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#i would like to take a moment to acknowledge how difficult it was to find scenes without rory where he was genuinely smiling #she is his sunshine and light #carry on

“Every bit of his motivation came from things he saw on the internet. That’s it. He is simply regurgitating… bits and pieces of stuff he has downloaded directly from the internet into his brain from research done online. Everything he’s doing is just an imitation of something he saw somewhere else. ‘I had to do it’ that’s his explanation. But why he ‘had to do it’? And there’s never an answer…he doesn’t have an answer. There’s something wrong with his perceptions. There’s something with what he is perceiving about reality. He confessed to the most dreadful crime a person could ever confess to. You were looking for signs of remorse and you didn’t see very much of it. I’ll be the first one to admit it. Remorse isn’t a logical emotion when you feel it’s something you ‘had to do’. I ask you to look past the emotions that everyone has felt. Think about the isolation. These pictures…hundreds of them and in none of them are a friend. He was so alone. Except there are hundreds of pictures of his cat. Animals are much easier to interpret than humans. The cat is the only being Roof has mental capacity to socialize with.”

Bruck is the man.


From [GRAZIA KOREA] interview , read all parts here , I skipped to the part that made me tear up and get all emotional..Yoongi deserves more than this, he suffered a lot at such young age…. He fought with his passion for musci!!     I really hope he’s feeling so much better now as a person,as a rapper, as a dreamer… /sighs/ read below..

Q: As a part time job? (making music when he was 13)

YOONGI: Right, when I was young, it would be more accurate to say that I worked rather than I worked on music. But that’s how I learned to compose and arrange. Some say that I did music as an underground rapper, but it would be more correct to say that I just did music in Daegu. As I worked in the studio, I sold the beats I made,and eventually started rapping.

Q: How much did you earn at that time?

YOONGI: None at all.

Q: What? I thought it was a part time job?

YOONGI: “That is how things go around in the field of music.I was just too busy paying for the transportation fee and food with the little sum of money I owned through that job. There was a small Jajjang noodle restaurant that costs 2000won next to the studio as well as another noodle store that costs 1000won. Everyday, I was in trouble choosing; If I eat 1000won noodle, I could go home by riding a bus. If I eat Jajjang noodle that costs 2000, I would have to go home walking for two hours. It was a harsh situation,but i was able to withstand that time thanks to my passion for music.”   

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May the bridges I burn
light the goddamn
way to my happiness.

You were never gentle
or caring.
You were a fucking whirlwind
of bullshit advice and false
You killed pieces of myself
that I was too naïve to even understand.
I viewed you as a god.
Aphrodite, or Athena.
In reality, you were only a girl
who was trying just as hard
as I was to find a fucking
reason to stay alive.
You were full of big words
and enchanting views of the universe
and philosophical opinions of why we are even here.
But you were hurting,
God, when I stopped viewing you on a damn pedestal,
everything became clearer.
It was like I was taking pills that made my vision
so blurry, but then someone finally
turned on the lights.
Idealizing people is not healthy.
You were not healthy.

I threw a match,
and I can feel the fucking heat.

—  burning bridges // m.t.

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The MC disappearing part two made me shed tears, especially when reading what Seven told MC. ;n; Thanks for writing it (and breaking my heart).

Im glad that part was as emotional as I tried writing it to be ^^ haha I felt it was important for Seven to have that last moment with MC as well. Im really happy you enjoyed it though!!

~S (:

ok. but imagine competitive swimming AU.

Adrien is the son of one of the most decorated olympians, Gabriel Agreste. It’s expected of him to follow in his father’s footsteps and become just as successful in swimming. And, naturally, he does. Even as a high school freshman, he had already made a name for himself in Paris.

Marinette is a rising star among the swimmers and had admired Gabriel since she was a small child.

When she first learned that THE Adrien Agreste was transferring into her school AND joining her swim team, she nearly fainted, but to Alya’s (her loyal friend and timer) amusement. He was every bit as handsome as his father and instantly she was smitten with him. When she watched him swim the 200 free in 1:55:25, a feat that had yet to barely be achieved by both the JV and Varsity boys, she was completely head over heels.

Adrien had amazing sportsmanship, and was polite to everyone he met. He never gloated about his time or made snarky comments about the swimmers on Junior Varsity who were still learning the strokes. Marinette was especially please to find that he was damn near perfect both in and out of the water. But the poor thing couldn’t phrase a complete sentence in front of the boy, and missed many chances to befriend him and get to know him better. Even during practice, he was always placed in the fourth or fifth lane while she had long ago laid claim to the third lane. Even if she had the luck of sharing a lane with him, there’d be no chance to chat with the boy while he was focused on the practice set, quite honestly.

