this part was cute and cringe worthy at the same time

Sober - Part Four

Characters: Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon) Big Bang, Song Mino - Winner 

Genre: Angst 

Words: 5,209

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Scenario: Chocoflix & Chill

After a long week, you decide to call your boyfriend over for some


Noctis loves the idea of Chocoflix & chill with you. He can be so casual and relax around you, and forget about all his heavy duties – That is actually the best thing in the evening for him. When he flops on your couch, know that he won’t move until your evening is concluded. That means you have to hoard all the snacks, drinks, pillows, blankets and other stuff you might need over to the coffee table before even beginning to choose what to watch.

Depending on his mood, Noctis is either all over you, cuddling and hugging you, or he is partially on you, sound asleep. It’s very likely that both of these instances happen in the timespan of the one episode or movie. You might not want to plan on watching anything you really want to focus on, because when the Needy Prince™ wants to keep your eyes away from the screen, he will. On the other hand, when he is in his over-cooked noodle form, you have to either embrace the fact that he might drool on your shoulder and snore sexily in your ear, or you can try to gently push him to lie down.

In the case that Noctis is really into what you’re watching, you won’t be able to coo his interest away from the screen. Even if you would spontaneously combust, his unfaltering attention will be 100% on the stream. Any visual display of any bare body part won’t be enough to drag his eyes to you, so you have to be more direct with your advances.


Prompto is eager to watch Chocoflix with you; it’s really super cute how into it he is, no matter what you’re going to watch. He already has like a million movies and the newest episodes of both of your favorite series he wants to see, but ultimately he will let you decide. He doesn’t hold back in throwing in suggestions though.

Prompto has all his emotions laid out bare as you watch the movie. He will yelp, gasp, cheer and laugh vividly as he intently follows the plot. Cuddle up against him during the cringe-worthy, compulsory sex scene and you’ll make him a blushing mess. It’s like he already forgot that he is watching the movie with you instead of his friends. He quickly adjusts into the new world of thinking that he can lean his head on your lap (if he possibly can be still from his excitement) and let you stroke his hair.

If you would like to advance on the chill part, you have to be the one to make the first move – Like three times before he gets the hint. Even then he asks you: “You sure you don’t want to watch this?” Shut him up with some kisses and you’re good to go. You certainly won’t hear the end of it when he wants to know when you’ll be watching Chocoflix together again.


Gladio is the perfect Chocoflix & chill partner. He asks what you want and picks up the snacks on his way to your place. You’re due for a very relaxing and chill evening. However, choosing the movie or series to watch with him is tricky. Since just about anything works for Gladio, you eventually end up just choosing whatever catches your eye after a solid fifteen minutes of browsing.

Gladio is content with just having you near him, leaning on his broad chest. He is the kind of guy who feeds you snacks on the same motion as he takes some to pop into his own mouth. And he kisses your temple or neck after, and squeezes you tighter against him. At the same pace as the snacks disappear, his hands begin to wander around your body and only stop briefly when you voluntarily stand up to remove your pants.

In case he is not really enjoying whatever you’re watching, (cause in truth, the movie you chose out of frustration to just pick something already sucks) he quickly makes up more enjoyable secondary actions that leave you struggling with focusing on the screen. That also gives you the perfect opportunity to shoot snide comments about how he didn’t take part in choosing the movie. Be warned though, those comments will provoke a penalty for you.


Does it even need to be said? Ignis makes sure you have everything you could possibly want from an enjoyable movie night. He treats every casual Chocoflix & chill date with you with the same carefully planned importance as a romantic, candlelit dinner. He gets blankets, so you won’t get cold. Pillows, so you can get comfortable. The best snacks of course, and he prefers to make them by himself if he is able to allot the time. Even though you say that sometimes store-bought is good enough.

Before the evening can even properly start, you already have to tell Ignis to chill. Lure him to the couch with some kisses and have him sit down while you fetch the snacks. Bonus points if you can somehow manage to convince him to pick the movie, because he won’t hear it when you say that whatever he chooses is fine.

Ignis gladly lets you cuddle against him, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you closer. He watches the stream intently, even if he doesn’t like it that much. Expect very astute comments about the actors’ skills and props that are obviously CGI.  When you finally get him to relax like this, he thoroughly enjoys it and will say it aloud.

Getting to the chill part is tricky with Ignis, so your best bet might just be a direct attack. In that case, he prefers to pause the movie to completely focus on you and also because he doesn’t want to miss anything. Ignis has a hard time grasping the essence of Chocoflix & chill, but it is a good thing that you’re always ready to remind him.


Nyx is always up for some Chocoflix & chill, though he thinks it’s silly how you think you have to lure him to come over with that phrase. You could just give him a good, old fashioned booty call and he would be up for it just as much. It’s not that Nyx doesn’t like watching movies with you, he just thinks there is other stuff you could be doing instead. So, when you say you actually want to watch this movie, he is profoundly confused, but retorts quickly thinking: “We’ll see about that.”

Nyx is a very handsy person in general, so the minute the movie or episode starts, he pulls you under his arm. He holds you, strokes your skin, draws incoherent patterns on the side of your arm and runs his fingers in your hair. That either heightens the mood for any romantic flick, or pretty much spoils the mood for any other kind of movie. It’s hard to concentrate on following a car-chase on screen when you’re partially holding your breath to feel where his hands travel next.

Eventually you won’t be able to focus on the movie and just give into his touch. Not that he is actually making the moves in hoping you would advance things further before the end credits, but he sure as hell doesn’t mind you straddling him and blocking his view to the screen. It is best to just satiate him first and then put on the movie, essentially ruining the purpose of Chocoflix & chill.

of red lips and diners

request: Can you write one where hes so crazy in love with the READER,he confesses his love and at first shes shocked & didnt answer,Eggsy feeling t'was a mistake confessing and leaves heartbroken but eventually she visits him to tell him she loves him more💕

pairing: eggsy unwin x reader

gender: fluffy fluffness~

word count: 1975 words

p.s.: okay, so this is my first time writing for kingsman. I decided to start this blog because i feel like there need to be way more kingsman fanfiction hahaha. Hope you like it!

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Cold Suit ~ Tony Stark (IRON MAN)

Part 2: (will fill when written)

Pairings: Tony Stark x reader 

Warnings: Implied smut 

Words: 1,996

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As fun as it is working for Tony, he spent so many hours operating on his suits down in the basement to the point where you weren’t sure if you even still had a job or not. The only use you seem to have for him is a catering business and wearing short skirts and low cut v-neck blouses for his amusement.

Not that you minded or anything, he never seemed to stress you out to the point where you wanted to quit, but most times he drove you off the walls.

Today was one of those days because he’s been in the basement for almost six hours now.

“Mr. Stark, are you even still alive down there?!” Laughing silently, you attempt to carry down the glass of ice water and plate of fruit you had prepared for him.

“What do you think y/n?” As you make it down the steps, realization hits you as to why he’s been in the basement for so long.

He was remodeling his suits, figures.

Not admitting it to him, all of the suits he remodels always end up looking like the same one before but just more polished and cleaner. It was kind of adorable how excited he got over them, and irritating how defensive he would get when it came to talking about his suits.

“Just marvelous Tony, now please take a break and rest for a little okay?” Smiling nervously, you place the plate and water on one of his tables. “You’re tired?”

“What are you wearing?” Ignoring your question, you can hear the mechanic sound of his suit as he walks over to you. It always felt weird when he communicated with you from the inside of it, the intimidation was little but you felt more… submissive? That may be the correct word; you felt more docile whenever he was in the thing.

You looked down at your outfit in confusion, all you were wearing was a long silk, satan red pajama blouse with a pair of black lace panties which were invisible to his eyes because the silk garment was covering them. You weren’t wearing a bra either, but you didn’t think you’d be able to tell very well unless you took the time to look.

This was what Tony had given me?

“Well, it is almost midnight Mr. Stark.” Chuckling tensely, you tuck a loose strand of y/h/c behind your ear and twirl your bare foot against the cold tile. “Don’t you think you should take a break?”

You look into the bright bluish LED-lights of his eyes and feel yourself stiffen; he seems so dominant in that suit. Not that Tony Stark isn’t powerful in his human form, it’s just that when he’s in his ensemble, it’s different

“God, you are gorgeous…” You blinked a couple of times at him, nervous and embarrassed that he’s able to see you and read you, but you weren’t able to see him.

It didn’t make sense as to why he was making a big deal about what you were wearing. It wasn’t like he hasn’t seen you in revealing clothes before.

“Why thank you Mr. Stark, but I honestly believe that it’s time to -

“Why must you try to ruin such a glorious moment?”

Looking at him in disbelief, you shake your head, “you need to go to bed.”

“Oh? Since when are you in charge around here?” Luckily his tone was playful, and he didn’t seem offended by your demanding comment.

Then again, all you’re looking at is a suit of armor with eyes that burn daggers through a person. Why must he make his suits seem so angry?

Perhaps it has to do with the whole authoritative and dominant look he’s trying to give off?

You glance at him when you can hear him moving again, but this time he’s moving closer to you which causes your heart to stop. To be honest, you’ve never actually gotten this close to him while he was in one of his suits before and now that he’s standing right in front of you - it’s more intimidating than you had imagined.

There was just something about him being in his suit and giving off an assertive feel that got you anxious. You’ve discovered that even just watching him work while he’s in it has made you feel the same way, even if he’s just testing it out.

“Y-You’ve done a very nice job with remodeling again!” Attempting to smile, your lip quivers slightly.

He stays silent, bringing his cold suited hand up to touch your bare shoulder, provoking a shiver and flinch as if he was going to hit you.

“Relax…” Was all he said before bringing that cold hand up and down your shoulder, caressing it as smoothly as the armor would allow. Luckily he wouldn’t be able to feel all the goosebumps he was creating on your fragile skin.

It felt odd, nothing compared to a human hand touching you but you’re shy to admit that you enjoyed it.

You couldn’t tell if he was looking at you or not, you wouldn’t bring- you couldn’t bring your eyes up to meet his bright ones or else you’d probably be put under a trance.

“Why haven’t I seen you in this?” His tone hinted of sadness?  

“Maybe because we’re both in bed, something we should be doing right now.” You take a deep breath, then realize how wrong your sentence sounded.

Slapping your mind a million times, but the seductive laugh coming from Tony told you he felt differently.

“Mr. Stark, that’s not what I-

“I like that idea very much Ms. Y/n…”

He brings his other cold suited hand to your thigh, playing with the silky fabric with his armored fingers. Every so often that cold robotic finger would brush up against the inner part of your leg, stirring up those butterflies in the pit of your stomach.

It’s a good thing that you being frozen at this very moment isn’t literal. You were submitting under his touch, and there was not one regret you had.

Well, maybe one.

“I work for you…”

The whole thought of sleeping with your boss was hot and all, but inappropriate.

Inappropriate? He’s getting a feel of you while he’s in one of his newly remodeled suits!

“And if I fire you?”

That sure as hell snapped you out of your trance; you jumped back with a horrified look on your face. “Fire me? Mr. Stark you can’t be serious!”

He grabs you with both of his cold hands and pulls you close to him, pressing his cold suit against your small body.

Him being within a proximity allowed you to realize that he has upgraded his suit and not just fixed it up like normal.

Unfortunately, though, the eyes of the suits still made him seem angry.

“Maybe it’s best if I fire you…”

You gasp as his armored hands suddenly come into contact with your butt, squeezing it with no regrets. Your voice had caught in your throat, and you weren’t able to respond to his sudden gesture nor immediate termination.

“After all, it would be improper of me to express my fondness towards you now wouldn’t it? You’re fired y/n, but how do you like the new suit? It’s a MARK XLVI, it took me quite some time to make it, but I think it turned out pretty damn cute don’t you?”

You stand there agape while his hands are still planted on your butt, he had just fired you, and he’s casually talking to you as if this is nothing.

“Don’t worry babe; I’m going to rehire you for a different type of job.” This sent a rush of calmness throughout your body but with that peace came a whole boatload of nervousness and anxiety.

His hands finally move from your butt and up your body, but as he moves his hands upwards, he makes sure to bring the hem of your silk lingerie up along with it, revealing your black lace panties and bare thighs.

“Shut up JARVIS, I’m busy.” He wasn’t talking to you, but upon hearing him talk to JARVIS, you started to reconsider what he was doing.

Ashamedly you had to admit; you were enjoying it.

“And you’re telling me that for the past couple of months, I have not gotten to get a piece of you in my bed?” He clicks his tongue, the head of the robot shaking ashamedly. “Would you mind if I changed that?”

Shaking your head without thinking, you gulp, “no Mr. Stark.”

