this part made me laugh so hard i choked

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What I noticed was that in the cutscene where they restore the odyssey Lamarr made a joke and Dashie wheezed at the exact time the horn(?) did and honestly that had me cackling

Part 2: Forgot to mention that it was at about 18:50 sorry ^^’

So I somehow missed that part and just went back to check that out and I was drinking water and when it happened I laughed so hard that the water went down wrong and I almost choked and died….so I just wanna say THANK YOU BECAUSE I’VE REWATCHED IT LIKE 30 TIMES SINCE TYPING THIS MESSAGE

My husband asked me what my favorite part of our wedding was while I was eating pizza and I said “when you were supposed to repeat what the officiant said but you were so nervous you forgot what she said and you just stared for a while” and he’s like “shut up” and then I started laughing so hard I choked on my pizza which made him laugh harder which made me laugh harder and I think I almost died