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I’ve been a part of this community for nearly two years now, and it’s certainly been a wild ride. I’ve had my ups and downs in my life in that timeframe, but all of the amazing people here have helped me through my darkest moments. Mark’s been such a huge inspiration to me, and him and his videos never fail to make me smile every day. Mark, keep doing what you do, because you’ve changed countless lives in more ways than one, including my own. You’ve brought so much happiness to millions of people out there in the world, and that’s amazing, and I respect you so much for that.

Dance With Me - Jeff Atkins Smut

Jeff Atkins x reader

Request: I wanted to ask for an imagine. So the reader and Jeff are a couple and they are at the prom and in a dance the things got a bit hot so they go to Tony’s car. And you are a really good friend with tony so when they finish tony knocked the window of the car telling her he has to take her home. Please i’d love you a lot if you write something with this 😍. Thanks anyway ☺️

Warnings: Smut, swearing

“Mom I’m about to leave! Tony is almost here” I pick up my gold clutch and start to head for the door.

“Wait! wait! wait!” I hear my mom running down the stairs and I try to hold in my giggles. She comes running down with her camera.

“Where is Jeff? is he still coming?”

“Yes mom, he’s walking over here now, which why I need to go”. She walks over to me and fix my curled hair and smooths out my dress.

“You look gorgeous hunny. I want to wait for him to come so I can pictures.”

“Moooom” I whine. Leave it to her to be totally embarrassing. She loves Jeff. We have been dating for over a year now and the minute she met him, she thought of him as her child. She practically begs him to come over and even cooks for him. As she’s in the middle of taking pictures of me, the doorbell rings.

“That’s my sweetie Jeffy!” my mom says as she jogs to the door. I shake my head at her sudden change in sweetness. She swings open the door and crushes him in a hug.

“Hi Ms.y/l/n. These are for you.” As I look over her shoulder, I see Jeff give my mother a bouquet of peony flowers. This is exactly why she loves him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she loves him more than me.

“Oh my goodness! how sweet, Thank you Jeffrey, I’m going to go put these in a vase.” As she speeds off I shake my head and laugh. I look back at him and see him holding another bouquet of flowers, but its stunning red roses. My favorite.

“And these” he says as he pecks my lip, “Are for you my lady”. I grab the flowers and can’t hold in my smile.

“Why thank you sir.” I say as I kiss him again. I put the flowers down on the table beside the stairs and look back at him, taking in his attire. He looked amazing, although I’m not surprised. He’s the only guy that I feel can pull off a white top tuxedo. I noticed that he’s doing the same to me, taking in my outfit.

“Wow” he says with his mouth parted. I look down thinking something is wrong with my dress.

“What?” I say looking down. “Nothing, you just look beautiful.” I smile again, pushing my hair behind my ear. Even after a year with Jeff, he never fails to still make me feel special. After about 10 minutes, my mom comes jogging back in with her camera. She was probably in a daze with her flowers. 

“Okay you too, pictures then you can leave.” We spend the next 5 minutes taking different pictures together and my mom even sheds a few tears. After a bit, I finally get a text from Tony.

Hey y/n/n I’m outside

“Okay mom, Tony is outside, we have to go” I say, looping my arm through Jeff’s.

“Okay, okay have fun you too. Not too much fun now.” Jeff glances at me from the corner of his eye and I blush.

“Of course mom, we know” I grab my bag again as we walk out the door and skip down the stairs to Tony’s car.

“Be safe love you! Hi Tony hunny!” My mom calls out. I scream a quick ‘love you too’ as me and Jeff get into his car.

“Hey y/m/n, I’ll get her home safe!” He gets into the car and turns on his loud indie music that he loves. Jeff got into the front seat while I sit in the back. Tony drives off as we all make small talk, laughing together like we always do.

“Is Ryan going to be there?” I ask over the music.

“Yeah, we are doing the music together and hopefully squeeze in a dance.”

“Nice man” Jeff says, “If you guys don’t dance, I’ll grab you guys by the hand and force you.” I laugh at my boyfriends comment. He loves meddling in other peoples love life. That’s probably why we are so good together, he genuinely loves happy relationships. 

“Let’s get ready to fuck the night up!” Tony screams.

As we all walk inside, the music is blasting and there are a bunch of people dancing and grinding against each other. With my hand in Jeff’s, we walk through the crowd, chatting with different people here and there. 

“Jeff! Y/n! Tony!” We look and see Jessica, Justin and Monty waving us over to the center of the dance floor. we waltz over to them and I laugh at how wasted Jessica is almost getting, dry humping against a very happy Justin.

“I’m glad you guys came!” she screams. We all talk and laugh over the music and just have a good time bumping and dumb dancing to every song. Tony taps our shoulders and talks over the music.

“Guys I’m going to go up there with Ryan to help my boy out. You dudes have fun!” 

“Ada boy Tony! Go have fun!” Jeff laughs. Tony playful rolls his eyes and disappears into the crowd. We all continue dancing and laughing at a now drunk Jessica. Jeff slides his hands on my waist and whispers in my ear.

“Do you want a drink babe?” 

“Yeah I’ll go with you.” He grabs my hand as we head over to the food table.

“Jeff man, there is vodka in the left punch!” Justin yells over the music. Jeff turns his head back to look at him, “Nah I’m fine, but thanks”.

We get to the table and Jeff pours us some punch from the right. He seems to be looking around the gym a lot looking for something, but I already knew it was someone.

“Babe, Clay is sitting on the bleachers over there” I point. He looks at the direction of my finger and smiles at me.

“What I would do without you, I’ll be right back baby”. He pecks my lips and walks over to sit next to Clay. They talk for a few minutes and I can’t help but smile. Jeff is such a sweet person, and I love him so much for it. I continue to drink my punch as I look around at the people dancing. Soon a slow song comes on and I see Clay walking towards Hannah, and Jeff smiling at me from the bleachers, heading my way. He grabs my hand and pulls me towards the dance floor. He puts his hands on my waist, while I wrap my arms around his neck, swaying slowly.

“Is your job done?” I smile at him, “Yup, for now. Now I can focus on my beautiful girlfriend.”

I lay my head his shoulder, closing my eyes as I smell in his cologne. As we continue to slow dance, Jeff’s slides his hands down to my butt. He lightly squeezes and I look up at him.

“Jeff babe, what are you doing?” I ask slowly, looking around so no one sees him grabbing my ass in public.

“Hmm?” he hums. He starts kissing my neck and pushing me closer to him. 

“Jeff” I whisper, “stop babe, before people see.” He ignores me and starting sucking my sweet spot, not caring that people would see my soon to form hickey. I bite my lip, wanting to tell him to stop, but can’t. He’s turning me on and he knows it. I open my eyes and see people occupied with their date, either dancing or sucking their face off. Still sucking another part of my neck, Jeff is now full on squeezing my ass, pulling me into him. He stops and go straight to my mouth kissing me softly. I put my hand to his face, lightly moaning into his mouth. I can tell Jeff is forgetting we are in public once his hand goes to the back of my dress, tugging on my zipper. I move his hands and break our kiss. 

“Jeff, we are still in school” I laugh, softly panting. As I look at him, his eyes are filled with love and more importantly, lust. He grabs my waist and leans his lips against my ear.

“Then lets not be” he says deeply. I look up at him and bite my lip, nodding my head. He smirks and grabs my hand walking towards Tony up in the music area. As we walk, I noticed how wet Jeff as gotten me already just from giving me a hickey and feel hot from him not caring that we are around a bunch of students and teachers. As we get to Tony, Jeff whispers something in his ear. Tony laughs shaking his head and then reach into his pocket grabbing his keys. He hands him his keys, saying something back, earning a laugh from Jeff. As we walk towards the exit I look back at Tony smiling at us. 

“What did Tony say to you?” I ask as we walk outside.

“He said don’t stain his seats” he laughs. I flush from the embarrassment that Tony knows what we are about to do. We walk to his car, feeling the thick tension in the air around us. We clearly both can’t wait to rip each other clothes off and it’s exciting me. When Jeff unlocks the back door, he doesn’t even waste time. He pulls us in and locks the door behind us, starting back to kissing my neck.

“Since I say you in this dress, I wanted nothing than to rip it off of you” he says in his husky voice. I moan at his words and climb on top of him. 