The truth was, you would let him take you in his suit but considering there didn’t seem to be a compartment down towards his… erm, robotic lower regions -

“As adventurous as that sounds y/n, my suit isn’t made for something like that…”

You look away, blushing like a madwoman after realizing he caught your eyes wandering south. That sure as hell wasn’t embarrassing.

“But, that doesn’t mean we can’t try…” his cold fingers graze over the front of your panties, “other things.”

Your breathing starts to pick up at the thought of him touching you with one of his cold robotic fingers, those butterflies raging up a storm in your stomach now. You weren’t even sure if it would work or not considering the size of his-

“Mr. Stark, with all due respect I don’t think we should-

The front mask of his suit opens revealing his beautiful human face, he does look pretty exhausted, but it felt better being able to read how he was feeling instead of looking into those cringe-worthy eyes of his suit.

Now that you were looking at his human face though, your submissiveness to him seemed to falter.

He goes over to the table and grabs the glass of water you had brought down to him, taking a drink of it and also picking up a couple of grapes and popping them into his mouth. “You know how long it takes to design a new suit? A damn long time. Would you sleep with me if I was in a suit?”

He seemed to be walking around and messing with some of his gadgets while he was talking to you, which made you a little more relaxed knowing he can just have a conversation like this without needing to sit down and look at you.

“If you want me to be blunt Mr. Stark, I’d sleep with you if you were in or out of the suit.” Sitting down in one of his chairs, you felt that this conversation would be something you’d need to sit for.

“That would be fun… it would need some proper adjustments though.” Now he seemed to be talking to himself again, focused on looking at new blueprints.

The whole fantasy of having sex with him in the one thing that helps him save the world got you excited.

Yes, it intimidated you, but the anxiety was thrilling.

“Mr. Stark?” You grip the sides of your panties and wiggle in the chair, trying to get them off.

“Yes?” He’s not looking at you.

Shutting one eye, you aim for the table where he seems to be studying at and slingshot your panties over his way - bulls-eying it right on his sheets of paper.

“How about we try those other things you were talking about?”  

He turns to you, and you’re able to see the smirk on his face before the front of his mask closes again.

i was thinking about the social media/texting habits of my favorite husbandos and here’s what i came up with (the examples are stupid i’m sorry, also I didn’t finish part 4 yet so it won’t be super accurate)

  • Joseph (young) - capitalizes first letters but abbreviates a lot. Doubles/triples punctuation a lot. Loves “lol”, “lmao”, etc. also all the caps. Loves taking ridiculous pictures and videos of himself and other people. Thinks the Snapchat filters are hilarious. Extremely full camera roll. Following tons of meme/funny pages. Spams emojis. Favorite emoticon is “XD” and uses it frequently.

Example: “R U coming????? XD” “Wyd” “Plsss lol” “WHERE R U”

  • Joseph (old) - Think old people on facebook but with some of the same habits as when he was young. Doesn’t know how to use Snapchat and is always asking for help with technology. Gets really mad at lag/slow internet.

Example: “So proud of my grandson.. today he finally became a Marine Biologist!!”  

  • Caesar - Always proper grammar, besides some errors in English here and there. He isn’t as good at writing english as he is speaking it. Only ever uses one emoji at a time. He’s more experienced with the Italian “internet language” and uses the text talk that’s been developed in that tongue. Posts overly sexy/beautiful selfies with filters. Loves the snapchat filters that make you look nicer. Always compliments nice pictures of girls and tries to flirt through messaging. Reposts and likes a lot of photography.

Example: “Please come down the stairs” “I’m sorry for bothering you, but you looked absolutely beautiful in that picture you just posted.”

  • Jotaro - Short sentences. Never double texts. Rarely posts on social media and thinks it’s a waste of time. Everything is grammatically correct. Leaves people on read all the time. Often refuses to respond if he doesn’t feel like it. Despises clickbait.

Example: “No.” “What do you want?”

  • Kakyoin - Similar to Caesar, without the errors in Japanese/English and with more emojis, since he’s pretty visually oriented. Uses more emoticons. Always replies right away or as soon as he can. Likes to watch Let’s Plays. Since he’s more of a loner, he doesn’t interact with people online all the time but shares and browses stuff a lot on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Likes Pinterest. Enjoys watching gaming channels. Gets pretty creative with his Snaps and draws on them. Likes inspiring quotes/videos.

Example: “Hello!” (to initiate a conversation) “How are you doing? *happy emoji*”

  • Hol Horse - No caps except when he’s yelling. Uses abbreviations sometimes but not frequently. Does the “Wyd” “What would you do if I was there” “Haha and then what ;)” thing with girls. The way the tries to talk to women through texting is hilariously cringe-worthy. It doesn’t work as well if it’s not in real life. He doesn’t seem to realize this. Has games on his phone. Loves the winky face.

Example: “hey ;)” “you know what i say, it’s always better to be #2!”

  • Josuke - Capitalizes, but no periods. Uses Tumblr sometimes. Likes cat/cute animal videos. Falls for clickbait. Doesn’t like the dark humored/hurtful memes. Has a lot of games on his phone and even plays the unpopular ones that died out like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. You can expect to get a lot of game requests and invitations from him.

Example: “Are you ok? ;-;” “I have to go to class now, sorry”

I want to do one for Rohan but I haven’t gotten to that part yet sorry

 oh no this is all cute and I love it, 10/10

Precarious // 6

mafia!bts: park jimin
precarious: adj. dangerously insecure or unstable
Psychotic, that’s how he viewed himself. He was a precise hitman who never made a mistake, until now. Set on an all kill mission, he brings back more than just blood stains.
word count: 1057
warnings: explicit language, violence

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I will be updating less frequently bc school is starting again and I know i will not have time to update )): im sorry, but i am tremendously happy for all the love and support for my stories so far <33 thank you all so much !!!

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Jimin ignored you the first couple of days when you were back. He was obviously upset with you for causing such a mess. 

“You had one job.” He yelled sternly at you. He was right. You couldn’t even complete a simple task. You deserved it, and let him fume out his anger. 

Your scars were healing with the regular, proper cleaning. Jin helped you bandage them up because Jimin wouldn’t respond when you would call for him. Besides Jimin, you didn’t really talk to anyone in the mansion. 

Namjoon was almost always in his work room. He only left for food and sleep. J-Hope and Suga were busy with drug trade, so they were out most of them time. V and Jin were busy making the drugs and separating them into different packaging. Jungkook flat out hated you and avoided any alone time with you at all cost. You ended up feeling very lonely and isolated. 

You didn’t fit in and even if you tried to, you would screw things up. Empty days led to a vast exploration of thoughts. You often would think about your brother and your mother. Thoughts of Yugyeom and where he ended up would sporadically arise. Questions to why you were still even alive would always pop up. 

You wondered everyday why Jimin or anyone else hasn’t gotten rid of you yet. You were an extra waste of space. You contributed nothing to the team all the while eating their food and using their necessities. Things wouldn’t change around the house and it was an easy task to kill you. You just never understood what went on in their heads.

Jimin needed to be mad at you. You were unable to complete the given task, so you should be punished for it. However, ignoring you only made him want to talk to you more. There was a constant itch to speak to you. He wished to talk to you forever, to hear your voice.

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  • is the most embarrassingly affectionate person you’ve ever met 
  • literally throws hearts and winks at you from across the street when you two are meeting up for a date
  • his goal in life is literally to make you a flustered mess 
  • even if that means he has to do something big like serenade you in public or something small like grab your hand under the table at a restaurant 
  • has a plethora of nicknames for you 
  • it can go from something like ‘sweetheart’ to ‘squishy fluffy creampuff’ real fast with this one 
  • “Seungcheol stop calling me ‘squishy fluffy creampuff” “Alright……ultra squishy fluffy creampuff.”
  • lip sings to bigbang songs and makes you join in even if you tell him you don’t want to 
  • likes resting his chin on to top of your head especially when he has his arms wrapped around you from behind too 
  • is mischievous so his hands are gonna wander up your shirt every now and then 
  • if you squirm or make a sound it’s only going to egg him on because he thinks your reactions are v v cute 
  • also enjoys cuddling with you much more if you’re wearing one of his hoodies 
  • he’s a whisperer as in…..he whispers things into your ear all the time…….could be sweet nothings……could be……..more than that…..
  • has a habit of holding your face with his hands and kissing the top of your eyelids especially when you two are saying goodbye like it just makes him feel like he’s giving you a seal of protection because you are the most precious thing to him and he is always anxious when you have to leave by yourself
  • oh did i mention that he’s super duper protective 
  • always has his hand around your waist in public, always makes sure you’re walking on the inside of the road, literally would lay his jacket down in a puddle so you could walk over it ok he just wants you to be s a f e 
  • gets a little angry when someone pushes into you accidentally on the street and you have to be like seungcheol, it’s ok, they didn’t mean it and he just gets all grumpy like “wELL they could have said SORRY” 
  • he’s a big bi g flirt so even after you two start dating he’ll slide up to you with some cheesy pick up lines or just randomly be like “hey, i like you a lot” and you’ll be like well i damn hope so seungcheol we are in a relationship afterall
  • sometimes his flirting means that he gets friendly with others very quickly and if you get jealous well…..he’ll apologize and devote all his attention to you but….not before teasing the living heCK out of you 
  • “are you jealous? is it because you admit im handsome and other people like me? you think im handsome enough to be jealous of? hmmmmm?” 
  • when he’s jealous though, seungcheol can sometimes take it as a competition and starts purposely getting comfy with others to see you ticked off
  • when you don’t get ticked off he gets pouty and just starts to butter you up with lots of aegyo and affection because please no you cannot ignore him any longer….
  • his background on his phone is a photo of you and him together that he made vernon take when you all went to busan together 
  • seungcheol keeps changing your phone background to the same photo even if you say you want to make it something else 
  • “matching phone backgrounds are the new couple item.”
  • he got you couple shirts once but then hoshi asked him if he thought they were really a good idea so seungcheol re-thought giving them to you and now they’re in his closet and he keeps thinking of when would be a good time to bring them up with you……
  • he likes animals a lot and so he’s always taking you to pet shops on your dates and being like “well what if we adopted that dog? or that cat? or oh- what about a bunny?”
  • he’s very open and bright about your future together because he really does see spending the rest of his life with you a very real option 
  • even though he’s the leader of seventeen and the oldest, he’s still a kid at heart so places like the carnival, amusement parks, beaches, etc that kind of stuff is the kind of stuff he wants to do on dates with you 
  • but of course he also has a very gentlemen-y side in which he takes you out to restaurants and then out to shop and is basically the perfect boyfriend who holds all your things and let’s you buy whatever it is you want
  • as a thank you all he wants is your undivided attention for the remaining part of the night. if you catch my drift. 
  • if you wake him up in the morning with kisses and breakfast in bed then according to seungcheol: you’re doing it right !
  • he really enjoys home cooking so even if you’re not good at it like he will eat anything you give him. anything. mostly because he’d be like “it’s made with your love~” and you’d be like “stop being cringe worthy and eat the soup.”
  • as much as he likes to eat, he likes to make sure you’re eating too 
  • likes it when you order seconds because good. you’re growing. you need the food. (aka dad seungcheol comes out) 
  • would go into a bouncy castle with you 100% 
  • but because he’s the leader of seventeen there is a lot of stress and responsibility on his shoulders 
  • sometimes he can let it out with harsh words or a cold shoulder, but not because he means it, but because he reacts too fast on his feelings and if you’re still there through the thick and thin and you give him strength through your comfort than he will cherish you even more
  • sometimes all he needs is a “you can do it!” text at three in the morning from you to keep him going full speed ahead 
  • actually he tries not to text you late because you should be sleeping but sometimes he’ll get tired and so dino will actually steal his phone and text you like ‘seungcheol is low on energy, please send a cheering up selife!’ and when you do dino shows seungcheol the picture and seungcheol doesn’t even scold him for taking the phone he’s too caught up in your cute selfie
  • he called you his moon and stars and literally all the members cringed minus dino who was like “true love is so beautiful hyung”
  • when you’re upset, seungcheol reacts in two ways: either he becomes your shoulder to cry on and he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better OR he gets super pissed at whatever/whoever hurt you and you have to assure him it’s fine - he doesn’t have to get mad 
  • but he’s still fuming of course, the thing he hates most in the world is seeing you on the verge of tears and he’d literally rip apart anything that threatened you 
  • when making out with you seungcheol is intense and quick and his kisses leave you breathless
  • he prefers having your hands in his hair because he likes it when you pull on it a little 
  • is a bottom lip biter so he does that a lot to tease you and you have to keep being like “seungcheol we do not have time keeP GOI ng “ but he’s a big tease like LOOK AT HIM 
  • presses his forehead to yours inbetween heavy breathing and tells you you look so perfect and heavenly in this moment and his voice just gets deeper as he gets more romantic and you hate it but you love it bu T you HATE it 
  • sometimes when you won’t listen to what he’s saying he’ll kiss your most sensitive spot and it’ll make your knees tremble and you’ll be like sEungcheol that isNT FAIr and he’d just give you the puppy dog eyes like it isn’t fair to ignore me either~~~
  • secretly keeps asking hoshi to help him choreography a couple dance he can teach you 
  • hoshi: “literally. chill.” seungcheol: “i can’t chill. i love them.” 
  • he loves it when you come to support seventeen. he knows it can be dangerous for you to come publicly like this, but just seeing you in the crowd makes him put in that extra work because gotta look good for the bae 
  • runs up to you afterwords and forgets that he’s sWEATy as he pulls you into a hug and you’re like seungcheol pUT me Do w n and he’s like i can’t i love you too much!!!!!
  • saying ‘i love you’ is easy, it rolls out of his mouth like just another thing but it’s never just…….fake, it’s always real because seungcheol loves you with all his heart and he doesn’t just show it by saying it 
  • “if im the dad of 17 then all the members are your kids, right?” 
  • even though he’s usually very open about being cheesy with you, he actually doesn’t tell you that you’re a big part of his muse when he’s trying to do better even if it’s get better at dancing or singing or rapping, like he has never told you but one of the thoughts in his head is “ive got to get better for them!” 
  • chases you around the dorm while threatening to tickle you to death 
  • literally got on his knees and bowed to you when you brought over mouthwash and toothpaste for everyone 
  • kisses your hand out of habit every now and then and you get blushy because c’mon……that’s…..gros- great it’s freaking great 
  • seungcheol/s.coups is literally the boyfriend that would protect you and stand up for you whenever and wherever but also embarrass you in front of the whole world just because he loves you so mUCH  

check out;
wonwoo’s here –> (x)
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My LI Journey in The Freshman

