this partnership is very important to me

Trusting issues

[in a deadly mission against the Galras]

Lance: Keith, do u trust in me?


Lance: Keith?


Keith: *sweaty*…yeah

Lance: What was that pausa about?

Keith: Nothing.

Lance: Don’t tell me…you trust in me, right?



Pidge:[by communicator] guys, we need you move and-

Lance: Wait a minute, Pidge. This is important.

Keith: Well, you heard her. Let’s go.

Lance: Oh, no. We are not going anywhere until we clear this.

Keith: Look. It’s not personal. I just don’t trust anybody.

Hunk:[by communicator] Ouch. That hurts, dude.

Keith: I’m sorry! It has nothing to do with u guys. It’s just the way I am.

Allura:[by communicator] What is it going on here? Keith, why are you and Lance still there?

Hunk: They have problems of trust.

Keith: HUNK!

Allura: *sigh* I don’t know or care what it’s happening, but all of you are forgetting that WE ARE A QUIZNAK MISSION! MOVE NOW!

Lance: I am sorry. But how can we work together if he doesn’t believe in me?

Keith: Please forget it! I told you it isn’t personal. We have things more important to do now.

Allura: YEAH!

Lance: Hello? This a “life or death” situation! If you doesn’t believe in your partner- how it suppose you confront it? This is the kind of things we have to do like team!

Hunk:… He’s kinda right.

Pidge: it sounds very logical.

Keith & Allura: NOO!



Lance: Then, we gonna resolve them now!

Everyone except Lance: WE DON’T HAVE TIME!!!


Sui/Han at a Team VISA 2018 Winter Olympics signing ceremony, 4/25

Photos by @藻藻AlgaeZzz. Video clips by @新浪冰雪.

Part 1 - Wenjing & Cong thank the audience for supporting them

Part 2 - Playing a clip about Sui/Han’s career, injury, and World title

Part 3

Q: Who is the “teacher” in their partnership? Wenjing says they are a team and they are the same, they both learn and work hard to improve themselves. Though she was stuck in the hospital for a few months, Han Cong continued to train and run ahead. After she came back she thought, oh, he’s way ahead of me now, and then she had to run extra hard to catch up. In pairs skating, both partners have to reach the same level, and scores are given based on the weakest element. It’s very important to get both partners to the same level so they train and learn everything together - though she might still be the slightly weaker partner right now. Cong says pretty much the same thing.

Q: Have they ever bought/received gifts for/from each other when something momentous happened? Wenjing: Yes, but she doesn’t remember right now (everyone laughs). At an event this season she saw a ukelele and thought it was really pretty, then Cong bought one for her. She doesn’t even really like it, she just thought it was pretty, so this gift sticks out in her memory.

Q: Has Han Cong ever given a gift that he put a lot of thought/emotion into? Cong: Not really. One time they were competing at (2015) 4CC in Korea (Interviewer: “I bet this was the 4CC you won.”) Actually, they placed 4th that time (everyone laughs). One of their spins was invalidated and they felt very disappointed, so they went out and bought matching bags. It encouraged them and gave them the feeling that they would do better at Worlds that season. VISA cards support them everywhere in the world (everyone laughs).

Part 4

Sui/Han talk about staying in Helsinki for 2 days after Worlds to meet the presidents of China and Finland. They were very honored by the experience.

Q: What have they been doing lately? Wenjing: They just came back from Canada the day before, where they were getting new choreography and preparing for the new season.

Q: What is their new music? Wenjing: They have picked out new music but it’s a secret for now.

Q: Is the music more Western or Chinese? Wenjing: It’s a secret.

Q: Why did they choose “Bridge Over Troubled Water”? Wenjing: Last year they made a very big decision (to get surgery). Since 2012 the ligaments in her feet have been broken and some of the bone was also shattered. She has been bearing it for years because she loves skating and really wants to continue, even though it hurts. Before the surgery she was really struggling and their results were not very good. But because they had these results, they are standing here today.

Q: How did Han Cong feel while waiting for Wenjing’s surgery to end? Cong: The surgery wasn’t supposed to last very long, but it ended up 2-3 hours longer than expected. He was waiting there along with Wenjing’s mother and all the Team China leaders. When they pushed Wenjing out her face was white and she was smiling, “It’s finally over, I could hear them grinding my bones.” Wenjing: Before they gave her more anesthetics she could “taste” the saw grinding at her bones, there was a burning taste. It was pretty scary, she was crying nonstop the first hour, laughing deliriously the second, and she can’t remember the third hour so she probably fell asleep.

Part 5

Wenjing says she doesn’t understand money very well, she just swipes her credit card and leaves the bills to her mom (everyone laughs).

Asked to say something to their partner: Wenjing is thankful for meeting Han Cong on her figure skating journey. When she was little and didn’t really understand the world, he was like a locomotive pulling her ahead. Though she now has her own goals and knows what she needs to do, there are still times she’s uncertain, and during those times he is like a lamp shining on her and helping her go in a better direction. She thanks him for staying by her side all these years, no matter what they went through, they walked through pain and hardships together. This year is their 10th year of partnership, when she was in Canada she sent out a weibo message about it. This is their first 10 years and they received their first present, their first World title. In their next 10 years she hopes they will achieve even better results.

Cong: Wenjing in his heart is an incredibly strong, determined girl. She’s more amazing than all other girls. In these 10 years, especially the previous year, she suffered such a serious injury, went through the torture of surgery and rehab. Compared to others she had very little time to train, but in this time she was able to regain a level that allowed them to win the World Championships. She has given far more effort than him, suffered through far more pain than him. He hopes the future will hold no more pain for her, and in order to win more titles, they will continue to work hard together.

The X-Files MSR Analysis Series: Season 1 Episode 7

“Ghost in the Machine”

Previous episode analysis - 1x06 Shadows.

This episode is another that is quite light on the MSR, although there are a few little moments that bring a smile to my shipper face, it’s an episode that both gives as well as takes away in terms of the MSR.  There’s a disappointing moment or two between them, but it’s balanced out by some instances which point to the future depth of their relationship.  

