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hello, colors (soulmate au)

Prompt: a universe where when you meet your soulmate your world turns from black and white to color. isaac meets his soulmate but she doesn’t see the same color he does. (this is from a soulmate au post, i can’t find it but if someone can link it to me i will add it here so all credits to the creator of that post.)

A/N: hello hello! so there will probably be a second part to this or maybe i’ll make it a series, idk! let me know and please send in more requests, the ones i have aren’t inspiring me, im sorry! ALSO, i would kill to make friends soooooo please send me an ask just talk to me lmao. i wont only write for teen wolf too, send me an ask if you want an imagine done and boom, i’ll try my best. (((SEND ME MORE PROMPTS)))

Not my gif! Credit where it is due!

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Grey. You’d get used to seeing it too if it’s all you could see. At least that’s what people were taught since they were young. Life would be grey until you met your soulmate. Some people saw color since they were young and others had to wait to meet the future love of their life in their sixties to experience what most people long for. However, most people, including Isaac Lahey, met their soulmate within their teenage years.

You never know when your soulmate will walk into your life and neither did Isaac. Since he was young he was taught by his dad that he was nothing, not worthy of love so when he bumped into Y/N on the first day of freshman year and his whole world turned to color, he had no clue what to do. The beautiful girl he just bumped into, however didn’t see the same color he did, nothing changed for her.

He was in shock and he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know her name or what classes she was in so he did what any normal teenage boy with low self esteem would do. He stared from a distance recognizing every single part of her body. Where she would breakout, what she would do when she was nervous and of course, the laugh. “God,” thought Isaac “that laugh could drive me crazy” or maybe it was her smile.

It took him a little less than a year and a bite from a werewolf for him to gather up the courage and talk to her. Flirting came easier after the bite but not with her. He could feel his throat closing up whenever she approached and suddenly it was like he was human again, in a good way nonetheless. She made the blood in him come alive and he couldn’t tell which part was worse, the pining after a beautiful girl who didn’t see the same colors as him or the way she didn’t feel loved despite his endless loving for her.

He felt things beginning to change one night when him and Y/N were studying together in her room. She pressed the eraser of her pencil to the side of her cheek, sweeping up some of the makeup on her face in the process as she sighed in frustration.

“I don’t get this at all. Health is so dumb, all this soulmate crap means nothing.” She complained looking up at Isaac at the desk across from her bed.

“I don’t think so, I think the soulmate thing is kind of beautiful.” He smiled to himself, bringing his eyes up to hers but upon seeing her intense glare he quickly looked down and turned the chair around. “I don’t know.” He quietly said shaking his head.

Y/N got up and sat at the edge of the bed spinning the chair around. “Isaac, please don’t tell me you’re buying this shit. I’ve seen grey my whole life and I have a feeling that’s not going to change.” She stated, tone sounding more sad than she intended.

His eyes shot up at her confession, he had always thought she didn’t see it too but something inside him had hoped she just ignored it. “I see in color,” He trailed off, averting his eyes to the furry pink carpet on the ground. “My soulmate doesn’t though. So in a way I guess you’re right. It’s stupid.”

Y/N looked sadly at her best friend but her eyes went wide as she remembered something she read earlier. She shot up from her spot on the bed reaching for her health textbook flipping through the pages.

“Wait, I read something about that earlier.” She bit her lip as she flipped through the pages. Isaac stood and moved to the opposite side of the bed as he studied her.

“Here,” she said turning the page around to Isaac and sliding it across the bed.

Isaac began to read aloud. “In some rare cases both soulmates will not see color. That is due to a tough soul, a soul who is too stubborn to believe in love or believe they can feel love. It is the job of the soulmate who sees color to make sure the other begins to feel worthy of love, and as a result, seeing color.” Isaac sighed. “Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” he thought.

So Isaac tried his best to show his best friend, his soulmate, that she was loved. That she put the color into his world, made everything brighter and boy was that a challenge.


Pairing: Steve X Reader

Summary: Steve and reader getting off in the helicarrier after a mission.

Warnings: PURE NSFW (+18), Oral (ML), Unprotected sex. Slight praise kink?

Words: 3K of smut

A/N: This is all @jurassicbarnes and her Steve’s kink list fault, blame her. And thank her too, for this lovely image.

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I got last minute stage seats for Great Comet on Friday evening and I’m so glad I did!! I was sitting at the bar seats right in front of Pierre’s tavern and it was pretty magical. This was also the first time I got to see the show without any of the principal actors being out!

  • I got my preshow dumpling from Amber and when her hand brushed mine I almost died right there
  • Balaga plays the drums really loudly in the pit during Prologue and he grinned at me
  • I got a lot of eye contact with Dave during Pierre and a few other parts of the show which made me really happy!
  • When Brittain was leaving the stage during Moscow she paused in the aisle and smiled at me before leaving :)
  • I really noticed how much Marya hates poor Sonya. She’s always shoving her around and making faces at her.
  • Sonya, for her part, often makes faces at Anatole.
  • Nick B just continues to get crazier as Bolkonsky haha. When he was like I DO NOT WISH TO SEEEEEE HER he stuck out his tongue and shook it around. During Natasha & Bolkonskys, after he looked Natasha up and down, he went “not in MY house”
  • During No One Else Dave kept turning to watch Denée’s performance (which, who wouldn’t, but I still thought it was really sweet)
  • During the rave part of The Duel Reed slid across the stage practically into my little brother, who gasped and jerked backwards. The entire section laughed and Reed was like “I’ll be back”
  • Dust and Ashes made me cry, Dave Malloy is amazing and I love him
  • In Sunday Morning I noticed when Natasha looks for her future in the mirror, Pierre is standing behind her and you can see his reflection
  • Also Grace was CRAZY ON her vocals were WILD
  • During Letters Choksi handed me Natasha’s letter to pass down the aisle and then he gave me a fistbump!!!
  • My sister informed me that “Marya was basically giving you a lap dance” during Letters but rip I was not looking at her in the aisle
  • During Sonya & Natasha when Natasha was gushing about being happy Sonya audibly went “ugh”
  • I clinked my glass with 3 people during The Abduction including Balaga! Also an ensemble member I didn’t recognize had his arm around me for a while and I really wish I knew who it was.
  • Anatole’s WOAHHHH with the coat twirling happened right in front of me
  • Reed did indeed return to yell in my brother’s face during The Abduction. He was like “I told you I’d be back”
  • The girl in The Seat tapped her lips asking for a kiss when Lucas sat next to her. He treated her like he treats guys – just gave her a fistbump and left. (When I saw it again the next evening, the girl in The Seat acted normal but Lucas still didn’t put his arm around her or give her a kiss, he just did a sup nod?)
  • During In My House when Natasha yelled at Sonya she whispered “please” in the saddest voice and I was :(
  • Dave Malloy throttled Lucas Steele DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME I really don’t know what else I could have asked for
  • Andrey sounded truly heartbroken in a way I’d never heard him sound at the end of Pierre & Andrey. He was choking up.
  • I cried at the start of Pierre & Natasha and did not stop until bows haha


  • We got to thank Reed for giving my brother awesome interactions at his first Broadway show!
  • Dave wasn’t doing selfies but he was super cheerful and nice about it. He was like “sorry I’m in a hurry I have to go to my life tonight”
  • I finally met Gelsey and Grace!! I got to tell Gelsey she was my favorite and she was like omg thank you
  • I thanked Choksi for the fistbump and he was like “thank you for fistbumping back. And for passing the letter. One time we had this guy who just sat there shaking his head no while everybody was gesturing for him to take it onstage. Finally Helene had to grab it and take it to Natasha. Now maybe the guy didn’t want Natasha and Anatole to be together or something, but I think he was just a jackass.”