“Not this one” I say smirking, “You already ripped my other dress.” He bites his lip to hold in his laugh.

“I said I was sorry baby.”

“I am too.”

“About wha-” before he can finish, I grab his shirt and pop all his buttons, revealing his hard abs in front of me. His mouth drops open as he looks at his now ripped shirt.

“Babe!” he yells as I smile innocently and start sucking his neck. He leans his head back and grab my waist. I’m glad I chose to wear a thin pair of thongs, feeling him get hard under me. He unzips my dress and I wiggle out of it, getting up to take it fully off. I am now only left in just my thong, now feeling conscious that someone could see me. We are parked behind the school away from other cars and houses, but I’m still nervous. He looks up and down at my exposed body and I can’t help but love the way he was looking at me. 

“Fuck, your so sexy y/n”. I pull his ripped shirt and jacket off of him and go back to kissing. He wraps his arms around my torso as he deepens the kiss, kissing me hungrily. I palm his member through our body, making him moan as he bucks his hips into my hand, wanting to feel more. I unzip his pants and pull them down to his ankles. He breaks our kiss, and wraps his lips around one of my breast, making me lean my head back against the head rest of the drivers seat. I hump against his hard member, making me even more wet against our friction. I moan at our movement as Jeff moves my hips faster against him.

“Fuck, babe your killing me” he grunts. I smirk at him as I pull his member from his boxers and pump him with my hands. He throws his head back and starts breathing hard. He starts to buck himself into my hand, moaning my name.

“Fuck y/n, that feels good”. I go faster, looking at him almost come undone with my fingers. As I continue, Jeff pulls my underwear to the side, rubbing his finger against my clit. As I speed my hand on his dick, Jeff starts to rub harder against my core. I throw my head back again, grinding my hips onto his fingers.

“Fuck Jeff!” I moan, biting my lip. Both of us are a moaning mess as we pick up our pace. A wave of heat rush to my core and I stop pumping him once I feel him twitch in my hand. 

“Baby, I can’t wait anymore” He kisses me, as he grabs a condom from the arm rest of Tony’s car. I stop kissing him to start laughing.

“Why does Tony have those in his car” I laugh, “Cause he’s not dumb” Jeff laughs back. He slides on the condom and positions himself at my entrance, waiting for me to go from there. I grab his member from under me and pull my underwear to the side, slowly sliding onto him, moaning at the feeling.

“Fuck” I moan, as I sit on him fully. I slowly start to circle around him, to get use to the feeling. He groans against me and starts to bounce me up and down. I move his hand away, shaking my head.

“I got this babe, relax.” He puts his hand up to surrender and puts his hand to his side. I put my arm around his neck and start to slowly ride him, teasing him. 

“Baby, please” he breaths out, with his eyes closed. I pull closer into him and pick up my pace, bouncing hard against him. He moans louder as I start pounding on him. 

“Fuck baby! I need to touch you” He goes to my legs and lightly lifts them as he lowers himself in the seat. He roughly starts thrusting into me as I wrap my legs around him. I try not to scream so no one can here, but fuck he’s making it hard.

“Jeff! my god!” I loudly moan, my arms wrapped around his neck. He picks up his pace, his nails digging into my thighs. 

“Babe, I-I’m abo-” I feel Jeff twitch inside of me as his thrust got sloppier. I start to feel myself tighten and I moan louder.

“Yes! babe, I can’t!” I yell. Jeff pounds into me full speed as we both ride out our high. I slide off of him as he pulls back up his boxers. Still latched onto him, I see how all the windows in the car is fogged up. Both panting, I lay my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes.

“I love you baby” he says, rubbing my back.

“I love you too” I say sleepily.

It seems like we have been laying here for hours before we hear a knock on the window.

“Shit!” I cursed as I jump off of Jeff, pulling my dress back on, trying to zipper it back up while Jeff laughs at me. He throws on his shirt and jacket, waits till my dress is back on, then rubs the fogged up window, seeing the back of Tony. 

“Are you guys clothes on?” he asks, still not looking at us. Jeff rolls the window down laughing. 

“Yes you big baby” he laughs.

“Good, cause I promised y/m/n that I will have her home safe and if she’s split on half, that’s not saf-”

“Ew okay Tony just get in the car!” I yell, not wanting to be embarrassed anymore. He laughs and gets in the drivers side, getting the keys back from Jeff. As he starts the car, he starts to loudly sniff. 

“Do you guys mind opening the windows, it smells like sex in her-”

“Oh my gosh Tony!” I yell, covering my face flushing. Jeff finds this all so hilarious, laughing his ass off at all of this. For the rest of the ride, Tony keeps looking in his mirror at us, trying to hold in his laugh. 

“So did you guys have fun tonight?”

“Yeah, but my favorite part was the ride” he says looking at my red face.

“It was really good” he smirks.

“Jeff!” I yell.

Sarah Dessen Quotes for the Signs

Aries: An ending was an ending. No matter how many pages of sentences and paragraphs of great stories led up to it, it would always have the last word. (Along for the Ride)

Taurus: If you try anything, if you try to lose weight, or to improve yourself, or to love, or to make the world a better place, you have already achieved something wonderful, before you even begin. Forget failure. If things don’t work out the way you want, hold your head up high and be proud. And try again. And again. And again! (Keeping the Moon)

Gemini: But I think, personally, that it would be worse to have been alone all that time. Sure, maybe I would have protected my heart from some things, but would that really have been better? To hold myself apart because I was too scared that something might not be forever? (This Lullaby)

Cancer: I mean, it’s not surprising, really. Once you love something, you always love it in some way. You have to. It’s, like, part of you for good. (What Happened to Goodbye)

Leo: The thing is, you can’t always have the best of everything. Because for a life to be real, you need it all: good and bad, beach and concrete, the familiar and the unknown, big talkers and small towns. (The Moon and More)

Virgo: I don’t know. Just because someone’s pretty doesn’t mean she’s decent. Or vice versa. I’m not into appearances. I like flaws, I think they make things interesting. (The Truth About Forever)

Libra: It was so risky and so scary, and yet at the same time, so beautiful. Maybe the truth was, it shouldn’t be easy to be amazing. Then everything would be. It’s the things you fight for and struggle with before earning that have the greatest worth. (Along for the Ride)

Scorpio: Life is full of screwups. You’re supposed to fail sometimes. It’s a required part of the human existence. (Along for the Ride)

Sagittarius: You know, when it works, love is pretty amazing. It’s not overrated. There’s a reason for all those songs. (This Lullaby)

Capricorn: I was used to being invisible. People rarely saw me, and if they did, they never looked close. I wasn’t shiny and charming like my brother, stunning and graceful like my mother, or smart and dynamic like my friends. That’s the thing, though. You always think you want to be noticed. Until you are. (Saint Anything)

Aquarius: You only really fall apart in front of the people you know can piece you back together. (Saint Anything)

Pisces: I had this wild thought that he was the only one in all this chaos who was just like me, and that was comforting and profound all at once. (Dreamland)

anonymous asked:

What are your theories on Hide's identity? :D

I think Hide’s got a thicc, juicy–

Anon, you almost got something you did not even ask for because of my inability to read things properly. I have so many theories on his identity tbh! But, for your sake, I’ll keep it strictly to things that could become canon.

1) Hide the V Agent/from the Sunlit Garden

This one’s my favorite. Especially since I saw this picture

(Can you tell I love this art?)

Hide has always been hinted to have something more going on with him than what meets the eye. The first instance of this was shown when he took that kick from Nishiki and lived.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 7

For reference, this is what his kick can do.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 4

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 8

For Hide to have survived that without needing more medical care than what was available at Anteiku was the reason I suspected that Hide was more than human. It was also the moment I suspected that he’d been involved with Yoshimura in some way, as Yoshimura didn’t consider taking Hide to a hospital at all, from what we’ve seen. It was as if he knew Hide was going to recover fine.

Another thing that made me suspicious of Hide’s background were Kaneki’s and Nishiki’s thoughts about him.