It’s unfortunate that two weeks in a row now we’ve had pretty paltry episodes, BUT I HEAR THE NEXT ONE IS GOOD THOUGH. HUR HUR HUR.

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Yellow (Peggy x Fem!Reader)

Hello lovely people! My name is Angelina and this is my first imagine for Hamilton! I’ve been wanting to start a Hamilton blog for a long time but I’ve never worked up the courage. I have another writing blog for girl meets world, but since it ended I figured I should start this. I’m really nervous, but I hope you guys enjoy this! Please, please, PLEASE give me feedback. I would love to know your thoughts and any criticisms you may have. So, without any further ado, here is a cringe-worthy Peggy x Fem!Reader imagine :) (I know this sucks, but honestly I’m just trying to get a feel for writing for this new set of characters) 

(Y/E/C)= your eye color

Prompt List//Request Something//Masterlist

Prompts used: 

5) You’re cute when you’re jealous.

83) Are you drunk right now?

155) Do I look okay? I don’t normally wear things like this.

Warnings: alcohol/ getting drunk, cursing

Summary: Peggy slowly starts to realize that she loves Y/N, but will jealousy and one too many shots ruin her chances?


Originally posted by elo-art

Peggy’s POV

“Open up please! It’s freezing and your food is almost as cold as I am!” I hear her voice from the other side of the door to my New York apartment. I rush to open the heavy wood door and immediately drag her inside.

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How much did you cry after you heard the new songs? For some reason. I think it’s more sad than atw Bc she feels like she lost everything.

i had to digest it for a minute because first it was the song then these cutie videos and i was like asaisdkjfoisajfosiajf a lot !! at !! once !! but after i mellowed out and turned my brain back on… it really just feeels like a song that talks about pain and sadness and torn self confidence but then also love and happiness and laughter and partnership and being able to eventually focus on whats important and blot out what isn’t 

so like… bottom line ….to me….. it describes a story of  going from a place that was kinda dark sometimes and healing and ending up in a better place than you’ve ever been and i think thats very real and very honest and describes a journey that wasnt always easy but was worth it, and it’s very brave to share

Male Orgasm Control for a better sex life

Initial source : Benefits Of Male Orgasm control through applied Tantrism and Taoism
Inspired by a post by Aislin Acquati on May 1, 2013
Edited and augmented by Vulcain99 in June 2017

Other sources :

Alice Stockham – A book for every woman, 1886

Wikipedia - Coitus reservatus

“He knows how I like it,” explains Emily Darnell, a married advertising executive in her late twenties. She’s glowing as she details the sexual routine she has with her husband. “First he goes down on me, often for a half hour or so, and then when I’m right there on the verge of cumming, he enters me and fucks me viciously and I have such an intense orgasm.”
She stresses those lost two words, eyes wide with excitement. Intense… orgasm.
“But not him. He isn’t allowed. He stops after I cum so we can have cuddle time and I think it’s so hot feeling his hard cock pressed against my ass, knowing it belongs to me and his pleasure is mine to give or withold. It is quite the power trip!”
Emily is just one of a growing number of women who practice erotic sexual denial, also known as orgasm denial or orgasm control, a sexual practice in which a man is kept in a heightened state of sexual arousal for an extended length of time without orgasm. The length of time can range from hours and days to weeks and months.
“He’s much more attentive to me when he hasn’t cum for a while, much more willing to please me, to communicate with me.” says Emily. “And I’m all over him cuddling and thankful for his commitment while reminding him that it’s me who says when ”

Old knowledge practiced today

Directly derived from the teachings of Tantrism and Taoism, this way of leading a sex life between partners actually puts old knowledge into modern times. Having her man preserving his sexual energy, making it accumulating and channeling it to her is directly inspired from Tantrism. Taoism teaches us complete control of ejaculation as this is considered as a loss of male vital energy if practiced too often. The theory would be ideally having a man releasing his sperm only when the intention of procreation is there (cf. Alice Stockham) but modern society sees this otherwise as pleasure is the main drive of our lives nowadays.

If we look behind the curtain, science has shown that orgasm and sperm release are two different things and are triggering chemicals in the male brain. Spermal release through various non orgasmic techniques will ease the physical pressure the male partner might experience after longer periods of chastity. The pressure of seminal fluid in the prostatic gland might become uncomfortable and trigger an unwanted release during jntercourse so it is actually preferable to ‘milk’ the male partner when he feels that he is on the brink of uncontrolled release.

Sciences tells us also that orgasm denial builds up high dopamine levels in the brain while orgasm generates prolactin, a substance that makes dopamine drop rapidly. Without high levels of dopamine, a male partner is less attentive and loving than when kept on the edge for weeks and months. Of course masturbation with an orgasm will subsequently drop dopamine levels and thus it is important that the female partner stays in control rather than him. The couple’s harmony depends on these high dopamine levels and to keep these high discipline is required.

Now where is the issue ? Things are Males are addicted to orgasm by their biology and will search to relase as often as possible their sperm through masturbation or intercourse. This is what happens for most of them and intercourse with their partner is centered around his penis and his orgasm. Very often the female partner doesn’t even reach one orgasm while the male partner once done, gets quickly disinterested and the session is over.

The point here is to change this old rule by using ancient orgasm control technique together with modern sexual life where the female partner becomes the center of attention and in control of the male’s orgasms. Basically if the male partner is not allowed to cum when he wants, he will stay aroused and focused on her. He will keep his sexual energy, build it up and wait for her to tell him when he’s allowed to release. You can increase your male partners energy by edging him and by making him wait longer periods of time. This works only with discipline and trust. The truth is, men clearly need help controlling their cock.

Teasing and denying a man is extremely pleasuring for you and sexy to him. Eventually, you might allow your lover to have an orgasm as a reward for pleasing you and to strengthen your intimate ties. But when you finally decide to let this happen - make it HIS moment. Offer yourself to him and whisper sexy things in his ear to ever increase the sexual tension. Be focused on him so that he can release without any afterthought, freeing himself in an incredible orgasmic wave from the accumulated sexual tension.

