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PSA for those of you who are planning to go see “Beauty and the Beast”

There are STRONG elements of emotional abuse in the film including:

- mention of manipulative/abusive parents

- “gas-lighting” (Gaston to maurice)

- manipulation (Gaston manipulates the entire town, belle, her father, Lefou etc.)

- narcissism (you guessed it: Gaston) 

- threats/ultimatums (the beast)

MONSTA X Takes Top Spot On Billboard’s World Albums Chart

MONSTA X has entered Billboard’s World Albums chart at No. 1 with their first full album!

The Starship Entertainment group released their new album “The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter <Beautiful>” featuring the title track “Beautiful” on March 21. On March 28, the album took the top spot on Billboard’s World Albums chart for the week of April 8. MONSTA X’s new album is also No. 10 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart.

After entering the chart at No. 1 last week, GOT7’s “Flight Log: Arrival” is at No. 4 for the week of April 8. Their title track “Never Ever” is also still No. 3 on the World Digital Songs Sales Chart, and they are at No. 28 on the Social 50 chart.

There are three more K-pop releases that entered the World Albums chart in the top 10 this week, with CNBLUE’s “7℃N” at No. 8, Highlight’s “Can You Feel It?” at No. 9, and PRISTIN’s “HI! PRISTIN” at No. 10.

Meanwhile, BTS’s “You Never Walk Alone” remains on the chart for its sixth week in a row, and is currently at No. 15. After falling to No. 2 on the Social 50 chart last week, they have returned to their long-held No. 1 spot. They have also shot up the Artist 100 chart from No. 37 last week to No. 23.

Congratulations to all the artists!

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I just wanted to let you know that you and Jaxx are absolutely precious and make me want to be a better girlfriend and supporter of bi people everywhere. But especially for my girlfriend. Because I'm a lesbian but she is bi and I feel like I'm not vocal or aware enough when it comes to biphobia. So thank you for that and your constant funny and good vibes. Love you guys ❤️

Yeah man of course! Support for your SO is so important. Jaxx and I listen to each other’s unique queer experiences that we both have from being different in some deeply rooted ways and we learn from what each other goes through in that regard. That being said there is also so much that we connect w on that we both go through as well and that brings us together too. 🌈✨💖💜💙

Personally I think that part of our relationship is really beautiful and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.


Kiss me under the beautiful sky of Nohr. AAAH part 9 of the Victuuri fire emblem fates au is done! They finally kissed! (///0////) omg I wanted to draw that for so long aha…

Victor takes Yuuri to a place he used to visit a lot, which reminded him a lot of his loneliness, but not anymore with Yuuri right by his side. He decides to open up more to Yuuri and tell him the three magical words that will change their lives for good~

part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9 - …

I was part of something beautiful this morning

Short, satisfying story for you:

On my morning drive, there was a Kia driving like a maniac, cutting people off, tailgating and as a result slamming on their breaks often. Generally, being unpredictable and dangerous on the road at highway speeds. They started moving lanes to the left, clearly trying to get to the upcoming exit, and I noticed a car somewhat parallel to this Kia refusing to speed up or slow down: they were speed matching to block them from getting to the exit. Me, not being in a rush to get anywhere got behind the blocking car, and to my surprise, a LINE of cars behind us that saw this Kia being an asshole for the past few miles followed suit. The Kia was honking, and had slowed to about 45, but it was usless. They missed their exit.

Beauty and the Beast Post-Curse headcanons Part 3: Christmas in the Castle

I’ve come to accept that there is now a corner of my brain that seems permanently dedicated to thinking up Beauty and the Beast headcanons. From this little corner of my brain arose the question “After spending so much time trapped in an eternal winter, how would the members of the castle react to the changing seasons and the eventual return of winter(albeit a distinctly less permanent one)?” And just like opening the floodgates, more headcanons came pouring in! So with that I present the winter/Christmas BATB headcanons no one else asked for…

(Note: I loved the STV Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas as a kid, but it just doesn’t fit with the new live action movie which is where I’ve been drawing inspiration from… so I made up my own fangirl fluff version. Enjoy!)

