this part was so cute aw

guys i had the best dream ever last night so i was in this cabana?? and i was alone and then andy showed up randomly and i was like “oh my god I’m your biggest fan for real i love you so much and i love brooklyn 99 so much” and he was like aw thanks and i don’t remember what happened next exactly but basically we had this really intense conversation about whether or not they were gonna cancel b99 after this season and i told him that i know dan goor via twitter (bc I’m a loser) and he laughed and then i asked if we could take a pic together and we did and it was really cute and i was so happy and then we parted ways and later i saw him again at this festival thing but he was in a car and i ran up to the car to say hi again and JOANNA WAS IN THE FRONT SEAT and i almost started crying and i was telling her how much her music means to me and how important her art is and i asked if the three of us could take a picture together and when they got out of the car i realized that joanna was holding baby newsomberg and i just about had a heart attack so we took some more pics together and in all of them I was holding onto andy so tight and i was just so so so happy wow even my unconscious brain can’t deny how much i love andy samberg and joanna newsom

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Taylor is living the Mine music video. He run after her when she was about to give up and told her he will never leave her alone. Joe is blonde like Toby omg. I can't wait for the final part of the video 😭

Their love story is so cute when you think about it aw

Don’t lie to me again.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader,
Word count : 1,595
Warning : River is a little shit. Dad Jared and caring Jared- so cute. Angst.

Part 8 in ‘My son, Bringer of Storms’.

“Alright kid, bed time.” You informed River, putting your controller down.

“But you guys haven’t even found me yet!” He pouted.

“You have school tomorrow, River, listen to your mother.” Jared chimed in.

“Aw come on, you’re suppose to be the good, fun parent.”

You cocked an eyebrow. “Say that again?”

He looked at you, bottom lip sticking out for a minute. “Just saying, between the two of you, I could probably convince dad of more. You’ve had a long time to build defenses against my charms.” He smiled.

“Bed, River.” You pointed towards his room. “Before I choke slam you into it.” You teased.

“Don’t even pretend to be as awesome as The Undertaker.” He narrowed his eyes. “It summons him. And then he’ll put you in a coffin!”

“I don’t think he does coffin matches anymore, kid. I wish he did though.”

“Kid knows The Undertaker?!” Jensen’s eyebrows shot up.

Of course kid knows the undertaker.” River narrowed his eyes at Jensen. “Kid isn’t stupid.”

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Tarjei at Henrik’s 22nd birthday party

Dating Reiner Braun Would Include... ❤️

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+ He’s very territorial over you.
+ Frequent piggy back rides around HQ.
+ During training Captain Levi makes sure you can never be paired with Reiner because 1.) He goes way too easy on you. And 2.) He always tries to be lovey dovey with you.
+ He gets jealous quickly.
+ Reiner always likes to touch you, whether it be holding your hand or kissing you.
+ He gives the best hugs because he’s so buff.
+ Him looking intimidating to others but to you he’s a big teddy bear.
+ People wondering how he doesn’t break you because you’re so tiny compared to him.
+ His favorite kind of kiss is any kind of kiss from you. But you often find him kissing your forehead a lot.
+ When you’re upset he usually holds you and tells you to cry it all out.
+ It hurts him seeing you upset.
+ You two usually don’t fight but you do get into petty arguments because of his jealousy.
+ They usually end in kisses because you can’t stay mad at him.
+ Squishing his cheeks together when he’s angry.
+ “Aw, why are you so upset?”
+ “No, don’t do this face thing– and you’re doing the face thing”
+ “you’re just so cute when you’re angry”
+ You guys play fight literally all the time.
+ Reiner is actually really ticklish.
+ He never lets you out of your sight on trips outside the wall.

