nod. You raise an eyebrow at the little boy who stares at you in rapt, obedient attention.

“If we do go, you have to promise to do what we say, when we say to, okay? And you can’t come when we actually get the monster.” You lay it out for him, but he nods enthusiastically, bounding over the back of the sofa and latching onto your leg at breakneck speed, almost crushing your knee in a tight hug.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“Psst, Y/N?” Jacob asks, pulling on your sleeve. You look down at the kid as he links his fingers with yours, pulling you down to his level. You lean down beside him as he whispers into your ear, “Can I do this one?”

“What do you mean?” You ask. He smiles mischievously.

“You know how you and Dean pretended to be married?”


“Well, will you pretend to be my mom?” He asks. You stare at him for a moment, before nodding slowly.

“Sure, if you want.” You don’t know why you’re going with a four-year-old’s plan, but he’s incredibly intelligent for his age, right?

“Awesome. C’mon.”

While Sam, Dean, and Cas went to do their FBI routine with the victim’s families, you took Jacob to scope out the town. You’re both dressed casual, but you’re on cue to act as a reporter at any moment – however, you’ve ended up zeroing in on an older woman who, apparently, has lived here a while – if anyone’ll know the local mythology, it’s going to be her.

Before you have a chance to react, Jacob runs off in the woman’s direction, leaving you eating his dust. You run after him but he’s quick, making ground way ahead of you.

“Jacob!” You call after him, playing with his roles. He meets up with the woman, who is sat feeding the ducks. He hops up on the bench beside her.

“Hello!” He says brightly, and she smiles back at him kindly.

“Hey, there, little boy. Where’s your mama?” She asks. You catch up, placing your hand on the boy’s shoulder.

“Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry.” You apologise profusely, but the woman chuckles.

“Don’t worry, dear, it’s not very often someone says hi to me. So happily, as well. What’s your name, son?”


“What a lovely name, and mama?”

“I’m Y/N.” You smile, perching on the bench beside the kid, “Thank you.”

“No problem. What brings you to our little town?” She asks, offering Jacob a piece of bread. He accepts readily, tearing off a hunk and tossing it to the birds in the water below. His little face lights up and he launches into an excited explanation.

“We’re on a adventure! We’re with mama’s friends and we’re driving – one of her friends is an angel!” He says, his voice hushed, “It’s really cool!”

“Really?” She asks, looking at you. You chuckle, letting Jacob climb up onto your lap.

“Yes and no,” You explain further, “I’m doing a project for my univertity course,” You lie flawlessly, “With a few friends in the same class. It’s for my English Language course, we’re studying local urban legends and trying to find a few real, live local ones.”

“Ooh, a summer road trip.” The woman grins, her eyes alight with memories of adventure, “Well, I’m sure I can help you there.”


“Sure thing, sweetheart. I know thing or two about this town – I’ve only lived here fifty years.”

“Would you mind? It would be amazing, if you have the time.”

“Not at all…”


“What did you think, Y/N? Was I good?” Jacob asks, motioning for a high-five as you exit the park. You hold out your hand for him to hit, grinning away – you got everything you need and more.

“You were amazing, kiddo! In fact, you were so awesome, I think we should meet back up with the guys and go get ice-cream.”

He looks up at you, an excited grin on his face, “Really?”

“Yeah, really. I’ll call Dean, and we’ll go find somewhere.”

You meet up with the guys and find a pretty little ice-cream parlour, getting some treats and pooling your info. You’re sat in between Jacob, who is animatedly talking to Cas about his adventure with the old lady, and Sam, who turns to you.

“I think he’s taken quite the shine to you, don’t you think?” He asks softly, motioning to the little boy. You laugh softly.

“I bought him ice-cream. What’s not to like?” You offer, but Sam shakes his head.

“It’s kinda unfortunate, though, isn’t it?” He whispers into your ear, making sure Jacob doesn’t hear, “Like… knowing about this so young. It’s like we’ve stolen his childhood and he doesn’t even know it.”

