this part never fails to make me laugh

“She has autonomy. She has a strong will. But she can’t move. So in many ways her life is my life. It’s bigger than me, it controls me, and it makes me fight like never before. We spend so much time together that she’s a part of me. She knows how important she is to me. She had childhood cancer. Her heart failed three times. And I was by her side the entire time. I never realized that I could love someone as much as this. She could never hurt me. She could never hurt anyone. We always ask her: ‘Are you angry?’, ‘Are you mad?’ And she always says ‘no.’ She laughs when I laugh. And right now I’m trying not to cry. Because she’ll cry if I cry.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Lady Catherine: You can be at no loss, Miss Bennet, to understand the reason of my journey hither. Your own heart, your own conscience, must tell you why I come.

Elizabeth Bennet: Indeed, you are mistaken, Madam. I have not been at all able to account for the honour of seeing you here.

Lady Catherine:

Why I love Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is great game for sure of it’s gameplay, awesome art design and marvelous creatures but what makes me love series even more is these little shots animations [Including the monster’s Ecology shots.]

These short are just few minute long but still they flow full of details of MH world, giving fuzzy warm feeling of these hunters daily life.

They joy together, laugh together , hunt together , fail together

I don’t even know how put on words to feeling i get while watching these, they just suck me in right to this wonderful world of Monster Hunter than i want to part of, being good comrade and help others in need, never giving up ‘cause we are team, doing this missions together.

 That’s what it mean to be hunter, at least to me

What is your guys opinion? What make you love this series?

So I reached my first 1,000 followers over the weekend and I’m just super thrilled and flattered. I’ve never had 1,000 followers on any platform, so this is kind of amazing!  

I don’t even know what to do, but I feel like I should somehow celebrate: if you’re feeling it, send me one fact about yourself and a random prompt. I’ll respond with a fact about myself and a headcanon/ficlet 
**if you’re currently waiting for me to answer one of your asks, it’s coming, I promise! I had a paper to write this week!** 

And, because I have so many incredible followers, I want to use this as an opportunity to tell a bunch of people how much I love them and how they’ve made my first fandom experience just amazing.

warning: this is a long ass post filled with feelings.

The Writer’s Guild
​ girl please. there are no words. you are my stranger things soulmate, the angst to my fluff, the eggo waffle to my real nilla wafer. thank you for letting me bounce ideas off of you, complain about and celebrate my life, and send you pictures of the birds that are hunting me. i honestly love you, moss. (honestly though, I just read your angsty break up story and i take this all back. you are the worst.) 
@theamiableanachronism my darling penguin, your support has been such a huge part of my writing life and i owe you so many smiles and hugs! your writing is also beautiful and always makes me feel warm inside!
@forfutureglory i remember seeing you pop up in my notifications and being so thrilled that you were another amazing stranger things writer. so glad we got to chatting and i honestly feel so inspired every time i read something you post. 
@dadharbour joe keery! it’s an honour to know you and to have you in my life. never stop making this fandom laugh—we need you!
@eggos-and-promises i admired you from afar for a very long time and it’s an honour to now admire you from nearby. you are truly the queen of gentle thoughts and beautiful moments
@eggo-my-leggo i’m still amazed by how quickly you can write such incredible content, but please don’t ever change. you’re a lovely person and i’m glad we got to chatting!
@ghost-grantaire there is no one better to talk about the ot3 with than you and you give such new dimensions to the teen characters that it brings me life. so thank you.

The Stranger Crew
@promiseleven you’re the leslie knope of this fandom, i swear. your thoughtfulness, optimism, and enthusiasm never cease to amaze me & I am so happy to have you as a friend. 
@supercomsandeggos and @raesberri and @stranger-art-things i just can’t believe you three exist in the same universe that i do. you’re each so multi-talented; your art and your writing are so beautiful and unique and every time i see y’all on my dash my heart does a little dance. 
@strangerwhee11ers there is no one nicer than you in the entire fandom, i mean it. i always feel so welcome when talking to you and your sense of humour/punning abilities never fail to make me laugh.
@baileytsample you are such a smart and endearing human and i’ve learned so much from your linguistics factoids. you’re angst is on point and you are such a good friend to everyone. so glad you’re part of this fandom
@themikewheelers you’re a leader in this fandom and another multi-talented superstar with a stellar sense of humour and the fact that you are a fan of percy jackson just makes me giddy! 

@scienceisneat // @jemmahearteyessimmons // @thelasttitanslayer // @ashy-le-mashy // @reedstrangerthings // @cherrysconesandtea​ — you are all lovely and incredible and I haven’t frequented that chat in a little while, but it’s been so great having a chance to know you and follow you. your blogs and your content are always a welcome sight on my dash.

