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Can we have a snippet at least PLEASE MAN

Sure haha, but I’m giving you the part I dislike the most so that maybe I can get some help with it.
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Her hands began tearing the letter out from the envelope before she knew what she was doing. She brought the note closer to her face and squinted her blue eyes to make out the crooked and loopy handwriting.


The memory of our last encounter haunts me. It consumes my every thought and makes the solitude in my home more unbearable than ever before. I pray my nightmare of a face has not made you ill, or caused you to lose sleep over fear of my wicked face.
I would like to visit with you once more. I miss our lessons like a drowning man misses air. I miss the sound of your voice. We can sing anything you wish when you come to visit with me, I will play anything for you.
Perhaps we could go for a carriage ride, like you often speak about. I have never taken a leisurely ride before, so you will have to guide me in the tradition. If instead you should like to stay in, I can read to you or teach you how to throw your voice about the room like The Phantom himself.

Wait for me in your dressing room and I will return with you to my home.

- Erik”

(*end snippet*)

☣VILLAIN meme☣

Response to the HERO meme here.

  • “You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?”
  • “Oh, little bug caught in my web… you really made this too easy.”
  • “Everyone is so noble in the beginning, but they learn and they lose.”
  • “Hope is a fool’s opiate.”
  • “I’ve come this far, and I certainly won’t let a little nothing like you get in my way now!”
  • “You think it’s so easy judging me. You know nothing of the real world. I am only acting on instinct.”
  • “The meek shall inherit nothing, they are meek for a reason.”
  • “Destruction is a part of the natural order of things, yet everyone fights it. I plan on making it easy on you all.”
  • “I deserve all the praise and power, and you will all suffer for it!”
  • “No one gets in my way and survives.”
  • “The fool that is stupid enough to betray me won’t live to do it again.”
  • “The law didn’t include me when it was made, so it doesn’t apply to me now.”
  • “It’s all their fault for falling for the lie. They have only to blame themselves!”
  • “I never loved you… you pretended to hear what you wanted, and created your own fantasy. I used you, and you willingly accepted.”
  • “Join me, and you will have everything you possibly could want. Stand against me, and you’ll regret it.”
  • “You lost it all!”
  • “No sad story made me this way, I am just stronger, smarter, and deserving. Others are little bugs beneath my heel.”
  • “Give me everything I ask for, and MORE!”
  • “I gave you everything, and this is how you repay me?!”
  • “I will rise above, and you will die for what you did to me!”
  • “You think your little pack of boyscouts can intimidate me? Come at me!”
  • “I’m feeling generous today. You get the first shot. After that, start running.”
  • “You people are all COWARDS! You were just BEGGING for me to do this.”
  • “Where’s your savior now?”
  • “Blood is thicker than water, but kerosene is the answer.”
  • “I killed your _____ and now I’m going to kill you.”
  • “Oh, sweetling. Your mother/father never loved you. That’s why you turned to me.”
  • “You’re my possession, and I don’t want other people touching MY things!”
  • “Money won’t save you. Don’t insult me. I want your soul.”
  • “Beg for me. Beg for your life. Beg for your family’s life… “
  • “Very good try. But let’s see them try and stop this—”
  • “Power belongs to those that take it, but that’s the easy part. KEEPING it takes blood and death, paid in buckets.”
  • “He/She is dead. I am the leader now. Swear fealty or you will join them.”
  • “Go and criticize me, you know you wish you had my power. But you can’t have it, and it KILLS you. Rather… I will.”
  • “All those that don’t bow to me will be put in chains!”
  • “Kill them all! Burn everything to the ground! Leave NOTHING behind!”
  • “I don’t want power or money. I just want to destroy things. Just because.”
  • “I don’t have to explain my motives to you. You wouldn’t understand anyway.”

*Me (Interacting with other players as a mad Russian Science-Mage who specializes in bears in a Mage: The Ascension game)*: Yes, have spent many yearz perfekting Bear biology. Have made great stridez in making Bear stronger, faster, more intelligent.

*Other Player (Coming out of character)*: Are you responsible for bears getting drunk off of rocket fuel?

*Me (answering without thinking)*: Vaz taking part in finding alternative fuel sources. Vodka vas tested. Had unforseen consequences.

*Players crack up for two whole minutes*

*Third Player, out of character*: “This is Russia! You can fuel your rockets with vodka, and get drunk off of rocket fuel!”