When asked how she ensures her man isn’t masturbating, Emily said, “well – that’s the trick, he has to give you his word, and you have to let him know how disappointed you’ll be if he masturbates. Most guys who give control of their orgasm to you will at some point cheat and masturbate. You’ll soon recognize the signs – he becomes less agreeable, and his sexual response time slows. You’re able to pick up on subtle clues.”

Kimberly Thomas, a recent college graduate, has a similar approach and says, “A guy’s whole demeanor changes after masturbation. After you get to know him, it’s really easy to tell if he’s jerked off. If I suspect it, I just extend the time until he can cum again.
In some couples the game goes as far as that she physically locks his genital parts in a chastity device but this is more an SM fantasy game than a necessity. Basically this ‘game’ relies on trust and honesty. If one of the partners is not fully involved in the game and it’s rules it’s not going to work. On the other hand full adoption of the rules leads to permanent sexual excitement and a strong couple.

Benefits of Male Orgasm Denial

1. You’re in charge. He cums when you decide.
2. You’re the focus. Receive sexual and sensual pleasure the way you want and when you want.
3. You’re always desired. He’ll want you constantly.
4. The lines of communication are now open. He’s now more willing to share his thoughts and feelings with you and you are driving his desire for you with ever loving attention to make him feel that you value his commitment
5. You will explore your sex life to every extent

There are numerous benefits to women who practice male orgasm denial, and don’t worry about him, because he will experience pure ecstasy as a result. He will enjoy hours of passionate sex, rather than a short session of fucking for release. And, when you do allow him to cum, it will be a mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasm.

Your man will also gain heightened sensual sensitivity. Emily says, “My husband often jokes that he gets a hard on whenever the wind blows. I can just brush my hand across his cock, and it gets hard almost instantly.”
Make no mistake about it – Emily is in control of his orgasms but this is a 50/50 relationship where he enjoys new sensations and she gets more attention and orgasms than ever before – her lover enjoys the results of being played by a woman who has mastered this art. “My husband has become my willing sex toy and I reward him with lots of kisses, cuddles, caresses, teasings and whisper sexy words  in his ears. I can ask him to undress when I want,  to have him licking my pussy whenever I desire, to kiss and massage or have intercourse anytime. He is always aroused and ready to go. And it almost never ends with him cumming, only me.’’

Male orgasm denial is erotic for both partners, but it offers multiple benefits to women. Being in charge of a sexually aroused man is electrifying – both mentally and physically. Knowing you have the power to cause and prevent events from happening, as well as create the conditions, is exciting.
Kimberly says, “I feel very excited. I mean, I control a very key part of his manhood. I learned by experience that a horny man is an loving man,” says Kimberly. On the other side she covers him with compliments, affection, massages, flatters his cock, whispers thankful words in his ear for taking care of her many orgasms and shows gratefulness while reminding also that she counts and controls the days on which he’s allowed to cum.
This is precisely the way this partnership works, keeping him confident and aroused and her sexually satisfied to every extent.

 Orgasms – Orgasms – Orgasms

Since you decide when your man will be able to cum as a reward for pleasing you, he will make every effort to give you orgasms – with his cock – his tongue – a vibrator – any way you please. Some men can stay hard and please their woman as long as needed once they are used to restraining themselves from cumming. As a result, you can expect to have multiple orgasms.
When asked how she benefited from male orgasm control, Kimberly said, “More orgasms more often for me, harmony in our partnership and peace".

Teasing and denying

Teasing and denying is fun, and it gives both sex partners a rush. When practicing male orgasm denial, you arouse your lover until he is on the verge of cumming, and then you make him stop – he is not allowed to cum. Tease and denial can take place during sex, but you can also get very creative by using sex toys.
Kimberly says, “Tease and denial is a very important aspect. I’m really into edging and brewing guys. I also like to use some emotional teasing – like when I’m cumming, I’ll say something like, ‘No, don’t cum, I don’t want you to, resist the urge. I decide ok ?’ to him which makes him even more excited. I’ve also told him in the past a man’s orgasm is for making babies, and since we’re not trying to make a baby, why does he need to cum? This makes him even more aroused. I’ve also reasoned with him that a woman’s orgasm is purely for pleasure. It’s really fun between us as we have a huge complicity in sex.

Milking or brewing

The problem you might encounter is that your man might actually build up too much sperm in his prostate, especially if you keep him chaste over weeks or months. This might make him unstable when rocking in and out of you. To reduce the risk of ejaculation or spilling sperm unwillingly, you might want to tease and milk your man to reduce the pressure. It will slightly reduce his levels of hornyness but evacuate the excessive sperm and allow again long sessions with him in you.
To milk or brew your partner i.e. to evacuate the excessive sperm without making him cum there are basically two options. Either you tease and deny him until sperm starts to flow like lava from his cock (sexy and exciting but this can take up to an hour and you take the risk of a preorgasm through risky stimulation) or you can stimulate the prostate gland directly by introducing one or two fingers in his anus and gently massaging the prostate’s seminal gland (not easy to have him accept this in the beginning btw). This second option might be surprising and requires lots of trust but it’s very efficient and rather quick depending on the levels of fullness of the gland. Some couples even use a prostate stimulator to make sure he gets the right stimulation.

You see, when you tease your man and deny him an orgasm regularly, you are building his frustration tolerance; therefore, he becomes very affectionate and more fun to be with. Why ? Because when a man is teased and denied, he experiences a mindset change. Remember the dopamine/energy pile up ? This is the reason. As a result, he reacts much like a female does after an orgasm. He wants to be intimate and snuggle. This allows for a more like-minded, enjoyable relationship.

 An Energetic Lover

As you now know, when a man cums, his energy level declines. However, a guy who has his orgasms controlled has an increase in vitality due to built up sexual energy. The result is a man full of life who is willing to use his energy – by taking you out – communicating – massaging you - however you want.

Emily explains it this way – “In some spiritual beliefs like Taoism, orgasm control is encouraged to preserve a man’s strength and essence. Ever heard that old adage in sports that athletes should avoid sex while training? You know that brief moment after a guy comes where he gets emotionally distant and physically spent? Taoists call that ‘the little death,’” she said.