@gaywillbyers mars, you’re an angel. i don’t think i’ve ever met anyone i wanted to be irl friends more than you. keep that byeler fluff coming because it chokes me up every time. 
@the-weirdo-on-maple-street emma, you were the first stranger things blog i ever followed and no regrets on that because you are such an awesome human and i love both your blogs.
@justice-for-benny you are one of the coolest people i know, online and in real life. thanks for being such a constant darling and a kickass benny supporter. 
@richiegayzier​ the original angst queen—you’re my smolest friend and i adore you, even if you relish in the pain you cause us!
@bichaelwheeler​ there are so few words i can say to thank you for all the support you’ve given to my writing since the beginning. you were one of the first people to leave meaningful comments on my fics and i will forever appreciate how much thought you put in to your interactions with authors on this fandom. speaking on behalf of them, thank you so so much. 

and there are so many other mutuals i love and admire from afar and who i want to know better. i’m honestly the worst at starting conversations though (i’m so dorky). i will honestly make a more concentrated effort to let you all know how much you mean to me. for the time being: follow these lovelies: 

@sincerely-millie // @milevenge // @m11kee // @strangerthings-meb // @wheezingwheeler // @strangerhypnosis // @milevenmirkwood // @elevenseggbros // @upsidedownwaffle // @youffievalentine // @aestheticallypleasingsarcasm // @dazzlingtiredeyes // @myheartisfullofstrangerthings // @shesavedus // @telekineticeggos // @crazyliketheworld // @youlookpretty-good13 // @deeplysunkissed // @atimeofwhichwehavenoknowledge // @im-cool-please-like-me​ // @itcouldbendoritcouldbreak​ // @uppercasebread​ // @the-strangest-th11ngs​ // @hawwkins​ // @coffeecoffeecoffeeinaniv​ // @willbyers​ // @jewishstanuris​ // @rosy-el​ // @saltyditty​ // @eggosthings​ // @finnxwheeler​ // @beautifullyflawed25​ // @cloeggo​ // @sstrangerthaneleven​ // @eggogorgon​ // @thecastlebyers​ // @stardustperalta​ // 

if i forgot anyone (which i probably did) i’m so sorry! send me a message! 

He was Just Leaving (Young Remus Lupin x reader)

A/N: my smol bean remus :’)) i may write a part two hehe

Request: Hey I was just wondering if you could write about Remus liking a quirky hufflepuff and Remus is too shy to ask her out so Sirius pretends to flirt with her which makes Remus jealous? It would be amazing if you could! Love your account it never fails to make me smile 😁😊

word count: 631
warnings: none

“You’re staring, mate,” Sirius mutters to Remus who’s got his head propped up with one arm. He watches you as you’re deep in conversation with the rest of your hufflepuff peers. He sees you laughing, holding your book and flipping through the pages, reading passages to your friends.

“Moony!” James yells, elbowing him.

“Hm? What?” Rem snaps out of his haze, falling off the hand supporting his face.

The other two marauders snicker at him. “You really like Y/N, hm?” James waggles his eyebrows.

Remus blushes slightly and clears his throat. “No! What are you talking about?” He glances back over at you; your laughter has all but stopped and he can’t help but smile at your joy.

Sirius scoffs, “So, you wouldn’t mind if I asked her out, then?”

His eyes widen at the thought of his precious Y/N with his jerk of a best friend. “Uh- well, do actually like her? I wouldn’t take her for your type, Pads, that’s all.”

Sirius is grinning at how flustered Remus is getting. “Not my type? She’s absolutely gorgeous! And she’s really nice, funny too. What’s not to like?”

“M'just saying.” Moony shrugs and stands up, grabbing his bag. “I’m going to the library. Got a few books I forgot to return. I’ll see you guys.”

Later, you’re sitting in the library, as well. You and Remus smiled at each other and waved. A large part of you wishes he’d just come over and sit with you. You’ve always been quite fond of him.

There’s a tap on your shoulder. You look up, hoping more than anything that it’s him. “Oh, hey, Sirius.” You greet the dark haired boy standing above you.

“Mind if I sit?” He gestures to an open chair next to you.

You shrug, turning back to your book. “Go ahead.”

He seats himself beside you and places his hand on the pages of your novel, pushing it down to the table. You narrow your eyes at him. “Sorry, Y/N. Just wanted to let you know that I think you’re really, really gorgeous.” He smirks. That’s when you realize his other hand is resting on your knee, sliding up ever so slightly.

Your face flushes and you sit up a little bit. “Well, thanks. Uh- you’re not bad yourself, but I-”

“Hey, Padfoot! Can I talk to you for a minute?” You hear Remus call from a small distance away. There’s a sharp “Shh!!” that follows, but he doesn’t seem to care. You can’t help but feel relieved. Sirius is cool and all, but you’ve kind of got your eye on someone else. Someone who’s taller and reads a lot. Someone who just so happens to be in the library at the same time as you, all the time.

Anyway, Sirius comes back over to sit down, but Remus is right on his tail, pushing him out of the chair. “He was just leaving, actually.” Moony says, through his teeth.

Padfoot gives him a sly grin, “Oh, was I? Alright, then.” And with that he leaves.

“What a guy, right?” Remus laughs awkwardly and clears his throat. “Um, Y/N, I was actually wondering- there’s a Hogsmeade trip this weekend- or a little get together after the quidditch game tomorrow- just- uh- would you wanna hang out sometime?”

You smile widely. “Oh my God. Well, yeah! Yeah, I’d love to.” Dear God, you’re blushing. You’re blushing so much. “I’d better go, then.” You pick up your book and stand up.

“Oh, yeah. Yeah, me too.” He goes back to grab his bag. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” You nod. “Gryffindor common room?”

“Where else?” He chuckles. “I’ll see you.”

You go your separate ways, butterflies erupting in your stomach. You have a date with Remus.