In front of Adrien, Marinette was a stuttering mess and he honestly thought it was cute. But when she was in the water, it was like she was a whole different person. The first time Adrien saw this, he had trouble remembering that the girl in the water was the same red-faced girl in pigtails who had lent him a towel on his first day of practice with the school’s team (he’d never admit it out loud but, now whenever he scented fresh cherry wood, he thought of Marinette).

Standing on the starting block, her face was concentrated and serious, but there was a sparkle in her eyes. Excitement mixed with anxious anticipation, Adrien would guess—he knew the feeling well. When the buzzer went off, she pushed off and flew into the water. Her best stroke was butterfly and Adrien could see why almost immediately. Her dolphin kicks appeared slow but were powerful enough to help her cut through the water with grace and ease. Even when it seemed that she would fall behind, she would keep a steady pace, never slowing down or speeding up, until the other racers had tired themselves out. Marinette would pull forward, finally increasing her speed in the last leg of the race and come out first. Her hands would touch the wall at the end of her race and she would burst into happy, nearly breathless laughter as she fought to catch her breath. When her timer, a bespectacled girl she seemed to be friends with, told her her time, Marinette whooped in glee and jumped out of the pool to hug her friend despite the loud, exaggerated protests. She had shaven off a whole second from her previous time, he later learned.

Adrien’s heart jumped and, for the rest of the meet, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.


Part 5:

Part 3:

Hello, here I bring you the fourth part, which made me shed tears, because yesterday I lost all the file and  I had to redraw everything from scratch, I’ve been drawing the last 17 hrs of pure feeling. Sorry for the errors of translation, I hope they enjoy it. see you.

A New Friend Part 6 Final

Warnings: Swearing, Feels.
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Crowley, Rowena, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: You and Sam have a fight. (Honestly I have no idea how to describe this, just read it and find out…)
Readers Age: 15 years old
Word Count: 1522

Y/N: Your Name
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A/N: This is the final part! This honestly made me tear up as I wrote it! I made it a little extra long since its the final part! If you don’t have a dog feel free to use mine his name is Draco and he is a Siberian Husky! Enjoy!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

You ran through the halls of the bunker, you hadn’t been in it since you were six, but everything kind of just came back to you and you could remember the halls like the back of your hand. You didn’t make one wrong turn and soon enough you were back in the dungeon.

“Uncle Crowley, I’m gonna get you out of here don’t worry.” You reassured him, Crowley was fading in and out, he could barely keep his head up. You lock picked the handcuffs and broke the devils trap, you grabbed Crowley’s arm and tossed it over your shoulders. “Geez for a small man you sure are heavy!” You commented as you struggled to get through the dungeon door.

Crowley was too weak to zap you back to the hotel so you had walk the halls of the bunker while carrying Crowley, since you are only fifteen he’s extremely heavy, so you got exhausted quickly. You remembered exactly how to get out, you turned, went down steps and you were in the main room of the bunker.

You looked at the long flight of stairs and sighed, “Okay here we go.” You went up the stairs and opened the door to the bunker, you let out a breath of relief. You were surprised that Sam never caught you, he must be attending to Dean’s wounds. You’re not going to lie, it did hurt you to stab him, but you shook that feeling off and once again became the killer that Rowena made you.

You got out your phone that you completely forgot you had “I’m a idiot” You thought. You dialed Rowena’s number and told her where you are, within a few seconds a demon was there. He took Crowley and said he’d be back in a minute for you, you nodded and kept your guard up.

You looked around, you saw the Impala, you smiled. You then walked over sliding your fingers on her slick coat as you walked around it. “You stabbed him.” You were snapped out of your thoughts, you turned around to see Sam standing in front of the bunker door, he was bloody probably Dean’s blood, and his eyes were red, tears were still falling down his cheeks.

“You got in my way.” You barked, Sam’s expression didn’t change, “He’s your brother! We love you! We were trying to help, we were trying to get rid of the killer inside you!” Sam yelled. “Well at least I’m not a monster!” You yelled back, Sam looked shocked, “You call us monsters, you don’t even realize that you are turning into one.” Sam snarled.

You paused, “No, I’m saving my Uncle from two monsters who I’m ashamed to call my brothers.” You replied, Sam looked down at the ground for a moment. “Crowley has hurt way more people than us, you’ve hurt your family! Dean and I would never, ever, hurt you!” Sam said tears still falling.