Getting Started

It’s easy if your partner is willing and trusts you. The key is the way you make him feel how much you appreciate him for leaving you in control so that you build up his trust in you. Be aware that handing over his orgasms to you is a true gift from him to you and a sign of true love and devotion to your person. Make it clear that you’re now managing this part of his life but that you also highly appreciate his commitment. This is key in the rewarding mechanism that makes him feel good for giving you pleasure and affection. It’s this that keeps the whole thing going. Being a selfish bitch that uses her man just to cum whenever she wants it will ruin the alchemy rather quickly.

If he’s not, try to explain the benefits and start having sex where he holds back for a day, then 2 then 3. He’ll get to understand how this works and how exciting it is.

How long between two orgasms ? Keep in mind that you will have to increase the amount of time he goes without an orgasm gradually, but 2 weeks to 1 month is a good time frame for a build up.
In the end it can be one per month as a routine but some couples have been seen with him having an orgasm only once per quarter and sometimes more.

The thing is that he can improve and master his orgasms or need to orgasm through tantric exercises where he releases his perineal muscles completely combined with slow breathing to evacuate the contractions leading to orgasm. That way he stays in control of his body and will serve your pleasure endlessly without fighting constantly the urge to cum.

You are the sweet princess - he is your energic knight. The ability to tame him lies in your hands.
Have you mastered the art of male orgasm control ? If not, are you ready to start?

Tag! You’re it!

I was tagged by islandfeuer to play the self-disclosure game. Play along if you like. 

Name: Michael.

Nicknames: My name is sometimes shortened to “Mike.” My adult children (and some of their friends) call me “Padre.”

Zodiac Sign: Libra. Because of course one twelfth of the population born under the sign of Libra all have keen intellects, are peaceful and fair, find partnership very important, and cannot stand to be alone. If you’re a Libra don’t be surprised if you find yourself attracted to someone older than yourself today. It’s in your stars!

Height: 175 cm. I have lost over 2.5 cm in the last few years. Because I am old.

Orientation: West.

Nationality: United States. But don’t blame me. I voted for her.

Favorite Fruit: Stone fruits.

Favorite Season: Arizona winter, Virginia spring.

Favorite Book: The collected poetry and letters of Mr. John Keats.

Favorite Flower: Gardenia, for its evocative fragrance.

Favorite Scent: See Favorite Flower, above.

Favorite Color: I am panchromophilic.

Favorite Animal: Aquatic insects of all types, but especially the caddisflies.

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Yes, thank you. I’ll have what you’re having.

Average sleep hours: Six.

Cat or dog person: I am petless.

Favorite fictional character: Sam Gribley from My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.

Number of blankets you sleep with: It depends.

Blog Created: June 2008.

Number of followers: This is the least meaningful tumblr metric I can imagine. I am grateful for any actual person who views and enjoys my photos. I doubt that they bring much joy to my robot followers, who are legion.

kctehbishop  asked:

fake dating &/or marriage of convenience?

Marriage of convenience: YES ABSOLUTELY, mmmm complicated solutions in which no one expects the two characters to love each their until OH NO. PLOT TWIST. The important thing here for me is both characters be So stoic and So duty-bound and very very good at hiding their feelings. I would genuinely love this with Joan and Sherlock from Elementary, as they’re like “this is a normal extension of our partnership and nothing weird will happen OH NO” or Varric and Hawke from dragon age like “hey I don’t want to handle my vast new fortune, if we’re married you can just take care of it, haha isn’t it chill being married because now we’re just good friends and we’re married and I want to spend the rest of my life with you always OH NO”

Fake dating used to be more my jam, but it hits my embarrassment squick so hard sometimes that I just—why do they have to kiss so awkwardly in front of their skeptical loved ones???? Please dear god!!! What I love about the marriage of convenience is the idea from everyone around them can also assume the couple isn’t actually in love, which makes the OH NO WE LOVE EACH OTHER OOPS SUCK IT all the more satisfying for the public reveal of “aw they really do care about each other”

But for fake dating, Valkyrie and Loki because they thought it would be a funny way to fuck with Thor. I don’t think it ever becomes real dating but they are horrified by Thor’s immediate and enthusiastic support of both of their happiness


Bryan Fuller on “spitters are quitters” and “button stitching”

Bryan discusses the term, “button-stitching” and trying to get cunnilingus references past network standards and practices.

“Hannibal” Naka-choko

Mason Verger: Papa would’ve loved you. He could feel the face of a hog and tell by the bone structure its genetic makeup. Breeding was very important to our father. Margot really pissed him off with all her button stitching. No breeding there.

“Hannibal” Contorno

Mason Verger: He likes music, he likes wine, he likes food and he likes you. How did you taste? Sweet, I bet. I’m sure you got a taste of him, too. Spitters are quitters, and you don’t strike me as a quitter, Dr. Bloom.

And in opposition to the historical construction of fan/producer interactions as strictly para-social relationships […], they have even formed more “meaningful” relationships with some of us – friendships, business partnerships, and connections that further mutual charitable causes. Over the course of the convention weekend, they chatted with us in intimate meet and greets. […] When one actor was informed that a scholar/fan was in the process of writing a paper about him and his relationship with his fans, he immediately expressed a desire to read the paper. If there are boundaries here between fan/scholar/producer, they are increasingly difficult to identify.

For further evidence of this we need look no further than a recent article in the popular entertainment news magazine, Entertainment Weekly. “Just do It!” […] welcomes readers to the “shipper nation,” explaining the tendency of fans to vocally champion a romantic pairing between their favorite television series characters, and to read and write fan fiction and produce videos featuring their preferred couples. The article also acknowledges the impact of shipper passions on series’ popularity. […]

Inevitably, we all bring our own passions and proclivities to bear on our research. We let our fanboy or fangirl knickers show either proudly, reluctantly, or from some negotiated position between those two poles.

