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Ghost: Chapter 48 (Mass Effect, Shakarian)

Summary: For Shepard, death is just another technicality. 

Rating: Mature. 

Warnings: Injury and unreality. 

Previously on Ghost: Shepard was thawed successfully from the black water, though her recovery will be complicated by the damage done to her eyes. Miranda confronted her own worst memory while waiting for the revival process to finish, and not even Garrus’ return could fully reassure her. But Shepard’s awake, so that’s something. Right?

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Ghost ‘verse Masterpost


Her crew was safe. Garrus was safe. Everything else — the cold, the pain cracking her left arm in half — could be dealt with later. Shepard could barely move, her throat burned, and she didn’t want to think about her eyes, but her people were safe. For the next couple heartbeats, that would be enough to let her ignore how uneasily she sat inside her own body.

Shepard remembered Garrus’ hands in hers, a fleeting touch, and saw him in her mind’s eyes, keen and bright as the edge of a knife, the base spread out behind him. Her relief sharpened. She’d made it back over the line again, holding on with nails and teeth to what she learned on the other side. She’d gotten that one thing right, and now she could rest. Her body would catch up. For now, it was enough to remind herself how to breathe, and to feel her heart beat in her cold, stricken chest.

A door opened nearby. Reflexively, Shepard turned — twitched, really — her head toward the sound, and strained to hear.

“Officer Vakarian,” said Miranda. Was that relief, in Miranda’s voice? Wonders never ceased. “Welcome back. I trust your errand was successful.”

A noise that could have been a sigh or a laugh floated down toward Shepard. She tried to brace her good arm against the bottom of the pod to leverage herself up, but her muscles wouldn’t obey, and she stayed where she was, gritting her teeth as the thermal blanket caught on her wet skin. This was a thousand times worse than waking up half-finished back on Lazarus Station; at least then she’d been able to stand the layers of muscle wrapped around her bones. Now she wanted tear off patches of slippery, clammy skin, and make sure she bled actual blood instead of black water.

That’s not a healthy approach, commander, she thought, and felt the last word echo through her skull. Commander. Commander.

“You could say that,” Garrus said, his voice warm against her ears. God, Shepard wanted to see him so badly her mouth went dry. “How is she?”

“I’m fine,” Shepard tried to say, but something ripped the words out of her throat before she could open her mouth, and a stark-white shriek of lightning hit her spine.


Hello, commander. It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken, hasn’t it?

Let’s get started. You need to know how little you brought back with you this time.

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  • Sirius: [during James’s proposal to Lily] Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. It’s happening. Say yes!

  • Lily: Yes!
  • James: O-okay, but technically, you just said yes to Sirius.
  • Lily: Well, ask me, James.

  • James: Okay. Lily, will you marry us? Me. Mostly me.
  • Sirius: Yeah.

  • James: Even though Sirius is always gonna be part of the deal.
  • Bucky: [during Steve's proposal to Tony] Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. It’s happening. Say yes!
  • Tony: Yes!
  • Steve: O-okay, but technically, you just said yes to Bucky.
  • Tony: Well, ask me, Cap.
  • Steve: Okay. Tony, will you marry us? Me. Mostly me.
  • Bucky: Yeah.
  • Steve: Even though Bucky is always gonna be part of the deal.
  • Sam: *during Dean's proposal to Cas* Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. It’s happening. Say yes!

  • Castiel: Yes!
  • Dean: O-okay, but technically, you just said yes to Sam.
  • Castiel: Well, ask me, Dean.

  • Dean: Okay. Cas, will you marry us? Me. Mostly me.
  • Sam: Yeah.

  • Dean: Even though Sam is always gonna be part of the deal.
Pirate AU

A Simple Softshell:

“Mister Laurens!” called the steward, “I was just on me way to fetch you meself!”

“What’s going on up there?” John asked, tucking the end of his cravat into his vest, coat thrown over one arm. He’d always been a light sleeper, but the commotion on deck would have been enough to wake even the deepest dreamer.

“The captain wants to speak with you, Mr. Laurens.”

“I see.” John pulled on his coat as he bounded up the stairs.

The stars were unusually bright tonight. The wind bit John’s cheeks ferociously, and his hair was already coming out of his queue and whipping his face. The organized chaos of all-hands-on-deck ebbed and flowed around him as he made his way to the sterncastle.

“Captain Shrewsberry, sir!”