For some reason your eyes were starting to fill with tears, why? You don’t care about them, why would you be hurt by anything they say? “YOU AREN’T MY FAMILY!” You screamed, Sam has shocked once again, he clenched his jaw. “We were your family. We were your family until you were six, but you chose Crowley over your own brothers! No actually you chose a fucking dog over us!” Sam screamed taking a step forward.

You looked down at the ground, you never thought of it that way. “Don’t you remember all the good times we’ve had? I mean you ran through the bunker and didn’t get lost, that tells me that you remember being here.” Sam stated much calmer now. “Do you really not feel bad about stabbing your own flesh and blood? The person who helped raise you, the person who helped take care of you?” Sam asked. You once again looked down at the ground, a tear falling down your cheek.

You were about to say something but was cut off by a voice you’ve come to know so well, “Y/N! I told you he’d fill your head with nonsense! Now kill him!” Rowena demanded. You turned around to see ‘Nana’ standing behind you pointing at Sam, you turned back to Sam and pulled out your knife.

Sam saw your knife and slouched, “Go ahead, kill me, there isn’t anything you can do that would make me hurt you.” Sam said you could hear the sorrow in his voice, another tear made its way down your cheek. You stood there for a moment until someone grabbed your wrist, “I. Said. Kill. Him.” Rowena reminded you. She was squeezing you wrist, “Let go of me!” You yelled as you jerked your arm away from her. “KILL HIM ALREADY!” She screamed, you flinched at the tone of her voice.

You looked back at Sam, he was a mess, you could see it from his body language that he’d given up. That made your heart sink, “Go, this is for me and him to settle.” You told Rowena firmly, she smiled and nodded and with that you two were left alone.

“Go ahead, I’m not going to stop you.” Sam said as he raised his hands up in surrender, you walked over to Sam. You were a foot away from him, but something was screaming at you not to do it. You looked up at your big brother, tears now streaming down your face. Sam looked down at you with his hazel brown puppy dog eyes, you dropped your knife and hugged him, you squeezed your brother tight. Sam was caught by surprise but didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around you.

“I’m so sorry.” You said in between sobs, Sam kissed your head, “No, I’m sorry Bug, it’s my fault you were just… Following orders.” Sam stated, you smiled at the nickname. You and Sam stood there for a good five minutes just holding each other. Until realization struck.

“Dean..” You said as you backed away from Sam,
“I s-stabbed Dean! I-I killed him!” You yelled as you started hyperventilating, “Hey, hey, hey, no, no you didn’t kill him. He’s okay.” Sam informed you as he brought you into another hug. “Let’s go make sure he’s doing okay, together.” Sam said as he backed away and drapped his arm over your shoulders, you nodded and you both made your way inside.

Sam lead you back into your room where Dean was laying, he was sleeping, “Oh my.. How could I..” You stopped your sentence and fell to your knees at the side of your bed, you grabbed Dean’s hand and sobbed. Sam was by your side rubbing your back, “It’s okay Y/N/N, he’s okay.” Sam reassured.

From all the noise you were making from your crying, Dean woke up, you got up and sat on your bed, “Dean, I’m so sorry I.. I don’t know wh-” you were cut off by Dean pulling you into his chest. “Don’t you ever be sorry. You were forced to do what you did, we were the ones that didn’t protect you. The important thing is, is that you’re back and you’re okay.” Dean responded as he kissed your head.

“Does this look like killing them?!” You heard a Scottish female voice say, you turned slightly to see Rowena standing in the room. Sam shot up and grabbed you, making sure you were behind him. “She’s not going to kill us.” Sam stated, “No, Y/N I told you everything that comes out of their mouths are lies!” She snapped.

“No..” You quietly replied, “Excuse me?” She responded, Sam brought you to the side of him, he wrapped his arm over your shoulders. “I said no, they aren’t the ones that lie! You are! You’ve done nothing but lie to me my entire life, my brothers aren’t monsters, they’re heroes! You took me from them!” You snapped as you stepped closer to Rowena now out of the protection of your brother.

“I’m not your little personal killer, not anymore.” You snapped, Rowena looked offended, “You know what, fine, but I’m not taking care of your little mutt.” Rowena disappeared and your dog Y/D/N took her place. Y/D/N ran over to you and you knelt down and brought them into a hug.

Sam and Dean looked confused, “Guys this is Y/D/N, my dog” you informed your brothers, they both smiled. “Welcome to the family Y/D/N.” Sam responded as he starting petting your dog.

Now you’re finally a family again, sure you’re going to be the one stuck taking care of Dean, but you didn’t mind it was your fault anyway, and he is never going to let you live that down. You’re mad because you missed nine whole years that could’ve been spent with your brothers, but you’re only fifteen so you have plenty more to come. You can finally say that you have a family.