*Party loses it further*

I never thought that you would be a huge part of my life. I never expected you’ll have a big role to play in it, to be one of the reasons why I live right now. You’re the person who I can’t lose, someone I can’t bear to live without because, it’s like half of my life will be taken away from me too. Thank you for the seconds, days and months you made me happy. I can’t deny the fact that you’re one of the primary sources of my happiness. For me, I am both lucky and blessed because God gave me you. I wasn’t asking for a person to enter my life again, but He gave me you because he knew it’s you who will make my life better.. and you did. You made everything better and easier, you changed me. You made me become a better person, you made me strong and filled me with happiness. Thank you for entering my life and for loving me. You have no idea how much of an impact you did when you entered my life. You radiated joy and love, which transformed me. So, please. Don’t ever let go, don’t leave me, don’t fall in love with another girl. I won’t bear the pain, you mean the world so much to me.
—  S.L // A message #13
Worst pain in the world is when you miss someone so bad. But you can't tell them coz they have moved on with their life and no longer care or think about you
Sanvers Stakeout

Prompt from the awesome Bree21 over on – “One that I want so bad that no one has done is a stakeout one! I would love to see one like that. Like they’re bored and end up making out or more. Ever since she made an appearance I have wanted someone to write a stakeout one.”

Ask and ye shall receive! Let me know what you think!

Alex used to train twelve hours a day for the DEO. And they’d block the time, too, to maximize the exhaustion: all part of the training.

Six hours of rigorous physical work – learning to fight with nothing but your body, learning to use every weapon imaginable, learning to survive simulated scenarios that could lose you a limb, or worse, if you didn’t accurately assess the situation for all its variables at all moments.

This immense physical exhaustion – this breaking point – was always immediately followed by grueling mental work, mental work when your body felt dead, complex astronomical, chemical, biological, mathematical, technological, puzzles designed to be nearly impossible, designed to push you past your breaking point, all timed, all under pressure, all testing how rapidly, how clearly, your mind could process while your adrenaline was through the roof.

And you had to do it all over again the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that.

Alex Danvers had excelled in her training, until she could both physically and mentally outdo J'onn.

She’d gotten there faster than any other agent in DEO history.

Alex Danvers knew patience. She was trained for patience. She was built for patience.

Maggie Sawyer was not.

By the third hour and second round of coffee, staking out one of the locations Winn suspected – but DEO tech couldn’t confirm – was the hideout of a new Cadmus stronghold, Maggie was bored.

She loved spending time with Alex. Loved talking to her, loved just sitting back and watching her think, watching her focus.

Loved… her.

And Alex was focused, alright, her eyes and body alert, constantly scanning the area, constantly tensed for a new piece of information, for a new revelation.

Maggie was there with her in the ethos of the mission. She was also going out of her mind.



“You starting to think that maybe Schott’s wrong? That there’s nothing in this warehouse but a bunch of old boxes and a few families of rats?”

Alex sighed and gazed sidelong at Maggie. “Bored, Sawyer?”

Maggie chuckled. “Nerd, and you’re not?”

Alex glanced again, sighed again.

“You know there’s part of me that thinks if he – if my dad – were in there, I'd… I don’t know, sense him or something.” She dared to meet Maggie’s eyes but quickly looked away, embarrassed at her utterly non-scientific approach.

But Maggie just put a hand on her forearm and leaned in a little closer to her, her eyes probing and empathetic as they’d been the night Alex had first come out.

“And do you? Sense him?”

Alex blinked and shook her head. “I know it’s not a Winn Schott approved guess, but he can’t even tell with their shielding tech.”

“Hence, the past eight hours of doing… absolutely nothing.”

“Oh come on, Maggie, it hasn’t been that long.”

“Could'a fooled me.”

Alex glanced at Maggie’s face and felt heat surge through her. She hadn’t let herself slip out of focus these past three – not eight – hours; determined to stick on her mission, their mission, determined to not bring these feelings into the workplace. Having feelings for someone had never been a problem for Alex at work before; she was determined to not make it a problem now.

But Maggie was arching an eyebrow and licking her lips absent-mindedly, and it shook Alex to the core.

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I think the Rogue One fandom needs more happy posts. We have to focus on the positive aspects of the story… for example, how beautiful was it that the moment we meet spiritassassin, Baze says “Τhere are no Jedis here, only dreamers, like this fool” and it is made clear that he does not believe in the force? Still, when he loses Chirrut he embraces the notion of the force with all his being because it is his last hope at finding his soulmate and he meets death unafraid, with Chirrut’s mandra, “The force is me and I am one with the force”, a prayer and a song on his lips and in his heart; a promise, not merely of reunion, but of becoming one; never to be parted again.

To those who have mattered to me:

1. You know who you are: I hope you are happy. I am not angry at you anymore—I never was. You did hurt me a lot though, for a very long time. I just didn’t know how to let go. Perhaps I was a bit too lonely to demand what I deserved, but I promise, I don’t regret loving you. Not one bit.

2. To Mom: No matter how much you think you’re losing your beauty as you age, I don’t agree. Your laugh is my favorite part of you. I’m sorry I made you cry that one time—you were so worried. I know I’m hard to handle sometimes, but I try not to be. Thank you for keeping me alive. I know you do your best.