“Mr. Laurens! That was quick.” The captain quickly finished giving orders to his second mate, then turned back to the wheel. The second mate shouted something unintelligible, and half a dozen men ran below deck.

“I was already coming up. The steward said you wanted to speak with me?”

The captain’s face was dark. “We’re going to be boarded.”

“What?” John exclaimed. He turned round, and sure enough, a ship was swiftly approaching The Carolina, almost on top of her.

“At first,” said Captain Shrewsberry, “I thought she was another just trading ship on her way to Charleston. But there’s no mistaking one of the most feared silhouettes in the Atlantic.”

“That little ship?”

“She may be small, but the Heart of Oak has a reputation for making entire ships and crews disappear altogether.”

The ship was approaching startlingly fast. Laurens could now make out the shapes of men on the deck. They were not moving, but standing like night-blackened statues on the deck. No light emanated from the ship, save the glint of the moon on bare cutlasses.

“Do they…have any mercy?”

“No. The captain is a fearsome man whom they call the Little Lion. He has been known to set enemy ships ablaze.”

“Does he…?

“The Lion takes no prisoners.”

John swore. “What are you going to do, Captain Shrewsberry?”

There was a long pause. Then the captain lifted his chin and set his face into adamant defiance. He looked the way John had always imagined Hector would, when faced with a grief-maddened Achilles.

“I will do whatever I must to save my crew.”

John nodded.

“Mr. Laurens, now would be a fine time to hide belowdecks.”

“No, sir. I am no coward.”

“I figured you would say as much,” said Shrewsberry. “Go, then. Do what you need to do to prepare.”

John dashed belowdecks. He retrieved the pistol from his trunk and, not bothering with a queue, quickly bound up his hair again so it wouldn’t interfere with his vision. Laurens left his journals, fossils, and samples as they were–the products of his research were likely the safest things on the ship.

By the time he returned to the upper deck, the ship was already being boarded. The Heart of Oak was still cloaked in darkness, but her crew came into the light as they scrambled across planks laid between the ships. They were an unusually motley crew–clothed in everything from French cravats to the vibrant skirts of West Africa. John noted with surprise (and in spite of himself, piqued curiosity) that over half the crew were black men. Even The Carolina, whose captain was a free black man, was manned mostly by white sailors.

Although every man on deck held at the ready some sort of lethal implement, neither crew attacked.
John’s hand tightened on his pistol. He swallowed.

The last two figures crossed the planks, one black and one white.

The brown one was massive in stature, and dressed smartly in a crimson coat. Although his arms were currently occupied in transporting a stout barrel between the ships, moonlight glinted off the two pistols holstered at his belt.

The pale man was short and slight–the Little Lion, John guessed. His attire was dashingly flamboyant: a long green coat with red cuffs and lapels hung open and unbuttoned, revealing the pistol stuck through his belt as well as the rapier sheathed there. His tricornered hat was complete with gold piping and a large red feather.

The crimson Goliath set the barrel in the middle of the deck. The Little Lion mounted it. There was something wild and powerful in the man’s visage–all shadows and color and boldness of posture–standing over them like a god demanding their awe and homage.

John had been waiting for battle his whole life, and it was not supposed to be like this. It was honor and glory and screaming, not silence and staring at one man like he was an angel announcing the birth of a second Christ. The only thing that was as it should be was John’s heart thudding like it wanted to break free of his chest.

For a long moment, no one said anything.

When the Lion finally spoke, it was not a roar, but a calm question: “Which one of you is the captain?”

“I am.” Shrewsberry still stood at the rudder, higher up and in control of the entire ship. Two could play at this game. “My name is Captain Malcom J. Shrewsberry of this trading ship, the The Carolina, and all her crew. Her crew belong to me and I will see them return to Charleston safely.”

The Lion raised an eyebrow, either at Shrewsberry’s speech, or his visage, or both.

“And what of her cargo?” He asked. “Have you any slaves aboard?”

“This vessel trades in Carolina rice and Caribbean rum, not in people.”

“Do you have any bondsmen in the crew?” asked the man.

“I assure you, there are only freemen in this vessel.”

The Lion glanced to each other.

Then the Lion said: “Do you know who I am?”

“You are the one they call the Little Lion.” Captain Shrewsberry stated.

The man grinned. “Aye. And do you know what I do with men who cross me?”

“You kill them.”