As we embark on the final book of The Freshman series, I couldn’t help but think about all the LIs I’ve had my MC date and why I’ve chosen one suitor for her who I intend to stick with from here on out. It was kind of challenging to do this because I was forced to realize that not all my decisions were well thought out or made for good reasons. I guess that’s okay, since it’s just a game, right? But now I feel much more confident in what I consider to be my final LI decision!

First, let me start off by saying that I’ve had my MC date both Chris and James in previous play-throughs for the first two books. And when book 3 was released, I chose to not import my book 2 data and instead chose to be single. Why? Because I realized I had no strong attachment to either character as an LI for my MC. I adore them as characters and friends, but that’s as far as it went for me. Sadly, I had my MC date them just so she wouldn’t be single and, to me, that was a crappy reason for her to be dating anyone. So, to resolve my own conflict, I made her single which is what I should’ve done in the first place.

I’m also one who prefers to stick with one MC and ideally one LI throughout. I know it’s limiting, but it’s my preference. I just don’t get the same enjoyment playing as multiple people through multiple play-throughs. I’m not sure why, but I have to accept this about myself. This is the first time I chose three different LIs for a game and though it was interesting, it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Okay time to break down the 3 LIs my MC has dated. I’ll present the same set of topics for each and at the end, I’ll explain why I chose to not stay or stay with each one. Also, they’re presented in order of appearance (and also in the order my MC dated them).

Off we go!

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Camp - Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by damianwayme

Words: 1493
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Featuring: like everyone
Warnings: Swearing, kissing lol ooh
Requested by anon
Hi! I was wondering if I could request a writing based off of the Avengers at summer camp in 2 teams & they face off & do competitions against each other. (I’m not sure if u have ever seen Smosh summer or winter games, but kind of what they do.) All of the avengers are staying in a giant cabin in the woods, but they all have to have a room buddy. While at camp, the reader spends a lot more time with their teammate Peter, seeing as they are both the youngest & already best friends. The 2 are found cuddling & holding hands a lot, even though this is pretty normal for them. What isn’t normal is finding the pair making out on the couch after they thought everyone had gone to bed for the night.
Also, thank you to @thatrejectfangirl // @rejectedmarvel for helping me understand Smosh games and @jaderbugz // @imaginingadifferentlife for helping me become unstuck :)

Masterlist. Request List.

You were thinking about this whole thing Tony and Cap set up as they both called out names.

“Rhodey,” Tony started.

“Bucky,” Cap was next.

You wondered what would happen with this as the group split off into two. Would this hurt the friendships?

“Widow,” Tony called.

“Sam,” Steve nodded.

Would you at least get to room with someone you could get along with?

“Spider-boy,” Tony said, and you looked up quickly.

“Thor,” Steve went on.

What if you have to go against your best friend? What would you do?

“Vision,” Tony looked around at who was left.

“Wanda,” Steve smiled.

Knowing there is only two chances left for you to be with your best friend, you were panicking.

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Call Me Noona (Lay x Reader)

 Ciao, my loves~ I’m going to get right to the point on this one: it’s a requested dominant!reader fic, so yeah. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’m excited. You should be excited. Let’s do this shit! (Warning: I have no idea how sex clubs work in real life. I only know what I’ve seen in the media lol) Hope you enjoy!

P.S. You all love Lay so much, don’t you? He’s my most requested member!

Originally posted by taendelion

It was no mystery you worked at a sex club and for what reason. Because you had that pride of yours, you made sure to tell everyone just why exactly you were wearing the skimpy lingerie and serving crusty business men drinks. 

Money of course. 

 You’d just entered your second year of university and you’d clearly not anticipated the cost, which led you to being a hostess at a sex club. Although you were definitely hesitant at first, the pay was immaculate and since you were still under twenty one, you were put on a pedestal in the club. So to say. 

 The other woman were fiercely protective of you, playfully calling you their baby and so on. You’re not one to refuse being babied, so you went along with it, grateful for the way they looked out for you. It was convenient when some greasy man would try to put the moves on you and one of your busty mother figures would ‘accidentally’ step on his toe with her five inch stilettos.  

 Not only did you think the pay was incredible, but the job itself was easy enough. Just like the famous geishas in Japan (although not as elegant), a man couldn’t force himself sexually on you, you had to give consent first. Usually though, notifying the bouncer was necessary because most didn’t understand that no meant no. They thought no meant yes and that buzz off meant take me I’m yours. Of course, you’d said yes a few times and didn’t regret it. But most of the men you were with were young, single, and kindly enough, making your time with them a little more bearable. 

 Your manager bustled throughout the sparkling club, telling girls to adjust their push-up bra or thong with just a look. Important and wealthier than usual guests were going to be arriving that night, so she was making sure everything was spick and spam, not a single hair or high heel out of place. She finally came over to you a gentle smile on her face, “Since you’ve been here for almost a year _____, the girls and I thought you’d like to wear something…a bit more you.“ 

 She handed you a small -and of course glittery- bag and encouragingly pushed you towards the dressing room, making you suspicious as to what the girls had schemed over behind your back.

 With a sigh, you closed one of the curtained changing rooms and stripped off your old, sexy lingerie, secretly grateful to get out of that uncomfortable bra. You pulled the tissue paper from the bag haphazardly, expecting something cringe worthy like a crotchless thong or see through bra.  

 You were genuinely surprised when you pulled out the cute, white ensemble. It was modest, in terms of looks, and rather flattering. The silky bra was simple, with a delicate pink bow in the middle, and accentuating your cleavage just enough to tease a man. You nearly jumped for joy when you saw that the bottom piece was not a thong, but regular underwear. Still sexy and alluring, but cute at the same time.
You twirled in the mirror, giddy to see your butt cheeks were hardly exposed and walked out of the changing room. Everyone was waiting outside the changing room, their delighted coos and squeals making you blush happily.

 It was said every hostess had her own ‘appeal’, so to say. One girl was ‘quiet’, while another was ‘angelic’; you on the other were supposed to be 'innocent, cute, and youthful with a hint of spicyness’. At least that’s what your manager ecstatically described your appeal as. 

 Speaking of which your manager pulled you to the side, her voice only within your ears’ reach, drowned out to other’s by the thumping music that started because guests were beginning to filter in. She placed her hands on your shoulders, ”_____,“ she was speaking in her mom voice, “A few very, very important guests are going to be arriving soon, and I have a special assignment for you. She pulled out a picture from her bra, handing it to you,
“This is Zhang Yixing, your personal guest for the night. He wanted to be waited on by someone exactly like you, so this is why you’re only going to be entertaining him tonight.” Your studied the picture, taking in his chiseled jaw and kind brown eyes…you gasped, suddenly realizing you knew him. You looked up at your concerned manager, panicking, “I can’t wait on this person, I know him!”

 Your managers perfectly kept eyebrows furrowed, “What? How?" 

 You looked over your shoulder, checking to see if he walked in yet, "He went to the same university as me, graduated just this year. I can’t wait on him, I had classes with him for Christ’s sake!" 

 Your manager gave you that look, the look your mom gives you when your in trouble, "I don’t care if you’ve played beer pong with him at some god forsaken frat party, you’re going to attend to him,” her frown softened seeing your distress face, “I doubt he’ll even remember you _____. He’s young, famous, and wealthy, and you know you need that money if you want to keep attending school." 

 You took a shaking breath, resigning yourself, "I know." 

 Your managers lovely brown eyes suddenly lit up as she looked behind you, "Oh! He’s here _____, look!" 

 The photo of Zhang Yoxing did no justice to the god-like man that walked through the door. He was all suit and tie, dark hair perfect, and lips looking perfectly bite-able. He was unabashedly checking every girl out, his tongue tracing his bottom lip as his eyes flicked up and down the perfect bodies of your friends. You gulped, suddenly intimidated by how gorgeous and confident he was. 

 You spun to your manager, "You’re sure he requested someone like me? Because it sure looks like he’d prefer someone a bit more…flashy." 

 "I’m telling you ____-ah, he requested someone exactly like you." 

 You fanned yourself, suddenly embarrassed by how flustered you were getting, "I’m not in the greatest shape right now. I don’t think I can do this." 

 Your manager looked excited as she pushed you out onto the main floor, "This is what he wanted though! Someone all cute and blushy like you. Now get out there and win yourself some moola!" 

 "B-but!…,” you stuttered, but it was too late to go back now. You gulped once again, fixing your hair nervously as you began to approach his table, the most expensive in the whole joint, hidden behind a heavy velvet curtain in its own little corner. He was accompanied by other young money who were just as attractive to be honest, but you were on a mission and only had one man to please: Zhang Yixing. 

 You didn’t realize how your face was still pink as you tapped on his shoulder lightly, “E-excuse me? Mr. Zhang?" 

 He turned around and his lips parted slightly, his tongue licking tantalizingly over his bottom lip again, "Hello there, gorgeous.”

 You gave a shy smile, “My name is _____, and I’ll be taking care of you this evening." 

 Suddenly around the table, one of Yixing’s friends smirked, his eyes flicking up and down your body, "Wow, Yixing. Looks like you’re the lucky one tonight. If I’d known she was so pretty, I would’ve booked her myself.”

 Yixing rolled his eyes, giving you a sincere smile, “Don’t mind Baekhyun, he’s just jealous because he doesn’t have someone as cute as you.”

 You smiled, finding yourself genuinely pleased at his complement, “Thank you for being so kind, Mr. Zhang-”

 "Please,“ he interjected, taking one of your hands and guiding you down onto the dark patent leather seat beside him, "Just Yixing is fine, ____.”

 The way he said your name sent a shiver trembling up your spin, “Is there anything I can get for you?" 

 He smirked, his hand still holding one of yours. He stroked the back of your hand gently with his thumb, "No. Just you is fine." 

 You smiled, scooting a bit closer to his side, playing coy, "You sure? I just want you to be,” you reached over and straightened his tie for him, “As comfortable as possible. Let me know at once if you need anything." 

 His lips parted in surprise, but he smiled, his dimples showing up cutely, "Oh, I’ll make sure to let you know, ____-ah." 

 You noticed his head tilting down toward yours slightly, but you turned away suddenly, shocked that you were nervous to kiss him, "Um, I…" 

 You froze when you felt him turn your face to his again, his hand gently grasping your chin with eyes full of understanding, "You don’t have to be ashamed _____,” his lips were just a hairs breath away when he chuckled, “I knew it was you all along." 

 You couldn’t breath, but managed to mumble against his soft mouth, "What do you mean?” You could feel your lips graze his with every word. 

 He was lightly tracing your bra strap on your shoulder, his dark eyes watching his finger ghost of your skin, “I mean, that I know you’re the same _____ that I took classes with. The cute underclassman who was always at the top of the class and giving me a run for my money for the top spot." 