Hey.. It’s me.

I don’t think you still remember me, or even what we used to be. It’s okay, I don’t blame you. So.. How have you been these years? You’re in University now so I guess you are very busy. With work, meeting new friends, catching up with old friends and ofcourse, your girlfriend. It’s okay, don’t feel bad. I am happy for you and that you are happy. You are happy, right?
I am writing this letter, because I never have gotten the chance to tell you how I feel about you and even about us. See, we were so young. 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. We were friends for five years, but I think we really grew closer when we were both 14. Hey, do you still remember that day we went out to Mc Donald’s with our friends? Or that day I decided to take the long way home so we could talk a little more longer? Those were the fun times.
But soon I got too comfortable with you. You made me laugh and made me happy and I felt home. It was like I could be myself with you. My crazy self, my anxious self, all the hidden parts of me, I wanted to open up to you. But I couldn’t. I always hid myself, for as long as I could remember. I never wanted anyone to know what was really behind my mask. So it was like a war in my head. And you knew.
And you saw the mess that I am.
You saw parts of me that weren’t truly me and you saw what was behind this broken mask. I was like a puzzle made of thousand pieces. And I was hoping, you would solve it. But I never wanted you to find out how my soul fell in love with you. You were my safe haven, yeah, I guess you still are. I watched you, falling for other girls. I was rooting for you, because that is what friends do, right? But boy, I was praying and praying it would never work out between you and them. It made me feel so guilty, but it didn’t matter. By the time I could call you my best friend, I was already loving you in more ways than I know.
I watched silently from the sidelines, I always had. I don’t think you have even known that I was so in love with you. And yet, maybe you did notice it and chose to ignore it.
I know you’re not that kind of guy who would make a big deal out of it and that is what I loved so about you. I was the thunder and you the silent rain. You complete me, and fuck, if only I could describe how beautiful you are to me.
I am sorry this message is a mess, but I guess you never expected anything else from me. I love you and I think the whole purpose of this was to tell you I am in love with you. I love you and I miss you and I want you. My heart is aching for you but I can’t do anything because you are in love with her. You love her just like I love you and the thought of you loving her the way I love you, is enough for me to stop loving you.
But I am sorry, I just love you. I love you when we were 12 and I still love you. I know, it’s pathetic, it’s useless to love you but my heart chose you. But I accept it, and even if I don’t, it’s none of my business between you and her. But this is not about you and her, it’s about us. Only today, I want to talk about us. Let me at least tell you that I have been in love with you. You are the most, most, most, most beautiful human I have ever met and I thank Heaven for placing me on earth with you. I am so blessed and so happy and grateful for you. You are the most, most, most beautiful being in this whole Universe and I know you will never believe it and neither will I. I never thought I could adore someone this much.
And I know, you will never return these feelings for me and I know that even if we were still friends, you would’t fight for us. It was me who left you, because you wouldn’t stay anyways. The more I grew closer to you, the more I distanced myself away from you. Do you know how I hated myself for that? I had to leave you because the thought of you leaving me would crush my whole world. I would rather regret leaving you than to live with that pain in my heart. I am sorry for ruining our friendship like this, but at that time, I had no choice.
I know, you don’t even care about me anymore and I am happy at least one of us is moving on. I know, maybe one day, I will forget you but for now you are one of the most painful memories I bear in my heart.
It was never your fault and I know, it is not my fault either. I believe we were just a chapter in each other’s lives, but somehow, you became my whole story.
I hoped this message would be a goodbye but I don’t want to lie or hide anything anymore. This is a message to tell you that I love you and I fucking love you so much. And I still do. And I always will. Even if you forgot about me, it’s okay. You are happy and that’s enough for me. As long as you are happy and the empty parts in your heart are filled, I am happy. I am happy for you.

bts reaction to you having social anxiety.

(a/n: having social anxiey myself I hope I made this the more realistic possible, that’s how I see my anxiety but it can change from person to person. Please forgive me if something’s uncorrect.)


You two were about to enter the restaurant he decided to take you to, to celebrate your first month anniversary. As you stepped inside you noticed the amount of people present and how chaotic the place really was and you started to panic. You weren’t used to having to face that amount of people who, for what you knew, could be judging you. You started looking around nervously and your breathing became fast and frantic “Oh no, not a panic attack. Not here.” You thought with terror in your eyes, shaking. Jin immediately noticed your unease and put a hand on your back, gently asking “What’s wrong Y/N?” with a worried look on his face. You barely heard him through the loud noise and your answer was a strangled noise, he decided to take you out of the place, grabbing your hand and slowly guiding you outside. As soon as you felt the chilly air on your face you were instantly relieved, the buzzing noise from inside gradually attenuating. You started taking deep breaths, with your eyes closed, when you decided to open them you saw Jin looking at you, worry filling his eyes. “Y/N please tell me what happened…” “Jin, I-”  You hesitated, he always knew you were really shy but he wasn’t aware of your social anxiety: you hoped you wouldn’t have to tell him but the time arrived and you were a bit worried. “I have social anxiety. That place was really too crowded and noisy for me and a lot of people were staring at us when we entered… I really couldn’t do it, I’m so sorry…” you murmured, closing your eyes, not knowing what to expect. You felt Jin’s strong arms surround you and, opening your eyes, you saw him looking at you with guilt, almost tearing up. “Oh jagi why didn’t  you tell me sooner? I could have brought you to a calmer place” I looked at him in the eyes and smiled “It’s fine but why don’t we do that just now, we still have to celebrate.” “Okay baby, I’ll always be by your side from now on, I promise.”


You promised your boyfriend Yoongi you would attend his first concert as a solo rapper, thinking it would be something very simple even though, obviously, very crowded. But what you didn’t expect was to be surrounded by screaming fans at the end of the concert, asking you questions about Yoongi’s personal life and generally screaming at you.

You panicked, not knowing what to do. You looked around desperately, trying to catch a glimpse of Yoongi but he was nowhere to be found. The amount of people grew more and now you couldn’t see anything or try to get out of that mess. You started sweating and gasping for air, feeling like the crowd was trying to suffocate you until you felt an hand on your shoulder. You turned around just to see Yoongi looking at you with the same expressio of terror you probably had plastered on your face right now. He started making his and your way out of the crowd with the help of the bodyguards and in less than 2 minutes you were safe in his changing room, shaking.
Without saying anything he put an arm around your shoulders and kissed you on the temple, wanting to give you space. After 5 minutes of heavy breathing you calmed down and looked at him. “Everything okay now, babe. I’m here.” You hugged him tight, your head resting on his shoulder. “Thank you, my saviour” you joked, smiling.