Katherine Larsen and Lynn Zubernis, eds., Fan Culture: Theory/Practice (2012) [emphasis mine]

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Top 5 otome tropes! :D

1. “We’re trapped in this place and need to huddle to conserve body heat. There is no romantic tension involved here, honest. Also our clothes are probably wet from rain or snow or because we needed to wash them because a flock of birds pooped on us. So now I’m lending you my jacket while they dry, coincidentally rendering me, the Attractive Male Love Interest™, shirtless. You are flustered. I am clueless, questioning if you have a fever, because I have the observational powers of a sack of rice.”

2. “I ran all this way to meet you at the train station/airport/across town because I needed to tell you I love you before it was too late. Also it’s probably raining. Or sunset. And I missed some huge momentous event that I’ve been working towards for years, but you’re worth it.”

3. “Some horrible complication is getting in the way of a happy relationship between us. We love each other and we love our friends/families/coworkers/citizens of the country, but they don’t love us loving each other. Oh WHY is the world so CRUEL in the face of our PURE LOVE?? hold me”

4. “You’re my childhood crush, and even though we’re all grown up I realized I never actually completely got over you moving away/drifting apart etc. all those years ago when we met again by chance, and now I’m feeling things again and–wait what do you mean you don’t remember me.”

5. “We have to work together for the sake of this very important goal. There is no room for romance in this partnership. Seriously. Please stop being so amazing and making me fall for you. But I guess it’s okay, later in the plotline you’ll save my ass/I’ll save yours and we’ll realize what we almost never had and finally kiss. Just gotta be patient.”


Today would have been David Bowie’s 71st birthday. And Stereogum shared out this previously unreleased demo version of his iconic 80′s hit “Let’s Dance” that was recently mixed by producer Nile Rogers, who shared this about it:

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful career but my creative partnership with David Bowie ranks very very very high on the list of my most important and rewarding collaborations. This demo gives you, the fans, a bird’s eye view of the very start of it! I woke up on my first morning in Montreux with David peering over me. He had an acoustic guitar in his hands and exclaimed, “Nile, darling, I think this is a HIT!”

Definitely going to be spinning some Bowie tonight when I get home. He may be gone, but the music lives on.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but I'm one of those people who don't seem to enjoy the movie Tarzan as much :/ Can you please explain why you think it's a masterpiece? I'm interested in knowing why you believe that, because I always agree with your insight on everything☺️

hey no need to apologise, everyone’s entitled to their opinions and sometimes we just don’t gel with movies or books, it’s no big deal!! thank you for being so polite and for asking this, though, i really appreciate your kind words!!!

reasons why i am trash for disney’s tarzan:

  • the SOUNDTRACK. phil collins, certified pop legend, just bringing the perfect mix of rhythmic little tunes and emotional ballads and uplifting lyrics that simultaneously move the story along and get stuck in your head
  • also mark mancina is a genius honestly the score for tarzan is so beautiful, the motif for jane is one of my favourite things in the world. the score has such a unique sound and it sets the scene so perfectly and hits every emotional beat!!
  • the animation!!!! did you know that they created a brand new animation system called deep canvas for this movie?? a whole brand new system!! from scratch!!! it allows 2d characters to move through a 3d world, which is how they got the awesome effects of tarzan sliding along tree branches and swinging on vines to work so well. pay special attention to the backgrounds and you can see how many layers there are in every scene, it really does look like a proper jungle with different levels of foliage and shadow and god it’s a work of art

Originally posted by 2dtraditionalanimation

  • the character of tarzan was animated by the legendary, mind blowingly talented glen keane (also responsible for ariel, the beast, aladdin, pocahontas, rapunzel and many more). BUT here’s the best part - he oversaw his animation from france, where he was meant to be on a sort of year long sabbatical from the disney company but loved the story and character so much he decided to do it anyway
  • MEANWHILE all the other supervising animators (including the incredible ken duncan, animator for jane porter [also meg from hercules]) were back in california. they had to collaborate across timezones and continents to create scenes where their characters interacted, and look at what an amazing job they did!!! 

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  • the story. i think everyone can relate to the feeling of not fitting in, of being different from everyone around you. and the emphasis on family being those who love you - the message that so long as you are surrounded by people who love you, you are home. god. it makes me emotional
  • tarzan’s parents are two of the best looking characters ever animated by disney and they’re only in the movie for like five minutes what a waste

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  • tarzan is a character that works best in animation. he does stuff no actual man could ever do and what would look ridiculous if a real human did it, no matter how good the cgi is (legend of tarzan 2016 i am looking at you) works within the animated world. he moves along the tree branches like someone on a skateboard or rollerblades, he swings from vines like a gymnast, wrestles wild animals like a… wrestler? and it all works because of the medium
  • also he’s pretty hot ngl

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  • alSO tarzan as a character. he is a genuine sweetheart. he just wants to fit in - first with his family and then with jane and her family. he tries his best at everything, and wants to learn everything, and his curiosity is so endearing
  • OMG WAIT HOW COULD I FORGET BABY TARZAN omg his little noises when kala finds him i can’t, he’s too cute for words honestly. and he blows little bubbles in the shape of a hidden mickey??? t o o  m u c h

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  • tantor’s line of “are you sure this water’s sanitary? it looks questionable to me!” is one of my favourite lines in any film ever and it was delivered by a four year old voice actor who had to have his lines read to him because he was too little to read the script omg my heart

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  • terkina and the fact that she is totally bossy and unapologetic and everyone irl confuses her for a boy???

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  • the professor who brings like his entire fucking science lab and the contents of his whole house on this research trip to africa. like in one scene they have a goddamn chandelier hanging over an actual dining table. in the middle of the african jungle. I LOVE IT

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  • random cameo by the mrs potts and chip tea kettle and cup, which inspired the fan theory of belle and the beast being jane’s (great?) grandparents which i love love love
  • the fact that the movie very obviously shows kids to respect animals and nature, but never does it get preachy or condescending to do so. it’s worked so well into the narrative, rather than hitting you over the head with a sign saying LOOK THIS MOVIE WANTS YOU TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. it’s inspiring and showcases the beauty of nature and the animals in it but doesn’t attempt to guilt trip you into caring
  • quick side note: mountain gorillas are critically endangered and we need to save them, i am not afraid to guilt trip you into caring please think of the gorillas

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  • JANE PORTER. jane. porter. janey jane. my girl
  • jane wears a stylish big yellow dress complete with bustle to the jungle because she is a lady and that is what ladies wear. she hikes through the african jungle in boots and gloves and a big fucking dress because she will not let the norms of her time stop her from seeing the world. she is travelling!!!! to study science!!!! do you know how rare that was back in the victorian era???? VERY RARE!!! 