// Feels ahead. Read at your own risk. //

+ Finding out he was the armored titan completely destroyed you.
+ The worst part about it was you had to find out in the worst possible way – In front of everyone as Reiner and Bertholdt transformed.
+ They took you along with Eren and Ymir.
+ You just remember lots of crying and trying to hurt him with your weak punches to his chest.
+ They didn’t effect him one bit. He just stood there and took it.
+ “Was everything a lie, Reiner?!”
+ Silence.
+ “Answer me, dammit!”
+ “No!”
+ “Y-You lied to me! All those nights we spent together and  I poured my heart out to you! What were you thinking?!”
+ After all the tears and yelling you stood in silence looking at the man you once loved.
+ “You’re a monster…”

why do I continue to hurt myself like this

Pool Fun: Part 1 (Peter x reader)

Good afternoon lovelies! I hope you’re all having a wonderful Thursday. I’m off tomorrow so I’ll be on tumblr basically all day long, so feel free to hit me up, or drop off some requests in my inbox! I’ll need to keep myself busy. Enjoy this cute Peter one shot xoxo

Request: hii good morning, lovely! may i request for a peter X reader where they’re alone on a cool night by the glowing sparkling pool and the reader steps out in her bathing suit and peter literally goes in awe and play around in the pool for a while and then well, they make out lovingly and addictively in the pool? thank you xoxo

Warnings: Peter just gets a little handsy. 


It had been one hell of a long day. You and Peter had had an extremely rough training day with Steve and both of you were exhausted. Being the two kids, and also being the newest additions to the Avengers, Steve was the hardest on you both. He always paired you up with the top dogs like Nat, or Bucky, knowing you would lose. The thing was that he did this to prepare you for situations like this because he didn’t want you to get hurt. Today was probably the worst of the training sessions. You had to fight both Nat and Bucky, a two on one. The only ground rule during this match was that no blood was to be drawn, but that didn’t mean they could bruise you up pretty good. Within the first seven minutes you were already taking blows to the gut, falling to your knees on the floor. Let’s just say Steve wasn’t too proud of your performance. 

You had agreed to meet Peter at the pool to cool off. When you looked out your bedroom window in the Avengers Tower, you could see his figure already swimming in the pool a few stories below you. You had on your favorite bikini and threw on an old band t-shirt over it. As you made your way downstairs, you grabbed a towel and walked out onto the terrace. Peter was settled on the edge of the pool, his arms outstretched to either side of him, and his head propped up against the ledge. His eyes were closed as he tried to relax his tense muscles. He didn’t realize you were coming till he heard the sliding door close. When he opened his eyes, he saw you taking off your shirt, revealing your beautiful figure. He gaped at you, admiring every curve on your body. 

“I see you staring, Peter Parker.” You smirked at him as you tossed your towel on one of the lounge chairs. Peter immediately closed his mouth, and despite the cold water, a shade of red crept up on his face. You walked towards him and stepped into the pool, eyeing him mischievously. The two of you had been flirting back and forth for who knows how long, but neither of you went beyond that. You settled down opposite of him, and closed your eyes. 

“F/N, why do you have to drive me so crazy?” Peter was trying to be as stern as he could, but failed. His attempt made you giggle. 

“That’s the fun in it. I gotta leave you wanting more, don’t I?” You made the snark comment, trying to hold back your grin. He puckered his lips in frustration and focused his gaze on the stars. When he wasn’t paying attention, you swiped a wave of water in his direction, spraying his face. 

“What the heck was that for?” Peter chuckled, releasing himself from the pool’s edge. 

“Hmm, I just felt like it.” You opened your eyes, and winked at the flustered teenager. 

“Well, you’re gonna pay for that. C’mere!” He launched himself towards you, but you quickly moved out of the way, swimming to the other side of the pool. You propelled yourself forward, but Peter quickly caught up to you and grabbed your ankle, pulling you underwater. You yelped, your face submerging in the pool. He was treading the water next to you and you returned his kind gesture by pulling him down next to you. You came up for air, and a couple seconds later his head bobbed up next to yours. As if it weren’t enough, the two of you splashed each other, the wind carrying you laughter around the open air. When both of you were finally tired out, you pulled your wet bodies out of the pool and sat on the edge, letting your lower legs dangle into the water. Silence passed over the two of you, and you found yourself trying to catch glimpses of Peter’s face. 