“And how do I kill them?”

“You set their ships ablaze with the whole crew still aboard.” The dread these words of Shrewsberry’s struck into the hearts of crew was a tangible thing.

“And do you know what I’m standing on, Shrewsberry?”


“A barrel of gunpowder.”

Angry, frightened murmurs shot through the crew of The Carolina.

“Stop with these games!” shouted Shrewsberry. “What do you want?”

“What do you have?”


“That’s the most ridiculous lie I’ve ever heard. You’re a trading vessel, you’ve got something.”

“It’s the truth. You caught us between ports. We sold our rice for gold at St. Croix yesterday and we’ll use that gold to buy sugar cane at St. Vincent.”

“Absolute rubbish. Why would you do on two islands what could be done on one?”

Because they had a naturalist aboard who insisted they take as many detours as could possibly be justifiable so he could study the flora and fauna of different islands.

John swallowed hard.

“Special interests.”

The Lion cocked an eyebrow again. Still looking at Shrewsberry, he said:

“Pierre, Kebba, go belowdecks and see if he’s lying. Take whatever we can use.” Two of his men cautiously made their way below deck, careful not to come near any of the enemy crew. “Ajax, go find out what this ‘special interest’ is.” The man in the crimson coat followed the others below deck. The captains studied each other.

After what felt like hours, Ajax returned, holding a burlap sack suppressing a grin.

“Found your special interest,” he said. John’s heart skipped a beat. The Little Lion peered into the bag.

“What in the…” Realization dawned with burst of laughter. “You’ve a naturalist aboard? You’re going all the way from St. Croix to St. Vincent’s…for natural philosophy?”

“And not just any naturalist,” said Ajax in French, “A naturalist by the name of John Laurens.”

“Laurens?” The bemusement vanished from the Lion’s face. “As in, Henry Laurens?” John’s heart fell to his stomach. Ajax nodded. The pirate on the barrel began to dig through the sack. “What relation? Brother?”

Ajax handed him a packet of envelopes. “Son.”

I am such a fool, though John as the pirate captain read the signatures on the letters. An absolute idiot.

The Lion looked up, at Captain Shrewsberry. For a pregnant moment, he seemed to grapple with some internal dilemma. John, moving very slowly so as to draw no attention, slipped his pistol into a pocket in the lining of his coat. His sister had added the pocket for the purpose of carrying samples John might find unexpectedly. John prayed it could also conceal a gun.

The two men returned from belowdeck. One of them handed Ajax a bag. A conversation ensued between the captain and his three men in a language John didn’t understand.

The one of them slipped back into French, “Other than that, we found nothing, Captain. Nothing we don’t already have too much of.”

“Luckily,” said the Little Lion. “Ajax did.” In English, he called, “Which of you is John Laurens?”

John uttered a silent prayer and stepped forward. On the other side of that step, he decided it was playing into the enemy’s hand. So he kept walking, striding purposefully toward the barrel, making members of both crews part for him, until he stood directly in front of the barrel, face to face with the pirate captain.

John had strode too close; he could smell oranges and rum on the other man’s breath, he could count the freckles on the other man’s face under dirt and sun-brown, he could see in his impossibly blue eyes the moment when something in the Lion’s gaze snagged on him. Well, at least John could take pride in knowing he’d surprise this capricious king of theatrics.

Then John felt a prickle of cold at his chin. He’d let himself get distracted staring defiantly up into the Lion’s face and had missed the moment when he unsheathed his claws.

The pirate captain said something in the language John didn’t understand, then jumped down from the barrel. John winced; the man had kept his blade at Laurens’ throats all the while, and John could feel a few drops of blood bead and slide down his throat like sweat. One of the pirates was holding a torch over the barrel.

Ajax handed the bag to his captain, who tossed it at the feet of a Carolina sailor. Gold pieces scattered across the deck. The Lion positioned himself behind John, one arm holding Laurens captive in what felt like a lover’s embrace (or would have, if Laurens left arm were free), the other holding a dagger to his throat. The pirate’s left hand was splayed wide on Laurens’ chest.

John hated this pirate, for rendering him impotent and vulnerable. He hated his heart for betraying his fear under his enemy’s fingers. But then a faint pulsing sensation on John’s back vindicated him–the harrowed heartbeat of his captor. Even the Little Lion himself was a subject to fear, it seemed.

They were equals.

