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A World Without You (English) Ch. 7

Summary: One day, you woke up in a world without Bangtan Sonyeondan.
Note: Yoongi’s point of view. Is it bad that I really want to translate the next part so bad? Idk why but I really love the next part, especially the last bit!
*Kim Eonjin is Taehyung’s younger sister and Kim Jeonggyu is his younger brother.

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Hearing Namjoon’s tone, Yoongi almost screamed in frustration. Was Namjoon the same? DId he not remember?

“…Namjoon-ah, Kim Namjoon, Rap Monster, or whatever name you want me to call you… Don’t you remember me? At all?” Yoongi asked as he rubbed his face tiredly.

The voice from the other side of the call didn’t answer for a few seconds, making Yoongi sighed even more tiredly, until he answered,

“Yoongi-hyung, you also remember? You called me Rap Monster…”

Hearing what Namjoon said, Yoongi froze. “Yes! Yes, I remember! Namjoon-ah, you really remember me? And about BTS?”

Yoongi could hear Namjoon’s sharp intake of breath, “I do! God, hyung, what the hell happened? When I woke up I was in my room in Ilsan, and my parents know nothing about BTS! They said I’m an unemployed who does nothing with my brain and tried music unsuccessfully instead…” Namjoon whispered. His voice sounded so sad and hurt. “I already tried calling BigHit Office and PD-nim, but I can’t reach the office and PD-nim also said he doesn’t know any BTS…”

“Me too, Namjoon-ah. My parents told me I have a music hobby that doesn’t give a job. I also tried to call Sejin-hyung, but he was the same. He knows nothing.” Yoongi replied.

For a moment, none of them said anything, until Namjoon asked, “Hyung, if we both remember, how about the rest?”

“We should find out. You remember their numbers, right?”

“Of course.”

“Then I’ll try calling Hoseok and Taehyung. Taehyung should be in the same town as me, maybe I can meet him.”

“I’ll try reaching Jin-hyung, Jungkook, and Jimin then. Jungkook and Jimin should be in Busan, maybe they can meet each other.”

“Got it, let’s call again later.”

After they ended the call, Yoongi called Hoseok immediately. The call was answered even before the second ring.

“Hyung! Hyung, this is Min Yoongi-hyung, isn’t it?!” Hoseok asked frantically.

“Yes, it’s me, Hobi. Does this mean you also remember?”

“Of course I do! There’s no way I’ll forget about my family!” He burst out. “But what’s actually happening, hyung?”

Yoongi sighed. “I don’t know as well, Hobi. I just called Namjoon, and he remembers as well. After this I’m going to call Taehyung to make sure he also remember and to possibly meet up with him. How about you? Are you okay?”

He could hear Hoseok’s voice quivered in fear, “Hyung, I don’t know what I should do. My parents and noona know nothing about BTS and I can’t find anything about us on Naver and other search engines.”

Although he may looked cold and appeared disinterested in lots of things, Yoongi truly does love all members of BTS, and hearing Hoseok’s desperate and downhearted voice made him anxious.

“Calm down, Hobi. It will all be okay, you hear me? How about you make a group chat in Katalk for the seven of us to distract you a bit? And maybe afterwards try calling other members. Namjoonie said he’d try calling Jin-hyung, Jimin and Jungkook, try calling one of them or maybe say something in the group.”

Even though he sounded uncertain, Hoseok agreed with Yoongi and ended the call.

Recalling Hoseok’s crestfallen voice, Yoongi felt suffocated. He didn’t want to hear anything like that anymore, especially from Hoseok who was part of their Sunshine Line.

With determined gaze, Yoongi dialed Taehyung’s number. Just like Hoseok, the call was answered before the second ring.

Yeoboseyo, Yoongi-hyung…?”

Once again, Yoongi froze. Taehyung’s voice sounded wearier than Hoseok’s, and he also sounded exhausted. “Taehyung-ah, are you okay?”

Taehyung didn’t reply, but Yoongi could hear his sobs and whimpers. “…I don’t know, hyung. I’m scared. What’s happening? My parents, Eonjin, and Jeonggu all said that I was halucinationg about Bangtan. My parents also told me that I have to look for a job and forget about being a singer… They got mad when I was adamant about Bangtan, and they said I dream too much. I don’t know about other members, but I was ready for the worst scenario when you call me, hyung. I… I don’t know what to do anymore…”

Yoongi’s heart was shattered. Kim Taehyung, another one of their Sunshine Line who was always smiling and laughing sounded so frustrated and miserable.

“Taehyung-ah, where are you now?”