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Sam’s Characteristics & Qualities

Let me just explain about this beautiful creature. I went analytical a bit, and explained it in my point of view/opinion.


- He is caring. He takes care of Nate and is a good brother who would dodge a bullet for him any time. He also works hard to support Nate and himself when they were kids. “Hey, you keep your gun on me.” This part made me tear up of how a great brother and person he is.

- He is flirtatious. He flirted with that waitress in the exhibit (which should have been me, Lol) and he felt like damn, lets pause this mission and let me get some of her.

- He is funny. He jokes around with Nate a lot, but sometimes Nate just doesn’t understand his jokes. Like that one part of him trying to be a pirate and sword fight with Nate, but the sword just broke in half. Nate says, “You are a horrible pirate.” Nate, be easy on him. He took care of you.

- He is smart. Nate, Sully and Sam were trying to figure out a plan to grab Avery’s cross and Sam says, “jeez you guys act like you never spent time in prison, if you want something dirty done, then you wait for lights out.” Basically, Sam is street smart, along with book smart, since he has been reading a lot of history books in prison.

- He is loyal. Sam never changed for the past 15 years and when he met with Nate for the first time, he was still the same brother as always. This actually goes on multiplayer too lol, but he says, “I’ll return the favor, I swear.” Sam is a loyal guy and if you respect him, he will respect you. 

- He is sweet.  Elena was just going to handshake Sam of how great it was to meet him and he was like nah bish come hereHe hugged Elena at the end of the game and told her to, “Come on. Bring it for the real thing, sister.”  Can you hug me too? Like seriously.

- He is cocky. Sam likes to embrace his cockiness through the game and mulitplayer. This goes to how he told Sully and Nate of how “they act like they never spend time in prison”, obviously meaning, he is more experienced and clever enough to think outside the box. On multiplayer, when you choose Sam, he would say, “You know what you like about me, everything.” And “I’m the original Drake.” Like damn, its hot when he says stuff like that.

- He is secretive and a liar. He lied to Nate about the story of him escaping prison, when really, Rafe bailed him out and never told Nate the truth in the whole journey. 

- He is adventurous. He wanted to find Avery’s treasure and told Nate that they were meant for this kind of life, for seeking treasures and become explores beyond the horizon.

- He is a trouble maker. As as kid, he wasn’t afraid to try new things, such as, looking for his mother’s journal with Nate and get caught by the old lady almost shooting him. And when brought danger to Nate and his surroundings of finding Avery”s treasure. (But, everyone is safe at least lol)

- He is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He doesn’t mind getting something dirty done and likes to take a challenge. This correlates to him by figuring out a plan of grabbing the cross by working around his surroundings. By this, he “pretends to be a waiter” in a risky situation.

- He shoots for big dreams. Sam doesn’t give up to achieve of what he desires.“Nate, we were meant for this.” He wanted to track down his mom’s journal, find Avery’s treasure and even track down Nate to help him on his journey. 

- He a baddie, but with a good heart. This connects to how he lied to Nate about the story of him escaping jail, and still managed to try to apologize and dodge a bullet for Nate when Rafe shot him. Sam still cares about the people he loves around him, and people misunderstand him of either being bad or good. But once you get to know him, you can see his softer side and embraces his bad side when you don’t know him and when necessary. “Maybe if you are good, I will show you my other tattoo.” I really wonder where it is Sam.

- He has style. Sam dresses like its the 80s or 90s. And its hot. He has a great sense of style, but dresses more laid back and that classic bad boy.

- He is chill. Sam goes with the flow and is usually calm. He doesn’t panic and stops and thinks before speaking. He is understanding and he is a person you could easily talk to once you get to know him. You could see it mostly when he talks to Nathan, or when Rafe catches Nate and Sam and he tries to work around with Rafe, to not shoot anyone.. Also, with Sully at the end of the game when they both partner up to seek their own treasures.

- He likes to have freedom- Sam’s flying birds tattoo explains it all. Birds like to have freedom to go anywhere without being caged in, just like Sam and especially since he got out of being caged in at a prison, he wants to do everything and live his life now.

- He is beauty, he is grace, he is Miss United States. Just had to say that lol.

I think you believe I’m some musical genius who only thinks about music all the time. But that’s not the case. I’m just an ordinary guy who worries about the girl he loves… Of course I’ll come running if I find out you’re out with another guy!
—  Takashi Ninagawa [Scandal in the Spotlight - Takashi Ninagawa: Epilogue Chapter 3]

What’s so wrong about going crazy over it?! Are you not sad?!