“Use that,” said the Lion to Captain Shrewsberry over John’s shoulder. “To get back to Charleston. I want you to deliver a message for me. Tell Henry Laurens that whatever his son is worth to him, I want double in ransom.”

REQUEST: Final Fantasy XV Character Reactions Part 1: Having Kids [ft. Ravus & Ardyn]

Ah! Anon, Thank you! I’m glad that you enjoy it! And Finland? I’ve wanted to go there, but I’ve only been able to go to Denmark and Sweden thus far! Though, from my understanding, it’s easy to catch a ferry into Helsinki from Stockholm.

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“Now, where are those pesky members of the hamon tribe…?”

((Oh man oh man guys this fusion event seems SUPER NEATO~ I’m not tagging myself into it, because I think I’m bending the rules a bit, but it seems super fun and you should check it out if you haven’t <3))
((In the meantime, I’m kicking my fun off with some PILLARMAN FUSIONS, oh my. Will there be more fusions tomorrow? PROBABLY~))

  • Briseis: *during Patroclus' proposal to Achilles* Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. It’s happening. Say yes!

  • Achilles: Yes!
  • Patroclus: O-okay, but technically, you just said yes to Briseis.
  • Achilles: Well, ask me, Patroclus.

  • Patroclus: Okay. Achilles, will you marry us? Me. Mostly me.
  • Briseis: Yeah.

  • Patroclus: Even though Briseis is always gonna be part of the deal.
  • Tom: [during Matthew's proposal to Mary] Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. It’s happening. Say yes!

  • Mary: Yes!
  • Matthew: O-okay, but technically, you just said yes to Tom.
  • Mary: Well, ask me, Matthew.

  • Matthew: Okay. Mary Crawley, will you marry us? Me. Mostly me.
  • Tom: Yeah.

  • Matthew: Even though Tom is always gonna be part of the deal.

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Don't get me wrong get me wrong, I love Allura. She's an amazing dynamic character. I just feel like the fandom puts her on a pedestal of perfection/can do no wrong, which is very untrue. Mistakes are what make characters grow. I want to see Allura grow, not be stuck in the black/white and good/evil that tumblr seems to think. I hope that makes sense

Oh my gosh, I feel you completely, nonnie! Fanon!Allura honestly isn’t accurate to her actual character. I mean, yes, she is definitely badass and yes she is extremely smart and capable, but she’s also scared and lost and makes bad decisions or can be rash or hurtful to others. That’s part of why I love her so much! 

I really, really relate to her I guess - like Allura, I lost my father very abruptly when I was young, and like her it put me in a position where I had to grow up a lot earlier than I should have. Allura is in that same boat. She lost someone that meant the world to her in the middle of an already difficult, vulnerable time in her life; it forced her to have to abruptly grow up and fill his shoes and become a leader in an intergalactic war. And she did an amazing job of it, but she’s still “human” (so to speak, I mean this in the colloquial sense, in that she’s still a living, breathing creature with emotions and flaws and feelings) and is still still hurting over the loss of her father. 

She makes mistakes, she wants to be back in her father’s arms, she wants life to be the way it used to be. But it isn’t and it won’t be. This is why Crystal Venom is still one of my favorite episodes, because it really shows this flawed, scared, unsure side of Allura. 

This girl is broken and hurting and having to make choices that she never should have had to make in the first place. And yes, she’s badass, and yes she eventually makes the correct choices, which is why we love her. But she still falters and fears and makes mistakes. 

Her unwillingness to let her father go, her rash decision to put herself in the hands of the Galra and literally toss Shiro out, her poorly-thought out decision to abandon the castle because she was scared Zarkon might be tracking her (just like Keith feared about himself) and thought the paladins might be better/safer if she weren’t there (like Keith thought about his own presence in the castle),  her skepticism about Keith’s loyalties after she finds out he’s part Galra, these are all such real flaws that could literally happen to anyone. And the fact that so much of the fandom just… ignores all that for the sake of putting her on a pedestal of imperfection is such a shame… it’s ignoring a HUGE part of who Allura is. 

She’s good overall, she’s a good person - but she still does bad things sometimes, she still makes bad decisions, or behaves rashly, just like any of us might - and the true showing of the good in her is how she overcomes these hardships, how she learns. 