On Kaneki’s part, he thought Hide was scary when they first met.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 8

This point is reiterated as we are further introduced to Hide’s incredible ability to analyze the Ryouko’s murder at the hands of Mado and deduce that Rabbit (aka Touka) was acting out of vengeance for Ryouko and Hinami when she murdered the investigator.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 30

On Nishiki’s part, he’s sensible enough to recognize that Hide is dangerous to be acquainted with.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 8

Hide finding out enough about Aogiri’s stronghold to be able to inform the CCG of its whereabouts and know that Kaneki was being held captive there was what really tipped me off, though. Why would a mere human civilian know so much? Even Marude was suspicious of how he knew so much. Even if Hide did only catch the name “Aogiri Tree” eavesdropping on an investigator at the CCG cafeteria, how did he know who to track and how to find the stronghold? 

That’s a feat for a college student and part-timer to accomplish. Even more so, the majority of the Aogiri Tree Ghouls relocated and raided Cochlea while the CCG investigators were concentrated on their base. Very convenient timing, on Hide’s part, and mutually beneficial for him and Eto. Kaneki was able to escape in part due to his intervention, and Eto broke out the Ghouls she wanted from Cochlea.

Not to mention Marude’s and Akira’s suspicions concerning Hide, who by all means is just a part-timer.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 84

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 90

They both are questioning his motives. They both know there’s something else going on. And Akira’s reaction to his plain statement struck me as very hostile, and it reminded me tremendously of her father. The way he let his intuition guide him, and how his intuition never failed him. 

Mado was an amazing investigator with an uncanny knack for uncovering dangerous Ghouls and people, and his daughter surely inherited that ability. And it led her to suspecting something off with Hide.

That being said, Hide’s own words have often led me to think there’s more than what meets the eye.

“My interest would be piqued even if I hated it.”

That sounded as though Hide didn’t want to be involved in any of what’s happening around him. That would tie back into the carving of V on his forearm in the first picture. He doesn’t want to be involved, but he doesn’t have a choice.

Then there’s this scene.

It seemed so out of place to have him there that it surprised me at the end, but I get the sense he was commenting on something more than coffee. His expression, his body language, it struck me as someone who felt very sad. Like he was slowly losing control of his life alongside Kaneki.

That’s what made that meeting in the sewers so poignant for me. It was like he was just so fed up of all the secrets, both his own and Kaneki’s, and just wanted to go back to how things were before Rize.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 136

Then there’s Kishou Arima. Arima had no reason to be involved with Kaneki, much less recognize him. They’d never met. He hadn’t even recognized Yomo when they fought back when the raw wounds of his sister’s death painfully plagued him, but rather recognized his kagune, and calmly determined how to deal with him in order to kill him.

So why then didn’t he kill Kaneki just as he’d killed so many Ghouls before, like every other Ghoul who’d been unfortunate enough to encounter him in V14 and were rendered unable to escape?

Because there was someone with whom he possibly had a relationship significant enough that they could convince him to spare Kaneki’s life. Someone with enough personal information on Kaneki that would allow Arima to be able to recognize him. And the only person I could think of is Hide.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 136

Hide said that as though he was preparing Kaneki for what was to come. Because he knew who was waiting for Kaneki to either help him or end him.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 139

It’s like he had a lightbulb moment. Oh, it’s you. You’re the one I’m supposed to meet. If this is the case, then Arima cared enough about Hide’s input to at least consider it, and - ultimately - spare Kaneki’s life, even if it meant reforming him into Haise. And for him to care about Hide’s input means that their might be a hidden relationship between Arima and Hide yet to be revealed. And that relationship may just correlate to the two of them being half-human V agents from the Sunlit Garden.

I do highly suspect that these two are involved with each other in some way, even outside the narrative, there is one thing that particularly holds my attention. The fact that Hide’s birthday is exactly half of both Kaneki’s and Arima’s. The birthdays show the significant bond between Kaneki and Arima, most likely, it’s no coincidence that it could relate to Hide as well.

2) Hide the human who got caught up in a whirlwind of Ghoul crap and became the Witch’s servant

I do strongly hc that Hide could just be human. Simply because of how he’s always been depicted as Kaneki’s link to his human side. Hide was his place to belong to, the person that made him feel safest in all of his despair.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 6

Hide was just a regular guy who cared immensely for his best friend, and that he was so highly intelligent that he was able to deduce Aogiri’s whereabouts and their abduction of Kaneki.

In which, during this time, he became associated with Eto, and struck a deal concerning Kaneki and his status as a One-Eyed Ghoul. Getting her interested enough in Kaneki to at least give him a 50/50 chance of surviving in the Anteiku Raid and when battling against Arima. That he could play the part of the OEK she and Arima were seeking.

And since Kaneki is currently fulfilling that role, who better than Hide to be the witch’s servant?

If he was purely human, the scene in the sewers would remain as poignant as before. He loves Kaneki, his best friend, no matter what, and will accept him regardless of what he is. The same way Ukina accepted Kuzen, and the way Kimi accepted Nishiki. And would show that the human-Ghoul dynamic can transcend the prey-predator relationship and show that there can be an understanding between the two species. That they’re not very different from each other.

(Can you tell I love this scene?)

OH! What a lot I’ve written! Well, I think that’s enough for my main theories. Hope that answered your question, anon! And sorry for the long wait! I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time, and I’m really glad I got the chance to do so! So, hope you enjoy!

how ep 37 ruined chapter 51

This is something that has really been bothering me ever since the last episode of season 2 came out. Episode 37 (12) covered chapters 50 and 51 from the manga, but some changes were made and important details are missing. This is my opinion, and I’ll only focus on the first part of chapter 51 and how much certain details about Eren’s character were affected. 

The chapter starts on top of Wall Rose, all the soldiers have just returned from their mission and everyone is hurt and injured. This is important because it shows how destructive these expeditions can be. 
Eren brought Mikasa all the way to the wall, took care of her and made sure she was okay until the very end. Eren cares about his friends, he cares about other people, he would do anything for his friends and little scenes like this one show how much he really cares. He isn’t the best at showing these emotions so I’d like to see them giving more importance to this side of Eren more often in the anime.

Then, Eren looks around and he realises how much rescuing him affected everyone. He sees everyone around him in pain and that’s when he starts to blame himself. He sees the look on everyone’s eyes. That’s when Jean comes in. He confronts Eren and gives specific information about how many people were injured and died because that’s just how he is. This is important because this is how Eren and Jean have always communicated between each other. This is what Eren needs to hear. Jean is a honest person, always straight forward, always says the truth, and this has shown to have an impact on Eren before. 

Only after hearing all of this from Jean, does Armin come in and tries to comfort Eren. Jean is upfront and what he said was like a slap from reality. This is why Armin reassures Eren that they didn’t lose any soldiers on their way back and then proceeds to make a connection between Eren’s scream and the fact that none of the titans paid attention to them. Everyone is surprised by this, Jean and Connie are confused and Connie even praises Eren for having saved them. Jean does the detailed information thingy again but this time Eren just sighs and lets it all out. This part made the scene so heartwarming and it made Eren feel better and relax a bit. It also shows a bit of Jean’s development as a character (also, Jean taking care of Connie in the beginning was ignored too).

Finally, determined and motivated Eren comes back: “Thanks Jean. Thanks to you I don’t think I have to hesitate anymore. You’re absolutely right. I just have to do this.” That special line in bold is important in this scene and did not take part in the anime adaptation. As Isayama has said before, Eren bluffs, he forces himself to be stronger than he really is, but his core stays true and brave no matter what. I emphasised on that quote because it shows that Eren was hesitating before. Little lines that this one give hints so that it’s possible for the viewers to understand how Eren really thinks and should not be ignored. This is why I think episode 37 completely ruined the whole purpose of this conversation between Armin, Eren and Jean.

In the anime, they’re in the middle of a random hallway (the same one they used for season 1), the mode is wrong, the expedition feels distant and the whole thing itself just feels hollow to me. Eren is just there chilling and out of nowhere he remembers how many people died for him? This doesn’t make sense. He blamed himself because he was faced with all the injured soldiers around him. Jean is ignored and they jumped right into Armin comforting Eren and talking about Eren’s new ability. Armin talks about how he and Jean “sat down and tried to figure it out” while in the manga Jean was clearly surprised to hear about it. In my opinion, there’s such a huge lack of emotion when it comes to Jean too (it literally looks like Jean is about to fall asleep and was just there because someone dragged him out of bed just to scowl at Eren lol).