(sorry I always picture namjoon as a bookworm)
You and Namjoon had decided to go togheter to a book festival held near your city, you both loved books so you were happy to spend such an amazing day with your boyfriend.
At 2PM sharp you hopped into his car and waited for 20 minutes as you arrived at the place the festival was held in. You didn’t expect the place to be so huge and full of people: there were stands with tons of books and souvenirs everywhere and a large stage surrounded by thousands of people where someone was reading a passage from a book. You instantly felt suffocated by the amount of people in the area and started looking around nervously, grabbimg Namjoon’s arm. Noticing your discomfort he took you hand in his and looked at you in the eyes. “What’s wrong sweetie?” he asked, with concern. “It’s just- there’s so many people Joonie- I’m scared” (I dedicate this Joonie to @uneedsugar) you didn’t want to make a big fuss about it but you anxiety was taking over and you felt like everyone was looking at you and your weird behaviour. “Maybe we should go home and come back later, when there’s less people? I know facing this kind of environment makes you uncomfortable”
You smiled, seeing how caring your boyfriend was. “Thank you, that would be better.” With a hand on your shoulder he made his way to the car.


It was a nice Sunday morning and Hoseok had a free day so you decided to go for a walk togheter and maybe grab some icecream. As you were making your way (downtown, walking fast) into the city you ran into some of Hoseok’s friends that stopped him to talk since they hadn’t seen eachother in a long time. Sure, you knew Hoseok was a really outgoing person and so he had a lot of friends but you had never met any of them apart from the boys so you were a little anxious, introductions weren’t really your strong point. They started looking at you expectantly, wanting to know you. You muttered a little: “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N” and you took a deep, shaky breath. Hoseok seemed to notice your discomfort and quicly excused himself, saying goodbye to his friends.
“Y/N dear, what’s wrong?” He was looking, worriedly at you. “Hobi, I never told you but- I have social anxiety. A lot of people at the same time, trying to interact with me… makes me really anxious”
“Oh, Y/N I’m so sorry! I wish I knew, at least I would’ve helped you!” “Ah, it’s not your fault Hobi, you couldn’t have known…” you smiled esitantly at him and he pulled you in an embrace, kissing you afterwards. “My precious Y/N, I’ll always protect you~”


Jimin was a kind soul. The kindest you knew. He always wanted to make you happy and treated you like royalty. Today was no difference: he promised to take you to a super fancy store where you could buy new things togheter. As you entered the shop you immediately noticed the cashier looking at you with a judging look. “Of course, I don’t look like a fancy person” you said to yourself, sighing. But you tried to forget about her and held Jimin’s hand as he guided you through the shop.
An elegant, white dress immediately caught your attention and you stared at it, smiling. “That’s so beautiful Y/N, you should definitely try it!” Jimin exclaimed.
You weren’t really convinced it would suit you but Jimin was so excited you decided to try it on, plus you really liked it.
As you exited the cabin to show him the dress Jimin squealed and run to hug you, spooning you around. “My love looks so pretty!” He was smiling widely and you were too until you noticed a client looking at you weirdly. She was probably judging your loudness but you couldn’t help but imagine she didn’t think the dress looked THAT good on you. You noticed the cashier from before was also looking at you with a raised brow and panicking you left Jimin’s arms and ran into the cabinet again breathing heavily. “Y/N honey, what’s wrong?” Jimin hurried after you. You looked at him and started crying explaining the situation through shaky breaths. His eyes widened and he looked at you with a sad smile. “We’re not buying this dress even though it looks amazing on you. These people don’t deserve our money. You look amazing with and without that dress, you ALWAYS look amazing, okay? Please remember that, I don’t want anyone to make you doubt that”
You hugged him with a smile, slowly calming down and you left the shop without looking back


Taehyung was so excited to go to the new karaoke bar that opened in your street that you couldn’t say no to him even though you weren’t that good at singing. You arrived at the place at 9 and you immediately saw Taehyung waving in your direction, with a bright smile. Smiling back you made your way towards him and hugged him, inhaling his sweet scent.
“Let’s sing!” He exclaimed and grabbed your hand, dragging you towards the stage. You started to sweat and looking around to see how many people were looking at you. There weren’t that many people but you were still anxious.
“Why don’t you sing first? I’m new to this and I wanna see a professional first” you winked and he laughed. “Okay, silly. Watch carefully!”
He was amazing. His voice was deep and calming, like a warm hug. He kept smiling at you the whole time and you couldn’t bring you yourself to look away. You were simply mesmerized.
You almost forgot he was expecting you to sing too, when “Y/N come and join me!” He screamed from the stage. Your heart started beating like crazy as you made your way to the stage. “Tae promise me I won’t have to sing solo parts, I’m too scared” “You’re scared? But why? Your voice isn’t bad and you know these songs! You’ll do just fine!” He tried to encourage you, probably thinking that you were just a little shy. “No, Tae it’s not like that…I-” You noticed people were looking at you and you felt even more pressured. “I can’t stay here, sorry…” You said, eyes almost filled with tears.
You felt your body move and before you knew it you were running down the stage and towards the exit. You stopped outside the bar, breathing heavily until you felt someone put a hand on your shoulder. You turned around just to see Taehyung looking at you worriedly. “Please Y/N I’m worried, will you tell me what happened?”
“Tae I’m sorry, I didn’t want to ruin the night it’s all my fault. I- I have social anxiety, singing in front of everyone, with a voice like mine… It’s just too much for me” Taehyung hugged you close, caressing your hair. “You should have told me silly, I love you more than this stupid karaoke and I want you to have just fun at our dates. Now let’s go home and watch a film…just the two of us okay?”

Coming home from school you heard you rigtone coming from your pocket, Jungkook was calling. He always wanted to know about your day so he phoned everyday. “How was your day, babe?” He asked. You hummed in response, felling uneasy. “What’s wrong y/n?!” “
"They gave us a presentation to do in front of the class, due to a week…”
He laughed, “Oh-oh did my y/n not study this week?” You forced a smile. “No it’s not that.” You said, serious. “Hey baby, seriously what’s wrong?” He sounded worried, you sighed. You really didn’t want to tell him everything but you thought he needed to know, sooner or later. “Jungkook I have to tell you something…” “…Yes?” Oh God you were making him worry so much, it wasn’t your intention but at the same time you knew this wasn’t the easiest topic to talk about with someone. “I have social anxiety.” Before he could react you added: “These kind of things make me extremely anxious, it makes me feel like everyone is constantly judjung me and that I’m not good enough for everyone watching me. I know it’s stupid to think that but…” “Y/N, babe, I know what social anxiety is. You know I’m very shy too so I can understand at least a bit of what you feel. But you should have told me sooner! I could’ve taught you my methods” He said, and even though you weren’t seeing his face you knew exactly the smug expression that accompained the last sentence. You let out a small laugh, making him promise to really teach you some of his ways to overcome anxiety. “Of course, anytime Y/N, your master is waiting for you:” He sounded so serious you almost snorted “What a dork” you thought to yourself before asking him about his day. Your oral test now in the back of your mind, ready to be faced.