[it’s worth noting that the other characters on the show similarly have very complicated and multifaceted personalities and behaviors, too, just like Allura, which is part of why this show is so amazing - I just didn’t delve into them here because this post was about Allura and not about the rest of the team :) ]

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I follow a lot of Lazytown blogs because honestly it's beautiful, but I'm not actually a part of the fandom. I'm curious, however, about the (proclaimed, though obviously not exclusively) children's show. In your opinion; Should I try watching it?

oh my gosh yea!! it’s super adorable and fun to watch, especially like… every scene with robbie. there’s a lot to love about it, and i’d defiantly recommend it because it’s so lighthearted and cute and so funny (there so much meme material and things that make you go ???? because they’re just so Extra). and if you join the fandom and take part in the Sportarobbie Experience™, take a look at the icelandic plays and see all the really cool art and fanfics, it becomes even more fun. i hope you decide to give it a try! 

Imagine Sebastian Smythe fell in love with you even though he did not plan something like this to happen.


Word count: 1088 (A second part will follow I just thought it would be too much in the end)


First I have to admit that I am not much of a Glee Fan and just watched the episodes with Grant in it, so this is not a text which is based on the series. Hope you like it anyways.

He smirked in your direction. You blushed. Did he meant you? Probably not. Why would he?

“Oh my gosh, don’t say you are looking at HIM! “ Your best friend pointed in his direction. You did not know his name. It was actually the first time you have seen him, like ever. But you just could not deny that he was incredibly good looking, especially with his smirk on his lips.

“What? At him? Uh … no! Why? What’s wrong with HIM?!” You tried to imitate how she said “HIM” with an exclamation of disgust.

“Everything is wrong with him! He is just a sick asshole. This is SEBASTIAN SMYTHE the boy I told you about! I mean yeah sure he is good looking but … oh well. “

She sighed.

“Yeah he is …” You said while daydreaming. Out of the tail of your eyes you could see that Lisa was looking at you with a raised eyebrow. “Uh I mean … Not THAT good. You know just … uh okay. He looks okay. “

You got red. This was so awkward. Especially because you actually knew him. Sebastian Smythe …

Lisa said so many things about him. Negative things. You never really heard something positive from her, about him. And she never mentioned that he was looking THAT good. But well …

You tried to remind what Lisa said about him in the past. That he thought he would be better than anyone else. He was an asshole because he treated everyone like shit, especially his girlfriends. Lisa never really knew one of them but she knew that he had lots of girls who were falling for him. But they often broke up out of a sudden. Lisa thought that this was always happening because he just wanted to have his “fun” and when he had enough he would leave the girl. This really sounded like an asshole but you could not deny that you could understand why girls were and still are falling for him. And the second thing you could not deny was that you thought that Lisa always sounded a bit jealous behind her disgust.

“Where did you first get to know him? I forgot.”

“The first time ever was at my first talent show. You know the one where he beat me? I am still not over this! “

Lisa got a mad voice when she thought about it. “But today I will be the one who will beat him!” At least she sounded motivated. Lisa was a very good singer and dancer. She was really talented and did those kind of shows ever since she was little. She always won but when she was around 15 years old, Sebastian showed up and won instead of her. That was the first time she ever lost and she is still mad. You could see it in her eyes how she looked at him, with narrow and mad eyes.

“Yeah I remember you told me that! And after a month we met and became friends!”

“Okay will you wait here? I will get ready now.” She said and left you. Currently you both were at another talent show, it was the final and ever since you two became friends it got kind of a tradition that you go with her to every show. You always go backstage even though you are not allowed to.

(It was the first time after three years that Sebastian was going to such a talent show. That is the reason why (Y/N) and Sebastian never met before. But Lisa is seeing him regularly because a friend of her is going to the same school. )

You took your headphones out of your bag put them in your phone and listened to your favourite songs while studying a bit for school. Your finals were right in front of you and you did not want to fail them, but also you did not want to be a “bad” friend and break your traditions. Especially not today when Lisa will face her “worst enemy”. You would want her to do the same thing for you, so you were always studying as much as you could while waiting till the show would start. And now you had like two hours left. During that time Lisa would get dressed and would get her make-up and hair done and probably would train a bit.

Suddenly you felt someone touching your shoulder, you thought it would be Lisa so you just made a gesture to show her that she should not disturb you while studying. Especially because you were studying chemistry which sucked.

“Chemistry huh? “ It was the voice of a boy. You pulled your headphones out of your ears and looked behind you. Sebastian.