Last but not least, Historia comes rushing at Eren and begs for him to help her save Ymir. He tries to calm her down and comforts her, he makes her feel better and relax a bit. Again, anime adaptation failed to show how lovely and caring Eren really is. This part itself is super important because it shows how Historia wants to save Ymir, how willing she is and how much she wants to forget about “Krista”. So I hope they bring this part back in season 3. This scene is important too because it sets a+the beginning of the huge development that Eren and Historia go through together during the Uprising arc.

I want to focus this post on the first half of chapter 51, but I’ll also refer how they omitted parts of Erwin, Pixis and Levi’s conversation, how they changed Connie and Hange’s theory, etc.

The very last part of this chapter is kinda irrelevant to the plot itself, but it shows how unique every character is and how they can still enjoy simple yet loving and heartwarming moments. I’m hopeful they’ll bring that small part back in season 3, though.

Regardless of everything, I am genuinely grateful and happy I got to experience and enjoy this season. This show will always have my full support and it will never fail to make me happy. I am very thankful and there’s countess things to appreciate about it. All their work must be admired and respected, and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did watching all these amazing episodes :) Chapter 51 has a special place in my heart, specially because it shows a side of Eren we don’t get to see very often and so I hope no one forgets about it!

Not Like This (Part 3)

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Fandom:  Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 3,028
Rating: Teen+
Warnings: Injuries, blood, surgery/hospital
Tag List: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse  @feelmyroarrrr @trekken81 @lurkch @yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens
Author’s note:  I’m still absolutely flabbergasted by the amount of love I’ve gotten for this fic.  Thank you guys so much for the support!   I’ve added everyone who asked to be tagged since the last time, please let me know if I missed your name!   There will definitely be a part 4 to this fic, as I have more to write than I thought.  It is NOT written yet, though, so there’s a chance it will be a *little* longer for the last part.  
Please enjoy!! 

              South? Where, behind the shuttle?  Or closer to the water?  Leonard sends a few more questioning thoughts as he runs, but he quickly realizes that his soulmate has completely stopped responding.  He slows to a walk for a moment, breathing hard, straining to catch any thoughts, but he can’t sense anything at all.  He’s approaching the crash site now and hurries forward at about the same time as the first responders, most of whom beeline for a crowd of people near the beach.   Remembering what she had told him, with the fear of her silence making his heart clench, he jogs around behind the shuttle, away from the crowd to the south.  There are many large pieces of the destroyed shuttle scattered around the area, smoking and smoldering, and it takes him a few minutes of searching before he sees a figure, prone on the ground, a short distance away.

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TESTING THE WATERS | PART 13 // Yoongi Series ft. The Bangtan Squad

part 1part 2 part 3part 4 part 5 part 6part 7part 8 part 9 part 10part 11part 12part 13 ☂ completed


Thank you for all the support and amazing feedback that you guys never fail to tell me. I’m glad that many of you guys love this series just as much as I loved making it! I’m sad that this adventure had to end, but let’s go on another one together again soon! And lastly, thank you for reading! | bts masterlist

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4 O’Clock (Taehyung x Reader)

- pt 1 -

genre: angst

length: 3,518

a/n: let me know what you think, and feel free to request a part 2 :-)

summary: you view him as your world. he views you as just a fan.

You had always been there for him since day one. You made him meals, took care of him whenever he was sick, brought him his favorite food and drinks, offered him emotional support. You defended him against haters, gave him advice whenever he messed up on something, encouraged him to move forward instead of dwelling on meaningless mistakes.

You believed that your relationship with him was something much more than a relationship between an idol and a fan. After all, you had given your support to him since he had become a trainee, way long before he had debuted as BTS.

You went to all of their concerts, all of their fansigns, and all of their award shows, even when they were hard to get into. He knew who you were; he’s had conversations with you before. You’ve hung out with him a bunch of times when he was a trainee. You would even go so far as to call him a friend.

But that’s where it stopped there.

Because everyone, including Taehyung himself, knew that a healthy relationship between an idol and a fan should just continue to remain as it is, especially since he was still on his dating ban.

He had told you that he had a dating ban on his contract, so everybody knows that he had been off limits. But somehow, he always managed to keep in contact with you.

In fact, you two had shared a little secret that no one besides the other members knew. Every so often, the two of you would meet up at 4 o'clock in the morning at the park when no one was awake. You knew that he would get in trouble if people found out that he kept meeting up with a girl, so it absolutely had to be a secret.

You two would talk about how things were going on in his life; in BTS; his worries; his hopes; his dreams; how much he loved the dazzling sky laced with pale blue azure and the gleaming moon above. However, your meetings would be cut very short because once it turned 5:30AM, he would leave immediately in order to prevent the risk of being caught.

You found the way he spoke and his philosophical approach on life very intriguing though. He pulled you in so much that you wanted hear him talk and talk for hours without end.

You were so utterly in love with him.

You were sure he had to feel the same thing for you as well. After all, you had been there for him since the beginning. Why else would he allow you to get so close to him and his members? Why else would he ask to have secret meetings at the park at 4AM? Why else would he make sure to wave to you at a concert or a fan meeting, knowing very well that you’d always be there? You were 99% sure he must feel something special for you.

It had been a month since you’ve last seen each other. You had made up your mind to tell your feelings to him the next time you two saw each other. You recalled the last time you talked to him.

“Hey, y/n,” he called your name. You two were situated next to each other on the wooden bench.

“Yes, oppa?” You responded.

“I can trust you right?”

You blinked at his question, “Of course you can. You know, I’ve never leaked out any of the secrets you’ve told me.”

He smiled gently as you, “Yeah, you’re right. We’ve known each other for years, and I know you’re not that kind of person.”

“Why do you suddenly ask?”

“I’m not really supposed to tell anyone this,” he looked a bit hesitant, “but I’m sure it will be fine.”

You remained silent, encouraging him to go on.

“… It’s been four years since we’ve been BTS,” he started explaining and then chuckled, “but I’m sure you already know that. Our contract is getting renewed in a month.”


“Yeah, Yoongi-hyung read the new contract to us and explained all of the differences between the old one and the new one.”

“What are they?” You immediately added, “-if you want to tell me.”

“No, I want to tell you. You just have to keep it a secret because I’m not allowed to disclose it.”

“I promise I won’t! I’m a very loyal fan, and you know it!”

“Thank you,” he gave you a cute smile before continuing. “I don’t want to get into too much details, but a lot of things are going to change for us. I think we could use those changes as an opportunity to grow though.”

“Yes, that’s true. I don’t know what they are, but you and the other members have worked so hard the past few years, and I know for sure that you can make it through!”

He stared at you for a moment, trying to take in your words before he broke out into a big smile. “Wow, you never fail to amaze me. Our fans are amazing, and I’m glad to have them, and especially you, to support us.”

Your heart raced at how he added that “especially you” part. But a part of you also thought about he still grouped you as part of those fans, how he still sees you as only a fan.

“It’s cute,” he added. “You’re so, so cute.”

“Ah, oppa, don’t try to flatter me,” you said flustered and playfully pushed him.

“It’s true though,” he defended and let out a laugh. “I do want to tell you an important change that was on the contract though.”

“What is it?”

“The dating ban will be lifted.”

Those words alone brought you hundreds of mixed feelings- good and bad.

“So you and the other members can date now?” You asked.

He nodded but he didn’t look too happy about it.

“I feel like if I dated, I’d hurt so many fans. I don’t want to do that,” he told you.

This was one of his traits that made you fall in love with him. He was always thinking about the fans.

“Well, if you dated,” you started, “I’m sure a lot of fans would be devastated. If they were your real fans, though, they would continue to support you and your music.”

“Do you really think so?”

You nodded, “I don’t think it really matters if an idol dates. There are a lot of fans out there who are possessive of idols, and there are those who aren’t. I think, overall, fans just want the idols to be happy. And as your fan, I would want you to be happy, too, and find someone who you really love. Just know that there will always be fans out there to support you, even when there’s so much hate going on.”

He listened to every single word you said before he smiled. “When you explain it like that, it makes me feel much, much better about my own thoughts and feelings.”

You didn’t mention the fact that you would be one of those fans who would be devastated. But if he dated, regardless, you would continue to support him. Your love for him, after all, was much more complex than just a simple crush.