“I see you staring, F/N L/N.” He smirked, turning his head towards yours. You rolled your eyes and nonchalantly moved closer to him. He picked up on this and snaked his arm around your waist, causing goosebumps to raise on your arms. You yearned for his touch. It was addicting. He looked down at you and your eyes met his. Your gaze flitted between his sparkling eyes and his lush lips, a war inside of you raging as you debated whether or not to make a move. You slightly parted your lips, begging him to lean in. He took the opportunity and pulled your body against his, pressing his lips against yours. Your lips fit perfectly in between his and he tasted of cherry chapstick. You deepened the kiss, throwing one of your legs over his body, so that you were now straddling his hips. Your fingers weaved through his hair, and you slightly tugged on it, earning a slight moan from Peter. 

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered against your lips before diving into another hot kiss. You took in a breath, and Peter seized the moment, using his tongue to explore your mouth. You didn’t fight him for dominance, you let him win. His hands ran up the sides of your body, then went down your spine, sending shivers through your body. You pulled away for a second, staring into his wanting eyes. He smirked, knowing he had finally got what he had been wanting for ages. He wanted you. Your lips collided again and his hands snaked up your stomach to your breasts, giving them a squeeze. Your wet bathing suit dropped water droplets at the action, and it cooled your heating bodies. 

“Mm, don’t get too handsy, Parker.” You said under your breath, trying to catch it. Being the tease you were, you removed yourself from his lap and grabbed your towel. Your rubbed your scalp with it, trying to stop your hair from dripping water everywhere. Peter gawked at you. He couldn’t believe that you were leaving him like this. He wanted you so bad, but you weren’t letting him have it. You knew exactly what you were doing to him, and you gave him a smug look as you walked back towards the doors. You swayed your hips and tossed your hair to the side, giving him one last smirk before slipping back to your room. 

“Keep it up Parker, I’d like to see more of you sometime.” 

I hoped you enjoyed this Peter Parker one shot! I hoped you liked it too, anon. I had a lot of fun writing this. Thank you all for sticking around my blog, I love you all. I’ll have the next chapter of “There” posted tonight. I never realized how much I love writing Peter fics. I hope I get to do more! Have a wonderful day, xoxo



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i do not have time to draw detailed comics of any sort but this au will not leave my brain so here you go, more magicstone plotline drawn with a completely different brush

part 1


I’M BACK FROM PHOENIX!! er, i mean, physically and mentally i’m back from phx. throughout yesterday and today i’ve been so exhausted i feel like saying i was back is a bit of an exaggeration

ANYWAY! it went great! despite that wildly bumpy road i hit that massively conflicted with the release of the books, about 1/5 of what i intended to have still got in. unfortunately let a ton of people down, but there were still a handful to be passed around–

–except with rob. i gave him a copy saturday. on sunday the band had still not seen it. i can not BELIEVE THIS SMALL MAN!!!!! HE WON’T SHARE WITH HIS FRIENDS BECAUSE HE THINKS THEY’LL STEAL IT BUT NOW IT’S JUSTIFIED–ANYWAY–i can’t be too mad, because i can’t describe the actual, genuine pride i felt radiating from him this weekend. i say it with confidence, in opposition to the usual, because i’ve never experienced it before. this is their first US con after the big european tour, and rob took note of everyone he saw with something i’ve made on them.

guys, he couldn’t believe it. he grabbed me by the shoulders and said, “did you know you have fans all around the world?” i was kind of just in shock, i told him it was crazy how supportive people are, but seriously. i’ve never had someone i look up to so so much say something like that in an unprompted and awed way.

i also got to meet an INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF YOU. i’m so mad there wasn’t a little space between tables i could escape through to give more hugs. like, i was devastated, and almost knocked all my shit off multiple times trying to give over-the-counter hugs lmao

from little gifts, photo ops, tears, everything. broken record, every goddamn time, but these weekends mean more to me than vending. they always have, but with a big gap between them, i was starting to feel worn down.

every time you guys remind me why i love doing what i do, why i love spn, and why it’s become such a huge part of who i am. thank you.