Wanda x reader : short imagine

Request + description: Wanda x fem reader. Pietro makes a move on the reader and Wanda becomes jealous.

Note : its short but hopefully decent 💙 I’ll have the other requests done soon and I’ll be doing a Discovered part 3 (yay!) If you have any suggestion for it please inbox me! Request are still open! ♥


You’re out of breath as you step into the kitchen, Pietro trailing behind you. It was a sunny day and your jog had been long, mostly due to the fact that you spent most of It talking with Pietro. He was the funny one out of the twins and never failed to make you laugh. He grimaced at you when you looked up at him and you giggled. His face broke into a smile. “ you have a beautiful laugh”, you feel a faint blush rise to your cheeks. You laugh awkwardly and internally cringe at how fake you sounded. You look up and see Pietro has his eyes glued to you. He hesitates for a moment then places a hand on your cheeks and bring you close to him. You gasped softly, he presses his lips against yours and you freeze. He was so gentle with you and you sigh. Your mind whirling with thoughts, your paralyzed and don’t know what to do. He ends the kiss. You’re speechless with shock, “ Y/N” he breathes, “will you go out with me? I’m sorry for the bluntness, I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” He gives you a crooked smile. Your mouth is gaps open, his arm still around you tightly and you don’t know what to do.

It all stops when you hear a sharp exhale from behind you. You push Pietro away and turn around to see Wanda. She had a look of annoyance plastered on her face, but you do swore you saw a flash of hurt in her eyes. You felt your heart sink. “ Get a room” she snarled, she turned in her heel and marched off to her room. Your breath hitched in your throat, God, what have you done. You turned to Pietro, his face was confused and sad. “I don’t understand?…” He muttered, you felt a harsh blush color your face. “Pietro…I..I don’t know what to say,” you mumbled while staring at your feet. This entire incident was something you’ve wanted to avoid for a long time. You knew the Maximoffs had a interest in you, and you knew this moment would come, and finally you knew that you’d be breaking Pietros heart.

“I didn’t know that you… had a liking for my sister” the sound of his voice made your heart ache. “I’m sorry,” your voice quiet. “ No I’m sorry, I’ve put you in a uncomfortable position, I won’t make any advances with you anymore” his tone became cold and without emotions. Without another word he walked away, leaving you alone with sorrow in your heart.


After a couple of hours of internally hating yourself you decided to go talk to Wanda. You loved her, and you at least had to fix that. You walked to her room and you stared at he door for a few minutes deciding if this was the right thing to do. You exhaled slowly and opened the door. Wanda was sitting at her bed reading a book, she looked up. “Wanda, look I’m sorry about what you walked in on,” her laugh was humorless. “No its my fault, I didn’t know you had a thing with my own brother,” she says harshly. Your heart pinches. “Wanda, he’s the one who kissed me!” She sighs in annoyance.  “I don’t even care”.

“Then why are you so mad!” You yell. “ you know I care for you! You know how I feel. You should understand this better because your breaking my heart! You know I love you!”

Her eyes where wide with shock, you where pretty shocked with yourself too. “I’m sorry for yelli-” before I could finish my sentence she speeds up to you and hugs you tightly. “You love me?” She asks in a small voice. Your arms wrapped around her tightly. “As a mind reader, I thought you would figure it out sooner.” You say with a small laugh. She giggles, her voice likes chimes. “I’m sorry for being so harsh, I love you too.” You close your eyes in bliss. Wanda hugs you tighter and you stand there in silence. Not wanting to ruin the moment…


A/N: this is really rushed, i’m sorry for the delay and if it sucks.

word count: 1k?

pairing: christoffer x female reader (sorry!)



You could’ve paid good money right now for having an identical twin, that’s how much you wanted to skip the party and stay home binge watching something that you’ve already seen four times. The truth was that you didn’t, so as days went by agonizingly fast, you found yourself at Eva’s place getting ready.

Vilde and Eva were still picking dresses when you decided to sit down next to Chris. You couldn’t help but let out a small sigh.

”What’s up girl?” She asked, actually looking concerned.

”This party stresses me out a little. I would rather be home than here, but can’t help it can I?” You were staring at Vilde, who was probably blabbering about just how dreamy is William.

”Sure you can, but Vilde and Sana will kill you. I wouldn’t want to see Sana mad to be honest, she would probably be quite scary then.”

”Yeah” was all that you could say, before Chris went on.

”It’s going to be okay, you know? Flirt with my name twin and try to get his hot friends hook up with me if I fail in it.” She said with a wink, earning a laugh from you. She never failed to make you feel better.

”Uhhuh, got you.”

Few seconds later Vilde and Eva announced that they were ready as well and that you could all leave now.


The place where the part was held at wasn’t that far away, so it took you only 10 minutes to get there by foot, much to Vilde’s dismay. She wanted someone to drive so she didn’t have to walk in her incredible high heels for a party, her words not yours.

Vilde walked up and rang the bell a few times, before someone opened it. Neither one of you recognized the boy, but Chris immediately started to flirt with the stranger only making Sana roll her eyes and walk inside. You gave a quick look to Eva and Vilde, before shrugging and joining Sana inside.