“The park near my house, the one that we went to the last time you came over.”

“Don’t move, I’m going there.”

I realized the date for Part 5 of Adventure tri is the same date the last episode of Universe: Appli Monsters will air.

I’m not confirming anything (i literally can’t, and I also doubt a little bit on what i’m thinking), but this is making me think after that day we’ll get information on something new to come for the franchise and not only the poster for the final part of tri… Another main series maybe? Another seires of OVA this time featuring the 02 characters? Other stuff outside the anime part… I’d like to remember how during the first four Digimon series, they didn’t had any hiatus between the shows, one week it would be a finale, and the next one a new series would start. Or it could be a coincidence. Or it was proposital to be the same day but with no other reason…

Truth to be told part of me thinks that if they make this happen the right way it’ll remain a respected love story that just didn’t had the chance to be fulfilled because of the situation and they will love each other even if they manage to let go and they will always be each others missing part and their love will either stay forbidden till the very end or they will find happiness together in another universe where he’s not a monster and she doesn’t have a child with his brother.
But then I remember these are the same people who wrote tvd and we can’t have nice respectful stuff cause when they end a ship they do it to push another.

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Oh sir, Papyrus sir. Can you tell the tale of how and why you came to the possession of that scarf? Does it have a meaning?


The short answer is that my brother gave it to me and, although its a very dashing fashion accessory, I don’t go anywhere without it because of how important it is to me. 

The whole story is a bit more…complicated. 

Sans mentioned this before but we didn’t used to live as comfortably as we do now. Back when I was little, we used to lay our heads wherever the best hiding place was. We were easy targets back then since Sans had low health and I wasn’t strong enough to do anything yet. 

I don’t have a whole lot of memories from when I was a really tiny baby bones but I do remember a little bit from the short time we lived in Hotland. Most of those memories were how Sans tried to keep my calm when we hid and how nauseous I used to get from the heat there. When I was older, he told me about how some of the monsters in the area caught onto our usual hiding places and tried to flush us out. That’s how we ended up in Waterfall.

I actually have a lot more memories of Waterfall than I do of Hotland. Part of it is because we stayed there for several years and the other part is because those caverns were prettier than our previous home. They were also a lot darker and there were also more hiding spaces to pick from too. Not to mention, with the cooler climate’s assistance, my sickly state seemed to disappear much to my big brother’s relief. Of course, that meant I was no longer lethargic and he had to work twice as hard to keep us safe since I was a bit of an energetic and talkative child. It was in Waterfall though, that I first understood the danger we were in. After all, nothing is more terrifying than hiding in the dark and hearing the malicious cackle of looming monsters pass between the echo flowers you’re hiding under. After the threat passed and Sans realized that the echo flowers in the area could give us away, we finally abandoned Waterfall. 

Snowdin was our final destination. Out of all the places we’ve lived, its the coziest of the three caverns. The monsters there aren’t nearly as vicious, the cold air is refreshing, and the snow is one of my favorite things about the area. Not to mention, with all the trees, there’s plenty of cover to hide if we needed to. A lot of my fondest memories are in Snowdin actually; from the times we played hide-and-seek together in the Snow Room, to the first time we built a snowman, or when we worked together to make an igloo into our first offical home. 

I guess I didn’t see it then but Sans always did his best to provide for us. He made sure my needs came first; even if it meant he went without. Anything I wanted to do, he would do his best to fulfill. Any food we came across, I always got the first bite. Heck, he even stopped calling my Papy when I asked him to call me Boss instead after I got picked on by some local kids for it. One of the only gifts he was able to give me was a red scarf he managed to save up for. I guess he saw me gawking at a monster in the village with a long scarf and realized that I wanted one too. I had never really asked for anything before because I knew that we couldn’t afford much…

After he gave me the scarf, I may or may not have gotten a little emotional. I think part of me knew he must have busted his ass to make me happy and part of me wanted to do the same for him. But what can a little kid do? It wasn’t until my teen years that I finally figured out how I could repay him for everything he did to keep us safe. That was the day we almost got killed by a monster hell bent on dusting us for EXP. We let ourselves get a little too comfortable while we were in Snowdin and the monster caught us off guard. What our assailant didn’t realize is that I had been training on my own when I got the chance so I could control my strength and prevent myself from hurting Sans. 

The scar on my eye is actually from that attack… When I hit the ground, Sans launched himself at our attacker without thinking. Just as the monster was about to kill my brother…I had to do the hardest thing I had ever done before in my life…I had to dust him to save Sans. I held it together in front of Sans but the moment I had a second to myself, I lost it. It wasn’t until I was drying my eyes with my scarf that I realized that this is what I could do to repay my brother; i could be his protector. In that moment, I made a vow that I would do whatever it took to protect him.

