this part never fails to make me laugh

“She has autonomy. She has a strong will. But she can’t move. So in many ways her life is my life. It’s bigger than me, it controls me, and it makes me fight like never before. We spend so much time together that she’s a part of me. She knows how important she is to me. She had childhood cancer. Her heart failed three times. And I was by her side the entire time. I never realized that I could love someone as much as this. She could never hurt me. She could never hurt anyone. We always ask her: ‘Are you angry?’, ‘Are you mad?’ And she always says ‘no.’ She laughs when I laugh. And right now I’m trying not to cry. Because she’ll cry if I cry.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Why I love Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is great game for sure of it’s gameplay, awesome art design and marvelous creatures but what makes me love series even more is these little shots animations [Including the monster’s Ecology shots.]

These short are just few minute long but still they flow full of details of MH world, giving fuzzy warm feeling of these hunters daily life.

They joy together, laugh together , hunt together , fail together

I don’t even know how put on words to feeling i get while watching these, they just suck me in right to this wonderful world of Monster Hunter than i want to part of, being good comrade and help others in need, never giving up ‘cause we are team, doing this missions together.

 That’s what it mean to be hunter, at least to me

What is your guys opinion? What make you love this series?


Wanda x reader : short imagine

Request + description: Wanda x fem reader. Pietro makes a move on the reader and Wanda becomes jealous.

Note : its short but hopefully decent 💙 I’ll have the other requests done soon and I’ll be doing a Discovered part 3 (yay!) If you have any suggestion for it please inbox me! Request are still open! ♥


You’re out of breath as you step into the kitchen, Pietro trailing behind you. It was a sunny day and your jog had been long, mostly due to the fact that you spent most of It talking with Pietro. He was the funny one out of the twins and never failed to make you laugh. He grimaced at you when you looked up at him and you giggled. His face broke into a smile. “ you have a beautiful laugh”, you feel a faint blush rise to your cheeks. You laugh awkwardly and internally cringe at how fake you sounded. You look up and see Pietro has his eyes glued to you. He hesitates for a moment then places a hand on your cheeks and bring you close to him. You gasped softly, he presses his lips against yours and you freeze. He was so gentle with you and you sigh. Your mind whirling with thoughts, your paralyzed and don’t know what to do. He ends the kiss. You’re speechless with shock, “ Y/N” he breathes, “will you go out with me? I’m sorry for the bluntness, I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” He gives you a crooked smile. Your mouth is gaps open, his arm still around you tightly and you don’t know what to do.

It all stops when you hear a sharp exhale from behind you. You push Pietro away and turn around to see Wanda. She had a look of annoyance plastered on her face, but you do swore you saw a flash of hurt in her eyes. You felt your heart sink. “ Get a room” she snarled, she turned in her heel and marched off to her room. Your breath hitched in your throat, God, what have you done. You turned to Pietro, his face was confused and sad. “I don’t understand?…” He muttered, you felt a harsh blush color your face. “Pietro…I..I don’t know what to say,” you mumbled while staring at your feet. This entire incident was something you’ve wanted to avoid for a long time. You knew the Maximoffs had a interest in you, and you knew this moment would come, and finally you knew that you’d be breaking Pietros heart.

“I didn’t know that you… had a liking for my sister” the sound of his voice made your heart ache. “I’m sorry,” your voice quiet. “ No I’m sorry, I’ve put you in a uncomfortable position, I won’t make any advances with you anymore” his tone became cold and without emotions. Without another word he walked away, leaving you alone with sorrow in your heart.


After a couple of hours of internally hating yourself you decided to go talk to Wanda. You loved her, and you at least had to fix that. You walked to her room and you stared at he door for a few minutes deciding if this was the right thing to do. You exhaled slowly and opened the door. Wanda was sitting at her bed reading a book, she looked up. “Wanda, look I’m sorry about what you walked in on,” her laugh was humorless. “No its my fault, I didn’t know you had a thing with my own brother,” she says harshly. Your heart pinches. “Wanda, he’s the one who kissed me!” She sighs in annoyance.  “I don’t even care”.

“Then why are you so mad!” You yell. “ you know I care for you! You know how I feel. You should understand this better because your breaking my heart! You know I love you!”