3. To Dad: I wish you spoke more.

4. To my Friends: I know I shut you out a lot, but thank you so much for staying. I think I am my truest self when I am with you. You make me a better and happier person, and I apologize if I’ve hurt you unintentionally. You are my moon—you know how much I love the moon.

5. To those I don’t speak to anymore: What we had at one point, will never be forgotten. It can’t be replaced, either. Thank you for teaching me how pain feels, and thank you for teaching me how to heal from it as well.

6. To Myself: You are loved.

—  To those who have mattered to me

people tell me that i’ve changed.
that i’m so different from the girl i was then.

i used to dye my hair in shades of purple and blue. i used to listen to lana nonstop, and wear dark lipstick in the summertime.

but i am not any different then i am now.
it’s just that now, i feel like i have to hide all these parts of me
i am no longer brave enough to dye my hair purple
or wear oxblood lips in may
i made an effort to fit in this time
i blended away all my color
now i am becoming
a shade of

—  losing myself II ( @prolixen )
Three heartbeats

Three Heartbeats



A sudden realisation leads to an important introduction

Three Heartbeats

I truly cannot believe I have been so stupid. In fact the gravity of my stupidity leaves me breathless.

Because I just assumed that he would know.

That he would recognise this tiny new life inside of me for what it is – a part of him.

A part of us both, a miracle amidst the heartache, a piece of him left behind and one which, truthfully, allowed me to carry on without him.

To carry on when I thought all was lost.

I wonder if he had known before, whether it would have made a difference – would he have returned to the woods that night?  Because I know now that he went instead of me because he truly felt he had nothing left to lose. The recent knowledge that he was dying had pushed him towards the only logical conclusion.

A finality for him that was born out of hopelessness.

And I can’t help but wonder if he allowed himself to be taken to spare us both the indignity of his death; A slow and insidious death that would bear witness to the destruction of his beautiful mind, knowing that I could never turn away from him, that I would be there until the bitter end, watching as he disappeared from me, piece by painful piece until there was nothing left of the man I knew.

Was his final wish to spare me that harrowing journey?

Did he truly believe that for me, missing would be better than dead?

That eventually I would find a way to simply move on with my life, as the memory of him faded like a shadow to be replaced so easily?

And the knowledge that he couldn’t share his pain with me, the fear he must surely have felt during those frightening months before he was taken continues to cut in to me like a knife.

That he bore it alone.

For all the times he had held me in his arms, whispering soothing words of comfort to me and yet he felt undeserving of it for himself.

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Barebone Pt.2

Yay part 2. ALSO. 478 FOLLOWERS!!!! OMG THANK YOU ALL.  Alright lets get going

So there will be a part 3 and i have some other requests too so if you request something it might be a while but i will try to get to all of them.

Entering this case is one of the best decisions i have made. As soon as i entered the case, a look of utter amazement appeared on my face. The ginger man smiled at me,

“May i ask your name miss” He asks awkwardly, “Its Y/N L/N, and you?” “Newt, Newt Scamander”.

Newt shows me around his case, introducing me to every creature and explaining how he managed to lose some. Every new creature he shows me makes me feel more attached to Newt. It sounds so cliche but, seeing him so passionate makes me want to get to know him more.

“Um, y/n, its a quite warm, w-why dont you take off your gloves”. With that i freeze. “U-uuh im okay, my uh hands are cold so im okay, thanks for the concern Newt.”

He eyes me suspiciously but before he could say anything Jacob comes running in. “Uh newt, The niffler stole my watch and refuses to give it back” “Ill be right there. That little…Ill be right back y/n”.

Smiling slightly i continue to wander around in newts case. Everything was normal, well as normal as a suitcase full of magical animals can be, that is until i stumbled upon something, It was like black smoke trapped into a bubble. Stepping close to it, I was entranced by it.

“y/n. Step away” Newts voice entered my mind and i slowly backed away from the mysterious smoke. Newt took my hand and dragged me away back to the little shed. After moments of silence, i spoke “Newt, what was that thing”. He was silent for a moment “A-an Obscurus, well the essence of one, t-they are children, who suppressed magic until it ate away at them and they exploded into a dark cloud” “credence” i murmur. “Whose credence?” my head shoots up, he heard me. “M-my brother, twin brother actually”. “Ah yes, you’re the barebone family right” “unfortunately” He looks at me confused.”My mother is horrible, she-she hates me and credence because well…” I hesitate. “Because my parents were magic, and so am I, im not sure about credence.” His eyes go wide “y/n thats amazing! You-you can learn magic, I heard there’s a fantastic school in america, although Hogwarts is much better.” Newt begins to get overexcited.