You nod slowly, “Yeah. He seems happy enough, though – he knows he’s safe, which we never had.”

“I suppose.” Sam agrees, “I couldn’t raise my kid like that.”

“Me neither.” You agree quietly, taking a spoonful of ice-cream.

“You’d make an awesome mom.” Sam smiles, “One day, I bet.”

“You think?”


I Don't Want to Hurt You a Naruto oneshot

Title: I Don’t Want to Hurt you
Prompt: Sakura wants another baby, but after what happened during her last pregnancy, Sasuke doesn’t want to take the risk. A gift for patienceshantel.
Main Pairing: SasuSaku (with mentions of NaruHina)

“Well that was unexpected.” Sakura Uchiha said, an amused glint in her eyes as she sat next to her husband. “You usually give in.”

She had just tucked Sarada in bed. Sasuke had finally came home for a visit and as usual, Sarada had begged to stay up later than she usually did. But much to her surprise, Sasuke didn’t give in to his daughter’s cute pout and try to convince Sakura otherwise.

Sasuke poked her forehead. “I’m going to be staying for a while, so I figured it would be better to not incur your wrath.”

The pinkette giggled. “I’m glad you’re back Sasuke-kun.” She lightly poked his forehead back. After the war, it had become a ritual of sorts for the pair to do so upon Sasuke’s return. But when he was going to leave again, he would be the only one doing the poking. “Have you seen Naruto yet?”

“Not yet.” Sasuke answered. “But I saw his wife and female spawn. She’s getting pretty big.”

“Yeah she’ll be starting her first year at the Ninja Academy soon.” Sakura replied. She adored Himawari, Naruto and Hinata’s youngest child and only daughter. It was probably because she was the one to deliver her. “Hinata’s more anxious the future kunoichi.”

Her husband chuckled softly. “She’ll have dobe number 2 and Sarada looking out for her. She’ll be fine. It’s the teachers I’m worried for.”

‘Dobe number 2’ was Sasuke’s nickname for Bolt, Naruto’s oldest child. It was fitting due to how Bolt inherited his father’s mischievous behavior.

 "Well maybe if Naruto can find time off we can all go eat out to celebrate.“ Sakura suggested excitedly. Maybe she could convince Shikamaru to do her old teammate’s paperwork.  Babysitting Inojin, Shikadai, and Chouchou ought to do it. Sakura mused.

Sasuke 'hn’d.

Sakura smiled in a 'it-can’t-be-helped’ manner. Old habits died hard after all. She laid against Sasuke’s shoulder, sighing contently when she felt him lean back. It wasn’t often, but when Sasuke did show affection it was subtle and it spoke volumes.

"I wouldn’t mind it.” The dark-haired male finally answered after the small comfortable silence passed.

The pink-haired girl nodded happily, “Maybe we could get Kakashi-sensei and Kurenai-san too.”

“Sure, he can entertain the kids.”

The kids… Sakura paused a bit before opening her mouth. “Speaking of kids…”


“Sarada has actually been asking if she’d ever have another sibling?” She felt Sasuke stiffen.

“And?” His tone was sharp.

“Well I was thinking that maybe we could-”

Sasuke didn’t even let her finish her sentence. “No.”

The small moment of comfort had been ruined. Sakura leaned back, feeling her eyes beginning to moisten. But she didn’t cry. “But Sasuke-kun-”

“I said no.” Sasuke interrupted again, staring Sakura down with his black and one Rinnegan eyes shining. “We aren’t trying again." 

Sakura stood up, indignant. "We both no I can still bare children, this isn’t fair! This isn’t just about you anymore Sasuke, it’s about us now we’re a family!”

There was no ’-kun’. That was a clear sign that Sakura was furious. “Sarada’s asleep,” Sasuke attempted to calm his hot-headed wife. “Don’t-”

“Don’t try to change the subject on me Sasuke.” Sakura cut him off this time, but her voice lowered all the while. “I want us to talk about this, Sasuke.”

Sasuke stood up as well. “Very well Sakura.” His voice was cold. “Do you remember what happened the last time you were with child?”