“Uh yes …” You tried to sound as annoyed as you could but he looked really good. Like SOOOOO good. And he was so close to you as he looked into your book.

“Do you need help? Coincidental I am good at it. “ He smirked. You could not deny that you might needed some help, but not from HIM.

“No thanks. I can handle that on my own. “

“So why are you here? What will you sing?”

You could not help it and started laughing. You and singing? Not a good combination! But you had to admit that you were a really good dancer actually. But nobody knew that, because you never danced in public.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, but I am not performing. “

“But you know that you are not allowed to stay here when you are not performing!”

“Yeah I know … “ That did not look good for you … What if he told the security? Lisa once told me that a girl got kicked out because she was backstage without being allowed to. And it would break Lisa’s heart If you could not be here for her today.

“So are you gonna tell someone?” You sound surprisingly cool and uninterested.

“No, I won’t if you do me favor.”

“Which favor?”

“Go on a date with me!” And then he did his smirk again.

ACOWAR Blurb #1 Theory


“My goal was bigger than revenge. My purpose greater than personal retribution.”

To me, this sounds like it comes from the beginning of the book, when Feyre is doing a bit of a recap. It could also be a part of Feyre’s big reveal to Tamlin, when she reveals that she’s been a spy for the Night Court the entire time. THIS QUOTE IS SO AWESOME THOUGH OH MY GOSH I WANT THE BOOK NOW PLEASE!!!!!

Forever With You - Derek Hale Imagine

-All right, hey, I hope this is okay, and I hope you didn’t wan smut? You didn’t exactly say, so I made it into a clean imagine, but I’ll write a part two if you want smut with it, just send me a message :)

Request: sugarpimpdaddy said:
Hello! I’m not sure if you’re still taking requests, but if you are could you do a Derek hale one? Maybe where he and the reader are mates but one day he gets jealous/possessive over her and ends up biting her giving her a mate mark-thing?

Warning: short? no real warnings though, except it’s Derek fluff. Proceed with caution.

Oh my gosh, I apologise, my knowledge on this topic is not too great, I hope I did my research okay though, which is also partly why it took so long, which I apologise for again.


Since you set eyes on Derek he had interested you. So once he actually met your gaze, and the mate bond clicked inside of both of you, neither of you had any doubt that you would be attached at the hip.

Although the fact that you always hung out and he shared every little secret of his with you, it was a little odd for the rest of the pack. Most of them liked that Derek had a different side with you, and especially the girls commented that you two were very cute together. So he never had anything to worry about, since you were never out of his sight, and everyone always knew that you were with him. Though that didn’t mean that you didn’t have any friends.

“Stiles, I’m serious, I’ll be fine,” you chuckled as he continued to drive you to the hospital to see Melissa. You were helping out with one of his investigations, since you were also human so you bonded with him over the whole ‘my friends call me fragile so let’s use their strength in numbers idea’. However during the ‘investigation’, you had tripped and he was a little worried that you had a concussion. Actually, he was more worried that Derek would tear his throat out - ‘with his teeth’ - if he didn’t give you back unharmed. Not that Stiles’ life was easy, but he kind of liked his throat in its place, he grew a little attached to it…

“Just to check, honestly, I don’t want Derek to kill me,” he said as he pulled up in a parking space, walking in with you.

Melissa checked you over and once she let you go, telling Stiles that he had nothing to worry about, you made your way out to the Jeep again.

“Y/n,” you spun around to see Derek standing by his car, and you waved to him before turning to Stiles and thanking him for making sure you were okay. You pulled him into a quick hug before saying goodbye and rushing over to Derek. The latter just nodded to Stiles gruffly before you pressed a kiss to his cheek and grabbed his hands with a smile.

“Hey, what’s up?” you asked him with a smile.

“Why were you at the hospital?” he asked, puling his hands out from yours and staring down at you.

“Oh nothing serious, Stiles was just messing about, we just went to see Melissa,” you shrugged, the whole thing not really being a lie, so you didn’t have to worry about your heartbeat.

“Get in,” he nodded to the passenger side as you looked at him, surprised, and then sat in, knowing that doing as he said would be better than not, since that would probably make him put you into the car himself or threaten you with something, though only lightly. He’s your mate, it’s not something he really wants to reject. He loves you.