 You felt tears prick at your eyes as you turned beet red, wanting nothing more than to crawl into a hole and die, but you managed to choke out, "I’m sorry. Please don’t tell anyone, this is the only way I can make enough money to pay for university-”

 Yixing cut you off, pressing his lips onto yours. You could taste the salt of your tears as he kissed them away, “Don’t worry, by the end of tonight, you won’t be needing this job anymore.”

 You looked at him confusedly, “What are you-" 

 You gasped as he pulled you close for another searing kiss, his tongue begging for entrance as his hands scorched your skin wherever they touched. You finally granted him entrance, which he eagerly accepted, letting his tongue caress every inch of your mouth. He tasted like everything that was right and when your tongues twined and smoothed against each other, you felt truly aroused for the first time.  

 He knotted his fingers in the ends of your hair, his teeth tugging at your bottom lip just enough to tease you. Yes, you were supposed to be sweet, innocent, or whatever bullshit they called it, but in bed, you liked to be completely in control of the situation. As payback for the lip biting, you slipped your hand up his thigh, ghosting over the halfway aroused tent in his pants, making him groan in frustration. 

 You mumbled against his kiss, "Looks as though you’re wanting a little more than some kiss tonight, Yixing.”

 You teasingly unzipped his dress pants, letting your fingers barely graze his now fully erect dick. He gritted his teeth, “Please, _____,” he was practically sweating now, “Is there anywhere more private we can go?" 

 You smiled sweetly, zipping his pants back up and patting his bump playfully, "Of course,” you stood up and took his warm hand, “I did say I’d get you anything remember?" 

 You led him upstairs to your private customer room, letting him walk through the door before snapping it close. Your personal sex room was simple, but romantic at the same time. A king-sized bed was the centerpiece of the room, draped with the softest silk sheets the club could buy. A single nightstand stood to the side, in the drawer contained what you referred to as the 'essentials’: condoms and lube. You liked your room, but you clearly liked it more when Yixing was in it. 

 He looked like a lost puppy standing in the middle of the room, his erection still standing proud. You didn’t notice it before, but even restrained by his pants, you could tell he had both length and girth. With a smirk you walked up to him, draping your arms around his neck as you brought your lips to his. While distracting him with your kiss, you lightly slid his suit jacket from his shoulders, smiling slightly on hearing his relieved sigh. You pulled away from him, his dark eyes looking down at you confusedly, but you just grinned and climbed onto the bed, making sure he got a full view of your ass as you made your way to the headboard.

Yixing smirked, his eyes glazing over with arousal as he reached a hand up to undo his tie. Your own smirk dropped as you watched him let the tie snake off his shoulders as he took his time unbuttoning his shirt. You hardly realized you were doing it, but you were grasping the sheets in an iron grip as you watched him give you a little strip show. You moaned when he bit his own lip, looking at you from under his lashes as he unbuckled his belt. Each clink setting you on edge. You wanted nothing more than to ravish him right then and there. He looked completely fuckable to be brutally honest: slightly mussed dark hair, bruised lips, a light dusting of sweat to accentuate his chiseled body, and his painfully erect dick just hanging out there for you to take. 

 You lifted up a finger and beckoned him closer, your voice breathy but commanding, "Come here, Yixing.”

 To your surprise he obeyed, crawling onto the bed with you in all his naked glory. You were thrilled to bits he wasn’t against your bedroom dominating personality like the men you’d been with in the past were. In fact, by the way he’d shivered, you couldn’t help but think he even liked it. 

 He leaned down and kissed your ribs one by one, making his way down to your hips, his tongue dragging along your skin. You let your hand fall to his dark head and stroked his silky hair as he settled between your legs, your new panties already on the floor before you realized it.  

 You drew his strong jaw with your finger, lifting his chin so that he looked you in the eye. Your tongue traced your bottom lip as you captured his gaze, wanting his full attention on your every word, “Eat me out, Yixing. Make me feel good and I’ll reward you." 

 Yixing was more than happy to do as he was told as he dipped his tongue into your folds immediately. You moaned as he lapped at your already soaked heat, his lips sucking at your most sensitive bundle of nerves. He’d yet to even penetrate you and you were already a melty puddle of goo.  

 You threaded your fingers through hair when he suddenly pushed his tongue into your heat, stroking your insides with his wet muscle. You cried out when he began to hum, his hands squeezing your trembling thighs as you felt the tip of his nose push against your clit repeatedly as he thrust his tongue into your hole. You began to stutter his name awfully, feeling your climax approaching, "Y-Yixing!…Wait!" 

 He pulled back his face full of confusion, "Have I done something wrong ______? Did I hurt you?" 

 You answered by pushing him onto his back, attacking his lips as you tasted your sweetness on them. You straddled his waist, his member pulsing with need against your thigh. He groaned at just the slightest touch of your fingers, his eyes squeezing shut in pleasure. You scooted back, taking a hold of his erection with delicate fingers. Yixing let out the cutest of moans the moment your lips touched the head, tonguing the slit with a smirk. As soon as you took his whole member into your mouth, he let out a strangled groan, his hands racing to your hair. As you bobbed your head up and down at a savory pace, you let your tongue lick up the underside of his dick, tasting the precum that’d been leaking there this whole time. Your own hands slid up and raked down his defined abs before settling on the base of his dick, to pump his member teasingly. 

 His voice rose an octave and you knew he was about to come, but you wouldn’t allow that, you were having too much fun. You gazed up at him, loving how simply distraught he looked in the dimly lit room. His voice trembled with need as he tugged at your waist, ”_____, please!…“ 

 You took his hand off you gently, reaching behind your back to unclasp your bra, sending it sailing onto the floor with the other articles of clothing that had been shed hastily. He tried to prop himself up onto his elbows, but you pressed his chest back into the mattress, straddling his waist in the process. You let your fingers trail across the skin of his shoulders and down his arms until you laced both your hands with his, "Yixing, baby, that was only just a taste of what you’ll be getting tonight.”

 While you’d been sucking him off, your core had become aroused again, dripping lewdly down your thighs and onto the sheets. It surprised you when you felt and saw it because you’d never been so aroused before. You leaned down and kissed over Yixing’s strong jaw, leaving dainty butterfly kisses all over the sensitive skin of his neck, causing him to hiss when you would nip playfully. 

While you were distracting him with your kisses, you’d managed to line your entrance with his member, anticipating the delicious feeling of his thick member inside of you. Biting your lip in want, you slowly slid yourself onto him, his voice cracked as the pleasure hit him too. The two of you sat there for a minute, relishing the feeling of your joined bodies and how perfectly they fit together.

 Lifting yourself up, you teasingly sunk back down onto him, gasping his name. He struggled to free his hands from where you’d pinned them with your own, but as soon as he saw the look in your eyes, he knew that tonight someone else was in charge. You rolled your hips as you simultaneously bounced up and down on his member, your walls squeezing him perfectly. He moaned loudly when you bent down to kiss and suck at his chest, leaving small hickeys in your wake. Although you had him pinned, Yixing still managed to not let you do all the work as he rolled his perfect hips up into you, creating a dance-like rhythm. 

 He moaned, tossing his head back, “Ah! ______!…” You hushed him, leaning down until you were at his neck, “Tonight, I want you to call me Noona.”
If he’d forgotten that he was older than you, he didn’t seem to mind because as soon as you brought your full attention to sliding on his member, he was calling for his Noona. 

 Yixing looked up at you pleadingly, his dark eyes wild with lust, “Faster, Noona!” You complied, turned on by how desperate he was for you to fuck him into oblivion. As you sped up your pace, his erect member smoothly bent with every swivel of your hips, pushing against your g-spot deliciously. You could feel your end approaching and could tell Yixing was about to blow any time now, so you began to bounce on his hips more haphazardly, slamming down in his member aggressively. 

 He cried out as you pummeled him harder, “Please let me come inside you Noona!" 

 You gasped for breath, but still managed to tease him, "You want to come inside of me, _____? Do you love your Noona that much?" 

 Although his gaze was hooded with lust, you saw something real underneath it, "I love her more than anything." 

 At that point you were shell-shocked, releasing his hands and letting him take a hold of your hips and thrust up into you like a depraved animal. His grip on your hips would leave bruises, but for now you were completely content to let him do all the work for once. You orgasmed first, crying his name loudly and clenching tightly around his member, causing him to simultaneously orgasm as well. You milked the hot seed that shot powerfully into you, coating your walls one spurt after another. Yixing groaned after each shot of cum, feeling you tighten around him.  

 You leaned down and kissed his lips gently, your eyes softened with adoration, "Yixing?…" 

 You slid out of him as he pulled you down to his side, his arms wrapping around you comfortingly, ”_____, I really mean what I said earlier.“ 

 You pressed your forehead to his, your noses bumping cutely with each other as you gave a genuinely shy smiled, "Really?”

 He barely breathed as he spoke again, “Yeah. I really love you.” You blushed happily, burying your face into his neck, “So much for the whole rule about falling in love with your client." 

 He propped himself on his elbow and strokes strands of your soft hair, "Too bad you won’t be needing to follow those rules anymore." 

 You quirked an eyebrow, "What do you mean?" 

 "Let me take you away from all of this,” he whispered, his hand cupping your cheek, “I’ll help you pay for university. I mean I know you’re probably to proud to accept my money, but-" 

 You kissed his lips, grinning at his surprised face, "Are you kidding me? I want nothing more than to be able to not walk around in lingerie for a bunch of crusty businessmen." 

 He chuckled, a bright and heart-lifting sound, "You sure? I mean, you’re awfully good at what you do.”  

 You swatted at him playfully, “You would know too.”

An Eye for Poetry - an Olicity fic

Summary: Oliver and Felicity make great use of the fridge magnets that they’d originally bought for their kids to play with.

Words: 1502

Notes: So my friend Brianna posted this tweet and I haven’t really been able to stop thinking about it since. So this happened. You’re welcome, Bri. I hope you all enjoy this! Please let me know what you think!  Thanks to @ghostfoxlovely for helping me pick names for the kids. I’ve literally never written a fic where they have kids before and I had no idea how stressful it can be.

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Waking up on Sunday morning was always bittersweet for Felicity Smoak.

It was nice because Oliver always took the kids to the park early so she could sleep in or get the house cleaned or read a book or do some work or whatever she felt like doing. So she was grateful, she really was.

But it also meant that almost every Sunday she woke up in an empty bed and the house was too quiet and both of those things never made her feel like doing much at all besides waiting for her family to come back.

She never thought she’d ever be one of those wives and moms who misses their family as soon as they leave her sight, but over the last 3 years, that’s exactly what she’d become. And it was especially bad on Sundays. She just didn’t have the heart to tell Oliver that she really wished he wouldn’t take the kids out so early. They all always came back so happy and excited and she knew they’d had a great time, Oliver included, and she just couldn’t bear to take that from them for her own purely selfish reasons.

Today, however, was different.

She’d woken up and rolled over to Oliver’s side, slipping her arms under his pillow and breathing in his scent, the way she always did when she woke up without him, only this morning, she’d found a note under the pillow. Grabbing her glasses excitedly she’d found that it was written on a piece of notebook paper that had been torn messily from the book and it was slightly sticky with… something, she assumed it was maple syrup or maybe juice from some strawberries, and it said;

Morning, mommy!
We left you a message on the refrigerator! And there’s pancakes on the table!
Love you,
Emilia & Isla

PS Daddy had nothing to do with this
PPS Daddy also said the pancakes would be cold by the time you woke up but Isla cried so we made them anyway. They’ll probably still taste good if you microwave them for 3 minutes.
PPPS Sorry about the kitchen. We were driving daddy crazy and he had to get us out of the door before he cried. He says he’ll clean it up as soon as he gets back and we’re taking naps.

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SHIPS Could They? Should They? Will They?

 There has been a lot of discussion (again) around ships especially since it looks like there is a shake-up among the characters; whose with who and what relationships are ending and some that might be beginning. Currently Connor’s relationship is strained due to Robin’s health; Nina is paranoid as all get out because Will is back to publicly making goo goo eyes at Natalie. Natalie and Jeff broke up, Tate and April broke up, and Vicky and Ethan are done too. And who the hell knows what’s going on with Sarah and Joey as they are trying to pull Rexton 2.0, the bootleg version, out of nowhere. Which made me wonder about all the ships; their pros and cons and what could happen or if it should and better yet will the writers ever do it….most of these I’d say no cause I just don’t believe it but it’s fun to see.

(I’ve only paired the ones that I have had people talk to me about or I know other people actively ship. Obviously the sky’s the limit here.)

Let’s start with the big 3.