Jade green eyes blinked in surprise, not sure how to really take the question. “I gave birth to our daughter.” Sakura answered, her voice oozing with 'duh’.

“And?” Sasuke prompted.

Sakura tried to keep her irritation at bay. “That’s all that happen, Sas-”

“You got sick.”

Sasuke’s face was contoured into a deep grimace that matched that of his teenage years. His eyebrows furrowed deeply. A pit of uncertainty welled in Sakura’s stomach. “You couldn’t keep anything down, you didn’t get any rest no matter how much you slept, you were constantly in and out of the hospital!”

The Uchiha patriach’s bangs casted a shadow over his eyes. “You could’ve died, Sakura. And it’s all my fault.” Sasuke’s voice was a hoarse whisper. “It’s not just the Sharingan. It’s my blood, too. It’s cursed and it’s because of that it hurt you. And I passed it on to Sarada. What if she gets sick, too? You really think I want to go through all that again and end up alone? I’m tired of hurting…” Sasuke paused to catch his breath and calm his breathing. “I’m tired of hurting everyone that is precious to me.”

Sakura gasped and felt all irritation and anger she had melt away. Sasuke was always acting so tough and strong, she sometimes forgot. Sasuke was still hurting, scared, and always worrying that he’d destroy everything he touched. Sakura hugged her husband tightly.

“It’s okay, Sasuke-kun…!” She squeezed his waist tighter.

The usually stoic male stiffened, but soon wrapped his arms around his wife as well. “I don’t want to hurt you. Either of you.” He thought of his daughter and how much he loved her as well.

“You don’t.” Sakura reassured him.

Sakura and Sarada.

They were both so precious to him.

“I love you Sasuke-kun.” Sakura said softly, her voice sounding melodious to his ears.

Sasuke kissed the center of her forehead. “I love you too.”

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Bellamy and Clarke have all their friends over for dinner in their new place, and Octavia and Raven start teasing them about being old marrieds until Clarke says well actually and shows them the ring...

The teasing’s not restricted to Raven and Octavia, but I hope you enjoy!

[AO3] [FFN]

Clarke’s pretty proud of their new house. It’s a far cry from the tiny apartment they lived in for the last three years, and an ever farther cry from the dorm rooms they lived in when they first started dating. 

She and Bellamy are finally all moved in: Clarke’s art is hung on the brightly-painted walls, Bellamy’s bookshelves flank the entertainment center in their living room, the stainless steel pots that were a housewarming present from her parents hang from a pretty rack over the stove in the kitchen island. 

Their doorbell rings just as Clarke is starting to slip back into her dinner party clothes––Bellamy may have been the opposite of helpful when she requested a hand doing up her zipper, and while she’s flushed and satisfied, she’s far from ready to face their friends. 

“You’re going to get that, and you’re going to stall them,” she tells him, running her fingers through her embarrassingly obvious sex hair.  Bellamy, on the other hand, always looks like he has sex hair, and since he’s already dressed no one other than Clarke knows what he’s just been up to. 

Bellamy grins at her. “Am I?”

Clarke raises an eyebrow as she gives up and starts twisting her hair into a braid. “I mean, I could go answer the door, but I’d have to go like this.” 

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Once Upon a Birthday Party

Captain Swan, ~5,600 words, T

Summary: When Emma hires a kids’ music performer who calls himself “The Prince of Somewhere” for Henry’s 8th birthday party, she ends up with more than she bargained for.

Note: Modern AU very loosely inspired by “Johnny Karate” aka Andy Dwyer on the sitcom Parks and Recreation (which is an awesome show and you should all watch it) and also a very sketchy spoiler going around. Anne made me do it.


“Well, clowns are out,” said Emma, staring at the screen of her laptop as she sat beside her best friend and one-time foster sister Mary Margaret in their favorite coffee shop. “Henry’s too old for clowns.”

“Good,” said Mary Margaret, “because I couldn’t bring Leo if you hired a clown. He’s terrified of them.”