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I Should’ve...

Pairings: Negan X Reader

Summary: Negan is trying to deal with your death, he’s remembering moments together and regretting things he should’ve done and said.

Warnings: Death, swearing, NSFWish.

Word Count: 4000+ (It’s a biggin’)

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You laughed and shook your head. “I wouldn’t be one of your wives if you were the last man on the earth.” 
Negan smiled hugely. “Fuck! Come on, Baby! I’m crazy for you!” You glared at him. “No. What part of that are you not understanding?” 

“The fucking reasoning! I’m good looking! I got a nice body under this leather! I’m hung like a fucking horse!” You sighed harshly.

“Don’t talk to me about your dick! I don’t care! And you killed my friends! That’s the reasoning.” “I made sure you didn’t see that…” 

You looked away from him. “It didn’t make the pain any less.”“If I could, I’d take that away from you.”

You looked at him, your eyes screeching his face for the lie. It wasn’t there.

Rick finally did it. He knocked Negan from his high horse.

Negan sat on his knees on the ground. His eyes following Rick’s form. He was clenching and unclenching his fist. Simon was on his knees beside him along with Dwight and a few others.

You stood behind Rick, Lucille in your hands. She leaned over your shoulder. You wouldn’t look at him. Negan tried to catch your gaze, but you wouldn’t let it happen. 

“How’s it feel? Huh!” Rick yelled, laughter filling his voice. Rick reached for Lucille and you handed her to him. Rick thanked you with a nod of his head.
Rick began twirling the bat around, smiling and keeping eye contact with Negan the whole time.

You felt a hand touch your arm. You looked up and seen Daryl looking at you with sad eyes. You gave a sad smile.

Finally, you looked at Negan, his eyes locked with yours and you tried so hard not to let the tears fall. Negan shook his head at you and mouthed, “Don’t cry… Please.”

You smiled at Negan’s dirty joke. You sat in the passenger’s seat in his truck. He made you join him on a run. “You really need to keep those jokes to yourself.” Negan smiled. “You fucking love them!”

“I really don’t.” Negan laughed. “Then why do you smiled every time I tell you one?” “Because you’re stupid!” Negan smiled and reached out and slapped your thigh. “You asshole!” You laughed, shoving his shoulder.

Rick began singing the rhyme that was so familiar to Negan as he pointed the bat at everyone on their knees. Every time the bat was pointed at Negan, he would smirk his trademark smirk. It reached his eyes and it drove Rick crazy.  

“Eeny, meeny, miny.. moe.. catch.. a tiger… by its toe.. if he hollers. let him go… My mother.. told me.. to pick.. the very best one.. and you… are…!” Suddenly the world around Negan came crashing down

.Rick spun around and hit the bat against your legs. Your knees buckled and you fell to the ground. The barbwire dug into your legs. Rick jerk the bat away from your legs, causing the write to rip your jeans and skin. You screamed out in pain.

You looked at Rick, your eyes filled with fear. Rick had tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry…” With that, he raised the bat above his head as Negan jumped up. Jesus and Daryl grabbed a hold of his arms and pulled him back.

Negan began fighting against him. The world felt like it was going in slow motion. Negan was trying to pull himself free as you looked at him. Tears were falling fast down your face. 

Negan screamed at Rick, begging him to stop. You looked up at Rick the bat still risen about his head. “Please…Rick, Not like this. Don’t…Don’t kill me like this.”

Rick was your best friend. Although some would argue that right now should prove that he wasn’t. But you understood why. He was going to show Negan just how it felt to have someone you loved taken away from you.

It had made sense to you now. Everyone this morning was hugging you, kissing your forehead, giving you sad looks. Everyone knew what was going to happen. Everyone but you…

Slowly Rick brought the bat down. Everyone watched. Rick let the bat drop from his hand before he reached for his gun.

You closed your eyes tightly, trying to focus on your breathing. You began crying as you listened to Negan screaming and fight against Jesus and Daryl.
No one else in the lineup moved they just watched as Rick pointed the gun at your head.

“Please! Rick! God fucking damn it! Just fucking don’t! Kill me! Not them! Please, Rick! I’m begging you! Fuck! Just please!”

Rick closed his eyes as his finger wrapped around the trigger. “Rick!” Tears rolled down your cheeks. Negan fought harder, shoving and pulling at them. “RICK!” 


You took a deep breath as Rick cocked the gun. “Rick…Please!” You dug your fingers into the dirt beneath your hands. Blood was rushing from your legs, tears from your eyes, incoherent words from your mouth.

“RICK!” The gun shot rang. 

Negan’s body went slack, Jesus and Daryl lowered him to the ground. Negan sat on his knees, tears building up faster in his eyes. 

Rick took a step back from your lifeless body. He turned around and faced Negan. Rick tilted his head. “I’m sure we’ll see you again…But it won’t be for a pick up.”

Rick grabbed Negan but his chin. “Be glad I didn’t make you watch me beat the holy hell out of ‘em.”

With that, Rick shoved his face away and walked away from him. He knew Negan was going to want your body. He wasn’t going to take everything from him.

As Rick walked away, everyone in the group slowly followed, giving one last look at you. Whether they wanted you dead or not, it was a message to Negan. It was one of the hardest choices that they ever had to make.

Negan walked over to your body on his knees. He pulled you up into his arms. Tears rolled off his face and onto you. Negan buried his face into your neck and cried. One hand clenched your jacket, then other cupped the back of your head.

Slowly Negan began rocking you back and forth. “I’m so sorry…Fuck…I’m so sorry.” Negan cried harder, anger and hate being replaced with grief and pain.
“I’m sorry.”

You walked beside Negan. He was giving you a once over of the factory. You honestly didn’t care what it looked like or what was here. You weren’t going to be his wife. Not even if he had room made out of gold.

“And this here is my favorite room in the whole place!” Negan said as he opened a door. You stepped closer and look in. “It’s just a closet. I don’t-” Suddenly you were shoved in the small closet. 

You spun around just in time to see Negan shut the door behind himself. “What the fuck! Let me out of here!” You said, giving him a shove.
“Not until you ask why this is my favorite room.” You sighed. “Fine. Why is this your favorite room?”

“Because this is where we had our first kiss.” You looked up at him in the little bit of light coming from under the door. “W-what?” Negan wrapped and arm around your waist gently. 

“Yeah…Our first kiss was here. Remember?” You shook your head. “You want me to refresh your memory?” Slowly you nodded your head.

Negan leaned forward and gently pressed his lips against yours. It took you a second until you started kissing him back. You wrapped your arms around his neck as both of his arms wrapped around your waist.

Negan gently placed your body in the back of the truck. Simon tried to help him but Negan had yelled at him not to touch you or him. Dwight stood at the front of the truck, Lucille held tightly in his hands.

Part of your jeans and skin were stuck in the wire. Dwight couldn’t look at it. He couldn’t look at the spot where Rick had shot you.