Haikyuu!! Fic Rec

For everyone who has sent me fic rec requests…I finally made a list! I have by no means read all there is to read, I’m terrible at bookmarking, and worst of all I know I’ve forgotten things I really liked, so apologies to all the amazing fics that are not on this list  (シ_ _)シ  With that being said…my list of recommendations for a shitload of pairings is under the cut!! 

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Therapeutic Stress Relief (Steve x Reader)

Originally posted by bellamybalke

Anonymous ask: I have a Steve request!!! I was wondering if you could do a HC about Steve meeting a nice girl from school who is super positive and all sunshiny but she has anxiety problems and just how he helps her through!

UGH y'all my writing is so out of shape. Bare with meh. Also, I’m guessing HC means hoco (homecoming)? Let’s to this. 

WARNINGS: fluffy enough to kill you 

You were alone. Your date had ditched you for some ditzy girl and your best friend got sick the night before.

So you were alone on the dance floor. Actually you weren’t permitted on the dance floor at the moment because it was a couple’s dance. You tried to act like it didn’t bother you, and in a way it didn’t, but you felt like a total loser just standing there.

You decided to get some punch and something to eat. When all else fails, food never does. It was like your life motto. Lame. But true as hell.

You were dishing out some punch when someone came up next to you. “You too?” He said.

You turned to see a ridiculously good looking guy with hair bigger and more loud than your future. Did he hide valuables in it? “Me too what?” You stuttered, still looking at his hair.

“You too as in no date,” he replied back, shrugged ever so slightly.

You grinned up at him and said, “Yeah. But at least there’s food am I right?”

A small smile crept up on the guy’s mouth. “Stmeve,” he murmured.

“What?” You blinked.


“No no, what do you mean Stmeve?” You laughed, trying to make sense of this guy.

“Oh! Sorry, I’m Steve. My name IS Steve. Sorry. Shit,” he groaned, rolling his eyes and doing a face palm.

You raised your eyebrows in amusement. Was this guy nervous around you. “I’m Y/N!” You said cheerily, thrusting your hand out and taking his, shaking it vigorously.

Steve looked startled at your audacious move, but quickly shook back. “So what’d ya say we eat everything on this table?” Steve asked, a pleasant smile on his lips.

“Hell yeah!” You shouted, causing some kids to look at you with annoyance for startling their absolutely romantic dance of mushiness.

You started collecting foods on a plate, but Steve lingered a little, watching your every move. Then he snapped out of it and grabbed another plate doing the same thing.

Once the two of you got a bit of everything you sat down in a corner away from everyone else. “I’m surprised you’re not dancing and parting with some dude,” Steve said, balancing his food on his lap. The two of you had found a snug little place where you could observe everything but be hidden away for the most part.

“Why?” You asked, eating a piece of fruit. Your outstretched feet were touching Steve’s.

“Cuz you’re cute,” Steve said in a matter of fact way. He seemed so straight forward with whatever he said.

“Thanks,” you said blushing. Suddenly the tight space seemed awful warm to you. “Why aren’t you dancing?”

Steve shrugged. “Oh ya know,” Steve said airily, but it sounded like he was hiding something. Was he hiding it in his hair?

“You can tell me?” You said looking up at Steve. Your shoulders were pressed up against each other, and you could feel Steve tense up slightly.

“Here,” Steve said softly. “Try this.” He lifted a cookie to your mouth.

You laughed and tried it, teasing back, “You’re like a mom!”

Steve looked down in amusement at your bubbly happy face. “You have no idea,” he whispered quietly.

“Hm?” You asked, munching on the sweet treat.

“I said you have nice eyes,” Steve said with ease. Smooth. Smoooooth Steve. “You’re just so happy. I wish more people could be like you.”

You blinked. Your face crumpled slightly as you looked away from Steve. “Hey?” Steve murmured quietly. “Hey, did I say something wrong?”

You wiggle your foot around, letting it collide back and forth with his. “It’s just that… I’m not always this happy. I have serious…” You bit your lip. Why the hell were you telling all of this to a boy you had just met. But something about him made you feel like you could trust him.