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  • but jane doesn’t care. she goes on this trip with her dad, and she knows all about his research and his study because she is a clever cookie and she cares
  • she isn’t embarrassed by her embarrassing dad, she loves him a lot
  • she talks to herself a lot and she uses her hands when she speaks and is an amazing artist and i just love everything about her okay

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  • jane is a freaking excellent teacher. watch that montage of her teaching tarzan all about the humans (set to the wonderful tune of strangers like me which has the most beautiful bridge) and be amazed by her mad skills

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  • tarzan is obviously smitten by her and she’s pretty impressed by his abs eyes BUT they spend at least a few months together, learning from each other and getting to know each other, before they admit that they’re in love or ask each other for any sort of commitment. they actually get to know each other!!!!!

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  • and they are EQUALS. jane teaches tarzan about the human world and he teaches her about the jungle, swinging from vines and speaking gorilla, their partnership has give and take and neither of them force the other into staying in the jungle or leaving the jungle, they just ask and then give the other person time to think about it and RESPECT THEIR CHOICES

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  • jane is the one who kisses tarzan first and i don’t know why this is important to me but it is

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  • over all the movie just makes me very happy
  • i think that everything it teaches children is v important and it is visually stunning and pretty to listen to and it has a smart heroine who is an artist and a scientist (because the two are not mutually exclusive!!) and funny supporting characters and scary villain because he’s super realistic
  • did i mention how impressed i am by the animation??? 

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  • i am very impressed by the animation!!!!

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Hi Melly, liam got signed as a solo artist and I could not be more happy. And it looks like this is for real and his team is might actually be good! I mean it couldn't have happened to a better person... if anyone deserves it, it's liam. But It's also makes me wonder about zayn's situation, many of us speculated that zayn's solo career was part of the old team's exit sabotage. But could it just be that zayn choose a shitty team? I know zayn is smarter than that but i can't help but wonder.


Because I know u a Liam Stan imma be straight up with you. I’m happy for Liam. As a Zayn Stan I’ve always had a soft spot for Liam and think he deserves the best I mean that boy carries the world on his shoulders. What frustrates me about the whole solo ordeal is that Zayn’s team have been nothing but ABSOLOUTE shit while Liam’s team seem to be doing better work in an hour. I want them both to have good teams. I don’t understand why Zayn got lumbered with the ahit team ? No shade to Liam btw.


so we all know that zany’s management is fucking so much shit up for zayn but i want to know why??? Like WHY is zayn’s management being shit when it comes to him?


 I’ve talked about Zayn’s team and his solo career a lot (a realllyyyyyy lot) on this blog over the past seven months or so. I like to call it being “Old Man Yelling At Cloud”.

 I’ve always believed, and I still believe, that FAE is really a decoy for 1DHQ, which is why everything in relation to Zayn’s solo career is cloak and daggers shady. The extremely smooth and extremely less fucky rollout of Liam’s solo announcement yesterday in comparison put the spotlight on Zayn’s fucky solo career even more.

 With that said,  I’ll put on my  Hoevestigator hat to lay out what I think is happening with Zayn’s team for you. You should know in advance that I talk a lot. I am very sorry in advance. 

Part 1: Why Zayn’s Team Appears to be so Catastrophically Shit: A Melly Manifesto

An excerpt from an ask I answered (I’m lazy, what can I say), highlights some of the reasons for why I think FAE is a decoy:

1) Listen, no team, Sarah Stennett included, is as intentionally shit as Zayn’s is. Zayn is the living embodiment of the 1D business model (merch & brand partnerships at the forefront, music very much secondary), right down to the marketed image - he’s just been given an upgraded wardrobe:

Between the constant (and intentional) social media fuckups, off-putting Cool Mom Zayn image,  critical lack of promo, an incredibly skewed deal between his team and Gigith’s, and horrendous client negligence about Zayn’s alleged anxiety and the repeated cancellations, any other team would have been fired by now.

Which brings me to my next point:

2)  No artists’ team is ever this visible. An important thing to remember with the entertainment industry is that 9 times out of 10, if you’re seeing something, it’s because you’re supposed to be. The constant and heavy presence of Ned, Sarah Stennett, and Zayn’s rented FAE friends is meant to legitimize the presence of FAE.

Ned was purposely and heavily pushed to the fandom up until the karaoke video disaster in May, and positioned as an A&R/Manager/SMM/Your Mom. Spoiler alert, that’s not how a management team is supposed to work. An A&R Rep is not a manager, and your manager and/or A&R rep isn’t with you day to day, traveling with you like a high level babysitter.

Sarah Stennett was positioned heavily in the press as “Zayn Malik’s manager”, Ned Single White Femaled in the background of every pap shot, and they even positioned Ned as the fandom savior, great protector of moppet Zayn and working tirelessly to singlehandedly prevent MoM leaks (more spoiler alerts: he can’t).

3) There’s Sarah Stennett and FAE’s curious ties to both Simon Cowell and Irving Azoff. The links are real and tangible: MYKL (co-writers on many of the tracks on MoM) are former X Factor contestants, Sarah Stennett’s clients Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea are both X Factor hosts, Sarah’s JV being funded by a company that Irving Azoff is on the Board of Directors,  and I’m a mindful hoe that isn’t forgetting about The Brits in March 2015, where Sarah Stennett decided to hang out at the hooves and forked tails table with Simon Cowell.