“So,” you started and wiggled your eyebrows, “do you have someone particular in mind once the dating ban is lifted?”

You were begging to hear his answer. You prayed that he was going to say no.

“I do,” he admitted.

You heart started beating louder, and it wasn’t a good feeling.

“Who is it?” You pressed. “You know I won’t tell anyone.”

“I know,” he laughed, “but I’m going to keep it a secret just for a little bit longer.”

“Awww,” you said, a bit disappointed. “At least tell me what kind of girl she is? Do you talk to her now?”

“Yeah, I’ve known her for a while now,” he replied and looked at the pale blue sky that lit up a bit from the rising sun. “I always feel very comfortable around her, and I feel like I can tell her everything. She’s beautiful like the moon, and she shines brighter than any sun.”

“Taehyung-oppa…” you said astonished at the way he looked while he was talking about her. It seemed like the girl who he was talking about had completely captivated him; that at that moment, he imagined her smiling and laughing with him in his head.

You were hoping he was talking about you. You weren’t confident because the description was very broad, and you didn’t want to be too cocky to think that it was about you. You could only hope.

You gulped, waiting for him to say something else.

“She’s my first love, I’m sure of it,” he said. The nameless birds started chirping as the sky lit up some more. He then looked at you and asked, “Do you know that feeling when you can’t stop thinking about a person? When all you want to do is stop whatever you’re doing and just hold that person in your arms? When all you want to do is see their smile and listen to their voice all night long? Do you know that feeling?”

You blinked, startled at his passion. But you gulped again and worked up the nerve to nod and reply back, “I know the feeling.”

“You do?” He asked back, surprised. “You’ve been in love? This is the first time I’ve heard about this.”

“I’m in love now,” you admitted and your heart was beating so loud at that moment that you swore it could cause an earthquake anytime soon, “with a guy who I’ve been talking to. He’s my everything. I feel the same thing for him like you had described.”

“Are you going to confess to him soon?”

“I-I don’t know,” you stuttered and looked away. If you told him you were talking about him, you were sure you were going to run away from embarrassment.

“I think you should. I’m sure he feels the same way,” he gave you a gentle smile that made you melt inside. “Here’s some advice from oppa: if he wants to keep talking to you, then he’s probably interested in you too.”

“I… I hope he likes me back then,” you said shyly. “He’s my first love too.”

He grinned, “then we’re both the same.”

“Yeah,” you agreed, your heart still beating like wild. “You should confess to that girl too. I’m sure she likes you back.”

“Do you really think so?” He asked with wide eyes. “I’m going to be really nervous, but I plan on asking her out after I sign the new contract and the dating ban is lifted.”

You smiled back, “Of course. You’re Kim Taehyung after all. Any girl would be lucky to have you.”

He let out another smile. You loved it when he smiled. “Thank you. That was what I really needed to hear.”

“I’ll be cheering you on, oppa,” you told him, praying that it was you who he was talking about.

“Thanks, I’ll be cheering you on too! Let’s confess to the people we like at the same time, then.”

“Sure! Taehyung-oppa, fighting!”

“Yeah! Y/N, fighting!”

His words repeated in your brain, “if he wants to keep talking to you, then he’s probably interested in you too.”

That was the reason why he kept wanting to talk to you, right? Why he kept on wanting to meet up with you? Right?

You had begun to doubt yourself. Taehyung hadn’t responded to your texts in a few days. Usually, he would respond back quickly. The other members were responding to you just fine.

The other members definitely knew who you were. You were their most loyal fan, after all. You formed a friendly relationship with all of them, but you were just the closest to Taehyung.

You wanted to ask the members how Taehyung was doing, but you felt like it wasn’t any of your business. Even though they all treated you like a normal friend, you still felt like there was that barrier between you all; the barrier between an idol and a fan.

You then got a text message.

Taehyung: Hey sorry I haven’t been responding

Taehyung: We’ve been busy trying to renew the contract and making sure everything is okay

Did that mean that the dating ban had been lifted? You quickly responded, glad that he was texting you again.

You: It’s fine!!

You: How have things been lately?

You waited for a response back. It took ten minutes.

Taehyung: Good!!

Taehyung: We just signed out contracts

Taehyung: Let’s fulfill our promises soon okay??

You smiled at the text. He didn’t forget and you were so, so happy.

You: Sure! Do you wanna meet up soon, then?

Taehyung: Yeah, let’s do it this Tuesday

Taehyung: Same place, same time

You let out a breath. That was in a few days. You needed to prepare yourself. You wanted to look extra special just for him.

You went out to buy a new dress and even some new makeup. You didn’t want it to seem like you were trying too hard though, so you planned on keeping it casual.

Then, the morning that you and Taehyung were going to meet came.

You woke up early, got ready, and ventured out to the park that was all so familiar to you. There was something ominous about the world that morning, though. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it. The moon was concealed underneath the clouds that covered the entire sky. The street lights slowly started to dim as the gray sky brightened from the rising sun. All thoughts ceased, however, once you approached the bench and noticed Taehyung’s broad figure that sat upon it.

You straightened your back and breathed out, ready to admit your feelings to him.

He looked very nervous, staring at his phone as if he was waiting for a text or a call. He didn’t even notice you approaching the bench. When you called his name, he looked up, startled.

“It’s been a while, oppa,” you said and sat down next to him.

“Yeah, it has,” he said shortly before turning away to look at his phone.

“How have things been?”


He was definitely nervous. And you were nervous too. Your heart was pounding, unsure of how to continue the conversation. You wanted to tell him your feelings, but what if he didn’t feel the same way? What if he loved someone else?

“This guy you like…” he started, and you looked at him startled, heart thundering a million beats per second, “How have things been with him lately?”

“Ah, pretty good,” you said flustered, “H-he hasn’t talked to me in a while, but we recently connected again.”

“And do you still have feelings for him?”

You immediately nodded and he stared at you, an inscrutable expression on his face.

“I’m still in love with him,” you confessed. You wanted to stop there, but once you got it out, you just couldn’t find yourself to stop. “I’ve always been in love with him since we met. He-he didn’t used to be confident before, but I wanted to keep supporting him because I knew how talented he was. He treats me kindly and pays attention to everything I say. And when we talk, I want to keep talking, and I want to keep listening to him. He’s everything to me. Actually, oppa, this person is…”

You hesitated. Your heart was pounding rapidly and you felt yourself getting sweatier. You were so, so nervous. You clenched your hands together. You had to tell him you loved him. You promised to yourself that you would let him know.

You took a deep sigh, making up your mind and said, “The person I love is-”

“It’s okay, you don’t need to tell me,” he said right as you were about to say it. He gave you a gentle smile, “I can tell he’s a great guy, judging by the way you talk about him. You should tell him all of that, not me.”


“I feel the same way about Kim Mi Sun,” he admitted, interrupting you again.

It was then that your heart dropped.

Kim Mi Sun? The lead singer of that new kpop girl group that had just debuted? That same Kim Mi Sun?

You didn’t reply. You didn’t know how to reply. It felt as if everything had just came crashing down.

“I know a lot of people will be against our relationship,” he commented, “but I just know that she’s the one for me. She’s my first love.”

“You…” You struggled to get the words out, not sure of what you could possibly say. Your heart had torn into a million pieces at then, and you wondered if this was some sort of sick joke.

You were about to cry and run off, but then, his eyes made you stop.

Yes, it were his beautiful eyes that made you stop from doing so. The way his eyes glistened, piercing right through you, desperately waiting for your response.

It was then that you realized that you had to put your feelings aside and to support him. You could cry about it later because if you told him about your feelings now, it would just ruin things. He was counting on you to be there for him; you promised him that.

“You two… would look really good together,” you forced out and faked a smile, blinking back tears.

He let a sigh of relief and his tensed shoulders slumped. “Thank god you like her. If you like her, then I’m sure the rest of the fans will too.”

There he went again, grouping you with the rest of the fans. That was all he saw you as. There was nothing more to it.

You gulped down that feeling and leaned over to pretend you were interested, even though you felt like breaking down. “Tell me more about her. How did you two meet?”

He smiled, a smile that you had seen once, which was while he was talking about the girl he loved the other night. Mi Sun.