Unfortunately, the attacks didn’t end after I dusted my first monster. Turns out he had a few buddies that didn’t appreciate what I did… They were the next to come after us… I tried to spare them when I had them pinned but only one took me up on the offer and that quickly came to bite us in the ass. Word got out how tough I was and challengers started showing up to fight me and test their strength. If I refused, some of them tried to use my brother against me. The only good thing that came out of that situation was when Undyne heard about me and showed up to fight me. When I almost killed her, she laughed and told me she wanted me on the royal guard. Said if I really wanted to keep the monsters in line, then that was the best way for me to protect my brother and myself. 

Our lives turned around after that. Undyne trained me on how to properly use my magic and fight. The position earned us enough money to buy our house and whatever we wanted. The title of royal guard offered its own protection and kept most monsters from coming after us. Not to mention, I became the main monster responsible for keeping order and taking out anyone who caused any trouble. Eventually, my name became so well known that merely mentioning my name was enough to deter anyone from going after Sans. That’s one of the reasons I gave him the collar; so he’d have something to wear that offered him protection too. 

If I hadn’t of gotten that scarf from him, I don’t think I would have been able to step up and take on the role of his protector. That scarf is a reminder of all the sacrifices he made, kindness he’d shown, and love my brother gave to me. With it, I feel like I have the strength to do anything…even the things that are hard to do. 

Thank you, Sans. 


Bruce + Ultron, Nat Gets It

Everyone ignores Banner’s part in creating Ultron, except Natasha. It’s oddly sweet that she’s the only one who remembers to give Bruce his due share of blame alongside Tony.

  • The most obvious is, during the farm scene, when Natasha says, “When you two programed him to protect the world, you amazingly failed.”
  • Natasha also immediately recognizes Bruce’s part in creating Ultron during the afterparty battle. Ultron says, “You want to protect the world, but you don’t want it to change.” Before he’s even done speaking, Natasha gives Bruce this incredulous look and Bruce avoids her gaze as if in confirmation of her suspicion. Cash money says he’s said those exact words to her at some point. Bruce is an altruistic curmudgeon — he’ll do anything to save people, but he doesn’t trust them much (“The only people who’d be threatening the planet would be people.”) The idea of Bruce going off on rants about the human race to Natasha is adorable and awesome, and it also shows just how well she knows him.

I say the fact that she remembers to place blame on Bruce is oddly sweet because it recognizes his contributions that don’t involve the Other Guy. 

In the comics, Bruce is forever lamenting the shadow of the Hulk he lives in:

Tony Stark and Reed Richards use their genius to save the world every other week. That’s how they’ll be remembered in history. Meanwhile, I – I who, forgive me, have just as much to contribute – will be lucky if my tombstone doesn’t simply say “Hulk Smash.” — Bruce Banner

On the team, Bruce is Tony’s Science Bro and the Hulk — in both cases, the more forgettable part of the equation. But not for Natasha. Bruce blames himself for a lot of things, but if he’s going to be a monster the mad scientist version is preferable because he actively controls it. Natasha gets that, so she doesn’t let him off the hook for his part in creating Ultron. 

And tough love is exactly what Bruce needs.



Jimin’s phone

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Warning: This series contains death, mentions of suicide, drugs and alcohol.

A/n: I hope you forgive me for extremely slow updating. other than that, enjoy! xx Edit: forgot to change who’s phone it is but now I remembered hehehe whoops!

Yesterday’s Wounds (part 6)

Title: Yesterday’s Wounds (part 6)
Characters: Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Sans, MTT, Gaster, Asgore
Wordcount: 2341
Warnings: Medical Experimentation, Child Abandonment, Restraint
Summary: Many years ago, Papyrus was found in a dump. Now he is an adult who is about to find out a little more about his past when they find out the source of the barcode on his arm.
Notes: Baby Blaster AU + Rescue Dog!Papyrus, and of course Baby Blaster AU belongs to @spacegate. This chapter was very wobbly for me to write, I figure it and the next one might feel that way so I apologize in advance.  

Alphys finished feeding the rats in Papyrus’ absence and headed back to the main file room next to the observation room. She hoped maybe Undyne pulled some information from the other skeleton. She noticed the bite mask that had been cut off and tossed near the file room as she stepped closer to the observation room.  She stared at it, and carefully kicked it to the file room, she didn’t want to be around it and she would have Undyne deal with it better later.  

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