4) How would Zayn have even ended up with Sarah Stennett anyway? FAE is a boutique management company with a lackluster lineup. Zayn had brand recognition, a huge built-in fanbase, and talent. I have a really hard time believing that there weren’t other management companies that were vying for Zayn. So why Stennett? You can argue that she has a good track record of breaking an artist, but her ability as a manager to take an artist’s career beyond that is decidedly shit. Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora are both proof enough of that.

Part II: I regret to inform you Zayn is still with 1DHQ

If I were to do maths, there is roughly a metric fuckton of evidence that  Zayn never left the talons of Simon Cowell and Syco, and that he’s still tied to 1DHQ. That’s why Zayn’s career has been such a goat rodeo: it’s been designed to be. It is sabotage, for the pure and simple facts that Simon will not have Zayn to profit off of as an artist in the long term, and also part of a  a very really and aggressive effort to damage both Zayn and 1D’s brand in the long term. 

Here are just a few of the (many) receipts:

1) MoM was released under Simco and licensed to RCA, for all Simon Cowell/Simco/Syco tried to very poorly hide that. 

 Dan Wootton curled his forked tail underneath him  and penned an article with his own two hooves that Simon Cowell  dropped Zayn “out of loyalty” to the remaining members of 1D on July 16, 2015:

Yet on July 17, 2015, Billboard released an article - with a statement from a Syco rep, no less - that confirmed Zayn was still a Syco artist:

There was also the incident on January 29, when Pillowtalk was released and iTunes listed it as “Simco under exclusive license to RCA”. It was quickly changed to “RCA”, but not before the fandom could make screenshots, natch:

2) Zayn’s stunt/promo schedule (lol promo) is still in perfect tandem with Babygate and One Direction’s.  Zayn’s fakelationship with Gigith even began at almost the same time as Lounielle & Cherliam (Zigi Nov. 25, Lounielle Dec. 8, Cherliam Dec. 12), and also has all the same hallmarks as a 1DHQ fakelationship: everyone is getting engaged, everyone has pets, and everyone is living together within a month. 

Also, remember the time  Eleanor and Zayn’s beard Gigith provided mutual promo? BECAUSE I DO:

3) Zayn’s career has been used to push 1DHQ narratives and agendas. Take his interview with The Fader, and it’s curiously aggressive anti-shipping stance, for instance:

“There’s no secret relationships going on with any of the band members,” he explains. “It’s not funny, and it still continues to be quite hard for them. They won’t naturally go put their arm around each other because they’re conscious of this thing that’s going on, which is not even true. They won’t do that natural behavior. But it’s just the way the fans are. They’re so passionate, and once they get their head around an idea, that’s the way it is regardless of anything. If it wasn’t for that passionate, like, almost obsession, then we wouldn’t have the success that we had.”

Or that Zayn was the first 1D member to acknowledge the birth of Freddie:

4. Zayn’s cancellations (Graham Norton, BBC Radio 1, Summertime Ball), were all confined to the UK where 1DHQ is based, and were all either almost immediately reported on, or exclusively reported on by 1DHQ mouthpieces. It’s a real pattern, and all roads lead back to 1DHQ.

5. The curious case of Naughty Boy. Naughty Boy was painted the villain in Zayn’s leaving,  and cast as the person who ultimately lured Zayn away from 1D for a solo career (only to have an alleged falling out with Zayn), yet he and Simon Cowell appear to be really close bruhs, you guys!

Simon Cowell must be such a benevolent and forgiving soul ( I can’t even type that with a straight face), because Naughty Boy was at the Syco Summer Party on July 19. I present to you this real Lemony Snickett of a  photo of Naughty Boy with Cheryl, Dan Wootton, and Simon Cowell’s girlfriend:

Funny how that worked out. 

Those are just some of the Spark Notes regarding Zayn’s solo career and the associated fuckery. I fully recommend if you’re new to check out my solo!Zayn Masterpost - it’s pretty comprehensive and lays out theories regarding his sabotage-y career, his team, and lack of promo (a lot of which have come to pass). 

Thanks for reading this far - may you have an excellent day and may your hair game remain forever strong.

So let’s talk about my favorite character: Kragar from the Dragaera Series

*As requested by myself

          So Kragar’s defining characteristic is that he has zero defining characteristics to the point where he’s essentially invisible. Why is this so great? Humor value, for one. I need only point to his frustration with being overlooked by waiters while saving Vlad’s ass to give it the credit it deserves (as well as everytime Vlad comments on trying to locate him in his office. Or that one time Vlad surprised Kragar by ‘thinking invisible thoughts’ and was so ridiculously proud when he was successful). But beyond the humor, it makes for an incredibly useful skill for a jhereg. Just not a dragon. Which makes for so much potential backstory angst. 

         The most important aspect of his character, at least to me, comes in his interactions with Vlad, even from the very beginning. Like, partnership struck up, immediately supports Vlad after Vlad takes over the territory. All of his banter, the clever plan making, the bonding that occurs largely unnoticed until it comes down to Vlad going against the organization, and that’s when Kragar’s loyalty (the stuff I’m always a slut for) kicks in. If I had to pick a moment when I 100% lost any chance to turn my back on Kragar, it was the moment in Pheonix when Vlad wants Kragar’s help breaking into the prisons:

    “Find me detailed plans of the dungeons of the Imperial Palace.”


    "They’re below the Iorich Wing.”

    "What’s going on?“

    "Cawti’s been arrested.”

    A break in the conversation stretching out to the horizon, infinite, timeless. “You can’t be thinking of—”

    "Get them.“


    "Just do it.“


    I opened my eyes, sat up, and looked at him. “What?”

    "I said no.“

    I waited for him to continue. He said, "A few weeks ago you lost control and almost got yourself killed. If you lose control again you’re on your own.”

    "I haven’t asked you—”

    “But I’m not going to cut wood for your barge.”

          Damn, son. Of note is that before this, Kragar always helped with Vlad’s plans, pretty much no questions asked, no matter how crazy they were (although poking holes and developing better plans was involved)

          From that moment on, pretty much all the stakes get ramped up, which lets Kragar show off his loyal and awesome nature. Dzur really gets to show this off, with Kragar helping Vlad despite the very real chance that it could get him killed, giving Vlad a chance to show that the affection goes both ways:

“So what’s the plan, Vlad?”