The fact that he was respecting your space and not trying to be all over you, like most of the guys on the dance floor, or the fact that he seemed to have a more real look on life. You didn’t know what it was but you continued. “I suffer from anxiety,” you said in a low voice, tears starting to form. You looked at your food, big hot tears falling. Just talking about it made you feel overwhelmed.

Steve sat up slightly, looking at you with slight alarm, but not that kind of alarm as in uh oh gotta go now, but the caring kind of alarm. “How so?” He asked.

You shrugged. “I just… I don’t know, I get overwhelmed easily, I get nervous about small little things… Acting happy just helps me to mask some of the anxiety,” you said, wiping furiously at your face.

Steve was quiet for a second. Then he stood up. Great, now he hates you for crying and acting like a total moron. But what surprised you was Steve taking your hand and pulling you up gently. “What are we doing, Steve?” You sniffed. You stumbled slightly and saw Steve dragging you to the dance floor. “Oh, no no! I don’t think now is a good time!” You tried to get your hand out of Steve.

Panic started to flood you. For some reason you were feeling nervous about the dance floor, and especially since you looked like a hot mess. You were about to slap Steve for being such a jerk, but before you could, Steve pulled you close into his arms.

“Did you know that dancing is said to release anxiety?” Steve said gently, stroking your hair and holding you close.

Your head was tucked up against his chest. You pulled away a little, you were slightly confused, but you actually didn’t mind being cradled. “Is that true?” You giggled softly.

Steve tightened his hug around you, making you release an unexpected sigh of contentment. “No. But hugs are said to release stress,” Steve said back. “Look, I’m not going to say everything will be fine, that’s bullshit. But little things can help you through hell. Like hugs.”

You could hear Steve’s steady heart. You wrapped your arms around Steve, following his slow dance. “Thank you…” You said in a muffled tone against him.

Steve closed his eyes and rested his chin on your head. “I’ll stand by you.”


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Hello!! I'm looking for a few super fluffy, cute enough to make you gag but still want more AUs that take place in a coffee shop, library, or book store!! Please and thank you :)

i think i can help you with that!

this post is going to be a bit long so i’ll divide it into two parts :)

library/bookstore aus

coffee shop aus

  • i tell myself that i come here because of the coffee but really it’s just because of the barista that works here every morning
    • heck, i don’t even like coffee
  • by god this is the most awful cup of coffee i’ve ever had but you looked so pleased with yourself when you handed it to me and now i don’t have the heart to throw it away
    • so yes, i am going to down this entire coffee and i am going to like it
  • you come in here practically every day and we chat quite a lot but i feel awful because i still can’t remember your name yet i can remember your order off by heart
    • i change my name everyday because it’s adorable whenever you ask for my name and it’s not what you expected you have a little look of surprise mixed with disappointment and it’s the best thing i’ve ever seen.
  • we’re both on our computers doing work and i hadn’t really taken any notice of you until you randomly airdropped a document onto my computer saying; ‘can i buy you a coffee sometime?’
  • i was having a really bad day and my patience was practically non-existent at this point, unfortunately you messing up my order was the final thing to make me snap. 
    • and yes, i did just start crying in the middle of an overcrowded coffee shop. 
      • “here, let me get you another coffee and we can talk about it if you want.”
  • i keep putting cheesy pick-up lines on your cups but i don’t think you realise because you’ve never said anything back, that was until one day i put my phone number on your cup and i actually got a text from you later that day. 
  • you were my favourite barista at the coffee shop and we’d always talk on your shift, you sometimes mentioned in passing how if we talked to much your boss would fire you - of course, you said it in such a joking way that i assumed it was just casual humour. that was until when i arrived one morning and saw you weren’t there, instead you were waiting for me in the coffee shop but not as a barista, as a customer.
    • “i got you fired! i’m so so sorry! how can i repay you?”
      “seriously, don’t worry about it. i never liked this job that much anyway.”
      “… can i at least buy you a coffee?”
  • instead of going out for dinner, we go out for coffee instead
  • you come in at least two times a day and it’s getting a bit worrying, you seem so on edge all the time and the amount of caffeine you take in can’t be healthy. 
    • i changed your order and gave you decaffeinated coffee instead
      • i looked over at you when i tasted my coffee as if to say; “why?” but you just smiled sincerely and i feel as if my heart just exploded 
  • did you seriously just order tea… at a coffee shop
  • im the new barista and you’re my co-worker, you’re the best barista in the shop and i didn’t believe it until i tasted your coffee and holy shit, how is this humanely possible?????? teach me your ways !!
  • ive never been to a starbucks before and i have no idea what any of this means and the people behind me are getting kinda annoyed, could you help me out??
    • “that makes no sense, ‘venti’ means twenty in italian not large”
      “i’ve been working here for five years and i think about this everyday don’t worry.”