- At the sight of the first snowflakes of the season Adam frowns up at the sky, his old, grumpy self threatening to return. And then he sees Belle, cheerful and excited, look up to greet the snow. Her cheeks rosy from the cold. Arms stretched out wide, tongue extended to catch the falling flakes. He can’t help but laugh. After all, it was in those snowy days that he first fell in love with her. 

- As winter sets in around the castle and the nights grow cold, Adam convinces Belle to spend her nights in the west wing with him. He claims it is for warmth. In reality he just wants her there with him. He wants Belle to be the first thing he sees each snowy morning. A reminder that this winter is different. He loves that he can hold her close in the night, nestle his face in her hair, feel her snuggle closer to him in her sleep. She teases him that he snores and that his toes are always cold. He sleeps better with her there. They both do. For the first week or so Adam is very hard to get out of bed in the morning, insisting any responsibilities that day can wait a few more minutes. 

- During the curse the castle never celebrated Christmas (to be fair no one really felt much like celebrating.) Belle insists that they should have a proper Christmas celebration in the castle this year now that the curse has been lifted. The very next morning Adam surprises Belle by having the entire castle decorated. Candles and holly everywhere!

- Lumière is in full favor of the festivities and plans a grand feast. His goal is to see if he can out-do his performance from Be Our Guest, though now that he is back to his human self, swinging from the chandelier may be a bit more…challenging. 

-  Lumière also takes advantage of the holiday spirit by flirtatiously holding mistletoe above his head when he is near Plumette. She steals the mistletoe which leads to him playfully chasing her around the castle. 

- Before Belle’s school lets out for the holidays, the children are allowed a recess time to play in the snow, the sound of laughter and playful shrieks echoing across the castle grounds. A great snowball fight breaks out. The children all scatter when they see Adam start to gather a great mound of snowy ammunition. Some run to join him, while others try to valiantly protect Belle from their snow fort. At one point Lumière and Plumette are forced to make their way through crossfire of the flying snow. Lumière shields Plumette with his coat and frantically waves a white handkerchief as they run across the snowy ground to safety inside the castle. LeFou shows some of the more pacifist children how to build a snowman, safely outside the line of fire. 

- On their last day of school the children are each given a few presents. Belle gives them a journal to write their own stories in. Plumette, a new quill for them to write with.  Adam gives them each a rose (the white ones still bloom in winter even after the curse is broken.) Maurice gives them a tiny music box. Lumière gives them each a small jar of the grey stuff as a treat for the ride home. 

- Chip convinces everyone that they should all make Christmas cookies together. Adam ends up breaking a few at first but after a little practice gets pretty good at decorating. He later breaks a few on purpose so he can eat them. He also tries to start a frosting fight until Mrs. Potts shoots him a maternal look that tells him he should reconsider. Belle’s cookies are simple and cute. Plumette’s delicately detailed. Lumière’s are covered in decorative sugars. Cogsworth gets roped into helping and ends up making several as he gets into a steady decorating rhythm. Cadenza and Garderobe make a few for themselves but are more interested in baking dog-safe cookies for FrouFrou.

- Maestro Cadenza decides to compose his own Christmas music (insisting work by other composers to be rubbish unfit for such a special occasion) and can be heard playing almost constantly. Garderobe teaches the village children the words to a few of his carols and has them sing for him.

- Everyone gets together to decorate the castle Christmas tree. Adam hangs some childhood ornaments that were his mother’s favorites. Belle works in flowers and tiny carved ornaments that Maurice made. Some look like books, while others are tiny carved likenesses of the members of the castle. Maurice also makes a mechanical ring of ballroom dancers to dance around the base of the tree when the music box attatched plays. There is a section along the bottom that Chip claimed as his own. Lumière is in charge of the candles. Plumette nestles little fake birds among the branches and places the angel on top. Madame de Garderobe winds a ribbon garland around the tree and hangs delicate gold music note ornaments. Cadenza provides the music to decorate to, enjoying watching his wife and friends at work. Cogsworth attempts to make sure everything is spaced properly, hanging a few shiny old pocket watches as ornaments when he thinks no one is looking. 