Natalie Manning and Will Halstead

Ship name: Manstead

Why they work: Will genuinely cares about Natalie; he cares about her well-being and there is a protectiveness that he has for her. With that being said Natalie seems to have walked into a relationship without the effort or the pressure. She gets along with Will effortlessly and their friendship deepens because she doesn’t have to think about betraying Jeff or what it means in the big picture, the feelings she has for him snuck up on her and there is something nice about that.

Why they won’t: A lot of shippers that love Manstead forgot about his behavior in the first season towards her. It’s the classic I can’t have you so I’ll treat you like shit. She was originally written pretty tough, witty, and someone that would never take his shit but as we watched her mourn her husband in-between him gas-lighting her every other episode (Like literally after the first 3) she lost a lot of her autonomy and her toughness and it dissolved the other half of the ship. Also another easily forgotten line is that he literally told her he was in love with her but not willing to wait while she mourned her husband that hadn’t even been dead a year….yikes.

Connor Rhodes and Sarah Reese

Ship Name: Rheese

Why they Work:The show has a very had time filling in the gaps for a ton of their characters but it’s hard to believe that Sarah didn’t grow up wealthy. Her mother is a lawyer and from the sounds of it a litigator and a very successful one. She may not have multi-million dollar Dolan Rhodes money but they are by no means poor…and that’s just a maybe, Connecticut (where Sarah is from) is one of the richest states in the nation. Anyway these two would bond over feelings of inadequacy as being a doctor in the world of monetary elites is still not that impressive so they talk about what it’s like to have everything and still be neglected and disrespected. He can take her to any place and she gets it because she was raised similarly.

Why they Won’t:Canonically Connor kind of has a thing for feisty women, both Robin and Sam were assertive and he’s drawn to a woman that will put him in his place. Sarah is just now getting comfortable in her skin let alone telling someone else how theirs should fit, also Connor is a bit of a rebel ; South America for med school, Riyadh for his residency. Sarah follows the rules.

Will Halstead and Connor Rhodes

Ship name: Rhodestead

Why they Work: Canonically these two really should already be best friends, they both lost their mothers, have one other sibling, strained relationships with their fathers, and special connections with their mentors whom they both ultimately lost. We watch them go to the ends of the earth for their patients but mostly because of ego which is this ships downfall….

Why they Won’t: They are both a bit egotistical. Both want to be top dog so badly, with it unceremoniously going to Halstead, I know we are in the Church of Connor Rhodes but Halstead is actually the better doctor. He was born with the talent that Connor is learning to get. However when it comes to people and jumping through hoops to get to conclusions Halstead is constantly doing them to Connor and ending up wrong every time. The verdict here is if it ever happened it would be slower than Manstead because this is literally when social worlds collide.

Ethan Choi and Sarah Reese

Ship name: Reethan

Why they Work: Rigid rule followers with a sense of discipline, although applied in different areas, these two have a strange balance of each other. He lifts her up so she can see that she can do more and with that teaching it gives her tenacity to step into that role. (Remember that gun episode? Sarah was not letting him steamroll her). She lends a softness to him that allows him to loosen up (which is much needed).

Why they Won’t: Besides the age gap, it’s kind of clear that Ethan only sees her as a kid-sister, a private, so to speak. I could see endless fights about her trying to help with his PTSD and him lightly and not so lightly telling her to back off.

April Sexton and Sarah Reese

Ship Name: Rexton

Why they Work: This has the potential to be literally THE CUTEST same-sex coupling on the show. Both of them are not the hard partying types, they tend to be the quintessential “good girls.” Kind, easy going, and encouraging. This ship has presh written all over it. SO MUCH FLUFF.

Why they Won’t: When is the last time these two had a scene together? Yeah. Also Sarah has yet to really let her hair down, at least April does every now and then plus the inevitable fight between them about April’s sacrificial lamb-like behavior for her brother and Sarah’s indecisiveness about her future.

Connor Rhodes and April Sexton

Ship Name: SexnRhodes

Why they Work: These two, after that pilot scene, there was chatter but they went nowhere. They could’ve been cute because April would’ve actually been pampered and loved in a relationship where her partner respected her work and her drive. They also have that in common. April isn’t just a nurse; she’s a trauma nurse, who thrives under pressure, with speedy actions, thoughts, and choices. Connor is the same, even though he switched to cardio-thoracic surgery, he is still a rebel that likes the challenge and pace of quick decision making. Also can we talk about the secret fights/dirty talk they would have at work all in Spanish? That ship wrote itself but….

Why they Won’t: It’s all a little too perfect right? Yeah April would definitely take issue with the way Connor fled after his mother’s death. She literally sacrificed her ability at being a doctor to help her little brother who is less talented. Even though there are feistier parts of her personality, I think Connor would end up running over her or getting bored.

Will Halstead and April Sexton

Ship Name: Sexstead

Why they Work: Both are catholic and grew up in Chicago, these two are driven and worked their way to where they are today with little or sometimes NO encouragement from the people that were supposed to love them. Confused and or dumped/bypassed by their crushes (Severide/Natalie) they would share some kind of basic ground for it. April and Will both thrive in the ED and she is an amazing nurse to him because of her speed and accuracy and his quick, logical, and usually correct analysis and diagnosis of the patients but…

Why they Won’t: When they think they’re right…they ‘re right (remember the drunk-guy going through DT’s episode?). She has no problem going toe-to-toe with him but they are both stubborn as hell (his insistence at her taking her meds when she was pregnant, how interesting that story would’ve been if it was his baby) anyway this would still be a hard ship to sail cause Natalie’s ass would still be walking round the ED causing problems…plus her and April were /are? friends.

Ethan Choi and Connor Rhodes

Ship Name: Rhoi

Why they Work: Aww the quiet little interracial M/M ship between the two hottest male doctors on the show…(yeah I said it). This would be the curiosity ship, who are you? What do you like to do? I never knew that about you kind of relationship. Long talks/walks about the places they had traveled to and the unique cases and ways that they handled them during their times abroad.

Why they Won’t: Remember that ego thing that would tax the hell out of Rhodestead….Ethan Choi is not exempt from that either. Two alphas fighting for control when they are adamant about being right. Connor would cave, problems and fights would ensue.

Ethan Choi and April Sexton

Ship name: Chexton

Why they Work: Arguably the two best looking folks on the show (fight me) they could work because he is probably the second best doctor that works in the ED (I have made my feelings known about the first) and she is the best trauma nurse there. They’d bounce ideas off each other and then go back to the other’s place for good-looking people sex afterwards. What they would talk about…no clue.

Why they Won’t: Remember the episode when April came back after her miscarriage and she was adamant about helping that women who was a mule? Yeah, Ethan is too black and white and the violence he has seen keeps him that way. April sees shades of grey and that would be a huge problem for them, handling cases, and then arguing about them when they got home.

Ethan Choi and Natalie Manning

Ship Name: Channing

Why they Work: One word: military. I could see them laughing over stories about basic training, bad military food, pranks, and residency stories. They would bond over his quiet love of children and her obvious field of pediatrics. His insomnia would be awesome for midnight feedings for Owen while she slept.

Why they Won’t: Remember when he mansplained pregnancy and childbirth as basically not being a factor in trauma (so cringe-worthy)? Yeah he doesn’t respect Natalie’s opinions and that would END them. Also I don’t see Natalie getting together with anyone that was enlisted ever again after what happened with Jeff one and two to be honest. It’s time for her to try something new.

Natalie Manning and Connor Rhodes

Ship Name: Mannors ( I totally made this up and couldn’t stop laughing so…)

Why they Work: Barely, they are both attractive. Other than that when the show debut they couldn’t have been in more different places in their lives, she was eight months pregnant and he had been overseas treating Saudi millionaires. The danger and excitement of his world may have intrigued Natalie at first and her relative mystery at not answering his questions about her husband might have made him curious but….

Why they Won’t: For all the reasons above, not to mention they stopped writing feisty Natalie like three episodes in and we ended up with second-guessing –judgy -Mary Sue that I have so much contempt for. Connor likes decisive women that challenge him. Also Natalie seems like she has the healthiest family out of all the characters, Connor would feel like an outsider or feel a little ashamed opening up about his screwed-up family.

seventeen’s reaction; filming a reality show with their crush

seungcheol; seungcheol would be ecstatic to be filming one fine day with you! as soon as you two and the boys were picking teams, he would choose you right away. he would treat you kindly and act sweet, while teasing and ordering the boys around. of course, you loved it yourself. being treated as if you were royalty by the king himself made you feel on top of the world.

“make way for the king and queen!” 

Originally posted by kristian-do

jeonghan; this boy is known for being a cheater and sneakster on reality shows, so of course he would make you help him. each time your team played a game against the opposing team, you two would be sneakily cheating and tricking the other team. once during the show, the two teams were to race to an unfamiliar building in a foreign country. you guys had reached the building at the same time as the opposing team, resulting in you and jeonghan shoving the maknaes out of your way to win.

“buahaha! y/n, that was some real teamwork!,”

Originally posted by jihanmeanietrash

joshua; joshua would be glad that you are joining the boys during for one fine day, but he wouldn’t think too much of it. he is very laid back during many reality shows, so you two would just tag along as your team tries to complete the mission, occasionally laughing at the boys as they got frustrated. joshua would enjoy your company though, glad he had someone else to watch over all the boys with.

“the boys are so reckless, i’m happy we can chill together, y/n,”

Originally posted by jihanmeanietrash

junhui; i feel like junhui would be super duper nervous. since he is already pretty shy, having you there would double that. he would definitely enjoy having you with everyone. no doubt. but i see rather admiring you from afar during most of the missions, or secretly help you out if you were on the opposing team. moral of the story, junhui is an adorable shy boy.

“psst! y/n! there is a carat bong up ahead, run!”

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soonyoung; don’t even get me started on this boy. he would be so damn happy to have you on one fine day with him! he would always be by your side, cracking all his best jokes just to hear you laugh! soonyoug and you would be a great team as well, always determined to take down the other teams together.

“are you ready to take these losers down, y/n?”

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

wonwoo; wonwoo would be lowkey hella excited to have you with him on the trip. you would basically take the spot of soonyoung, becoming his new target to destroy in each game or mission, or tease every chance you get. he would want to rile you up, smugly laughing once you finally snap and come after him. this boy would be living.

“y/n~ do you remember that time you slipped and nearly tripped an elderly man during the first mission? good times~”

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jihoon; bringing you along on the trip would probably be the best thing that ever happened to him. with all the boys acting crazy competitive, he felt a need to join them and destroy the other team merciless. thankfully, you kept him rather sane, which he was very grateful for. but don’t worry, you two do destroy the team merciless at least once or twice.

“yah! calm down everyone, it’s just a game, we are here to have fun. right y/n?”

Originally posted by amillionwon

seokmin; the better teams better watch out, here comes the best goofy duo to ever set foot on the earth. seokmin and you would have a dandy time during one fine day, constantly creating new inside jokes and brightening the mood for both your team and the opposing. as obnoxious as you two could get, everyone found you guys rather adorable together. 

“let’s crush the other team with our kind words and nice actions! woohoo!”

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mingyu; if you guys watched one fine day season one or two, you know mingyu is such a mom and team player. he carried his team to the best of his abilities! now that he has a partner to help him, you two would immediately become the “mom and dad of your team, take charge in stressful situations. 

“it’s hard taking care of our children- team, uh, team, right y/n?”

Originally posted by littlemingyu

minghao; oh lordy. the other team better watch out because here comes partners in crime, part time idol and part time idol’s friend, full time savage duo, minghao and y/n. you two would most likely be making snarky comments throughout the whole show, snickering to each other at the comebacks you guys have come up with. 

“y/n, look! isn’t jeonghan-hyung cheating? yaH!”

Originally posted by sunkissedhao

seungkwan; golly gee, you guys would have a wonderful time annoying the shit out of everyone. seungkwan is already a sassy boy, but just being with him would bring out your inner sass. you guys would always be annoying your team captain, using cringe worthy aegyo to either get what you want, or get smacked.

“ahh~ mingyu-hyung~ y/n and i are thirsty! let’s buy some milk~”

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vernon; throughout seasons one and two of one find day, vernon has usually been on the side for both. he is usually always chilling quietly, or laughing at the hilarious jokes the rest of the members would make. similar to joshua, he would enjoy your company on the trip, happy there was someone to spectate on the side with him.

“y/n! y/n! look at seungcheol-hyung and seungkwan arguing over the mission! aren’t they hilarious?”

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chan; we aLL knOw chan loves competing for the chance to order around his hyungs and take charge. you would of course support him, understanding his struggle since he was the maknae. each time their was a vote for team captain or a ranking of members, you would always vote for him! lil’ chan would blush furiously, grateful to have you be there to help him rise to the top!

“but jeonghan-hyung! y/n thinks i should be captain! and y/n is always right!”