He pulled up at the loft and roughly pulled the keys out before getting out and slamming the door to the car. You sighed before getting out and closing the door a lot softer. You followed him up, but he didn’t say anything, not even when the door closed behind you.

“Derek, seriously, are you okay?” you asked as you saw him come back, then he stopped in front of the table.

“I’m fine,” he told you, taking his jacket off and putting it onto the table as you walked over. You slipped your arms around his neck, not intending on letting go until he told you what his problem was.

“You’re not. What pissed you off?” you asked, seeing right through him.

“You told me you would be working something out with Stiles,” he said, sighing, “You always laugh at his stupid sarcastic comments and I-“

“If you’re jealous, I have no idea how to properly shut you up,” you told him with a small smile. He smiled a little, looking down at you before pressing his lips to yours.

“That’s one way,” he told you before his lips pressed to the skin on your neck. “Y/n-“

“Do it,” you nodded, already knowing what he was going to ask. You had already talked about the mate mark. The bite that was unique to each pair the Luna goddess set. In a few seconds, you felt his teeth prick your skin before he continuously kissed your skin, trying to stop the burning sensation that he left behind, but while you did still feel the sting, you finally felt complete. Derek was your other half, in soul and body, and that was all you needed.

“I belong to you,” he told you with a fond smile as you buried your head into his warm chest.

“And I to you,” you added to his cheesy sentence.

“I have a forever with you,” he said, happy that he could say that, and that he could hear your heartbeat hurry at that.

- I warned about it being short. Simply because I wasn’t sure if my research was right, so I didn’t want to go on and on about everything and have it be wrong… MASTERLIST -

Why is there so much art/fic/love for the ‘Dream Pack’ and nothing for the Vancouver Crew?

We barely know the Dream Pack’s name and really all we have to ‘vouch’ for them is they enjoyed being around Kavinsky (point against them honestly). The Vancouver Crew we have a little bit more info on, we know they like toga parties (point for them honestly) and they like to hang around Henry.

We also know things like

  • Cheng2 (aka Henry Broadway) can’t keep his mouth shut.
  • He also likes his energy drinks.
  • They have a white cat.
  • The music at the party has k-pop, opera, eighties power ballads, hip-hop… which one listens to opera oh my gosh.
  • They’re all part of Aglionby’s 11% diverse students.
  • There are motorcycle helmets. Who rides the motorcycles, I wonder?
  • “Hungry eyes, hungry smiles, hungry futures.”
  • Cheng2 cares about economics in the southern states even though he’s from Vancouver? Thanks bro.
  • Also he gets high. He’s from Vancouver, so it’s probably pot, let’s be real.
  • There are lacrosse sticks. Who plays lacrosse?
  • Improved voice overs. This is their idea of a party. They get into togas get intoxicated and voice movies playing on a projector. Adorable.
  • Agriculture magazines?
  • They probably were involved in that protest.
  • They are angry but they play at not being angry and being uniform at school because they feel like they have to represent something bigger than them.
  • Angry and slouching and loud!
  • Also like how did they all end up here? Living with Ryang’s aunt? Where’s my origin fic guys come oooon.

Henry Cheng, Cheng2 (Henry Broadway), Ryang, Lee-Squared, Koh, Logan Rutherford, SickSteve (why SickSteve? What did you do to deserve that, friend?).

I want to see fandom flesh these boys out, give them some love. Because what little we know about them is so intriguing! Also, they have to deal with Henry ALL THE TIME. That says a lot about them right there, I think.

(Disclaimer: I absolutely love Henry Cheng and would also hang out with him all the time just saying)

  • Jonathan: *during Steve's proposal to Nancy* Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. It’s happening. Say yes!

  • Nancy: Yes!
  • Steve: O-okay, but technically, you just said yes to Jonathan.
  • Nancy: Well, ask me, Steve.

  • Steve: Okay. Nancy, will you marry us? Me. Mostly me.
  • Jonathan: Yeah.

  • Steve: Even though Jonathan is always gonna be part of the deal.

I’ve had this idea in my head but I could never write it on my own : In Heaven, a young angel loses her parents. Cas makes a promise to take care of her, and he keeps it. Until the Leviathan problem, he breaks it. So then, he meets her again, but she’s a runaway kid. Dean finds her and she says that she “only trusts Castiel”. So Cas and the little girl meet up, and tears are in his eyes as she runs to him in a hug. Then he keeps his promise and takes care of her agai. :D

AN: Oh my gosh, so many ideas went through my head when I read this! I hope you like which one I went with and don’t mind I broke this down into several parts! :3 I figured it might be easier to read!