You were glad to find out that the party wasn’t huge, since crowds freaked you out sometimes. You had still managed to lose all your friends in the matter of seconds, making you groan under your breath memories flooding back from the first party you had attended with Vilde. Christoffer was there too, hell, you had even flirted with him a little and had enjoyed it. If you were honest, it scared you a lot to be around him. There had to be a reason all the girls were drooling for him after all?

You pushed the thought aside, making your way to the table where all the drinks were. A grimace found its way on your face when you saw the liqueurs that there was, they all sucked. Even so, you started to make your own drink when you felt someones arms wrap around you. Your reflexes kicked in, making you literally kick the person.

You turned around, only to see Chris on the floor groaning in pain. You felt somewhat happy that it was him who got kicked.

”We really need to talk about where’s the limit, even if I like it rough I don’t like being kicked” he said with a large smirk, before groaning again in pain.

His words made you blush a little, this not going unnoticed. ”Oooh, did I make my little princess blush?”

You let out a shaky breath. ”Nah, that only happens in your dreams. I also told you to stop calling me that, didn’t I?”

”I don’t recall, nice to see that you showed up here.”

”For my friends, not you.” You turned around, continuing on making the drink you needed a lot at this very moment.

”Damn, at least give me a chance here.” Chris said with a chuckle. ”I really want to get you know you though.”


”Let’s play a game then? I won’t try to make a move on you, so it’s harmless right?” He said with a sweet smile. You were doubtful, but just nodded as a yes since he seemed serious.

”I will ask you questions and you’ll answer the first thing that comes in mind.”

”Wait, they had this game in friends..” You said, shocked.

”Yeah, so? It’s a good show and Rachel is really hot.” He was smiling, the chances of him thinking about Jennifer Aniston high.

”Just figured out guys like you watch some car movies that’s all” you muttered, Chris hearing this.

”Guys like me? You really do think I’m a walking cliché, unbelievable.” Chris looked pretty hurt, your features softening up for a moment.

”You really don’t give me any reasons to think otherwise. Anyways, the game?” You were avoiding his gaze, ashamed that maybe you had just hurt his feelings.

”Oh right. You answer first. Cats or dogs?”

You couldn’t help but let out a laugh at his question, but when you saw the face he was pulling you stopped. ”Dogs.”

”Vilde or Sana?”

”Sana.” That came out much faster than you thought it would. “Wow, I thought it’d be Vilde.”

”Do you think I’m hot?”


A large smirk appeared on his face, making you feel confused before realization hit you. You couldn’t find the right words to answer him, so you just were there silently. He took a step closer to you, making you take a step back and hitting the wall. Chris took your hand in yours, intertwining your fingers together.

”For the record princess, I find you really fucking hot too.” He leaned in, closing the gap between the two you.

Your brain was yelling to push him away and run, but you did quite the opposite. You kissed him back for a moment before pulling away.

“I could like you if you’d just stop playing these sick games and let me get to know you.” with that you pushed him off of you, rushing out of the room feeling disappointed in yourself.

Touché (Part 6)

Genre: Hitman!au, Hitman Jungkook
Pairing: Reader/Jungkook
Length: 2434

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Finale

Originally posted by jungkooz

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The North Remembers [Jon Snow x Reader pt.2]

Originally posted by thronesdaily

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’ll have an awesome weekend start, and if not - well, lucky you, cuz Deli’s here to cheer you up! <3 Been working on this fic more and more…I’m hoping it will be just as fun to read as it is to write! 

I just want to answer a few questions before we continue… Smut? yes. Smut with other characters? Yes. Awesome twists? Yes. Drama? yES. Action? Yes. Anymore questions? Send em my way ;)




As the night continued, the tavern got louder and louder with each drink. The solders let loose, dancing with respectable women and whores alike, whilst Eddard Stark and the King discussed something that wasn’t related to business or any other important matter. For a while you eyed your mother, cherry cheeked, talking to a guard from Kings Landing as he tried to show off his precious sword. A small smile made its way to your face from his attempted flirtation, your own cheeks burning red from the heat.

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sapphirella  asked:

8, 16, 24!

thank you ^^

8.  Which Cypher part do you like best?

laksdjlfkj for which one?? i’m gonna cheat and do one for each of my favorite cyphers

for cypher pt 2, i’d say yoongi KILLED it. those insults of his?? absolutely beautiful. i can’t believe the clever disses he did and that laugh at the end never fails to make me shiver. plus his fast rapping is iconic and i feel like he really got to showcase it for the first time in this song

for cypher pt 3 i’d say namjoon because goddamn his voice, the smooth changes in beat and rhythm, his english part, the disses and clever little lyrics here and there. absolutely amazing
but i gotta say hoseok’s part and yoongi’s famous hong kong line made it reaaaally hard to choose ;;;;

and for cypher pt 4, yoongi again bc i’m a sucker for his fast rapping and cmon that ending verse 

“I’m always thankful that I never had anything handed to me easily
Why is it my fault that your life is mediocre
Please keep living like that, just making it
I’m sorry but I’m going to earn more. Keep watching.
And please be healthy.” 

fucking GOLD

24. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Yoongi?

(i switched the last two questions because i’m gonna need space for pics for #16 lmao)

i’m gonna be honest and say inspiration and cute. bc he’s super cute. and also bc he’s such a huge inspiration to me? his lyrics are always motivational and i’m a LOT like him in all aspects so to see someone like that be successful and do such amazing things and be such a great person is comforting? idk

16. What is your favorite hair color for each member?


everyone looks amazing in black!!!!