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i love this idea! it’s so cute ‘n full of shyness! i loved both seasons of one fine day, so i decided to use gifs from both seasons! thanks for request anon, don’t forget to send in more requests for admin river and i!

- 🌱

Radio Ga Ga (Part 2)

Ok, so. I’ve come up with a part two to my BBC Radio 1 story. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy! Also a big thank you to @mizpahes for constantly telling me I don’t suck, and helping me better this story. You tha real MVP. You can find the first part here Part 1

You’ve spent the past couple of weeks attached at the hip to Nick. From being his shadow during The Breakfast Show, to actually eating breakfast with him in your apartment. The two of you have been nearly inseparable since you started working at BBC Radio 1. You’ve already declared nicknames for each other (you being his “li-uhl cornholio” due to your love of Beavis and Butt-Head, and him being your “bloody scallywag” due to his love of House, M.D., such terms of endearment) and established each other’s guest rooms as your own, respectively. You’ve never had a friendship progress this fast, but you aren’t complaining. Nick is one of the most loyal people you’ve ever met, and you don’t see yourself ever finding anyone who could top him. The only downside to becoming friends with Nick so quickly is that he’s already learned how to read you, and always knows what’s on your mind. This was so easily proven during one of your sleepovers.

“You know who I haven’t seen in a while?” Nick asks you out of the blue while the two of you lounge on your small, but comfy love seat, catching up on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reruns.

“Hmm. I’ve got nothing. Not a clue.” You tell him as you pretend to try and read his mind.

“‘Aven’t seen ‘Arry around in a bit.” Nick states with a frown plastered to his face.

You know he’s really cut up about it because other than you, Harry is the other big part of his life. Nick also sees him as a little brother that he always needs to look after. He knows Harry’s a grown man who can take care of himself, but ever since they met, Nick’s just always felt this protective instinct come over him when things pertain to the young bloke. Nick’s mentioned him off and on while the two of you started learning everything there is to know about each other. And of course for some reason, you always tend to blush incessantly at the mention of said Adonis’s name. Nick never seemed to notice though, until now. Did he always know, and was just waiting for the right time to bring it up? Or was he all about this slow burn torture? If you had to guess correctly, you’d go with the latter.

After trying to figure out the right response to Nick, you spit out, “No, you sure haven’t. Not since I met him at the station.”

That was probably the worst thing you could have said…

“Ooooh yeah…” Nick continues in a higher pitch, “the day you two love birds laid eyes on each other.”

You roll your eyes at Nick, while trying to contain the ever growing blush that rises up your cheeks.

“Shut up. He doesn’t feel that same way about me.” You huff out, not realizing the ammunition you just freely gave to Nick.

“And what way would you be feeling about a certain Mr. Styles, hmmm?” Nick states curiously trying to see how far he can push the topic.

You eye Nick warily. Should you spill your guts to him? He is your best friend. But he’s also Harry’s. Oh the dilemma…

“Fuck it.” You mumble out as you get ready to gush about the most gorgeous man you’ve ever laid eyes on to the giddy man child in front of you. “Ok, so I like Harry, you happy?” You retort.

“I’ll be happier when you cut the bullshit, and tell me how you really feel.” Nick shoots back with a cock of his brow.

You roll your eyes, dreading the topic that’s looming over your head. No turning back now…

“Fine. Not only do like Harry, I’m like in love with him. I know we’ve only met the one time, but just staring into those green never ending pools he calls eyes could melt me down and turn me into a messy pool myself. I can’t stop thinking about him. I replay our whole meet cute on a loop 24/7. He’s really gotten to me. He’s invading my thoughts, and interrupting my social life because I can’t concentrate on anything else but him.” You suck in a gulp of air after spewing all those thoughts at once. “Please don’t tell him.” You plead with Nick, sadness and embarrassment written all over your face.

“Now love, why would you think I’d ever spill your secrets? I know Harry and I are like brothers, but I’d never betray your trust for him. You’re too important to me.” He continues, “Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a sneaky little plan to get you two to end up together.”

“Nick!” You scream, worried about what he may do.

“Don’t worry. You’ll thank me later.” Nick smirks cockily.

And ever since that conversation, you’ve stayed extra observant with whatever Nick was doing. You didn’t want him catching you off guard with any surprises of the Harry variety.


About a week after your late night heart to heart with Nick, you finally stop feeling paranoid about his love hijinks. You can actually breathe normally when you come into work. You nod and waive to the receptionist, Francesca, knowing it irks her and you continue on to Nick’s office with a smug grin. As you open the door, you start to spill how your weekend without him was.

“Nick you’ll never guess who called me this weekend…” You’re cut off with a flirty “'ello, love” from none other than your wannabe love interest.

“Harry. Hi, how are you?” You attempt to ask in as calm a voice as possible.

“I’m great, but I’m more interested in who called you this weekend.” He prods with a cheeky smile.

“Oh, um, no one important. It’s stupid, really.” You say reaching for the best lie you could come up with.

Harry looks hurt and mumbles, “Mustn’t be tha’ stupid if your dying to tell Nick.”

Is that jealousy you sense? No, no way. He doesn’t feel that way about me. You ponder. Or does he?

To try and diffuse the situation you try and lighten the previous topic by telling him it was just a cringe-worthy phone call, and that he’d be grateful if you didn’t relay the secondhand embarrassment to him.

Harry just nods still feeling a hint of jealousy that it wasn’t him calling you up over the weekend. He didn’t even have your number for fuck’s sake, and that’s what bothered him the most. Flirting and getting a girl’s number usually came so easy to him, and yet here he was, completely awkward around you. No one’s ever had this effect on him before, and that’s what made him want to be with you even more. The two of you were in no way romantically involved, and yet he still got butterflies in his stomach when he talked to you. He was constantly thinking about you, writing songs about how you made him feel. He just didn’t get how you already had so much power over him.

Just as he’s finally mustered up some courage and is fixing to ask you if you had any plans this weekend, Francesca barges in.

“Hi, Harry,” the receptionist says lustily towards him while completely ignoring Y/N. “Someone brought doughnuts in this morning, and I figured you’d want some before they all ran out.”

“Um, that’s very kind of you Francine, but I’ve already had breakfast. Y/N might want some though.” Harry says completely oblivious of calling her the wrong name.

Francesca only gives him half a smile and then turns to walk out, purposefully passing you up and throwing the doughnuts in the bin.

Once the receptionist has left, Harry remarks, “Damn, who pissed in her Cheerios this morning?” He didn’t mean to say it out loud, but he’s glad he did when you burst into laughter.

“I think that’s just her normal attitude,” you reply wiping tears off your cheeks from laughing so hard at his unexpected response. “Don’t take it personally.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.” Harry states with a wink in your direction. Finally gaining his courage back he continues, “I was however planning on taking you out this weekend if you’re available.” Damn that was smooth, he thought, glad the charm finally came back to me.

Just as Y/N is about to give Harry an answer, Nick comes into the office.

“Sorry that took so long,” Nick continues, “No one can make up their bloody minds about a freaking color swatch. It’s not even that big of a deal. Who cares what color the bathroom is at work? You’re like hardly in there anyway. Anything to waste my damn time…”

With a giggle Y/N spits out, “Are you done now, drama queen?”

Nick gasps incredulously, throwing a hand to his heart. “Well I’ve never felt so offended and betrayed in my whole life.” He giggles along once he’s gotten over his theatrical spell. When he finally settles down from his laughing fit he claps his hands together and states, “Well I definitely need some coffee to perk me up after that bullshit. Either of you want anything?” After you and Harry shake your heads back and forth Nick heads out, but not before spurting out, “Right, well I’ll leave you to horn dogs alone then.” Nick is very pleased with himself as he walks out.

Trying to hold back the embarrassment from Nick’s comment, you change the subject. “So, you were asking me a question earlier, yes?”

“You mean before we were so rudely interrupted?” Harry asks cheekily while you nod your head. “Ah yes, well I believe I proper asked you out, and now I’m just waiting for a response and silently praying that the answer doesn’t destroy me.” He doesn’t mean to sound so desperate, but he’s relieved when he sees you chuckle, finding it kind of cute.

“Harry,” you start, “I would just like to say it’s about damn time.”

“So is that a yes?” He asks cautiously.

You start to giggle at how shy he tends to be around you. “It’s a definite yes.”

anonymous asked:

What are some good manga that you recommend

Hello Anon!

You didn’t really specify a genre so I’m going to just throw a couple out there for various genres, hope that’s ok lol

I originally put this under a read more line but it wasn’t working! Trying to figure it out but until then sorry for the long post!


Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academy

  • this series has gotten very popular recently, and has an anime!
  • ongoing (as of July 2017)
  • recommended if you like heroes, school-setting (at times), character development! - adolescent characters with a lot of growing to do in many ways, friendship building and bonding, badass mentors/teachers
  • not recommended if you don’t prefer adolescents in an action setting, semi-slow progress (some people may think the series is slow-paced in terms of story progression), there’s going to be a character you’re almost guaranteed to hate/dislike…

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu / Assassination Classroom

  • completed! 180 chapters
  • an anime
  • recommended if you like action in a school-setting, lots of comedic scenes, unique antagonist, heartfelt touching moments that you wouldn’t really expect from this story
  • not recommended if you don’t prefer an immature and childish tone/feel of story, not too action-heavy, a lot of characters, the art style is different so watch out for that

Bonus (cause I’m shamelessly pushing my preferences onto other people):

666 Satan / O-parts Hunter

  • completed! (2007), under 80 chapters
  • pretty old
  • fun fact: the mangaka is the brother of Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, so the art will be very similar. While there are other similar elements, the story is very different and has a more fantastical theme
  • recommended if you like adventure, unique weapons/powers, unconventional plot and theme
  • not recommended if you don’t prefer older manga, sensitive to blood/gore (though not as extreme as Attack on Titan/SNK), slight dip into tragedy genre towards the end, if you’re deeply religious? I guess??


Hanatsuki Hime

  • completed! under 10 chapters
  • a bit older manga
  • recommended if you like simple plots, fantasy/supernatural world, supernatural elements in your romance stories, characters with strong qualities, pretty artwork
  • not recommended if you don’t like heavy romance in your adventure stories, slightly slow pacing, shoujo eyes, (kinda a spoiler but) a as-close-as-family bond turning into a lovers relationship

Kanata Kara / From Far Away

  • completed! under 60 chapters
  • older manga
  • recommended if you like a hardworking but sensitive heroine, girl mysteriously entering a different (magical) world, amazing female characters of different ages and body sizes that are almost never sexualized, dynamic and complex characters, realistic elements e.g. you actually see the girl’s hair grow longer as time passes!! like where else has this happened?!? this was literally mind-blowing to me, also new world means new language - this manga actually took that into consideration
  • not recommended if you don’t like the “power of love” trope, big shoujo eyes lol, not action heavy, fantasy/supernatural genre, semi-slow pace to adapt to new world, bit of a rushed ending

side note: if you prefer more action than romance, most shounen manga do have romance, but I’d personally recommend Noragami or (among the top shounen series) Fairy Tail. (and O-parts Hunter! *winkwink*)



  • completed! 23 chapters
  • older manga again
  • recommended if you like supernatural elements of religious origin, angels, demons, cute characters that are signature CLAMP characters lol, unconventional love story, ANDROGYNOUS characters
  • not recommended if you don’t like androgynous characters, big shoujo eyes, slow-pacing in some parts, bittersweet endings, if you’re deeply religious?

Ao Haru Ride / Blue Spring Ride

  • completed! 50 chapters
  • has a Japanese drama adaption
  • recommended if you like a classic shoujo school setting, not so classic shoujo heroine, characters changing and trying to change, some realistic introspection of school life and relationships, friendships valued just as much as love relationships!, lovely art
  • not recommended if you don’t like those classic shoujo lack of communication problems, a male protagonist that is a jerk sometimes (and can’t suck up his problems), love triangles (so many)

I’d also recommend Sakisaka Io’s other works: Strobe Edge and Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare

  • both are in high school settings
  • places value and importance on friendships!! especially Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare
  • both have typical shoujo tropes (misunderstandings, love triangles, etc.)