Thanks for humoring me! Hopefully you enjoyed these headcanons, even if they are a bit out of season…

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How's taemin a real human being?? I've been a shawol for 6 years and I ask myself that everyday.

As I’m into my 5th year as a shawol I have no real answer either. Let’s be honest, he’s real. But he’s so real and unreal I can’t believe he’s real, but I also believe he’s real because I love him as a human being that is unreal but we don’t deserve that he’s real because our reality is a mess and he’s part of the beautiful things in life so he’s in irreallity but also in reality because he’s an adorable and funny person. I don’t know man, I just love him so much and I want to protect him and give him lots of food and watch him growing up and sing and dance as well as he does and want him to keep being unreal as much as real and beautiful he is.


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Down the rabbit hole  ↠  Wonderland!Au || Angst || Smut || Drabble series

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Dancer!Anon. Kara becomes a regular, but only when Lena is working, Lena give her her shift pattern and so. Kara finds herself visiting the club at least once a week. The other dancers know Kara is there to see Lena. Kara always pays for at least one dance, she tells herself it's all about that fact that Lena's dancing is elegant and beautiful and liberating but there's also a part of Kara that's thinks it's the sexiest thing she's ever seen and like they talk and get to know each other. (1/2)

Lena is in college, using dancing to pay her tuition, Kara is a professional ballet dancer and invites Lena to her next performance. It’s the most beautiful, breathtaking and emotional thing Lena has ever seen. (2/2)

ok but i think it wouldn’t take more than one dance for Kara to realize just how turned on she is by it. the first time she’d be like “i was just drunk”. but the next time she’s sober n she’s like alright i guess i like ladies too. but she doesn’t say anything about it.

Lena would be so shook to see Kara dance, precisely for the fact that it’s completely different from what she’s doing. she can see that Kara is passionate about it, but at the same time she follows all these patterns that Lena never had. n that’s exactly why they’re drawn to each other.

The Pursuit - Part 2

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Type: AU college Jimin/Jungkook, fluff and SMUT

Warning: Okay, listen, I don’t know what the HELL happened, but I may have smutted the shit out of this story, so BEWARE! There is lots of cursing, mentions of/drug use (marijuana), alcohol.

Summary: Haley is a college freshman who doesn’t give too much of a shit about anything. She’s blunt, uninhibited and smart. She gets her shit done so she can waste the rest of her time smoking weed, having sex and reading. That is until she runs into Jimin, literally. She finds that he’s completely opposite of her. He is shy, introverted and meek and she’s completely bewildered, as she can’t wrap her head around his unearthly beauty and subdued intelligence.

Part 1 here (Part 1 is actually kind of boring, so if your’e looking for the JUICY JUICY, continue with this part!)

The next couple of days, class was slow. The Professor literally didn’t show up. I still went, telling myself I was going to study, when really I just wanted to see Jimin. He was there, everyday, in his seat. His hair seemingly styled and his clothing lazy, but flattering. I couldn’t help but glance his way every now and again. I tried hard to keep my eyes to myself, although, I had no control over my thoughts. I couldn’t focus on my studies to save my life when he was in the room. I knew he would never talk to me, I had to talk to him. 

 As I now sat in my desk, I was rattling my brain. How do I initiate conversation with him without being too weird? I mean I kind of already crossed that line, I suppose. My nerves were on edge. I needed a smoke or something, this was ridiculous. Maybe then, I could actually think productively instead of in circles. 

 I pulled my phone out and sent a text to the guy I usually got my weed from. He responded immediately saying he could meet me in 10 minutes in front of Charles hall. Discrete wasn’t in this guys dictionary, but if you ran into someone who didn’t smoke weed at this school, it’s because they did harder shit, so I wasn’t worried about getting caught. 

 I closed my notebook and slipped it into my bag as I stood to leave. I neared where Jimin sat and my heart rate increased like I was a schoolgirl with a crush. I passed him, my head turning inconspicuously in his direction, my mind screaming for him to sense it, and…bingo! His face turned and his eyes touched mine, and it was just long enough for me to smile and for his cheeks to rose up before he was smiling back toothlessly. I wanted to breakfast club my ass out of the classroom, but I managed to force my legs to carry me to the door without any weird referential commotions. 

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