- jess

send in requests!
send in submissions!

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If the modern teenage losers club were a band, who would play what instrument or sing? And what type of music would they play?


Okay so I am personally a sucker for the pop punk/emo genre and I already connect so many different songs to the Loser’s Club that I HAVE to say they are totally a pop punk/emo band.

A few reasons being that they hate their town, half of them have angsty crushes on each other, their home lives mostly suck, and they’re parents are shit. Literally all of these ingredients make a perfect pop punk/emo band.


-Richie and Beverly are the lead vocals (think “A Part Of Me” by Neck Deep) but sometimes Richie shreds on the electric guitar. Beverly’s voice is beautiful and Richie has that perfect loud boy with problems kinda voice that fits the aesthetic perfectly. 

-Stan prefers to hold the tambourine but will play piano for their more angsty/sad songs. Bill will sometimes play piano beside him (it’s cute). 

-EDDIE IS ON THE MOTHER FUCKING DRUMS BECAUSE I SAID SO. DO YOU SEE HOW MUCH ENERGY THAT FUCKER HAS? He would be all over that! (Richie looks back at him and watches him in awe every time Eddie gets a drum solo during a song)

-Ben is bass guitar because basists need focus and he has so much of it with everything he does. Ben also helps write a lot of the songs with Beverly.

-Mike plays the banjo because he is a god damn country boy and I love the idea of him playing a banjo. Unfortunately, he can’t use it much with the band though so he settles with playing the electric guitar which he also loves and he’s honestly playing it constantly whether or not they’re at band practice or just hanging out.

-Bill plays the acoustic guitar because he’s a calming person and acoustic guitars are so soothing and so is he and they have him play acoustic for sadder songs. He sings but rarely. There’s one song on their album so far that he sings by himself and it’s a song about missing his brother (Think “Brother” by Kodaline but an acoustic version with Bill’s teenage voice).



AW! @youtube just sent me a giant box of these super cute Chescaleigh pins to give to my subscribers! I think they did a pretty damn good job capturing me, don’t ya think? 😍🙌🏾 YouTube has been such a huge part of my career & the folks that work there have always been so supportive of my work, I couldn’t be more appreciative. I’m proud to be part of #YouTubeBlack & can’t wait for what’s next! • • • P.S. I’m gonna stash a bunch in my purse to give out whenever I run into people, so if you see me say hey so I can give you one! any other ideas on how to give these cuties away?


Sweet Talk - Leopika doujinshi (read from left to right)

I have no idea what became of the JP anthology this was going to be part of or if I’m even allowed to upload it or not but I’m eager to upload new stuff so here it is~! All my gratitude goes to @lynffles for giving me such a cute idea, I can only hope my poor comic/drawing skills did it some justice, haha 💦

anonymous asked:

any headcanons for raven joining yj?