You aren’t sure where you are. It’s dark and the woods surround you, though you seem to be standing in a clearing. An animal croaks somewhere behind you, causing you to jump and stumble a few feet before you gather yourself again.

The air is still. You feel like something is about to happen, maybe something large will come sprinting out of the trees, or you’re alone. You couldn’t guess which would be worse.

“Hello,” a rough voice seems to fill your head, but there was no sign to another human being. You spin in a circle and finally notice a man emerging from the trees. You attempt to wipe the tears that were streaming down your eyes. “Why are you so sad?” He looks at you with curiosity. “This is supposed to be your happy place, isn’t it?”

“My happy place?” You stutter, glancing around the clearing once more. It takes you a second, but it soon becomes clear; you are home. Although home isn’t home anymore, it’s nothing in the middle of a forest. There is no cabin, no cars, no nothing. “How is this my happy place?”

The man steps closer to you and says, “this is Heaven. Your Heaven, to be precise.” A small smile passes over his lips. It doesn’t stay long when he realizes you are crying still. “What’s the matter?”

“Heaven?” You pause and look at the man. His piercing blue eyes looking at you as if you were crazy, as if you should have known where you were. “I’m…dead?”

“I’m afraid so.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at the ground. “You’re in denial. Probably from the events of your death.”

The shock hit you in a huge wave, nearly knocking you off your feet. You pull your thumb up to your lips and chew on the nail while this thought processed. “Death… I’m dead. I’m dead… But…” The memories flood back into your mind. You can clearly see the accident…

“Whoa, careful now.” The man rushes over and catches you as you fall. You felt weak, unable to stand on your own two feet anymore.

The man brings you over to a lone stump and sits you down. You have to hold tight onto the edge of it to stay upright. It was horrible, it was completely and totally horrible to see the accident as if you were watching from above.

The stranger hit the side of your parents’ vehicle… Causing both cars to go over the bridge and into the lake… You tried your best to unbuckle, to swim to the surface… Your mom trying to break the window with her elbow… Your dad… he was already gone.

Reality hit you even worse than the wave of shock from earlier. You had lost your parents, they were gone. Then why weren’t they here with you?

You sob into your hands. The man rubs your back to try and calm you, telling you it would be alright, he was here for you.

“They call me Castiel.” He squats down to look you in the eyes. “Don’t worry, I’ll watch over you.” He assures.

After a minute, you slid off the trunk and fell on the ground beside Castiel. You threw your arms around his neck and hugged on.

“Where is Castiel?” You run up to another angel, Lucile, she calls herself. She was commanded to watch over you whilst Castiel took visits to earth. She was sweet, she was nice, but she was no Cas. You wanted Castiel.

She tucks a strand of black hair behind her abnormally large ear and smiles at you, showing all of her teeth in a way you hated. “Dear, he’s on a mission. He’ll be back shortly.”

But he wasn’t back shortly. In fact, he didn’t come back at all.

Undercover Part 2 - Bucky Barnes x (f)Reader

Originally posted by astropoe

Words: 1575
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x (f) Reader
Warnings: none, I think.
Requested by @lclb52
A/n: This is the second part to ’Undercover,’ which I posted a few days ago- it’s also a pretty long fic. After being experimented on by Hydra and saving Bucky again, your story continues on. (Oh my gosh I’ve been writing so much Bucly lately- but that is not a bad thing.)

Part One Part Two Part Three

Clint finally decided to forgive you for not telling you about the secret plan. Even though he understood it all, he still joked with you about not telling him. And he’s finally said he’d drop it- even though you knew he never would.

Right now, you, Bucky and Clint had all gone back to the Tower to figure out how to go forward. Steve was assigned to helping Bucky get his memory back, since Hydra continuously wiped him again.

Natasha was told to help you train your new elemental powers- and you loved her and all, but you didn’t think she was the right person to help you. But you didn’t argue it until you actually had a go.

When you first started to train with Natasha, everything seemed to go okay. But the ‘okay’ going stopped when you actually tried to fight. That’s when she called a break.

“Hey, I have an idea.” Natasha told you after a few hours of the first day. “I think Wanda would be able to help you much more than I could- she is enhanced, anyway.” She offered.

Keep reading