“Really?” Emma raised a skeptical eyebrow. Even at just six years old, Mary Margaret’s son, Leo, never seemed to be afraid of anything.

“Really.” Mary Margaret nodded. “Clowns are creepy.”

“Okay. That’s decided, then. No clowns. How about a magician? Henry likes magic. Look at this one. The Amazing Mr. Gold.” She slid the laptop over to Mary Margaret to show her the website.

“Maybe,” said Mary Margaret. “His Yelp reviews look pretty good. Or—how about that place that brings snakes and turtles and frogs and whatnot to your house? I’ve heard they put on a fun party.”

Emma wrinkled her nose. “Yuck. No. I don’t care if he only turns eight once—I am not filling my apartment with creepy creatures for his party.”

Mary Margaret shrugged. “Fine. But the boys would love it.”

Emma ignored her and clicked through a few more websites of magicians and jugglers instead.

Suddenly, Mary Margaret snapped her fingers. “I have the perfect idea,” she said. “I just remembered. About nine months ago Leo went a party for a friend of his from kindergarten. His mom hired a singer-slash-storyteller who calls himself The Prince of Someplace. He does the whole medieval prince, knight in shining armor thing. Henry likes that sort of thing, right?”

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He really was the big brother I never had. I have to say – I hope I don’t get emotional – I always felt so respected by Cory, and I think being a young gay kid, I’ve never really felt respected very much by older straight types, I guess. But with Cory, I think we just respected each other so much and we respected working with each other so much. I think that’s what I’ll always remember – the abundant respect that he gave everyone. I think that’s why it was such a hard loss. It was so hard to see betrayed when he passed away in his life – that didn’t represent who he was.
—  Chris Colfer on his favorite memory of Cory Monteith [Entertainment Weekly] Kyary shares a tearful promise with 10k people: "I'm going to keep giving you all a fantasy"

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ended her first arena tour Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Colorful Panic TOY BOX with a final performance yesterday, November 9, at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, wowing the crowd of 10,000 with her performance.

As the title of the tour would suggest, the colorful stage set was modeled after a toy box. A gift box was lowered onto the stage from above, from which Kyary - dressed as a cute French doll in a white  dress - appeared, kicking off the concert with the song Mottai Night Land.

“I’d like to show you a poppy, psychedelic, grotesque world that takes you back to when I debuted with PONPONPON at 18 years old– a return to my roots!” Kyary explained about the theme of the concert before performing a medley of Cherry BonbonSuki Sugite Kiresou, and jelly from her debut album and first full album, ‘Moshimoshi Harajuku’ and 'Pamyu Pamyu Revolution’ respectively. A trampoline was set up on stage where her back-up dancers (dressed as the characters Jumpy and Lappy) performed amazing acrobatics.

Kyary then changed into a bright pink costume as the gift box was sorted away and performed Ring a Bell with her newly chosen Kyary Kids. After a few more costume changes and songs, she reappeared in a cute strawberry dress and matching strawberry on her head, performing Kirakira Killer on top of a giant cake (Kyary’s own idea) followed by Minna no UtaFamily Party, and lastly Explorer.

For the encore, KPP changed into her signature T-shirt and skirt combo for CANDY CANDY, after which she gave a tearful speech to the audience:

“My arena tour ends today. I really am so moved. 3 years have passed since my debut. It’s a disadvantage to be a solo artist when there are so many popular groups out there right now, so I was really worried about how I’d be able to fill 2 whole days at Yoyogi by myself. But there are so many people, from little kids to adults, who’ve gathered here… thank you.

And lately things have been going all wrong for me. Like, if I walk around outside people say all sorts of stuff about my private life, so there’ve been some times when I’ve wondered, 'Is this how tough it is to be in the entertainment industry?’ and thought about quitting, but… I’d like to keep  on giving all of my beloved fans a fantasy!”

Kyary then wrapped up the concert with Chan Chaka Chan Chan from 'Pamyu Pamyu Revolution’, ending the 2 hour, 23 song set list.

The concert will be streamed on the channel WOWOW on December 21, 2014 at 9:00 PM.

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