Although you didn’t know Dwight all that much, you were always kind to him. He considered you a friend.

Simon stood at the passenger side of the truck. His eyes locked on the spot where a walker was stumbling over to the blood. 

He knew what you meant to Negan. He knew that Negan loved you like no other. He knew that Negan would have happily taken your place tonight. He would have happily died so you could’ve live.

Negan pulled the blanket over your face. He closed his eyes tightly before shutting the tailgate. He walked over to the diver’s side of the truck. He looked around, your old group was gone.

Negan slid into the truck as Dwight got into the back of the truck by your body. Negan started the truck and slowly began to pull away and once he hit road, he pressed harder down on the pedal. Rick was going to pay. One way or another.

Negan buttoned his jeans and began lacing his belt through the loops. You wrapped your arms around his waist and kissed his shoulder blade. Negan hummed. “Don’t get me hard again. You need to start heading back before the Scooby gang comes looking.”

You released him from the hold and then hit his back. “Oh shut up! We aren’t anything like them! Anyway they know I come out to this house! How to you think I knew about this place…I use to come out here to get away from everyone.”

Negan turned around and raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you have a bedroom to get away from everyone?” You shrugged as you shimmed your jeans over your hips. “Yeah. It’s just not the same…Sometimes you just need space away from the ever bustling walls.” 

Negan pulled his shirt over his head just as you had. Quickly he grabbed you and pulled you in for a rough, quick kiss. “Mm…”

You pulled your thick rough wool coat on just as Negan opened the front door. “Shit. I need to grab my gun from the bedroom floor.” 

Negan walked out to his truck and slid into it drivers side. 

When you came out he looked at your in the rearview mirror and smiled. Your hair tussled, your belt buckle was crooked, your zipper front jacket wasn’t zipped right, and he was pretty sure your shirt was on backward. 

You walked over to his window and leaned in, kissing him on the lips. “Drive safe.” You whispered, laughing. Negan smiled. 

“You should probably fix your shirt.” 
Glancing down you seen what a mess you looked like. “Of fuck.” You said laughing. “Go. I’ll catch up with you next week.” Quickly you kissed him again and stepped back. “See ya around, baby doll.”

Negan sat beside your grave, carving your name into a hunk of wood. Daryl was walking towards the house he knew you were always at. Sometimes it was like you lived there. 

Daryl stopped at the tree line as he seen Negan sitting next to what he was assuming was your grave. Daryl stood there quietly as he watched Negan carve into the wood. 

Negan stood up and began hammer together two pieces of wood into a cross. Once he stuck it in the head of your grave, he took a step back.

Daryl frowned. He didn’t want you to die. He was one of the only one’s that was truly against it. He fought and argued with Rick. As he could tell, it did nothing. 

Daryl was coming out to your little hideout in hopes of getting some peace of mind. Knowing that when you were here you were happy.

Negan wiped away a few tears that seem to fall from his eyes without him noticing. “I failed you. I fucking failed you, Y/N. I promised you I wouldn’t let anything happen to you…and I did. I’m sorry. I should’ve fought harder.” Tears were welling up in his eyes again. “I love you…I should’ve told you. I should’ve said it back to you….I love you.”

You jumped when Negan threw Lucille roughly against the couch you were sitting on. You watched Negan paced in front of you. “I don’t understand how this is happening!” He yelled. 

“Rick said that they were planning an attack. I know I shouldn’t tell you, but at the same time, I couldn’t not tell you. Rick didn’t say exactly when it was going to happen.” You said, pulling your knees up to your chest, resting your chin on them.

“I’m going to murder him! I’m going to beat the holy fucking fuck out of him! He’ll never see it coming!” You shook your head. “Please don’t. He’s my best friend!”

Negan stopped pacing and slowly turned towards you. “And what am I!? Huh!” You flinched as he yelled. “Negan, you know I didn’t mean it like that. Come on!”
He clenched his jaw. 

“No, I don’t! So please explain it!” You looked at him. “I’m not picking his side, nor am I picking yours. You both mean the world to me. I’ve been with him since the beginning. You I….I love you.”

Negan’s face went from one of anger to shock. “What?” You stood up, wrapped your arms around his waist and said it again. “I love you.”

Instead of saying it back or kissing you, he pushed you away and took a step away. “Negan, I-” He cut you off. “I gotta go. I need to plan for an attack.” He stepped around you and grabbed Lucille. 

“Negan. Please…I..” Negan walked out the front door, shutting it behind him. He didn’t even kiss you goodbye.  He did nothing.
“I love you. I really do…” You whispered, wiping tears away from your eyes.

“I know you’re probably sick of me coming here…But I guess I just needed to see you again. It’s been three mouths since you… Anyway. I got you some daisies. I hope you like them.” Negan crouched down and place the flowers on your grave.

“You told me that you didn’t want me to kill Rick. So as if it was your dying wish…I won’t kill him. As for anyone else in that fucking group, I can’t promise you that. He’ll pay for what he fucking did to you. You said you didn’t want him to die. You never said I couldn’t chop off his fucking hands.”

Negan stood up and wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans. “I miss you. Today would’ve marked our first year together…Crazy huh? Who would have thought a year has passed since our first kiss. Fuck…I miss you. I miss your smile so much.”

Negan followed behind you. “Where the fuck are you taking me. I hope you aren’t coming out here to kill me because I’ll be fucking pissed if I die.”
You looked over to him. Negan saw the smile spread across your face. 

He loved they way every time you would smile around him it would reach your eyes. 

Although he would never say, he needed your smile at times like he needed air. “Shut the fuck up. I’m not killing your ass…not yet.” 

Negan quickly grabbed hold of your waist and pulled you into him. You laughed as you gripped his arms. “Negan!”

He laughed. “How ‘bout we fuck right here, right now. I’ll take you against that tree and make you attract a bunch of fucking dead fucks. Hmm? How ‘bout that?”

“Negan! No! Come on! Let’s get to my secret place and then we can frick frack there…” You smiled and wiggled your eyebrows. 

Negan’s eyes went dark before he picked you up and tossed you over his shoulder. “Let’s fucking go.”

You laughed and wiggled in his grip. “You don’t even know where it is!” Negan slapped your ass hard. “I’ll find it and if I don’t…then I’ll just do as I said I would.”

Negan laid sat on the small full-size bed in the house. His eyes locked onto the small Polaroid he took of you. 

You stole it from Spencer’s house and brought it here so you could take a photo of him…

You waved the camera around. “Look what I took from Spencer’s house!” You smiled at Negan. He was laying in the bed, clothes discarded on the chair in the corner. 

Negan got there before you and thought he would make it easier for you to have access to him. The sheet was only covering his dick.

Nothing else, it wasn’t covering his whole bottom half. Nope. Just his dick. You brought the camera up to your eye.

“Pose for me!” You said, laughing and smiling.Negan smirked at you. “Only if you do the same for me.” You quickly nodded your head. 

Negan probed his arm behind his head, crossed his ankles and smiled hugely. The flash went off and waited for the photo to come out. 
“I bet I could’ve been on a magazine with that photo!”

You set the camera and photo down before shrugging your coats off and kicking your boots off.