Bonus (on the off chance you haven’t read or watched it yet):

Fruits Basket

  • completed! under 140 chapters
  • an anime
  • older manga again (it’s a classic, what can I say?)
  • recommended if you like a bit of supernatural mixed in with your romance, a whole family that act like protective older siblings to the female protagonist, unique story lines for almost every character, unique characters/personalities, heart-wrenching/tragic backstories, strong friendships!!!, mostly a school-setting
  • not recommended if you don’t like older manga, big shoujo eyes, seemingly idiotic heroine, a lot of characters, unresolved problems/issues/story line (it’s only towards the end really, the part when you feel like you need more when there actually could and should be more to tell, only my opinion!), art style develops as you read- it’s interesting to see


Soushi Souai / Love With Each Other

  • ongoing as of July 2017
  • more on the lighthearted side, very sweet
  • recommended if you like light story/reading, comedic scenes, short but sweet romantic scenes, school-setting, comedic take on the bad boy-good girl romance pairing
  • not recommended if you don’t like little to no plot/story, snippets of daily life, lack of natural love progression (since we only see short snippets)

Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun

  • ongoing as of July 2017
  • an anime
  • recommended if you like entertaining and amusing characters, abundance of comedic moments/scenes, some cringe-worthy comedy, shoujo trope parody, some slice of life though exaggerated
  • not recommended if you don’t like lack of seriousness, 4-koma style manga, misunderstandings that lead to comedy rather than drama, pitiful heroine with unfulfilled love so far, slow and little love progression


Unfortunately I haven’t gotten the chance to explore the Josei genre much, and only ever read a bunch of short series and one shots. I have limited recommendations for this one.

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii / It’s Difficult to Love an Otaku

  • ongoing as of July 2017
  • recommended if you like slice of life genre, lots of comedic scenes, dynamic relationships, relatable characters, just overall relatability, light-hearted tone of story, amusing characters and relationships
  • not recommended if you don’t like little to no plot/story, lack of serious scenes, short scenes and chapters

Koisuru Nante Kiitenai

  • completed! 3 chapters
  • short read, cute and simple
  • recommended if you like office/work setting, coworker romance, romance with a rocky start before warming up to each other, female denying her feelings
  • not recommended if you don’t like short stories, female protagonist who slightly lacks confidence (but she’s not unlikable), jerk coworkers


Barairo my Honey

  • completed! 13 chapters
  • a bit of an older manga
  • recommended if you like some supernatural elements in romance manga, unique story, a female protagonist that says whatever is on her mind, a closed off love interest that slowly opens up, some other cute cliches
  • not recommended if you don’t like big shoujo eyes…or more like shoujo eyelashes lol (even though this is not shoujo), serious lack of story depth though it has a plot, the art style is slightly off-putting

Shounen Ai-Romance

Hidamari ga Kikoeru

  • completed! under 20 chapters
  • recommended if you like college setting, characters falling in love naturally, slight angst, slice of life genre, honest attempts at communication between the lovers, friendship evolving to relationship, sincere and vulnerable protagonists, character with hearing impairment/hard of hearing!
  • not recommended if you don’t like slow buildup (in the beginning), lack of exciting scenes (if you know what i mean), some miscommunication between characters

Fujunna Renai

  • completed! 3 chapters
  • quick and easy read
  • recommended if you like school setting, simple story, unrequited love, slightly slice of life genre, bit of angst
  • not recommended if you don’t like some drama, miscommunication between characters, love triangles, slightly drawn out scenes where the character is trying to figure out their feelings, not much lovey-dovey scenes


So I’ve chosen manga that are as PG and SFW as I could possibly find, though I know Yaoi tends to…not be lol

Hana no Miyako de

Hana no Mizo Shiru

  • these two manga are related, with the second one considered a sequel to the first
  • completed! both are relatively short, sweet, and simple reads
  • fun fact: they are created from the same mangaka as Ten Count (which is quite a popular manga)
  • recommended if you like romance in a school setting, a love story with natural progression and isn’t too forced, angst angst angst (do you like pain, cause I do)
  • not recommended if you don’t like slightly slow-paced romance, lack of scenes that are …exciting, forbidden lovers theme and heart-wrenching angst in the first one


Oyasumi Punpun

  • completed! under 150 chapters
  • mature genre/tag, has very mature themes (ages 18 and up please)
  • recommended if you like complex characters, complex and realistic relationships, relatable situations and story, slice of life, some angst, mature themes, thought-provoking symbolism
  • not recommended if you don’t like toxic characters and manipulative personalities, irresponsible and abusive characters, main focus on characters’ daily lives/problems, abstract character style (you’ll understand when you see it), frustrating and highly triggering situations/scenes, somewhat disconcerting art style, suicide warning!


  • completed! 64 chapters
  • an anime
  • a much older manga
  • recommended if you like action, sci-fi, heavy plot, character development, complicated antagonists, tragedy genre, violent and intense situations
  • not recommended if you don’t like older manga, relatively simple artwork, slow story buildup, gruesome murders/deaths, blood/gore, some unanswered questions/plot holes

One shot Manga

Just a few of the many, many collections of one shots out there


Akuma ni Itsukushimi no Te o by Tagaki Shigeyoshi (AKA Ogawa Chise - different pen name depending on the genre! interesting right?)

  • supernatural

Gyu…tte Shite Ii? by Shiraishi Yuki

  • school setting sort of, typical shoujo feel

Shounen Ai/Yaoi

Gokujou Dessert by Ogawa Chise (AKA Tagaki Shigeyoshi)

  • school setting, kinda NSFW (compared to the mangaka’s other work…)

Mousou Cherry by Kamon Saeko

  • school setting, this is a small collection of one-shots, NSFW




That’s it for now! Thank you so much for the ask, this was super fun! As you can see I favor a lot of older manga, so this list is kinda biased.

I’m sure there are better ones to recommend but I can’t remember them ):

Please let me know if I left out any “warnings” about the manga that I listed. I actually haven’t read these manga in a while, (some I haven’t read in YEARS) so I forgot some things. I’ll be editing and adding to this list as I remember more about the manga that I’ve read.

Hope the list isn’t (too) disappointing!

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anonymous asked:

Can you please please please please please get a part 9 in the frat boy Harry because I'm dying I just read all 8 parts and you are a great writer

Here you go lovies! I hope it was worth the wait.

After having basically a week from hell, Saturday had finally rolled around again. Despite having met with your professor, you didn’t do as well on your English exam as you’d hoped. On Wednesday you’d had a job interview that had seemed way too short, and you doubted you’d be offered the position. And then on Thursday as you were headed toward your Ethics class, you passed a student body election going on. A guy you recognized from some of the frat parties was giving his speech, his supporters gathered around him on the lawn. That was when you spotted Harry, his arm thrown casually around the shoulders of a blonde girl. Jamie.

Your blood boiling, you began walking faster, nearly bumping into a short peppy girl who was trying to hand you a flyer.

“Please vote for Alex Webster!” she exclaimed, shoving the piece of paper in your face.

You scowled at her, practically ripping it from her hand before storming off.

“Jesus, what’s wrong with you?” Jimmy asked when you dropped your backpack on your desk.

“Boys!” you yelled. “You’re all so fucking pathetic.”

“Hey!” he held his hands up, “Don’t lump me in there, please. I’m doing my best.”

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BTS Preferences: Things he’d do as your boyfriend/you’d do as a couple.

>> The same preference but with Got7 <<

Originally posted by bangtannoonas


  • take a million selfies after getting ready together and high-fiving each other over how good you look as a couple
  • forcing Jin to try international food
  • buying matching sweaters cuz you’re cool like that
  • lots of surprise dates
  • strict no hair ruffling rule (you’d still do it just to piss him off)
  • being ‘parents’ of the rest of the boys
  • ‘’Taehyung put that down,you’’ll eventually break it’’,Jin nods agreeingly
  • ‘’No I won’t’’,Jimin bumps into him causing him to let the item fall leading to you and Jin groaning in unision
  • shoulder rubbing to calm the other down when in a stressful situation
  • lots of blown kisses
  • teasing in public (yes that teasing) and him scolding you for being inappropriate but it also being a huge turn on 

Originally posted by yoohngs


  • playful behavior;lots of races,starring competitions and tickling
  • you just sitting on his lap,running your hand through his hair and admiring his features as he relaxes with his eyes closed
  • lots of carnival and amusement park visits + getting lost on the way and halting at the side of the road admiring nature
  • going from ‘I could climb the mount everest right now’ to ‘let’s just sit here and talk about our existence’ real quick 
  • practicing and learning new dances together
  • piggy rides
  • trying new things together
  • ‘accidental’ grinding
  • cheering each other on and motivating one another

Originally posted by jeonsshi


  • both of you being shy at first 
  • after you get comfortable;burping competitions and booger checks (ya nasty)
  • lots of silly photos and setting them as the others lockscreen to piss each other off
  • you constantly sending him memes
  • watching youtube videos together at night cuddled up in bed
  • ear nibbling and thigh grabbing
  • making the other laugh when one of you feels down
  • coffee dates that include people watching (+roasting)
  • him singing you to sleep
  • the hyungs teasing you 
  • lots (!) of dabbing 

Originally posted by namjoonholic


  • him helping you out when you can’t reach something
  • back hugs and his chin resting on top of your head just swaying back and forth enjoying the moment
  • you making him lunch/bringing him coffee when he’s working
  • regular shopping and helping the other pick an outfit out
  • you explaining American trends/sayings he read about
  • him being protective
  • aegyo
  • you using ‘’no jams’’in a sentence every chance you get and him being pissed off
  • discussions about literally everything
  • boob groping oops
  • making him put on various outfits and walk down the hall like a model with you shouting ‘slay,that’s my boyfriend’
  • becoming friends with Jackson 
  • chilling together both on the phone,but still having the time of your life

Originally posted by kthmyg


  • borrowing his hoodies
  • you trying to get up up and him grabbing your arm pulling you close to him as he nuzzles his face in your neck whispering ‘stay’ and you always giving in
  • you helping him with the english parts in his/the boys songs
  • making a t-shirt with Agust D written on it and showing it to him excitedly as he just laughs at your adorableness 
  • him being grateful for your support
  • cuddling whilst listening to music
  • you showing him new rappers
  • jamming out to music whilst trying to cook
  • ass grabbing and french kisses
  • randomly spitting fire (or setting someone on fire lmao ok I’ll stop)
  • quick kisses on the cheek before seperating ways
  • you calling him cute and him getting mad because he is ‘’dark and manly’’
  • him getting you a big stuffed teddy bear and spraying it with your favourite perfume of his so you’ll have something of him when he’s away 

Originally posted by valieen


  • having cringe worthy cliche moments and laughing it off afterwards
  • him kissing you everywhere telling you how beautiful you are 
  • dirty jokes 
  • hand kissing and side hugging
  • both being called adorable for being so short
  • both of you complaining about the person that said that afterwards
  • cute pictures
  • hickeys everywhere
  • bringing back a gift for the other everytime you traveled somewhere
  • fangirling together
  • you complimenting his body and him blushing uncontrollably 
  • him saying wanna-be smooth pick up lines/compliments that end up with you laughing your ass of
  • awkward moments
  • memes.
  • +creatively helping each other reach things

Originally posted by hellosarang


  • mocking and making faces at each other when in serious situations so the other gets in trouble for laughing
  • always wearing sweatpants
  • handwritten letters for you
  • helping him learn his lines for acting
  • comfortable silence
  • ice cream,loads of it 
  • and fighting over which flavour is better
  • playing video games together and him letting you win
  • playful pouting=kissing to make the other smile=full make out session
  • judging people together
  • risky photo sending *clears throat*
  • you watching them perform whenever you can and cheering embarrassingly
  • long meaningful hugs
  • you always sending/giving him BTS merch for his birthday and him rolling his eyes at you,he’d get the real present later
  • pranks

Our baby boy’s birthday is today,so happy birthday to Tae.I cannot express how much love I have for this boy in words.And if I did it’d be too long haha so anyway I hope you enjoyed these preferences.Have a wonderful day. 

 ♥️ requests are open ♥️

Much love,i.l.

>> masterlist <<

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You Went To Far


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: hii, could you do a Theo’s imagine, where you are in his pack and you’re his gf. And Josh is your best friend and you two have a close friendship, like cuddling and laughing all the time, and that made Theo gets jealous and angry and one day stuff go to so far and doesn’t end nothing good?

Ever since you joined Theo’s pack the friendship between you and Josh has grown, out of everyone in the pack beside from Theo you were the closest with Josh. Tracy seemed to want nothing more to please Theo, which bothered you. And Corey was always away with Mason that you didn’t have the time to get to know him.

It was just a typical day at your house, the entire pack was there and everyone was doing they own thing. You brought out a bowl of popcorn and sat next to Josh on the couch, the two of you decided to watch a movie while Tracy was just sitting across the room looking all serious like she wanted to be anywhere but here, and Theo wasn’t back yet.

“Just so you know if you put a scary movie in, I’m out” you said.

Josh laughed and he knew how much you hated horror movies, you lived in a town where supernatural creatures roamed around and why would you watch a horror movie, when you were practically living in one.

“Just sit down, you’ll like this movie I promise” Josh replied.

Getting comfy next to Josh it wasn’t awkward that you would cuddle into his side, you two were best friends and it was just a natural thing to be so close with him.