I studied him for a little. He frowned. “Vlad, are you wondering if you can trust me?”

“Actually, no.”


“I know I can trust you. I’m having real doubts about getting you killed.”

As far as I’m concerned, there just isn’t enough hurt/comfort fic involving these two out there. This needs fixed, asap. Give me all the loyalty and guilt when the other gets hurt. Give it to me. Anyway, back on topic…

Actually, no. Here’s another block quote of Vlad worrying about getting Kragar killed and Kragar being snarky

“Dammit, Kragar, don’t you get it? Don’t you have any idea just how big this is? If they know you’re helping me, they will kill you.”


“They will kill you, Kragar. I don’t know how they’ll find you, but they’ll manage, and they’ll kill you. I will not wander around with that on my conscience. If you can’t figure a way to find him without it being known that you’re looking, then don’t find him.”

“And you’ll do what, then?”

“I’ll think of something.”


“That isn’t an answer,” I said. “I want your agreement.”

“I don’t work for you anymore,” he said, smirking. “You can’t give me orders.”

    Okay, back on topic. Kragar is also really good at his job, even before taking the boss job from Vlad. He gets his work done, finds stuff out that Vlad would have trouble with, and fast, and knows when to ignore Vlad’s orders. (See aforementioned attempted assassination scene). He’s there to protect his friends, and if that means risking himself and ignoring orders, then that’s what he’ll do. A very dragon trait, honestly. Which, well, that’s another rant.

       Now, for the thing that fulfilled all my fantasies about Kragar. He’s Mario’s contact (or business agent, as he prefers). The most feared assassin in the books, and Kragar is his choice of contact. Because Aliera. Delightful. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that scene. And he has kept that from Vlad for their entire partnership, because, well, it didn’t come up. And he totally didn’t heavily imply he didn’t have a way to contact Mario. That’s right, Kragar is his own character with his own life, and should honestly have an entire book dedicated to him. Of course, part of what makes him so great IS how little we know about him, but still. I want more.

    Okay, I think I’m done for now, leaving so much unsaid, and this is less of an analysis than a listing of a few of my favorite Kragar things, but oh well. He is my favorite Dragaera character and that’s that

Dear most people-

To everyone I find important anyways. I know it’s normal for me to typelikethis but I want to make this as readable as possible.

Slenderman- Sorry for basically betraying you by forming a romantic partnership with HABIT. I know that you knew we were involved, but I still feel very guilty. After all, you are my father in some cosmic way.

HABIT- I miss you, even if you are a big asshole. We weren’t really capable of real affection back then but looking back I did love you. 

Noah- Sorry for taking your (boy)friend’s body. I don’t get to choose who I possess, my vessel was chosen for me by my keeper. This seems like a weak excuse but it is true. Also sorry for laughing when I pushed you off the watch tower. It was just too funny 

Kevin- Sorry I took over your body. See reasons above. You were always a real fighter, and until the second year it was extremely difficult to maintain a hold on you. I respect that.

Firebrand- I will not apologize for a single thing i said to you bc you are a prick. Meet me on the boardwalk in 46 minutes if you want an asskicking

Anyways. I miss you all except Firebrand and I hope at some point we can meet again-

The Observer

i love sherlock and joan’s relationship so much like??? how much they trust each other with everything and how much they love each other and make each other better!!! the lengths they’re each willing to go to for the other!!! their partnership and friendship!!! and all without ever becoming romantic or sexual, because platonic relationships can be just as important!! sherlock willing to give up everything for joan!! joan threatening his dad because she’s worried he might hurt sherlock!! neither of them willing to ever leave the other behind!! “i’m better with you watson” “i think she’s the person you love most in the world” “you make me better too, you know” “we’re a team” “if you go, i go” “you know how valuable you are to me” “your daughter displays a very unique and excellent talent” “your son is a brilliant, good man, and he deserves better” “i’m not going to let you hurt him” “it’s like you have a sort of gravity and i keep getting sucked in. i was lucky to fall into your orbit” they’re so important!!!

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Platonic soulmate au with Ryuuishi and Orochimaru? I doubt he care if she hooks up (unless its with weak fools because STANDARDS WOMAN) he's asexual and has important SCIENCE to do. I just kinda want to see him be "THIS IS MINE! I have chosen this human. Other people shall now fuck off"

I am a complete sucker for this trope. I mean it. Fucking soulmate AUs slay me, and I am always a slut for platonic relationships.

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do you have sometimes yadong feels? haha sometimes i think that they are married, they are so different but work so well together

anon you don’t even know how much I love yadong… and I am 100% with you. To me they are very much a married couple.

First of all I need to mention that I think this is the sexiest marriage of two people you could ever come up with. They’re known for being the lead dancers and they both have that sexy rapper vibe that drives me insane. I think that their shared passion for dance and rap is important to their partnership and their bond. And man is it sexy too…

seriously… sexiest pairing..

but anyway, of course with any marriage these two take care of each other as well! Mainly this is seen in cases of Hoya taking care of Dongwoo since he sometimes needs to be reeled back. I also just see a lot of sweetness in Hoya when he’s with Dongwoo

and sometimes dongwoo’s well… dongwoo-ness seems like too much for hoya…. which is pretty funny in my opinion

taking care of dongwoo can definitely be a lot to handle I imagine, but hoya handles it well and with only minimal complaint. And I think dongwoo takes care of him as well. Dongwoo I feel is one of the biggest emotional supports for Hoya and also the entire group

My favorite thing about yadong tho is quite simply how much Hoya loves Dongwoo. I mean he really adores him. 

the way hoya looks at him….

and the way dongwoo makes him smile

and how he makes him laugh

and makes him act silly

but the thing that is the cutest to me with this pairing is their touchiness. when it comes to hoya I find he’s one of the least likely to participate in skinship with the others, but it’s different with dongwoo. Its normally more difficult to find moments of Hoya hugging the other members or reaching out to them, but with Dongwoo there is an abundance of cute and sweet moments

for these reasons yadong is definitely one of my personal favorite pairings in Infinite!