(proof under cut ;))

Ask me about BTS!

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anonymous asked:

what is it like being in love? how do you know you're actually in it?

When I think of how I am in love, I think of the fact that I used to hate country music but now I find myself willingly listening to it because it reminds me of her. I think of how from the first night I met her, any time my phone vibrated, my eyes would shoot right at the screen in hopes of it being her. I think of how when I first talked to her on the phone, we spent the entire time asking each other questions. I remember exactly where I was when I first heard her voice and I think of how after every answer she gave, I would close my eyes and feel my heart get really really warm. I think of how my days go by so unbelievably fast now that I have a reason to live for. One second I wake up its 8 in the morning and next thing I know, it’s midnight and I’m laughing with her, closing my eyes to the sound of her voice telling me she loves me. I think of how when anything happens throughout my day, she is the first person I think of telling. When I’m uncomfortable or just wanna go home, she’s the one thing that makes it better. I think of how when I’m upset, I remember that I have her. that I can get home and call her and everything will be okay. I think of how whenever we argue, there has not been one night that I haven’t fallen asleep without her. I think of how I know I drive her crazy, but for some reason she’s still here with me everyday. that laugh will never fail to make me smile and I could listen to her talk about anything and everything for hours on end. I know I’m in love because nothing in my life made sense before her, and nothing in my life will make sense if I’m not calling her mine. I think about my future a lot, and no matter what part of it I’m thinking of, she is always in the picture. I think about how everyday I’m so lucky to be hers, because she makes me the best version of myself. that’s how I know I’m in love.

50. Fav VMin Moments

Tumblr is being a boob and crashes everytime I upload photos (and probably because the list was rly long lmao)



someone look at me like that o m g

this video and tHIS VIDEO

(They’re about Tae slapping the JiBooty) (Fav. moment is when JimJom slaps the Taebooty too)(JimJom LITERALLY KICKED THE TAEBOOTY ONCE I CANT FIND THE GIF RN)

I can’t find it but it was when Jimin asked Taehyung how he got so popular and Taehyung answered, “It’s all because of you,” and they just stare at each other for a while tHEN HOBI POPS IN LIKE “THIS IS BORING, IT’S HOBI TV~♥”


“When des Taehyung look sad? I wish he was never sad”

“When is Taehyung happy? When he’s with me”


Q: Which part of V do you like?

Jimin chose ‘cheerful’ and ‘gentle’

This post about Jimin always staring at Taehyung’s lips

Taehyung running to Jimin less than 1 minute to help him package Yoongi’s gifts to fans and not finishing his meal either xD

Last but not least, on Weekly Idol when Jimin laughed at Taehyung’s cheesy acting and made him fail xD

And when Taehyung would give beef to best aegyo, probably revenge for making him fail the cheesy acting, because Jimin is terrible at aegyo



Can I get an angst scenario where Chanyeol loves you but you’re 6 years younger than him and you’re raising your nephew because you took that responsibility with a happy ending. Please? *hugs* thank you
currently working on.

Originally posted by dibidibi-disrespectful

I met her when I was in high school. I was a sophomore and going through that… what do you call it? A rebellious phase. I don’t know what came over me that day… Maybe it was fate. Maybe destiny. Or some other cheesy shit like that but somehow, that one fateful day,

I managed to get suspended.

Looking back on it now, I don’t even know what the fight was about. all I know is that that some douchebag had started shit with my teammate and even fucking clocked him. my friend didn’t…no he wouldn’t, fight him back and to “avenge” him I went after that punk. next thing I know, some teacher is pulling me off of him and the skin over my knuckles are bleeding from fresh open wounds. the only thing I could feel is the adrenaline rushing through my veins and my heart pounding as I watch him lay motionless on the pavement. I couldn’t even hear the teacher as she berated me. It really was a wonder that I didn’t leave on the spot.The typical procedure of being called down to the principal’s office, calling my parents from work, and my ultimate suspension was all done in the heavy haze that had settled over my senses, dulling them completely.

Fortunately, my parents were pretty close with the principal and while the school had still suspended me,it would be…, ah, kept  “off the record”. in exchange for that ‘privilege’, I also had ats (alternative to suspension) on Saturdays for like every single weekend till I graduated or something like that.

At that time, though, I couldn’t really understand the true value of this cause I was beyond pissed. I got in trouble for helping out my friend. I was being punished for..what, exactly? but I guess I can count my lucky stars because..that’s how I was able to meet her.


remedial lessons. there are such things as remedial lessons in elementary schools now. I was assigned a classroom and I tried to prolong getting there, considering that I turned a usually four-minute walk to a ten minute one. as soon as I entered the classroom, the teacher swooped down on me and eyed me in discontent and I SWEAR I heard her whisper “hooligan” before embarking on a long speech about what I was to do as a T.A. I shoved my fists into my pockets and stared at the floor as she rambled endlessly about what I was to do or not to do. I wasn’t to bother the teacher while she was talking but to sit in the back and behave like a ‘civilized child’ was the conclusion of it all. so that’s what I did for the next forty minutes. I crossed my arms over my chest and pulled my hood over my eyes as I drifted off to sleep until I left a small hand tug my jacket. I opened my eyes to be greeted with the most biggest pair of innocent eyes I had ever seen.

