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trying out a new style for when I wanna be cartoony ft.the grumps!

The Explorer (pt. 2)

Part 1

Dark sits at his piano playing a haunted, broken melody as his thoughts wander over the surface of his own demise like some placid, black ocean with no end to its depths. And then Anti glitches into the room, sitting on the end of Dark’s piano alluringly. “Play me somethin’ sweet, big boy,” he demands in a slightly feminine voice as Dark’s aura wastes no time scooping him off the instrument.

Anti glitches and reappears with his elbow leaned on Dark’s shoulder. “What’s the matter, Darky? Feelin’ a little drained?”

Dark looks ready to pounce if not for the way his cheeks are hollow and that the dark marks beneath his eyes are even more pronounced now than ever. In fact, Dark’s whole body looks like it’s slowly curling in on itself, and Anti has to admit it’s disconcerting to see his old enemy this way.

The Host walks in just as Dark is about to really snap. “We might’ve found something.”

Dark stands and turns towards the Host, brushing Anti aside. “What?”

Wilford sits up slowly from where he’s been napping on Dark’s sofa and rubs his eyes. “What’s going on?”

That’s when Wiggles trips into the office.

Dark raises a single black eyebrow and curls his lip in disgust. “What is that?”

“I am,” Wiggles begins to introduce himself, but then his eyes lock with Wilford’s. And the entire office falls into a palpable silence. Anti’s corporeal form flickers against his will, and the Host winces as some unseen force causes a friction in the air sharp enough to make his eyes bleed profusely through his bandages.

Wilford stands, never once dropping his glare as his fingers twitch and grab his gun from its pocket dimension. Pink glitter forms in the air all around them, bringing with it the scent of bubblegum and blood, sweat and birthday cake. Like some sickly sweet nightmare.

Wiggles’ hand darts inside his coat, and he pulls out a knife. Anti’s eyebrows shoot up before he momentarily disappears again, and Dark forces himself between the two of pink Egos. But it’s like breaking apart two magnets. The very action of putting himself between them causes Dark’s entire body to go transparent. “Stop it!”

Suddenly the tension disappears as the two chaotic forces draw back. Dark hits the floor, his knees cracking against the tiles as he falls down hard. Wilford darts to his side but then glares back up at the clown. “You.”

“You!” Wiggles shouts back. “What are you doin’ here? I thought you was dead!”

“I was!” Wilford helps Dark back to his feet, still glaring at Wiggles. “So were you!”

Wiggles smirks dangerously. “Come on, Wilfy. Ya know ya can’t keep a good clown down.”

“What the heck is going on here?” Anti demands when he’s finally able to become corporeal again. “What just happened?”

Wiggles smacks his lips and looks from Wilford to Anti. “Ole’ Wilford here is a buddy o’ mine, from back in the day.”

Wilford glances over at Dark to confirm that his friend is alright, but Dark’s eyes have fluttered shut. Even his eyelids have become black, and his breathing is thin and ragged. The Host comes to his aid, supporting some of Dark’s weight as they lay him down on the couch Wilford recently vacated, and then Warfstache turns back to Wiggles as the Host brushes through Dark’s mind.

“I still don’t understand what’s going on here,” Anti shouts in a layered voice, manifesting his knife in his hand. “So start talking, both of you!”

The Host turns back to them. “So you know each other?”

Wiggles gestures towards Wilford with a gloved hand and sighs. “Well? Take it away!”

Wilford sighs and wiggles his mustache. “We were partners a few years back. I helped him escape the mob…”

“And I helped him outta a couple charges of second degree murder,” Wiggles adds. “So you could say we know each other quite well.”

Vaulting Ambitions spoilers!!!

A VERY rough draft and probably not at all what the final cut will be like nor is it done obviously but making a Culmets video to Chasing Cars sung by Anthony Rapp himself. This is just a lil sneak peek but I probably won’t finish it till the season concludes so I can have all the footage of them that is yet to unfold—with hopefully a happy ending.