He told you about how he met her a few years ago after BTS debuted. She was struggling being a trainee, and he gave her a lot of advice on how to make it as an idol. Even though she had the chance to get to know any of the members, she stayed close to him only. He felt like it was a dream to have such a beautiful girl as one of his best friends. She was talented, funny, and had similar interests as him. They continued talking for the next few years and met up in secret. He was really in love with her.

You wondered why you hadn’t heard about her at all. But you realized that right after BTS debuted, you had lost contact with him for a while because he was really busy. He must have used most of his time off to be with her

“She reminds me of the pale blue sky that appears just right before the sun rises,” he stared off into the distance, “and the bright moon, too. She lights up all these feelings inside of me.”

You remained silent. The cloudy sky brightened slowly, but everything still looked gray. There were no birds chirping. There was not a single sound besides the drops of rain that fell down one by one.

Or maybe those were just your tears.

He didn’t notice. He just looked up and said, “Oh I didn’t know it was going to rain.”

“When are you going to tell her your feelings?” You asked quietly, ignoring what he just said.

He turned to you, eyes widening once he saw the tears pouring down your cheeks.

“Y/n?” He called your name in concern, “Why are you crying?

You wiped your tears away, sniffling before you gave him your biggest, fakest smile, “Make sure you tell her today, okay?”

“Okay,” he said, “but what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

You shook your head. You weren’t going to tell him your feelings. Not when he was so in love with her. He’d just feel guilty if you said you had been in love with him since the beginning.

“I wish you luck, Taehyung-oppa,” you said and got up. “You should get going now before the rain gets heavier.”

“Wait-” he called out but it was too late because you had started running.

You ran and ran until you were panting. You stopped at some random corner of the park and then looked back. He was nowhere in sight. You then crouched down, trying to catch your breath before you let out a loud sob. The rain was pouring at this time, ruining your makeup and wetting your new dress. But you paid no attention to the inconvenience, only one thought racing through your mind.

It wasn’t you. It wasn’t you.

It was never you who he loved.

im lov my mutuals

uhhh hi it’s your local loser here again but this time im full of love (pls excuse the lack of a banner im. lazy and i have writing to do hsjfdsj)!! over the past few monhs, i’ve made a Heckton of new mutuals nd i want to appreciate all of u because you all mean a Lot to me nd make my crocodile heart sing, so here goes!! (im sorry in advance if i mess up your notifs this got too long nd im the worst :(() 

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high school au! ong  seongwoo

summary: ong is the president of your school’s drama club
genre: fluff
a/n: please tell me what you think!!! and thank you for reading heh

  • ong is super popular in your school like almost everyone knows him 
  • and being the president of your school’s drama club is only part of the reason why
  • he’s very well known for being very warm and welcoming to everyone without bias, and he never fails to bring up the mood and make people laugh
  • unlike the other popular kids, it’s obvious that ong is actually genuinely nice and that he sincerely likes the people around him so it’s amazing
  • anyways so about the drama club
  • you decided to join the drama club this year because you used to dabble in theatre a while back, and your school’s drama club was known for being really bonded and fun
  • and you thought it would be fun to join even if just for the experience
  • during your first few sessions with the club, you already knew that you had made the right choice because everyone was being super friendly and welcoming towards you 
  • true to the stereotype, everyone was extremely loud and energetic all the time and you loved the atmosphere so much
  • the first time you got properly introduced to ong was at the end of the first session
  • usually theatre kids do this thing at the end of each rehearsal/session where they sit together and kind of just talk as a form of debrief
  • it didn’t necessarily have to be related to the day of rehearsal, it could be about anything anyone had in mind
  • just because shows are usually a lot better when the cast members themselves have good synergy offstage
  • so during that debrief session on the first day, ong introduced himself as the president to those of you newcomers 
  • you had a good impression of him right away because he seemed so nice and he made it clear that anyone could approach him about any problem at any time and he would be there to talk to you about it
  • and you were like damn. thats nice
  • anyways club dinners were when you got the chance to actually become close to him
  • usually when rehearsals ended it was already super late and yall were starving + dinners together as a club is a good way to bond
  • it just so happened that for the first dinner both of you ended up sitting next to each other 
  • and damn. you guys hit it off right away
  • like ong was thinking who is this person who makes so many lame jokes
  • and you were thinking why is this boy always tryna get attention (you could relate)
  • when both of you simultaneously dipped your fries into your ice cream it was decided for real
  • “aren’t we soulmates??1?!”
  • “yup. no other explanation”
  • that’s how it all started. from then on you guys just got closer and closer
  • even on days when you guys weren’t having club dinners both of you would go out on your own for dinner or snacks
  • for warmups and stuff if y’all were trying out some whacky new activity (as theatre kids do) then ong would call you up to come and demonstrate it with him to the rest of the club
  • sometimes he would ask you about his president stuff like 
  • “y/n, do you think our club would appreciate getting matching socks
  • “should i ask the school to paint our room a darker shade of black or is this shade of black good enough” (because drama rooms are all black on the inside in case you’re confused dksjds)
  • weird stuff like that and he could always trust you to be as excited as him about this kinda stuff

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War is Love Part 2

I had a lot of love from the first part. Let me know if there should be a part 3 ;)

Harry watched you from perform from the sidelines, his hand absentmindedly running across his lips. He hated to see you here, only because he knew exactly how much pain he had caused you. It amazed him to even find you before him, singing your heart out and bringing a star struck fan up on stage to sing with you. He caught himself smiling at your love for them. It never failed, you always seemed to find the fan that knew all of your songs to bring them up on stage. 

You were always thinking of them and it was one of the many things he had fallen in love with you for. Another being able to get lost in your music or any for the matter. It was how you two were able to connect so easily. Both letting music bring you two closer. He watched as you twirled the fan around and linked arms with them, allowing them to sing the rest of the song while you took a selfie with them. 

Harry knew that once the song was over, you’d ask for their name and then upload it later. It was something you’ve always done from the first day you were given the stage. You were forever in debt to your fans and you made sure that you tried to give a little every time you performed. He shifted as you did exactly what he expected you to do. 

He wasn’t sure if you had seen him and if you had, you were doing a great job at ignoring him because had he been the one on stage, he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of you. Harry froze as you turned just in time for that thought to ran across his mind. Your eyes glimmered over him for just a moment as you accepted the guitar a stage member handed you. 

 Turning your full attention back towards the crowd, you climbed up on the stool. “You guys have been wonderful,” strumming a few chords to get your fingers warm, you sighed, “I’m more than happy with you guys being my first crowd in over a year.” Looking down at your hands, you tried to settle your increased heart rate from finally acknowledging his presence. Taking a deep breath, you smiled and looked into the excited eyes of the crowd who cheered. “I’ve got a present for you beautiful, beautiful people.” Swaying a little against the wind that picked up, “This is a song that won’t be available for a few more weeks-” screams and cheers filled the outdoor stadium. You sucked in air, wincing at the ear piercing sounds bouncing around. Laughing, “It’s the first and only full song that I’ve recorded in a year so I hope you guys enjoy it. It hits close to home…" 

Harry swallowed hard, his jaw clenching as you began to sing. He knew your voice like the back of his hand. He mentored you into the sound it was and it killed him to hear the breaks you tried hard to prevent. You always had a habit of letting your voice break during the songs that you truly felt and that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. He couldn’t deny that your song sent chills down his body and it wasn’t just because of the words. You had kept your eyes closed the entire time, afraid that if you hadn’t, tears would be streaming down your face. This was the third time you had ever actually sang this song only because it hurt to much to sing it to yourself. 

"Here’s to the nights where I stood alone, to the nights I cried so hard I couldn’t breathe. I was never ready for you to leave. It was the hardest thing I’ll ever do, walking away while still loving you. And that doesn’t mean I wanted too, but I saw it coming. But that’s what happens when you let someone in, they destroy everything that could have been.” Humming a few notes, you opened your eyes slightly, feeling the tears build up inside. “If they asked me if I loved him, I would I say I do because no one gives the people they don’t love the power to destroy you.” Humming again, you took a deep breath and finished out your strum, “I was never ready for you to leave." 

You could feel the tear slid down your cheek but it was a bit relieving. It felt like a weight had been lifted off your shoulder. Hopping down off the stool with the guitar in one hand, you waved and blew the crowd kisses. They chanted and screamed your name, and at the moment, you were sure that they had loved the song just as much as you wanted them to. "I love you! Keep this beautiful energy up with the others. Goodnight, San Diego!" 