“mr, the teachers too busy working with the other students and I still need help. can you-” she nudged the paper into my hands” help me with problem seven?” she asked.

“please don’t call me mister,” I said with a shudder. just how old did she think I was??

“then what the heck do I call you,” she asked pointedly and her tone of voice caught me off, guard.

“umm, chanyeol. or obba I guess-”

“I’ll stick with chanyeol. but since you look like yoda, that’s what I’ll call you”

I could feel the tips of my ears starting to burn from embarrassment and I resisted the urge to hide them within my hoodie once more.

who the hell was this girl?

“shouldn’t u tell me your name-”

“it’s yeri. yeri lee”

I stared at her for a good minute while she stared at me back. so my first impression of her? strong. like in a no-nonsense kind of way. obviously very straight forward and for someone so young I felt really frikin intimidated.

“are you gonna help or not,” she asked prodding the side of my stomach.

I stared at question Seven and slowly started explaining the process in how the problem would be solved. she caught on pretty quickly and was able to solve similar equations like that soon after. the bell rung for some sort of break and I leaned back into my chair as I watched the kids stream out of the classroom. everyone was excitedly talking to a friend and soon enough, the classroom was empty.

all empty except her.

she just sat on her desk and pulled out a book and started to

I slowly stood up and sat next to her.

“it’s break time. shouldn’t u be out playing with the other kids?” I inquired.

“there’s no one to play with”

“now I know that’s not true. there’re tons of kids out there. don’t u have a friend-”

“a friend by definition is a person who is attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. and by that definition, I don’t have a friend” she stated.

my mind blanched. how old was this girl?

“I’m 9”

crap did I ask that out loud.

“all of the other girls think I’m weird…just because I’d rather talk about books rather than dolls or about anime rather than boys,” she said quietly and a light pink tinged her cheeks.

a slight smile tugged at my lips as I stooped down to come face to face with her and I looked at her straight in the eyes.

“so what? I loved reading books when I was younger too and I made friends eventually. don’t let what others say bring you down and do you, man”

she gave me a weird look and I can literally see the gears inside of her head turning.

“then will you be my first friend?” she asked innocently.

“sure yeri,” I said with a chuckle and was about to stand up when I felt that same pair of small hands grip my jacket once more.

“promise?” she asked cautiously, insecurity lacing her voice.

I gripped her pinky in mine and intertwined them.

“I promise”


let me just start off by saying that I kept that promise. the next two years went by in a flash and we had grown inseparable throughout the years. she’s super annoying and bratty but she’s never failed to make me laugh. shed bother me by calling me yoda whenever she possibly could and honestly, I could tease her back without her being too defensive or seriously angry like most girls my age. maybe it’s because she was so young.. all in all, she was like the younger sister that I never had. I have an older sister who had always coddled and taken care of me but I had never had to chance to do the ‘coddling’ and the ‘taking care of’ part and the mature side of me had never really been exposed like this before. it was a nice change of pace and I can safely say that I had grown to love this girl. A pure, untainted kind of love. Other relations had come and gone throughout the last two years of school but they were all…so needy.

why aren’t u spending more time with me?

why are you talking to her??

you had the choice to sit next to me in biology today but you chose not to! are you cheating on me or something?

Jesus I’m getting a migraine thinking about them. when I was with them, I always felt like they had ulterior motives. whether it be the title of being called my boyfriend or a nice box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, I always felt like they needed something from me. but not with her.

with her, everything’s so simple.

we can talk about anything and everything. from character analysis from a great book we read to about how pissed we were about a cliffhanger from the most recent anime episode. as bratty as that kid was, I had never failed to notice that she was mature. or pretty mature for someone her age. I knew she’d never make fun of me if I ever admit having read a romance novel or that I cried during the last episode

of Clannad. she was just..there. not to just be in the moment but to live and relish in it.

or with me anyways.

we’d text every day and like I mentioned before, we became inseparable. I met her parents about four months after we started talking because apparently she kept on raving on and on about her very tall, weird, yoda looking friend. she blatantly denied ever talking about me to which her parents and I laughed about whole heartedly. she crossed her arms over her chest and whined, something that was quite rare, and turned to me, a pout on her lips. “you’re not..your not allowed to laugh!! it’s just not fair channie-”

I would’ve laughed again if I wasn’t so taken back that she addressed me as ‘channie’.


then the inevitable came.


as smart as she was, she couldn’t comprehend why I was leaving for four years and wasn’t going to visit which I disagreed with immediately, promising to come back at least once a year.

those beautiful eyes I had come to love and cherish started watering and I felt a panic attack creeping upon me because I honestly can’t stand to see her cry. it happened once In a blue moon and when it felt like the world would be coming to an end. I know I seem dramatic and I’m over exaggerating but for ME it felt like that. this is the girl that didn’t cry when she accidentally broke her arm when she fell off the monkey bars a year back. the only person who hadn’t cried when their class pet had died, so yes. it was a pretty big deal to see her shed tears about anything, none the less for someone like..well someone like me.

“oh yeri..please don’t cry. come here” I embraced her tightly and I felt the small tears wet the collar of my shirt but I honestly could care less. even her parents, who had come to have taken me in as a son, were standing teary-eyed besides us. this really did feel like I was getting separated from my family.. and I already went through that drama hours beforehand but somehow this was harder than that.