You climbed into the bed and then on top of him. You folded your arms on his chest and resting your chin on them. It was quiet for a few moments between the both of you. 

“What are you thinking about?” He asked. “Just how I’m shocked that you haven’t ripped my clothes off already.” Negan laughed. “Well, we aren’t fucking till I get my photo.”

Your face flushed. “Don’t be getting shy around me. You got one of me. I want one of you.” You buried your face into his chest and mumbled something he couldn’t hear. 

“Come again, Baby Doll?” You looked up at him. “You can’t show it to anyone else. It’s just for you. No one else.” He smiled. “Well of course. Ain’t no one seeing this beauty of a body. It’s mine, all mine.”

Now that’s a great photo in his mind, but it wasn’t his favorite……

Negan pulled his jeans over his hips as you lay sleeping in bed. You laid on your back, your t-shirt hanging off one shoulder, the quilt bunch up around your waist.

Negan watched you for a moment. How he wished he could scoop you up and take you back with him and never let you leave. 

But he couldn’t. This had to be enough. There was no other way for you two to be together without your group knowing.

Gently he brushed your hair away from your face before grabbing the polaroid from the dresser. He brought the camera to his face and snapped a photo of you sleeping. 

You shifted in your sleep, but when Negan cupped your cheek and gently stroked it, you soon fell back into a peaceful sleep.

Negan pulled his hand away and finished dressing. He tucked the photos in his jacket pocket. He leaned down and kissed your forehead. 

He brushed his forehead against yours before standing to his full height and looking at you once again before he left.

Negan looked at the photo of you sleeping. “If I just made you come back with me…if I made you live at the factory..You wouldn’t have been there. You wouldn’t have died.”

Negan remembers the day so well. He fought and argued with you for a whole car ride about coming and living with him.

“It’s not going to happen.” You said, folding your arms over your chest. “Why fucking not?!” “Because it’s bad enough that my group knows I’ve been fucking you, I can’t leave them! I have to show some type of loyalty!”

“You lost any loyalty to them when you got into bed with me, sweetheart.” Silent fell between you. “I want you to come back with me. You’ll be happy there. I’ll be fucking happy with you there. We’ll be happy together.” 

“We don’t get to be happy in this life, Negan. We get to live! That’s it. If we find someone that gives a small amount of happiness, we shouldn’t take that for granted and demand more.”  

“I’m not demanding more! I want you to be with me! I’m sick and fucking tired of getting a few hours with you!” He yelled, slamming his hand on the steering wheel.

“I want you in my bed at night! I want to fucking wake up next to you! I want to be able to fuck you wherever and whenever you want! I want you by my side!”

“You don’t think I want that?! You don’t think I want to be by your side every fucking day!? I do! But I’m not going to ask for more than I can get because that’s when shit is taken away!”

“If I had…Just made you, forced you-”

“They wouldn’t have loved ya they way they did.” Negan’s head whipped in the direction of the voice. Daryl stood there, looking at his hands.

“Y/N loved you so much…They must’ve had fifteen photos of you in their dresser. Rick made me clear they room out…I thought you might like these.” Daryl walked further into the room and placed a backpack on the end of the bed.

“Don’t beat yourself up over it. They loved ya…and they knew you loved them. Ya might not have said it back, but they knew…”

Daryl left then. Negan didn’t get up and beat the shit out of him like he thought he would or how he would if it was Rick. 

Negan grabbed the bag and pulled it near him.  

He unzipped the bag and began looking through it. Right on top was a sweatshirt. Negan pulled it out and unfolded it. He brought it to his nose and inhaled it. It still smelt like you. 

He never knew how much he loved they way you smelt until just now. Negan put the sweatshirt to the side and pulled out the next thing. A book. Your favorite book. Next thing was a red wooden box. 

When he opened it he found many things. Bracelets, a neckless and a ring. A few photos of him and you were in the bottom with a small torn piece of paper. He looked at it and see “First Page Red Notebook.” written in messy handwriting.

Negan looked through the backpack until he found the red notebook. He opened the book and found a letter, to him with two rings taped to the bottom.


You have made my life heaven and hell all in one place. You did something that still hurts me, yet you somehow made me fall in love with you. I would never have thought I would fall for a guy like you. I hated you. You took people from me that left holes in me. Yet at the same time, you managed filled those holes.

I love you. Whatever happened wasn’t your fault. You didn’t pull the trigger. Or swing the bat, or let the walker eat me. Whatever happened wasn’t your fault. I know it. You wouldn’t let it happened. You would fight with everything in you. I know. You told me so.

I’m writing you this letter so you know even in the afterlife I still love you. That in the afterlife I’m watching over you, talking shit to Glenn and Abraham. They aren’t too pleased with you.

If you ever doubt that I loved you…at the bottom of this letter will be two rings I found on a run. I was going to give them to you if you ever wanted to truly get married.

I wish I was still there by you. I wish I could kiss your dumb face. But most of all, I wish I could still tell you that I love you. I miss you, Negan.

Yours forever, Y/N.

Negan jerked away. You were staring at him, shock was written on your face. “Negan! Hey, it’s okay!” He looked at you, his face twisting up in confusion as he sat up. “You’re…You’re here…I thought you…I thought you died…I-”

“I know. You were screaming in your sleep…You attracted a few of the dead.” You said, pointing towards the bedroom window where a few walkers began banging on it.

You leaned forward and wrapped your arms around him. “I’m sorry….I shouldn’t have told you about the fucking letter. I just wanted you to know if…that was all.”

“Come back with me. Please. Just…I…-” You kissed his lips, stopping him from talking. “Yes. I’ll come back with you. I’ll marry you. I’ll…do whatever you need me to…You were screaming for five minutes straight and then you were whimpering…”

“Rick killed you to get back at me…He shot you in front of me.” You cupped his face gently. “I’m alive. I’m fine.”

Negan wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled your closer to him. “I love you. I love you so much.”

You smiled against his side. “I love you too, Negan.”

ghost quartet Thoughts

anyway so i saw ghost quartet yesterday and here’s some things. sorry this post is crazy long!!!:

-first off it was fucking amazing and that’s that

-i was sitting with @letthesunshinein in the second row of chairs in the middle section of the theatre, right in front of where gelsey & brittain’s mics were

-ben stiller was there 

-during “i don’t know” i got the fuckin Shivers during the “let me read you a story, let me read you a romance” part because they were like looking at audience members & it was very much To The Audience and it was good

-gelsey and brittain were Amazing in the camera shop scene!! their faces were absolutely priceless, especially brittain’s. it doesn’t really sound like it on the recording but she’s laughing during the “i don’t believe any of this” part

- “subway” was super intense during the part where they’re all singing at different times because dave and brent are on either side of the theatre and gelsey and brittain are in the center so like the sound is surrounding you and it’s crazy

-in general everything sounded so much better with the way they were positioned like. it really put you in it bc the sound was coming from every direction. 