Her eyes where wide with shock, you where pretty shocked with yourself too. “I’m sorry for yelli-” before I could finish my sentence she speeds up to you and hugs you tightly. “You love me?” She asks in a small voice. Your arms wrapped around her tightly. “As a mind reader, I thought you would figure it out sooner.” You say with a small laugh. She giggles, her voice likes chimes. “I’m sorry for being so harsh, I love you too.” You close your eyes in bliss. Wanda hugs you tighter and you stand there in silence. Not wanting to ruin the moment…

“Everything will be okay.
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow,
but it will be eventually.” ~jacksepticeye

(Since I recently changed my art style, I really wanted to draw the person who never failed to make me smile and laugh again, who helped me a lot through difficult times with happiness, positivity and energy. Thanks to our favorite Irish green bean Jack, I try to see things positive now and to just be a more happy person in general. I am very thankful that I’m able to watch him shout at video games every day, and I’m glad that he has such a great and nice community which I’m so proud to be a part of.
Anyways, I really hope that you all have a great day today. And also, happy Valentines day for those who are already celebrating it! ^^)

Dear @crossedbeams, you are a gem! I appreciate your friendship very much! You are such a fun part of this fandom with your amazing fics and everything else you do! You never fail to make me laugh when we are chatting! Even when I was having a hard time after the threat. I will forever appreciate you for that! Please never let anyone tell you that you aren’t valid and beautiful because they are wrong. Also I love to chat about Streetcar and Gillian with you! You have to much to offer and I thank you for being you! (Also I chose this photo because I feel like you’re probably much taller and I am quite small so this is kind of like little me sending you hugs from across the sea!) plus it’s Streetcar and just yes!

anonymous asked:

9, 25, 11? :)

9. Say some things you love about your crush/girlfriend.

Oh man, where do I start! She’s hilarious, rarely fails so make me laugh. She’s honest even when it’s difficult, and so, so sincere in her words and actions. She’s so caring and attentive, and incredibly sensitive to when I’m feeling bad, and always seems to know what to do or say to take care of me. She’s equal parts strong and vulnerable, persistent and resistant, confident and cautious, and the many parts of her personality never cease to amaze and surprise me — I’m always learning new things about her (she doesn’t believe that, though). She can and will dance up a storm. And she’s gorgeous, no matter what she’s doing. 

25. Do you listen to any lesbian musicians?

So many! I’m currently compiling a list of lesbian/bi woman musicians from Canada. So far my favourites include k.d. lang (of course!), Tegan & Sara, Ferron, Ria Mae, Partner, and Lucie Blue Tremblay. I actually don’t know many non-Canadian lesbian musicians…

11. Do you want to have kids?

I think so. I’m slowly coming around to the idea of being pregnant, even though it sort of terrifies me right now. Either way, though, I want to raise kids someday.

Thanks a ton for the questions, anon :)


Now, I am not one to shatter someone’s opinion on something so idle as this, for I am nothing but a part time dom and part time girlfriend.

To those of the public who think Fifty Shades Darker provokes abuse I urge you to re-think.
I went to see Fifty Shades with my beautiful girlfriend for Valentine’s Day (no, I am not a fan of the books but the films appeal to me in some ways). I work in a cinema, I got us some tickets and we watched on gingerly.

Now please believe me when I say this film has some of the most oddly “cringe” moments which never fail to make my partner or I laugh. But abuse it does not contain.
BDSM stands for Bondage (or discipline), Dominant, Submissive, Sadism/masochism.
Now, please do not take me for an expert, as frankly I find myself to be an amateur but my girlfriend and I like to experience new things with out bodies.
In a scene of Fifty Shades Darker I saw the one fantasy which has always appealed to me since I started experimenting with my girlfriend which is the “Ankle Spread bar” so seeing Mr Grey spin Anastasia Steel into doggy style using an adjustable ankle spread bar was in simple terms highly erotic.

Now, I have moved from my original point. BDSM or in Fifty Shades Darkers’ case Dominant/Submissive and Sadism, these aspects of sex do not involve abuse or “non consensual abuse” frankly, the film involves more consensual heterosexual sex than a lot of other sexually orientated films of this era.
So abuse or a domestically abusing relationship have nothing to do with the Fifty Shades franchise.

Although the books still fucking suck.



I’ve spent 6 years loving you more than I thought I could ever love anyone. There’s no one else I’d rather be with on Valentine’s day than with the love of my life and my boyfriend, this is our lucky number 7!
Since we were kids you’ve never failed to make me laugh, even when I cry, even when I want to be mad at you, even when we fight, I can’t help smiling when I’m with you.
You mean the world to me.
I would be lost without you in my life.
Without you I wouldn’t be me.
We are a part of each other, and you’re the best part of me. I’m so grateful to have a love like you in my life. I’m forever yours, because I wouldn’t want it any other way. I hope you will be my Valentine for the rest of our lives.

rbrt stans crying about the anti rbrt part of the emmdale fandom being “biphobic” never fails to make me laugh because, as a bisexual man, finally finding the lovely little corner of fandom that isn’t dead set on making excuses for every horrible thing he does was the start of feeling the safest and most accepted I’ve ever felt in fandom


I was scrolling through all the asks and I noticed how many compliments and nice things you all said to me even if I fail to answer to a lot of genial things you inbox me! Your support is magical to me and if it wasn’t for your kindness I wouldn’t have been able to open the ask blog and keep it alive until today. Life is hard but your words make it easier and i’m glad to be part of this weird but amazing fandom. Love you guys <3