 Harry felt tense all over, his body was like lead as he looked around him to see if anyone was looking for his reaction. The muscles in his face tightened and strained against each other as he ducked around the corner. His strides were long and quick as he reached his dressing room for the evening. Closing the door shut behind him, he knocked down the rack that held clothing options for the night. Harry knew what he had done to you was wrong and he regretted his drunken decision the moment in happened. It was as if all the alcohol had dissipated the second the flash went off and captured that moment for the rest of his life. He ran both hands through his hair. 

Harry was angry not because you had written a song about him but because it wasn’t rage filled or sassy in any way. He expected you to own him but instead you took the harder way out and expressed how you deeply felt about the situation. He would rather you have sang about how he sometimes failed to entertain in bed even though you both knew it would be a complete lie. Just something other than a song that reminded him just how much he fucked up. 

All he wanted was to hold you tight and whisper promises he would die trying to keep. Never would he look at another girl again, never would he let alcohol consume him and convince him to do things he shouldn’t do. He still loved you. Hell, he never stopped loving you. You were his everything and more. He had just fallen victim to a weak moment and he knew you would never forgive him for it and Harry wouldn’t want you to. But, damn, that song filled him with anger.  

Harry wanted you to hate him because if you did, the tour would be easier to manage than to know that you still loved him and he was the douchebag that broke your heart. 


 Part three? Yay? Nay? 
 Spam me with reasons <3 ;)

New Year. New Me. {Peter Pan Imagine}

Part One 

Peter Pan Imagine

Author: Joi A. Wade

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Requested: Yes,  HI CAN I HAVE A EXTREME FLUFF IMAGINE WITH ROBBIE KAY OR PETER PAN WHERE YOU GUYS GET INTO A REALLY REALLY BAD FIGHT AND YOU DECIDE YOU GUYS SHOULD BREAK UP AND HES LIKE NO BABE WAIT IM SORRY AND YOURE LIKE NOPE I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE AND THEN YOU LEAVE AND HE CANT FUNCTION WITHOUT YOU SO HE TRIES TO WIN YOU BACK AND IT TAKES A WHILE BUT ONE DAY HE FINALLY WINS YOU BACK EXTREMELY FLUFFY PLEASE,  “New year new me” is so good please continue it,  part 2 for New Year New Me! I love it so mucH!,  In all honesty “New year new me” is amazing… I hope that you will continue it😘,  When is the second part coming out?,  Part 2? , New year new me is amazing I hope that there will be a continuation 😉, In all honesty “New year new me” is amazing… I hope that you will continue it, part 2 for New Year New Me! I love it so mucH!, “New year new me” is so good please continue it

Warnings: Swearing | Angst 

“Y/n! Please! Let me explain, it’s not what you think!”

“Oh, it’s not?” She stops in her tracks, swiftly turning to glare venomous daggers in his direction. “Please, tell me, Peter! How exactly am I jumping to conclusions here? The fact that I saw you with my own naked eyeballs, with your lips on..on HER! You know I don’t like her, and yet here you are kissing her as if I was never apart of your life!” 

By now, the two of them had drawn a crowd. The buzz of the new year was dying down, and now everyone had something else to pay attention to. Tiger Lily watched the pain in your eyes as tears threatened to spill, and the look of pure victory on Wendy’s. What the hell could have possibly happened in thirty seconds?

“I-I know it looked bad-”

“LOOKED? Are you kidding me?! Do you even realize how straight fucked up this is?! All the times I stuck up for you, had your back, stayed loyal because people were 100% positive that we weren’t going to make it; and to start of our 5th year being together, you’re kissing another girl!” 

“Don’t act like this isn’t your fault in the first place!” He finally snaps, pointing an accusing finger at her. Y/n gasps, not believing he was playing the blame card, and for what? 

“Me? How in the hell is this-”

“Don’t play dumb, Y/n. The past couple of years have been a complete nightmare! You always on my ass, complaining 24/7, kicking me out of the bed that I paid for! You were practically driving me into Wendy’s arms! She’s more affectionate, passionate, able to be told what I want and listens! She actually fulfills my needs way better than you ever could for five years!” 

The room was silent, no one daring to butt in or comment. The tension in the air was unbearable, you could just slice through it with practically anything. She blinks a couple of times, somethings starting to click in her brain left and right. 

“You…You say that as if this is a reoccurring thing.” Looking back up at him, Y/n watched as Peter raised his eyebrow, as if signaling a ‘duh’ moment. “How long have you been doing this?” 

“…It started three years ago.” 

That did it. Everyone now voiced their opinion on the situation, gasping and muttering as the juicy gossip unfolded right in front of them. Now, the dam was broken and down came the tears. All this time…every time he’d disappear, he was with her. How could she be so blind, so naive? Then after he was done fooling around, he’d come back and kiss her with the same lips he violated their relationship with. All that time wasted sticking up for him whenever someone warned her, or tried to make her doubt herself for choosing him. Never in her life had she felt to stupid. So used…

Peter showed no remorse as he spilled this information, and that only hurt Y/n further. How long did he think he could get away with this? For three years…she was guessing for as long as he wanted. Shaking her head in disbelief in herself and her obliviousness, she raises her hand to look at the ring that rested on her finger. No, not a wedding ring, which she was grateful it wasn’t; just a promise ring. A promise she should have never made with him. 

Taking it off, Y/n walks over to him slowly, keeping her eyes on the ring that laid in her palm. Peter watched her intensely, as well as everyone that surrounded them. Tiger Lily took a little step forward in case Y/n would do something dangerous. And just by the way her face held no emotion, she sure as hell looked like she was.  Once close enough, she came to a stop right in front of him. Letting the ring slip from her palm and onto the ground near his feet, she spoke. 

“I made a promise to you on that day, three years ago. Now that it’s broken…I won’t be needing it. Stay the hell away from me. Don’t call, don’t text…don’t even come near me.” 


“There were simpler ways you could have done this. If you wanted to break up, all you had to do was say so. Instead you break me heart going into the new year, making me look like a fucking idiot in front of everyone, after all we’ve been through together. And your only excuse is because we fought? That’s what couples do!” 

“Not that much, Y/n! It was non-stop, constant nagging, that I just-”

“Well, now you don’t have to hear me bitch any longer! We’re over! You don’t have to worry about me ever again, because I’m done with this shit, Peter! I’m done! Lose my number, move in with Wendy, drop off the face of the earth, I don’t care! Just stay the hell away from me…” 

With that said, Y/n turns her back to him, heading in the direction of outside after grabbing her coat and keys. Tiger Lily made sure to see her out, checking on her as well and asking if she needed anything. Shaking off her friend, she doesn’t dare make eye contact with anyone on her way out, embarrassment and shame washing over her like heavy rain. Once she was out of sight, Peter looked down at the ring that laid on the ground at his feet. You could see on his face how slowly reality was starting to crash down upon him, everything finally catching up from the heat of the moment and settling at the pit of his stomach. 

She was gone. She left him, it was official. What has he done? 

“Get the fuck out of my house, Pan.” Tiger Lily growls, catching the boy off guard at her harsh words. “Three years you’ve been doing this shit, in my house, behind her back? Do you know how crushed she’s been all this time waiting for you, how you missed your kiss?”

“It was just a kiss!” 

“To you, maybe. To her, so much more. God, the things she would say about you were unbelievable, you would think she was talking about a whole different guy, but no. Always you were on her mind and heart, and you do this to her. You put your lips on another girl, then have the audacity to kiss Y/n and still call her your number one. I hope you never see her again. Now, get out.” 


“Just leave, Pan.” Felix speaks up from behind her, “And take her with you.”

Peter looks behind himself and sees Wendy. Suddenly feeling sick to his stomach, he quickly looks away. Oh, dear God, what has he done. 

“Felix…not you, too.” 

“Y/n was like a sister to me. You’re my best friend, but what you did was fucked up. I think it’s better you leave, no one here is on your side.” 

Looking around the room, Felix was correct. Everyone practically cursed his presence with just their eyes. But, Y/n took the car. Where would he go?

“C’mon, babe. I’ll give you a ride,” Leaning up to his ear, she playfully tugs at it with her teeth, “As long as I get to ride you.” 