-i already said this but during solider & rose brittain ashford made eye contact with me and i lesbian died. also the like whooshy sounds during that track are made by gelsey with this weird cup thing & she like makes a face and puts it up to the mic in response to rose/brittain’s like come ons and it’s priceless

-i’m pretty sure gelsey stepped on someone on the floor while handing out instruments during “any kind of dead person”

-dave had his hand on his chest for all of “the astronomer” and it was kind of strange

-during the part where brent is playing monk and dave points it out brent smiled and said “you always get it” and it was funny & sweet

- the transition from the family meeting scene to “four friends” is hilarious bc brittain has just finished like cussing out dave & he just like kind of raises his eyebrows and is like “well. here’s side 2 track 3, four friends” and it’s very comical

-during the telescope there are certain hanging lights which get brighter to represent each star. im writing an essay about dave malloy shows & hanging lights being stars

-they turn off all the lights during “lights out” and they stay off for all of side 3, that is until hero when they come back on as a spot on brittain. there are occasional flashes of light intermittently but they’re very surprising and really add to the spookiness of the whole thing. hearing gelsey bell scream during usher part 3 in complete darkness was literally like bone chilling and i almost died. the only lights you can see are from the exit sign and from glow tape on the furniture and i think maybe some of the instruments. 

-brittain moves from her spot at the back to center stage for “hero” and she cried real human tears and it was Heartbreaking and very very well done and very touching

-during the wind and rain they hand out all the instruments to the audience and teach them how to play so the beat and sounds of the song are being maintained by the audience. brent arnold gave ben stiller a big drum. the audience kept the music going for a good couple of minutes until somebody just started up applause & the cast came back in for bows. 

-after the show the cast was in charge of merch & took pictures and signed things etc. i got a picture with dave & i told him i loved him & also that i’d read war and peace bc of comet & he was super cool and just. a nice big guy. we were standing right next 2 ben stiller as he was trying 2 buy tshirts from brittain and he kept dropping his tshirts and i picked them up. we had a moment. & then brittain was like saying something about like “stay in school kids” & i was like “yes ma’am” like ironically & she was like “don’t call me ma’am” and i was like “yes pal” and she was like “that’ll do” and she gave me a fist bump. brent arnold gave me the last small tshirt and i love him 4 that. gelsey was super nice & sweet As Always. 

-anyway it was Amazing so good aaaHH

Second Home - S.M

Shawn sat in the centre of the stage, the show didn’t start for another couple of hours but he always came super early. He loved coming to look at the arenas. He loved seeing where he was performing. I was lying next to him on the stage. He looked down at me suddenly and I could see he was still churning with rage over what had happened earlier today with that guy.

“hey, you okay?” I placed my hand on his knee and he put his over mine. He didn’t answer me though. “what are you thinking?” I asked softly. He laid down next to me grabbing my hand as he went.

“I’m just thinking you have really soft hands” he put a smile on his face but I knew it was forced.

“Shawn” I said with a hint of warning in my tone.

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You’re my favorite song

Prompt: This by Ed Sheeran? Or lucky by Jason Mraz? For the song imagines?

A/N: I love those songs, and I couldn’t decide for one, so I made a mashup, sort of. Send requests, I hope you like this one. Sorry for the crappy title. 

Warnings: fluff.


I’m not a funny girl, I just say stuff. On the other hand, I’m quite clumsy and very spontaneous. Those abilities were part of the decision of giving me a radio show. I had worked hard for it, I loved the idea of being part of the laughs in the middle of the rush hour. I liked make people happy.

“Hey, babe, how’s it going?” Chris asked. I smiled. This man made my clumsiness and fan girl goes from zero to one thousand. He was just getting home after a long, long press tour. Well, it was two weeks that felt like forever.

“I’m still at work. Missing you. And also about to go crazy because today’s guest decided to cancel” I sighed. I heard his amusing laugh.

“Hey, it’s not funny! I have thirty minutes or less to get someone in the show. I should actually hang up. I’ll see you in a bit, because I’m going to lose my job, yay! Love you”

“You’re crazy, woman. I love you too”. After that, I started to scroll on my contacts list. Shit. I was so screwed.

“Y/n? We have someone, he’s going to be here soon” my producer told, I sighed.

“That’s good! Who am I going to introduce?” he smiled.

“Chris Evans”


“You set me up!” I told him when I saw him walking on the studio. He didn’t pay attention to my complaining. He grabbed me and kissed me. it was one of those kissed. Where your jead goes backward, his hands around my waist. He smiled against my lips. Yep. It was one of those kiss that takes you back to life.

“I missed you so much, I wanted to see you as soon as possible. Can you blame a man that it’s so in love?” I smiled and put my arms around his neck. I was so hypnotized by him.

“Of course not” he leaned and almost touch my lips.

“On air in one minute” I heard someone. He kissed my forehead and grabbed my hand. This was going to be interesting.


“And that was the amazing Adele, I’m such a fan. But you already knew that since I play in every block. Also, there’s someone that knows that, our today’s guest, the one and only, just like Adele’s song, Chris Evans. Welcome, captain” I said. He laughed.

“Thank you for having me and I do. I know that. God” he sighed “I know that” he repeated and we both laughed.

“Hello, everyone, this is y/n in the company of Chris Evans who turns out to have another blockbuster” I added and the phones started to ring like crazy.

“It’s not a big deal. But it’s a great movie. You should go to watch it”

“Oh, I’d love to, but my boyfriend’s never here, can you believe that? I can’t go to the movies without him”

“Bastard!” he replied.

“Alright, Chris, let’s take a call. Hello, this is y/n and Chris Evans”

“Oh my God, you’re like the cutest couple ever, you’re relationship goals forever” a girl said almost too fast. Was she even breathing?

“Well, have you seen her? She’s got the cutest on her own, I just smile” Chris spoke. I felt an “aww” running through my body.

“I agree. What’s your name, doll?”


“Hello, Sara” we both said.

“Oh, my God. I can’t believe this” she started again and Chris laughed.

“To make it more believable, ask anything you’d like to know” I added. I admired Chris, even when he was sitting a bit away from me, he was in the right spot to be looked at. He was wearing his Boston cap, old jeans and grown beard.

“How did you realize you were in love with her, Chris?” I wide-opened my eyes.

“Yeah, Chris? How did you?” I cheered and put my elbow in the table and used my hand as support for my face.

“That’s easy. She was making pancakes. I remember that day. I got straight to her home after a while of being away. We never missed communication. We always talked on the phone and in one conversation, I told her that I wanted to bad pancakes. So, when I got to her place. She’d invited me for dinner. And that was our dinner. I loved how she was dancing while cooking. I felt like I could watch that forever, you know? And knowing that she’d take care of me through the smallest details was just wonderful” I was looking at him while I held my breath. I remembered that moment. We were friends back then. He was just getting started with the whole Captain America phenomenon.

“Oh, my God! That’s like the sweetest story ever, guys, congratulations”

“Thank you!” we spoke at the same time.

“Alright, I bet you still have a lot of questions, but let’s move to the music. Here’s Ed Sheeran with his newest hit, we’ll be back, don’t move!” the on air sign turned off. I sighed. I stood up just to kiss Chris. I heard a bunch of awwws and I smiled against his lips.

