this part was so sweet


tae got so emotional because of namjoon . Purest love~

things i want in season 12 of always sunny:

  1. more dee
  2. episodes surrounding sweet dee
  3. more sub-plots for dee
  4. to see more dee reynolds
  5. showing off kaitlin olsons comedic talents as sweet dee
  6. more of dennis(’s sister dee)
  7. deandra “sweet dee” reynolds
  8. kaitlin olson as dee
  9. for mac to stop slicking his hair back
  10. more dee

BTS x MAMA 2016 | “I hope that our stage, our performance, and our music can be hopes and dreams for many people in the world.” 


Pacifist would be the hardest route in Underfell.  Frisk is trying so hard to befriend these horrible monsters ;;

2 be continue?

TOWER RECORDS Odaka:【#theGazettE】

TODAY ! ! ! ! !

it’s the birthday of the most handsome superstar in the whole universe, the GazettE’s guitarist Aoi-San ! ! ! ! !


we love the sceneries he creates, we love the sounds he produces, we love it all so much we can’t take it ! ! 
we hope it will be a great year for Aoi-San..! !

January 20 is the GazettE’s, no, Japan’s! no, the world’s! no, the universe’s! superstar Aoi-San’s birthday! happy happy birthday!!! He’s just so handsome and fascinating and sexy and so incredibly hot… we just love the songs that he makes!! how many times has he won over our hearts and minds with sceneries that only he could create, with sounds that only he could produce…!! at first sight, he seems cool and good-looking and everything but he can actually be very playful and kinda silly, a very shy person that also has this wonderful side that loves the GazettE and thinks of his Kouhais which is just so… what can we say… we really really love youuuuuu!!!!! never stop being this amazing star that we know you to be at full force and we will stand by you forever!!
 we hope you have a great year, Aoi-San!! here’s to you!!!!

At first I thought JJ’s fiancé was gonna be one of those people who marry someone for their fame or money but nah mate she’s so sweet she really stuck with him and made a really low moment for JJ slightly better. She loves him even when he’s not at his best and if that doesn’t redeem her for some people idk what will.


Simple and plain and not much to ask from somebody
               Come out of hiding, I’m right here beside you.

Points at Ritsu Kageyama: this is my son, he’s insecure and stressed and deserves several “i fucked up” awards, and he’s young and has about a thousand things to learn. I will protect him with my life.


I am bisexual! I’m going for drinks with this gay man, whom I have a crush on!