this part of ep 9 really got to me

Okay, I’ve watch ep 9 three times now (once subbed), and there is something that is bothering me about the game in silent time.  The game itself I have never heard of and apparently none of the China line has heard of it either.  By the time I watched that for the third time, I got really uncomfortable viewing it.  What was funny at first no longer rang true because this time I knew the rules of the game. 

The parts that got me the most were Lay getting ‘punished’ and Luhan 'hiding’. 

I know Kris and Tao are big, strong guys, but even Kris was tired of being roughed up there at the end.  (side note, I really felt for Kai’s arm too)  Lay is on the injured list with his BACK and Kai did NOT need to be bruised up just before a performance out of country.  I love Chanyeol dearly but I am kinda glad Kris got him there at the end.  He was being a brat, lol.

Now I don’t think he and the others were being mean on purpose.  Mischievous, yes, but by the end it seemed to sincerely shock them all that the China line didn’t understand what the game was they were playing.  I hope in the future they will at least let Kris and company know what the game is or pick one they are sure every one knows about.

Last but not least, props to Jongdae for at least realizing they had hurt Kai and trying to comfort him. 

The MVP award goes to Minseok for protecting Luhan.  I also like the both Minseok and Luhan refused to punish anyone. 

Maturity…Xiao Lu and Baozi evidently have that in spades.

And this concludes my observations.  I feel better now, lol.