I pulled her away from me and swiped away another tear.

“I promise to text as much as I can yeah?just cause I physically can’t be here doesn’t mean I’m leaving you, do you understand” I chided? she nodded.

“you promise to not forget me?” she asked in a broken voice, interrupted by quiet sniffles.

“of course not.”


I also kept that promise. I visited every summer and we texted whenever we could. she started telling me about her boy troubles by the time she became a sophomore in high school and that’s when I started feeling an uncomfortable sort of turmoil in the pit of my stomach. I vowed to beat up any guy that ever hurt her and she, in return, made me swear that whoever I dated in the future had to get an ok from her first. it was ridiculous but I intended to keep that promise.

yeri had grown to become a beautiful young woman and every time we hung out, I couldn’t help but notice how many disgusting men would check her out. I started getting more protective but it wasn’t in such a brotherly way anymore. I started getting so confused. what was happening to me?


I graduated that same year as a senior from UCLA and got my diploma. she came to my graduation and while I was technically supposed to be looking at the audience and waving to the camera that was pointed at me, my eyes were only focused on her. her face had blossomed into the purest of smiles and she was standing up along with my parents and clapping vigorously. My chest swelled with pride as I accepted the diploma with grace.


“you’re going..where?” she asked with a deflated expression, her eyes swelling with emotions.

I avoided eye contact and rubbed the nape of my neck, a nervous tick I had developed over the years. “this was a bad idea-”

“so what. were you ever going to tell me?” she asked in an incredulous tone. She shifted her position so that her body was faced towards me more. We had been sitting on top of the stone stairways railings, watching the soft sunset. I hoped the scenery could be distracting from the reality of the news I was about to deliver.

“no it’s just…now is such a bad time to have told you…”

and I was right. after my graduation, I had immediately gotten job offers ,due to family connections no less, but the most prestigious one was way out in Korea. It had an immense salary and for someone with little to no experience, this was truly a golden opportunity. I had already accepted the job offer and while telling my parents had been easy, telling yeri would be the hardest. since she was busy with school and I, with job hunting, we hadn’t hung out as much as we did in the past but had been able to talk on a daily basis. I know she was proud of me, but still. Her inner turmoil would put a tremendous stress on her since we wouldn’t be able to see each other for such a long period of time.

We hadn’t been able to meet up face to face and it sucked that the only opportunity I had to meet up with her in person was on her birthday…

“…this is such a great opportunity-”

“I am fully aware Channie”
“’re not upset?”
“why would I be? I don’t have any right to tell you to stay..I mean it’s not like I’m your girlfriend or anything”
that phrase lingered in the air and my heart ached suddenly and I couldn’t understand why.

“and who am I to deprive you of your dream job?” it was so soft, I had to strain to hear anything.

she’s playing with the hem of her dress and while her tone was very nonchalant, I can judge from the way she griped the dress a bit too tight, that she was just about as okay with this situation as me. which is to say, not.

“I’d do it if you asked you know”

“if you asked to stay.” I turned to her with a serious expression.

“honestly, I would”

we held eye contact for a solid minute and I’m not completely sure what we were doing. I felt like she was looking through me rather than at me and this moment felt so…raw. so real. Disappointment washed over me when she tore her gaze away and broke that moment.

“I could never ask you to do that,i” she said with a small chuckle before glancing back at me.

I can’t imagine being stuck with someone as annoying as you anyways” I reassured her.

she stuck her tongue out at me and vise versa.

we both stared at the setting sun in comfortable silence but as I thought about how far away we’d truly be, I felt my heart grow heavy.


“what now”

“you promise we won’t grow apart right..?” she asked in an unconcerned matter but her actions once again gave away her facade.

“of course. you promise too right?”

“of course”


she didn’t keep her promise.

it had been about three years since I’ve moved to Korea and for the last 7 months, it had been radio silence from her side.

the first two years didn’t change. she had graduated from high school and got accepted into USC, an extremely prestigious school in the U.S., to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. I understood that she’d be busy, trust me, I am too. but we always made time for each other. I still tried to keep in touch but she didn’t answer…

or hasn’t been answering anyways. I called her parents to make sure that she hadn’t changed her phone number or anything but they say she had.

as a surprise, I had planned on meeting her for her 21st birthday but…I’m not quite sure if she would want to see me.

did I do something wrong?

I felt so conflicted and confused…

regardless, I got on the plane and arrived in Los Angeles.

walking through the streets of my early childhood was truly a trip down memory lane. the autumn leaves crunched under my feet and the air was brisk. I contemplated on whether I should go on the quickest route to meet yeri or just to take my time. I chose the latter.

I needed to figure out what I was gonna say anyways.

I’ve kept every single promise I made to you but u don’t even have the courtesy to keep in touch-

probably wouldn’t have worked.

I stayed deep in thought and walked through a park that was in between my destination.

a smile crept upon my face because this was the same park that she’d broken her arm on.