“NO!” His smile falters. “I cant. Our mother despises magic. I- This- I cant” I look away “Newt, i want to help you and I will but, I wont learn magic,” “but y/n-” he starts. “No newt, I wont learn”. Newt looks distraught as he knows of the chances of me becoming an obscurus but i dont care Credence and I dont need that in our lives. We both silently leave the case. Its morning. I head home knowing that i will be punished for being out. Walking in I was instantly greeted with yelling and a belt to the hands. Credence passes by me with something around his neck, I try to go talk to him but he walks away before I have the chance.

Not wanting to make matters worse I go to my room. A few minutes later and i hear our mom speaking. I walk out of my room. Seeing Credence with a wand in his hand, Its a toy but mother looks furious. Belt in hand she looks ready to strike, until, the belt flies from her hand. Credence’s eyes grow dark and he starts to become smoke. “CREDENCE” I yell, trying to get him to stop but it’s too late. My vision grows dark and i get thrown into the wall blackout.

Newts POV

Finally getting that demguise was a challenge but it was the last beast. Tina, Queenie, Jacob and I heard a horrible crash after walking out of the store. Running to the noise we discover a crumbled house. I see a familiar face, Y/N! I rush over to her and check her pulse. Shes alive, thank god. I carefully scoop her up and bring her in my case.


I shoot up breathing heavily. I take in my surroundings, Im back in Newts case. Newt comes running in and runs up to me. “Oh thank merlin you’re okay” He puts his hand on my cheek but quickly takes it away and looks down “um Queenie made you some soup, Tina patched your wounds and Jacob made you some baked goods”  

I smile and put my hands on his, “tell them thank you for me, please” He gives me his small smile. Suddenly, Tina comes running in “Newt! Graves and Credence, they are at the train station.”  Newt turns to me with a serious look on his face. “Y/N, I need you to stay here, please, I care about you too much to put you in this. Before i could answer he disappears. I try getting out of the case, i mange getting one lock open but it clicks back. Ugh, stupid caring newt. I keep trying and finally escape the case when everyone was distracted and sprint to the train station.

I was too late.

I run down the stairs in time to see wizards, murdering my brother. “CREDENCE” I scream at the top of my lungs. Newt sees me and runs over. I collapse in a ball of anger and tears. My blood begins to boil and i cant feel anything. I hear newt shouting but i ignore him. I open my eyes, i slowy look at my hands and see my hands and arms radiating a black smoke. I look over and see newt and Queenie with pleading eyes. While Tina and Jacob were talking to MACUSA. 

I want. To hurt the men who murdered my brother. They. Killed him. I send a wave of black smoke everywhere and run. Running away from the group of people who try to help me. Running away from Tina, Jacob, and Queenie. Running away from Newt






Without You (Part 2)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Stiles Stilinski
Words: 1,549
Warnings: like liquor before beer, you’re in the clear. maybe a little frustration to where you will be like “WTF KELLY!?”
Request? yes or no
Inspired By: How Long Will I Love You // Ellie Goulding
Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
A/N: oh my glob!! i actually wrote a part 2 for Without You?? yes, yes i did because i love you all and i got so many requests for this to have a part 2!! this time the story was inspired by Ellie Goulding but i kept the title the same. i hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think. ENJOY!

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Yes, we made it!
                This calls for a victory fanfare!

planetary aspect sleep sachet

a blend of herbs and gemstones for swift sleep and sweet dreams

I have an incredibly active dream life; sometimes my dreams are so lengthy and elaborate I wake up the next day completely drained and unable to keep my mind off the events of the previous night. I made this sachet to protect myself from the exhausting nightmarish parts of the dreams without losing the insight they’ve been giving me into my subconscious.

To figure out the ingredients I needed, I’ve been keeping track of which planets/planetary aspects give me the wildest dreams and chose some of their associated herbs and gemstones. If you’d like to make your own, you can replicate my ingredients, sub in your own for the same planets, or even figure out which planets are most affecting your dream life!

What You’ll Need:

  • Lemon balm for emotional balance, sound sleep, and the Moon
  • Thyme for courage, preventing nightmares, and Mars
  • Cloves for protection, psychic enhancement, and Uranus
  • Smoky quartz for protection, peaceful sleep, and Pluto
  • Lavender for restful sleep and calming dreams
  • Chamomile for restful sleep and prophetic dreams
  • Rosemary for remembering dreams
  • Amethyst for banishing nightmares, vivid dreams, and Neptune
  • Sandalwood to seal it all together
  • A sachet or a little bag to put everything in


Light some incense, a candle, or do anything you like to do to start off your spellwork. Add each of your ingredients to the sachet. As you add each ingredient, declare its intended use for your spell. When you’ve added everything, leave your sachet to charge in the moonlight, starlight, by a candle, or anywhere else you like to charge your magickal objects. Once it’s charged (overnight, a few hours, again - your preference) put it under your pillow and let the planets sing you to sleep.