That would have sent chills down his spine, big time. But, it didn’t. It only sickened him more. Because it wasn’t Y/n whispering such a suggestive and witty flirt in his ear. It was her. 

Making their way out the door and having it slammed in their faces was enough for Peter to understand that what he’s been doing, that he so confidently thought he’d get away with, was coming back to get him. He watched as Wendy stared at him hungrily, pulling him toward her car, and further into the hole he dug himself into. He sat still as Wendy attacked his neck with sloppy, wet kisses, only making the pit of his stomach churn in more disgust in himself. 

How Y/n looked at him, the hurt and betrayal her eyes held. He couldn’t erase those eyes from his conscious, no matter how hard he tried. 

Y/n was his one and only, his number one girl who stayed by him and dismissed all those negative things people threw at her, showing him love she thought he deserved. But, it turns out they all were right about him. And because of that, he’s lost the love of his life to girl who he only liked the attention from. 

Oh, what has he done. 

He was Just Leaving (Young Remus Lupin x reader)

A/N: my smol bean remus :’)) i may write a part two hehe

Request: Hey I was just wondering if you could write about Remus liking a quirky hufflepuff and Remus is too shy to ask her out so Sirius pretends to flirt with her which makes Remus jealous? It would be amazing if you could! Love your account it never fails to make me smile 😁😊

word count: 631
warnings: none

“You’re staring, mate,” Sirius mutters to Remus who’s got his head propped up with one arm. He watches you as you’re deep in conversation with the rest of your hufflepuff peers. He sees you laughing, holding your book and flipping through the pages, reading passages to your friends.

“Moony!” James yells, elbowing him.

“Hm? What?” Rem snaps out of his haze, falling off the hand supporting his face.

The other two marauders snicker at him. “You really like Y/N, hm?” James waggles his eyebrows.

Remus blushes slightly and clears his throat. “No! What are you talking about?” He glances back over at you; your laughter has all but stopped and he can’t help but smile at your joy.

Sirius scoffs, “So, you wouldn’t mind if I asked her out, then?”

His eyes widen at the thought of his precious Y/N with his jerk of a best friend. “Uh- well, do actually like her? I wouldn’t take her for your type, Pads, that’s all.”

Sirius is grinning at how flustered Remus is getting. “Not my type? She’s absolutely gorgeous! And she’s really nice, funny too. What’s not to like?”

“M'just saying.” Moony shrugs and stands up, grabbing his bag. “I’m going to the library. Got a few books I forgot to return. I’ll see you guys.”

Later, you’re sitting in the library, as well. You and Remus smiled at each other and waved. A large part of you wishes he’d just come over and sit with you. You’ve always been quite fond of him.

There’s a tap on your shoulder. You look up, hoping more than anything that it’s him. “Oh, hey, Sirius.” You greet the dark haired boy standing above you.

“Mind if I sit?” He gestures to an open chair next to you.

You shrug, turning back to your book. “Go ahead.”

He seats himself beside you and places his hand on the pages of your novel, pushing it down to the table. You narrow your eyes at him. “Sorry, Y/N. Just wanted to let you know that I think you’re really, really gorgeous.” He smirks. That’s when you realize his other hand is resting on your knee, sliding up ever so slightly.

Your face flushes and you sit up a little bit. “Well, thanks. Uh- you’re not bad yourself, but I-”

“Hey, Padfoot! Can I talk to you for a minute?” You hear Remus call from a small distance away. There’s a sharp “Shh!!” that follows, but he doesn’t seem to care. You can’t help but feel relieved. Sirius is cool and all, but you’ve kind of got your eye on someone else. Someone who’s taller and reads a lot. Someone who just so happens to be in the library at the same time as you, all the time.

Anyway, Sirius comes back over to sit down, but Remus is right on his tail, pushing him out of the chair. “He was just leaving, actually.” Moony says, through his teeth.

Padfoot gives him a sly grin, “Oh, was I? Alright, then.” And with that he leaves.

“What a guy, right?” Remus laughs awkwardly and clears his throat. “Um, Y/N, I was actually wondering- there’s a Hogsmeade trip this weekend- or a little get together after the quidditch game tomorrow- just- uh- would you wanna hang out sometime?”

You smile widely. “Oh my God. Well, yeah! Yeah, I’d love to.” Dear God, you’re blushing. You’re blushing so much. “I’d better go, then.” You pick up your book and stand up.

“Oh, yeah. Yeah, me too.” He goes back to grab his bag. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” You nod. “Gryffindor common room?”

“Where else?” He chuckles. “I’ll see you.”

You go your separate ways, butterflies erupting in your stomach. You have a date with Remus.

it’s so telling that klancers are solely focusing on and blowing the “lance is keith’s stability” quote out of proportion but completely ignoring the part where it was discussed what kind of GIRL lance would end up

no one does selective reading like klancers do


Happy birthday to the person who never fails to make me smile, who gets me through the worst parts of life, the light of my fucking life

You’re so sweet, caring, and talented, such an amazing person and you deserve all the happiness in the world

You mean more to me than you will ever know 💜

I wanted to make a post to celebrate the one year anniversary of Yuri on Ice, but I don’t know what I can say that hasn’t already been said, by me or by others.

But I will say this:

I can honestly say that YOI changed my life. Obviously, I think I can say that to some extent for any media that touches me, but in YOI’s case I think I can actually pinpoint instances that it has affected me. Yuuri’s character and his struggles with anxiety inspire me every day. As anyone with anxiety can tell you, living with it is no easy task, and finding characters with experiences like yours is rare. But in Yuuri, I found someone who felt the things that I felt, who understood the things that I’ve gone through - and who pushed through them with such bravery and determination and went on to blow away everyone’s expectations. Yuuri’s story and his journey give me the strength to push forward as well, because if he can become a top athlete in his sport, then maybe I can do amazing things too.

Not to mention the beautiful relationship between Yuuri and Victor, which never fails to lift my heart. Watching their love grow and strengthen into something so beautiful is such a privilege and I honestly can never get enough of it.

Finally, this show brought me into one of the most welcoming, enthusiastic fandoms that I’ve ever been a part of. With it, I posted my first fic that actually gained fairly popular attention, and I’ve had conversations and made friends that I never would have otherwise. I don’t know where I would be without YOI, but I certainly wouldn’t be the same person that I am now. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since this amazing show has been around. Here’s to many more.

So thank you, YOI. You make me a better person and you make the world a better place.

Full Circle - Chapter One

This is my new muti-chapter story. Thank you to @ailingnoor for so kindly proof-reading for me. It follows Owen and Amelia from the final scene of 14x05 and how their lives play out dealing with their separation, dating, their friendship… It is canon to the current story-line but I have adapted it to fit with my own twists and turns. I really hope you enjoy it! 😘😘😘😘 Reviews and comments are always welcome! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Time moves differently, differently than it used to. Seconds, minutes, hours and days all feel longer, but at the same time they are all passing by so quickly, too quickly. If freedom makes you feel free then why do I feel so trapped? It is as though my life has stopped but the lives of those around me keep on moving. I am back to square one, though this time it isn’t because of my broken sobriety. It is my broken heart. People come and go from your life all the time, I know that better than anyone – but I ran away from the one person I vowed never to leave. It might have been the tumour- I think it was the tumour, but I will never know for sure. That is something I have learned to live with, the not knowing. If I myself don’t know what was me and what was the tumour, how could Owen possibly know? He was right- we don’t know each other, not anymore. As I am reassessing and questioning every decision I made over the last ten years, I know Owen was… is real. I remember how I felt when we sat in chapel, the first kiss, the first night, our first official date, the proposal- I know because when I look at him now those feelings are still there. It’s confusing and it’s complicated but I look at Owen and I see the life I want, the life I told myself I was too damaged to deserve. But he deserves to be happy. I don’t know if his happiness involves me, but I know that right now, he can’t find that out if I’m always there with him. He needs the time to figure out what he wants, we both do. 

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These are just random screenshots from YouTube of a few comments over the past couple of months that I thought were really kind/inspiring. Even though we’ve kind of stumbled a bit lately, this community still never fails to amaze me and I’m so happy to be a part of it :) I wanted to post these to say that even though we may not be at our best lately, this community is still amazing and is still a very positive place to be! @therealjacksepticeye