  • Raven is the first girl Gar crushes on, but he’s in complete denial when any of the others tease him about it. 
  • M’Gann doesn’t initially trust Raven around Gar because she can’t gauge her intentions, and her heritage makes it difficult to see the good in her.
  • However, Gar is so fiercely on Raven’s side, that he never backs down, even when the entire Justice League turns against her. Naturally, M’Gann is swayed over because she loves her brother and chooses to believe in him.
  • Her and Raven eventually become the best of friends, developing a mental link that excludes everyone else. It makes Gar super curious whenever he sees the two of them snickering about some inside joke.
  • Raven really likes spending time with Beast Boy; he’s sweet and funny and sincere. He’s also the first person on the team to welcome her with such open arms. 
  • They become best friends, and Raven feels like she can trust him with anything. 
  • Raven knows he has a crush on her (she’s an empath after all), but chooses not to bring it up because she doesn’t want to embarrass him. 
  • Deep down, she might like him back, but it’s going to take her a while to get to admitting it. 
  • Raven is passive in battle most of the time, and it’s part of the reason many don’t trust her easily. However, the one time Gar was seriously injured and was taken by the enemy, Raven used her powers offensively in a display of great strength drawn from her anger.
  • Beast Boy is the one who gives her a tour of the facilities when she first joins up. 
  • While everyone else fears her powers, Garfield is in awe of them, so fascinated by everything about her, she doesn’t even know how to answer his questions when he brings them up. 
  • Raven finds it cute when the other boys tease him about his feelings for her; he blushes and denies it, insisting they’re just friends (but she knows better). 
  • Eventually, M’Gann tries to get them both to admit to their feelings about one another (but Raven’s doom and gloom gets in the way a lot). 
  • Beast Boy tried to get Raven alone to go to the movies, but when Bart and Jaime teased them about dating, and he denied it, they tagged along just to prove a point. He was super annoyed when he didn’t even get to sit next to her during the film. 
  • Raven has never felt more helpless than the time she tapped into Gar’s sadness and was unable to fix the damage. This is when she learns that some wounds are never meant to heal.
  • She finds his powers kind of cool, even though she’s never been too big of a fan of animals. Her introduction to him consisted of smaller, cuter critters (like a monkey, puppy, or a cat), so when she witnesses him in battle as a T-Rex or a Lion, she’s almost terrified of how much she’d underestimated him.
  • Gar always picks the car during Monopoly night, ALWAYS. In fact, he’s nearly scratched Bart’s eyes out over it. The room went pretty silent the night Raven joined and decided to take the car (unknowing it was his favorite token). He just shrugged and went with the dog instead (much to Bart’s irritation).
  • Knowing how much Raven likes to read (and her affinity to poetry), Gar tries to write her a poem, but when he reads it to M’Gann for her advice, she can’t help but laugh (not because it was bad, but because he’s so sweet and simple and sincere in his words, it’s just adorable). However, he gets upset and crumples it up, deciding against it. Feeling pretty guilty, M’Gann reads the poem to Raven (claiming she wrote it) while Gar is in the room. He nearly panics until Raven smiles and says that it’s actually quite good and very romantic, admitting that she’s sort of a sucker for love poems anyways. That day, nothing could ruin Beast Boy’s good mood. 
  • Upon meeting him, Raven is unfazed by his strange appearance and green skin. Instead, she’s more intrigued with his freckles. 
  • Gar is usually a bumbling mess around Raven in front of the others, tripping over his words, or staring at her openly (she’s just so pretty). 
  • Raven picks mint chocolate chip ice cream when the group hits up an ice cream shop after a rough battle. Beast Boy asks her if it’s her favorite flavor, and she shrugs and says she doesn’t have one, but for some reason, she liked the color because it reminded her of him. She has a good poker face, but Gar’s all blushes and heart eyes. 
  • During sparring sessions, Gar always tries to avoid fighting Raven; he prefers cheering her on instead. 
  • Martian Manhunter and M’Gann basically accept Raven as part of the ‘green’ family, even if she doesn’t quite meet the criteria.  
  • Gar stops monkeying around because he’s secretly trying to impress Raven. When she asks him about it and he says he wants to look more ‘mature’, she says that she’d be his friend no matter what he looked like on the outside and that so long as he was happy, she’d be supportive. It was the first time they hugged (with Gar pulling her in tightly). 
  • On her first night, Raven doesn’t have pajamas, and since all the girls are way older than her, Beast Boy has to lend her his (they’re the only two close in age and size, with Raven a few inches taller). 
  • There was something funny about seeing the usually reserved empath in a pair of green paw-print pants and a tight grey shirt with a gorilla beating his chest on the front.  