“The notebook really?” you asked once the opening credits started.

“Hey it’s a good movie” he threw some popcorn at you and just laughed.

Every so often Tracy would glance over and her face was clearly not amused. You didn’t understand what her problem was. Halfway through the movie the door opened and in came Theo. By this point you were practically falling asleep on Josh that you didn’t notice your boyfriend enter the room.

He cleared his throat and that awoke you. “Theo your back” you exclaimed.

“Yeah I am, what’s going on here?” he asked looking from you to Josh, which you completely missed.

“Nothing much, Josh and I were just watching the Notebook” you replied back kissing him quickly on the lips.

“Hey Y/N come watch this, it’s my favourite part”.

Josh pulled on your sleeve and you fell back down on the couch, it was the scene where they were rowing the boat in the lake and it started raining. You were watching the scene when out of the comer of your eye you saw Josh miming the dialogue. Staring at him as he was recalling the same thing the characters were was amusing.

He looked over to you and smiled, “What?”.

“Nothing it’s just cute that you’re actually miming the words”.

“Are you making fun of me?” he asked pouting.

“No never” you laughed.

Josh started to tickle you and you were in a fit of laughter telling him to stop.

“Hey Josh how about you stop tickling my girlfriend” Theo said in a serious and firm tone.

Josh looked terrified and immediately backed away, looking at Theo’s expression you knew this wasn’t going to be good.

“Sorry Theo” Josh said, not daring to look at Theo.

“Theo it’s not a big deal, we were just having fun” you said, keeping up and placing a comforting hand on his arm.

“Yeah to much fun Y/N, he should know to keep his hands to himself”.

The air was starting to become thick and you didn’t see the big deal with what you and Josh were doing. He was your close friend and he knew that Theo and you were dating, he wouldn’t cross that line. So why was Theo getting so worked up?

“Look Theo, Y/N and I were just watching a movie. It’s not a big deal like she said, I think you should calm down”.

Theo didn’t like to be told to calm down, and in turn in got him more mad. He stepped towards Josh who was now in a standing position. “It’s a big deal because I don’t like other guys touching my girlfriend”.

“She’s her own person Theo, quit controlling her”.

The impact of Theo’s fist hitting Josh in the jaw was a cringe worthy sound and both you and Tracy did a double take. Josh was now on the floor holding his face which was bruising fast, and blood was coming out of hid nose and mouth.

“THEO!” you shouted, running over to Josh and helping him up.

“What the hell man!” Josh screamed.

You observed Josh’s injuries and looked toward Theo, and boy if looks could kill Theo would be in big trouble. “It looks bad Josh, I’m going to take you to the hospital”.

You didn’t bother to wait for Theo to defend himself, your main priority at this point was Josh. Walking him to your car slowly you drove to the hospital to have a doctor asset his injuries.

By the time you got to the hospital it seemed like Josh had gotten worse than before, stepping foot through the automatic doors a doctor was already at the desk. “Excuse me could you help me?” you asked.

The doctor looked up and a nurse came around from the desk and took Josh to an empty room.

“I need you to stay here” he said before closing the door.

You tried to get a clear view through the glass window but the doctor was blocking the way.

“How is he?” Theo came around the corner and the rage you felt towards him was intense.

“You hit him Theo, how do you think he is?! And now because of you his in the hospital”.

“He was flirting with you, what was I suppose to do”.

“He wasn’t flirting, were close friends that is all. It’s not my fault or Josh’s fault that you can’t get that through your head!”


“Don’t! Just go Theo before you do any more damage”.

You turned your back and headed into Josh’s room, hoping you were able to stay with him.

Visiting hours were over and so you had to go back home much to your distaste. Opening the front door you headed upstairs when you noticed a trail of rose petals from the staircase leading to your bedroom door. You knew immediately that this was Theo’s way of apologizing, opening the door you didn’t expect to see him standing in the middle of your room holding a white rose.

“I’m sorry babygirl. I’m sorry for hitting Josh and sending him to the hospital, I’m sorry for disappointing you and I’m sorry for letting you down. I just got so jealous at how close you guys were, and I just thought the only guy who is able to touch you and be tclose to you like that was me”.

Sitting down your coat and bag you were debating whether his apologize was sincere or just a way to mend what he broke.

“Theo roses aren’t going to make what you did okay. You hit Josh all because you misinterpreted a situation, and instead of acting like an adult and talking about it with me you went ahead and hurt someone I care about”.

“I know and as soon as I can I’ll go over and apologize to Josh. Y/N I feel terrible and I can’t bear having you be mad at me”.

He stepped closer and handed you the rose, you walked past him not accepting his gift. This wasn’t the first time Theo had let his anger get the best of him, and it certainly wasn’t going to be the last. And it got exhausting watching him make the same mistake over and over again.

“This isn’t the first time Theo you lashed out and did something idiotic”.

“I know Y/N” he said putting the flower down on your desk.

“Do you? Because it doesn’t seem like yo do, I mean if you did you wouldn’t have hit Josh despite us both telling you that it was just harmless fun. I am with you Theo, I am your girlfriend so why do you insist on making things difficult?”.

It was late and you were exhausted which meant the last thing you wanted to deal with was Theo. “Actually you know what Theo just go. I’m tired and I don’t want to be having this conversation with you”.

You ushered him out the bedroom door much to his protests, “Were still not done” he said putting his foot in between the door.

“Yes we are, I’m not doing this same old routine with you. I’m tried of accepting your apology only to have you screw up again. I don’t want to deal with this tonight, so please respect that”.

“I’m not letting you go to bed mad”.

“Well tough Theo, because you’re not going to change my mood tonight. So the best thing you can do is leave”.

He moved his foot and you closed the door, leaning your head against the door you breathed heavily. Your phone beeped and you walked over to your purse and read the message:

I’m going to fix this - Theo.

Chucking your phone back into your purse you buried yourself underneath the covers and just stared at the ceiling. Theo trying to fix this wasn’t the problem, the problem was how long until he lashed out again? He was unpredictable and hurting Josh was a huge red cross in your book, he crossed a line and fixing this was going to take more than I’m sorry and a few rose petals. Theo had to learn that his actions had consequences.

My Start to Sugaring

Before I start, I wanted to throw out a gentle reminder that what has worked for me, may not work for EVERYONE. We are all different, with different personalities, and live in different areas. Somethings that work for me may not work for NYC Babies or small town babies. I’m just going with what feels right to me :)

I’m not going to write out why I began sugaring but it’s not for Louboutins, unfortunately. I’m in my twenties, in a little debt and need to pay it off so I can stop stretching every dollar I have until the next paycheck. My starting budget was pretty much $0. I know I have a lot of personality to charm but is charm enough when dealing with wealthy men? To me, it felt like a no. So here’s how I started sugaring without breaking my bank (and setting off signals to my significant other that I was up to no good)….

Go Casual-

I live in an affluent area. Sixteen year olds get Mercedes for their birthdays and professional athletes are in front of you in line at Costco, buying Oreos. However, when arranging my first meet with a POT, I go casual and play the casual card. Partially because I don’t have super nice clothes nor have the money to invest in any yet, and partially because my personality allows me to be casual without being a slob. I suggested we meet at a Starbucks and he was happy to oblige. He showed up in a button down shirt, jeans and Cole Haan driving shoes. I wore ballet flats, tight skinny jeans, a tank, and a cardigan. He immediately complimented me on my cute outfit and how relaxed I was. Little did he know I was a WRECK. I didn’t have to buy anything fancy to fake it for a super fancy first meet, I was just myself but made sure to be polished and not sloppy. No flip flops, no messy hair, no sweats, no big ass name brands or words on my butt or shirt. Cute casual worked for me and I didn’t spend a dime.

Fake Things-

Just because I live in a rich area doesn’t mean I have a ton of money to burn. Debt. So much debt. Regardless, after a successful first meet, he gave me a small cash gift of $100. Know what I did with it? I bought a pair of CZ studs in a tasteful size. Not too small to look like I bought diamonds that were practically specs of dust, but not so big they looked fake. I had a pair of real ones that one recently went missing. I also nabbed a new basic black purse with no print, no big emblem, nothing that screams “CHEAP TARGET PURSE”, and a pair of basic, black, leather flats with a pointed toe. No, these three items won’t make you look like a beauty queen, but they definitely polished up my ‘everyday’ look for the next time we met. Again, I didn’t have the funds to invest in fancy new clothes, so I pulled another pretty casual outfit out of my closet, threw on my new shoes and earrings and purse and met him at his house to hang out. I intentionally text him to say I’d be 5 minutes late because of traffic (lie) and when I got there exactly 5 minutes late, I explained I was out running errands that day and came straight from XYZ. This excused the casual appearance again, without looking sloppy. He complimented my shoes and said I always look so cute. Thanks babe, Target. He gave me a few hundred dollars that day for drinking a glass of wine in his amazing house and watching Dr. Phil. We agreed to see each other regularly. I used $100 of that gift to buy a nice pair of pants, two nice blouses, and something sexy in case we progress to that point sooner rather than later.

Pay Attention-

Want to know what’s more valuable than looking the part? ACTING the part. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone in a higher tax bracket, there are so many links for help here on Tumblr. I spent our time together listening to him, seeing what topics made his eyes light up, what made him smile, and what subjects he ended quickly. A lot of blogs will TELL you how to act but I disagree completely. Feel him out. I read on one post to be appreciative, not AMAZED. Guess what, my SD loves to see me amazed. We were in his guest house and I complimented how beautiful the backyard and view were. He came and stood next to me and as he looked out over his estate, he had the proudest look on his face. BINGO. SD worked hard for his shit and is damn proud of it. When I show my amazement at his wealth, hobbies, and lifestyle, I see that same proud face. 

Show Your Appreciation- 

Do not get so flustered that you forget to thank him for the coffee, the meal, the drive to your car, the allowance, the gift…I repeat, DO. NOT. FORGET. TO. THANK. HIM. I was so flustered when I was leaving SD’s house and he slipped the 100’s in my purse, that when I left and was reflecting, I could not say with confidence that I thanked him. UGH. Thankfully, he text me immediately and said he had a great time with me, giving me the chance to thank him in case I didn’t before. In person is far better, but I took what I could. Two days later, I showed my appreciation again. I wrote, “Thank you again! You are so sweet! I went and got my nails done yesterday for the first time in forever and I feel like a new girl ;)” He was so happy to be thanked again and asked to see them, then said how cute they were. Again, maybe not every SD likes this, but to know his money is being spent on things that make me smile and feel good, makes him feel good.

NO Shortcuts-

You are a beautiful, intelligent, young, prize of a woman. He’s lucky to have you in his life. So please don’t act like you’re not worthy of him and his time. Are you 18? Who cares, act like you’re 28. From what POTs and SD have told me, flaunting your youth is a NO NO. Don’t use shortcut text. Type out 'you’, not 'u’. Ask what he’s doing today, not 'wyd’. Guess what, my SD is worth millions of dollars, owns a private plane, knows more celebrities than I care to think about, and is an authority figure in our town. He uses shorthand text like 'u’ and 'k’ and as much as it makes me cringe, I will never bend. I will always type full words out. I’m not the millionaire here, he is. If he wants to type like a 13 year old, fine. But I’m not going to and risk the possibility of him feeling like I’m a child, not the rocking awesome woman that I am. I’m young, I know it. I’m less experienced and I don’t run with his crowd quite yet, there’s no need to reinforce that fact so blatantly in his face. Also, break the habit of saying “Um” in between words. A thoughtful pause is great, 'um’ is not.

I know I hate super long Tumblr posts so I’m sorry you either had to read this whole thing or scroll past it. If you read it, thanks for giving it a chance. I’m horrible at blogging and writing but this has been on my mind and finally someone asked me, so I thought I’d share with all.

Best of luck to you awesome babies!

Lame Nodgers

Summary: You could care less about Marvel, you’re a die hard DC girl but when your friend gets the opportunity to attend the premiere for
Captain America: Civil War, she doesn’t give you the option of not attending. At the premiere, a comment of yours is overheard by a star of the film, he sets out to prove you wrong.

Authors Note: Sex part is rushed, midway through i lost my spark… so to speak. :/

It started off as a joke, an innocent; meaningless joke but somehow it was becoming reality. Valentina ‘Val’ Swaze, she’s been your best friend for a few years now, she didn’t exactly like your personality as you were a wise cracking sarcastic woman but she’d remained your friend. It seems however that a conversation you two had a few months back became realistic. 

“Y/N, if i was able to get us to go see the Civil War Premiere would you go with me?” Val asks out of the blue

You nearly choke on your food after she finishes speaking, “To a Marvel convention? Are you serious?” 

Keep reading