I don’t need you to hold me anymore! she grumbled and wiggled away from my gasp.

you sure? I asked uncertainly as I slowly let go of her waist and let her dangle on the monkey bars by herself.

of course, I am! I’m not a baby or anything she said and swung-

the next thing you know, she’s on the ground and holding her wrist as I was torn in between flipping the fuck out or giggling at how disappointed she looked, rather than actually hurt.

well, she’s definitely not what you’d call normal I thought. I passed underneath the canopy of trees, the Reds yellows and oranges all mingling together in an erratic display. I spotted the neighborhood playground and strolled over. I took a seat at the swings and lightly pushed off the ground, completely lost in my own thoughts.

she’s defiantly grown a lot…and I’ve been noticing her more…but not as the sweet little girl I met when we were younger but as a young mature woman I might even consider marrying.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

holy shit. marriage?? we haven’t even gone out but I’m thinking about marriage?? it’s official, I’ve gone insane.

but…wow marriage. a family. a life…with her. but…we’re six years apart. an age gap is usually looked down upon and is definitely not going to be easy…but despite all that, I know it’s worth it.

then again,

she could only look at me as an oppa.

or be weirded out and call me something along the lines of pedo and punch me.

worst case scenario she thinks I’m joking and laughs it off while I stand there looking like a complete buffoon.

but what if?

just what if she felt the same way.

wouldn’t all of this be worth it?

I sighed and mindlessly glanced at the children running around until one particular child caught my eye.

the child himself wasn’t my focus but rather the coat he was wearing.

it’s exactly like the one yeri had as a kid. nah it can’t be there’re thousands of coats that look exactly like-

“mommy I’m bored. can we go home now?”

and there she was. as bright as day.


“alright baby just give me a minute”

yeri stood up and Rummaged around her purse, pulling out a small handkerchief and tried to wipe something off of the unknown boys mouth while the boy squirmed around.

baby…mommy..? she has a kid??

and just like that, all hell broke loose. I felt my mind go blank and all of the noises of the rowdy children dimmed down to a low rumble.

as she was turning around to leave with this child, I grabbed onto her wrist and turned her around.

before she could even utter a ‘Chanyeol’, I ranted “how the hell could u keep this from me?! you have a CHILD. when the hell did u even get MARRIED?! WE PROMISED TO TELL EACH OTHER EVERYTHING AND YOU-YOU DIDN'T” I said childishly but I could care less as of now “KEPT MY END OF THE DEAL FOR MORE THAN EIGHT YEARS. BUT YOU CAN’T EVEN TELL ME-”

“I’m not married” she murmured.

“wait what?”

“I didn’t tell you because he’s not mine. is that what u wanted to hear?” she

“I…after I went to USC…I..I just…”

she looked so broken. this wasn’t the confident yeri I’d been seeing throughout the recent years but the small timid child I’d first encountered. she looked so small and vulnerable and all I wanted to do was hold her…but I refrained.

she owed me this much.

“I..after you left for that job…there was an accident. do you remember Jungkook?”

sure I remembered him. Jungkook was yeri’s older brother that was seemingly never around. I only saw him once or twice the entire time I’ve known yeri.

“I..yeah. he’s your older brother right?”

“yeah. turns out he’s not a blood relative” she said with a bitter laugh. “or half anyways. he a product of my moms affair and my father found out that Jungkook wasn’t actually…well his until four years ago. no one really knew how to react..I mean my whole life was a life” she said quietly.

“my perfect little family was falling apart and oppa’s wife was pregnant and everything was so confusing.”

She sat down on the bench and pulled the little boy into her lap as she absentmindedly fiddled with his hair.

“this dragged on for a year” she sighed “my fathers a good man. trust me he is. but he was…well obviously..upset. that’s a light way of putting it but in his..well his fit of rage, he told oppa to leave. and to not come back” she sat up straight, her back suddenly rigid “he didn’t mean it. trust me he just-”

“I know yeri calm down,” I said and finally slipped my hand into hers, squeezing it lightly to reassure her.

“I..oppa was upset too. and he left the house..and then..then we got a call that there was an accident. and..and oppa was in an accident..and he..he didn’t make it..his wife didn’t either..and there was an emergency C-section and the baby survived but were in the ICU for..for a long time..and my dad was-he was depressed because he thought that it was his fault so mom had to take care of him. and no one could take care of the baby-” she started crying and all I could do was whisper sweet nothings and try to reassure her that everything would be alright.

“I..I was 18. and legally I could take him in so I did! there was no one else and all I could do was try to raise him to the best of my abilities. I dropped out of college and just..I don’t know, to be honest” the little boy turned around and slowly wiped away her years as his lower lip trembled.

I lightly chuckled and reached out to touch him when he pulled back abruptly, growled, and clung onto her neck as he wrapped himself around her body as a baby koala would to it’s mother.

yeri laughed at that and it truly was a beautiful sound.

“he’s a mamas boy huh,” I said exasperated.

“he sure is aren’t you taehyun,” she asked cooing at the little tyke.

I looked at the two, and that unexplainable feeling came back again.

It was…overwhelming. The way she carefully adjusted his coat and kissed the top of his small head, the way she meticulously checked his scrawny arms to make sure that he wasn’t injured…

It felt…familiar.

It felt like home.

That image of our future together came rushing back. A marriage with her. The rest of our lives together.

This could be our future. 

“hey yeri..would u like to go out on a date with me?” I blurted out. no time like ht e present right?

and there it was. the most beautiful of all smiles/

“took you long enough to ask yoda”


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