EDIT: Geez I’m an idiot. For some reason I totally read this as BBRae YJ headcanons. Can you tell I’m ship trash? x_x Anyways anon, if you want Raven specific headcanons, feel free to send me another ask and I’ll provide some of just her and bonding with the YJ cast. SORRY FOR THE MIX UP D:

otakunon  asked:

Idk why, but for some reason, I find it really cute when people wear their S.O's clothes. That being said, could I request an RFA + Saeran reacting to MC wearing their (or part of their) clothes? Thanks^^☆ (sorry if you've already done this)

Ayyyy~  Guess who’s back with a brand new track~~

Ok, no but really, i’m back! after a three week hiatus sorta thing? i’m sorry for that, buuuuuuuut i think i’ll be able to get back on track soon hopefully +tbh i also find this absolutely adorable! 


  • he came back from his daily run
  • when he walked in he just saw you wearing his coat and
  • he just
  • he has no idea how to react rn
  • he thinks you look so cute in his coat!
  • but also
  • shit, you are wearing his clothes… and you look good…
  • takes pics of you wearing it cause damn
  • will brag to jumin fite me

JUMIN (nsfw-ish?)

  • he was at home finishing some stuff from work
  • he was so focused he barely noticed anything around him
  • until you walked to his office wearing his shirt
  • only his shirt
  • he just looks up at you and yep 
  • he’s going to take you to the bedroom
  • work what work what are you talking about? srry Jaehee
  • he didn’t really understand why you wanted to wear his shirt but when he saw you
  • he got it 
  • you’ll have some fun alright


  • she came back from grocery shopping and she found you reading in the sofa
  • you were wearing a black turtle-neck she hadn’t seen on you before
  • after looking at it for a while she realized
  • !!! that’s her turtle-neck!
  • she blushed at first but found it cute 
  • decided to also wear your clothes
  • your closet became a shared one after that 
  • no complaints tho

In case you didn’t know what turtle neck i was referring to^^^


  • This boy was too busy gaming to notice you walking around the house in his hoodie
  • it was until he had to get up to go to the bathroom that he noticed
  • you’re wearing his hoodie!!!!
  • he thinks you look cute af 
  • “My lolol guild will never believe this!”
  • Yoosung bby pls


  • for the first time in forever he decided to take his hoodie off 
  • and he left it in the bedroom
  • sneaky!Mc decided to take it 
  • when Saeyoung came back from whatever the hell he was doing he started looking for the hoodie
  • after a while of searching for it he noticed you were playing with the robot cat.
  • he got closer to you and noticed you were wearing his hoodie
  • he’s a blushing mess
  • “M-MC take it off! it’s dirty!”
  • “Awe, but it smells like you!”
  • Error 707: Saeyoung.exe stopped working


  • this boy had been looking EVERYWHERE for his leather jacket
  • he was so close to giving up until he saw you sitting in the couch WEARING HIS JACKET
  • he just stared at you from afar until you noticed
  • “Do you want me to take it off or…?” You started to take off the jacket
  • “N-No! leave it on, you look good…” the last part was more of a whisper but you still heard it 
  • he sat next to you and you hugged him
  • you’re too cute, it’s unfair. 

tfw you get inspiration to write this but halfway through you remember you have an essay for school T-T 

Anyhow, i’m back! and hopefully i’ll be active… hopefully.

Lips Red As Cherries - Taeyong

A/N: This is such a fan fiction story oml
Anyway, this just kind of came about so, yeah
I thought about so many names, like Cherry Kiss, Cherry Chapstick, etc…
- Admin Finn

Originally posted by 1aeyong

Word Count: 637

You giggled to yourself, your gaze settling upon Taeyong’s fumbling hand. Gently, you nudged the bowl of pitted cherries into his grasp.
His gaze was trained upon the television, a sigh of frustration escaping him as LeBron fumbled, losing possession.
He popped a cherry between his soft lips, his gaze settling upon his phone.

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