“I didn’t know”

“That’s how I remember you when I’m away”

“That happened when we were best friends” I added. He smiled.

“I know, it’s funny, huh? I guess I realized how happy and lucky I was to have you in my life even when I was overseas, but I confirmed it that very moment” I kissed him and got back to my place when I saw the signs of my producer.

“And we’re back as I promised. Here’s Chris Evans as my secretary, so make your calls, let’s see who’s on the line, hello?” I spoke fast.

“Hello, this is Anna”

“Hey, Anna? How are you?” Chris asked.

“Great, I can’t believe I’m talking to you!”

“Well, you are!” he laughed and settled on his chair. His hand ran through his beard. He was playing with a bottle of water.

“But, the question is for y/n” I threw my hands in the air.

“Ha! In your face, Evans. Shoot, Anna” I laughed while I looked at Chris.

“What is like being in love with Chris Evans?” I thought my answer.

“Well, it’s very easy. Before getting into this relationship, we had a friendship, so we already knew all the crap that makes relationships fall apart. And he is different from most men I know. I realized that this is what actually feels like falling in love. He has shown me when someone cares, that love it’s not only about making sacrifices. It’s taking risks together, growing together, and being silly together. He’s easy to love. And come on! Have you seen him?” I laughed.

“Anna?” he questioned. “I’m going to kiss my girlfriend, because I love how corny she is and how red her cheeks are turning” now, he stood up and kissed.

“You’re so sweet!” she screamed.

“Thank you, hope you call soon, honey!” I added. God. This was so crazy. But I knew something for sure. He was my mate. My better half.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing, I just love you” I said “and I just said that on air. Let’s go to commercials, we’ll be back with the newest, coolest, Adelest hits.”

“I love you too!” Chris screamed before we were off air.

                            straight caffeine; chapter one

September 24TH, 2016

 I despised a lot of things.

I hated when people accidentally stepped on the back of my shoe and made it slip off my heel. I hated when people liked to watch sad movies for fun. I hated how shitty I always felt after I talked to my mother, even though I told myself a hundred times before her phone call that I wasn’t going to let her disappoint me.

Grocery shopping? That took the cake.

When I lived with my father I didn’t mind grocery shopping. I actually liked going with him to the nearest store and picking out things that I wanted to eat for the rest of the week, which more often than not included packets of Rolos and other various unhealthy junk food. As an adult, grocery shopping was pure torture. Especially because at nearly twenty-five I had to make decisions on the boring healthy foods I knew I had to get. Bananas or apples? Romaine lettuce or spinach for salads? It didn’t help that conventionally healthy foods were a lot more expensive, something I noticed the very first time I had gone grocery shopping by myself after moving out of my father’s house. The boxes of macaroni and cheese were almost six dollars cheaper than the ingredients to make a salad that I wouldn’t completely hate to eat.

Still, grocery shopping was a necessity. Which was why I found myself standing in the middle of Hilal Food Centre at two in the morning early Saturday morning.

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(time this morning between opening my computer and triggering myself with my own damn archive: less than one minute.)

there are nice things. today i will have brunch with friends, for example. i like the quiet hour on the overground. the novel i am reading is annoying me but the train will make me focus, maybe, on getting through the annoying part. this past week was a disaster, but on friday i rebranded it as a deliberate if irresponsible planned staycation and took myself for a long walk in evening light of a quality that exists only in summer at far northern latitudes. a woman i am crazy about made me laugh, via text message from another country, so hard i had to stop and sit down. i texted another woman i am crazy about, in a more distant country, to tell her this, and she wrote me emoji stories about it. how lucky is it possible to be, i wonder, these days, not least because i am so afraid my luck will run out, but i try to stay there in that feeling of luck. then yesterday i had a nice lunch and an irresponsible afternoon pint with a sweet friend, and we sat outside under an awning and marveled together at the incessant rain. the rain, that was also a nice thing, so lovely after so long without, so cool. on the way to meet her i found a book i have wanted to read on a damaged-books display for a pound. on the bus home i trawled youtube until i found someone saying the author’s name, to learn its pronunciation, and i whispered it to myself over and over, looking out at the rain. the guttural catch in the back of the throat that is the familiar feeling of a language not your own. how being close to someone can make a deep need of getting certain things right; how you want that sound to sit easier in the back of your throat not merely as a matter of pride. so, here, now, this morning. coffee and poems and the donuts a flatmate brought back so late last night i didn’t hear her come in. where did she come by donuts so late at night? i don’t know. but i woke up to a text that said ‘help yourself to the donuts.’ so here we are. 

Sorry For Loving You

Word count:991

Based on ‘California king bed’  (nonny I hope this is, at least close to what you wanted, I did my best)

Kai has always been the one who was closed to the world, keeping things to himself. Even when you started dating him, he was still kinda closed. Things had to be dragged out of him, reassuring him that he can tell you everything because you were there for him and loved him no matter what. Even in his bad days, you knew it would get better.

But things have changed. There was many more fights between you two than before and you konda grew apart. Became more distant. It was like he was avoiding you and that hurt you. A lot. There was a lot of things je was hiding from you and even though you begged him to tell you, to open up to you, he refused. There were times where he would barely kiss you or hug you, times where you would lock yourself in the bathroom and cry your eyes out, knowing this might be the end of your relationship with Kai.

You stormed to the living room only to find Kai sitting on the couch and watching TV. He was completely ignoring you, avoiding eye contact and when you tried to touch him, he seemed like he was not bothered about that at all. Even after a few minutes of you standing beside him, he still wouldn’t want to look at you so you turned the TV off, Kai’s annoyance clearly visible because of the way he rolled his eyes at you.

‘Ok, what are we doing, Kai?’ You asked him, trying to stay calm and not showing any kind of weakness.

‘Talking, I guess.’ He muttered standing up and wanted to walk away from you, but you stopped him by grabbing his hand making him turn around.

'Why are you like this? What are we even doing with this relationship?’ Kai rolled his eyes again, which hurt you even more and made you think how he doesn’t care about you and love you anymore. Tears were fighting to roll down your cheeks, but you suppresed them and took a deep breath.

'It’s just a normal relationship. We’re like any other couple.’ He trailed off, clearly not knowing what else to tell you. He had no idea how much his actions hurt you and how much it made your not only heart, but your whole body ache.

'It’s not a normal relationship, Kai. Not anymore.’ You said, your voice becoming more inaudible than before, your eyes watering.

'What are you talking about?’ It was like he wasn’t aware of the way he acted the last couple of weeks. It made you think that maybe he was never aware of his behaviour.

'You really want me to explain? Well, how about this, you don’t talk to me as much as before, it’s like whenever I talk about something, you get bored and don’t want to listen to me or how everytime I want to kiss you or hug you, it’s like you’re disgusted by my touch. I can’t explain to you how much that hurts. I’ve been working my ass off to fix this relationship but I can’t do this on my own. I see you don’t care about me anymore and if you want to end it, just tell me. ’ His eyes finally found yours, tears stained your cheeks. Getting this of your chest was what you wanted to do for a very long time, but even that didn’t help. You still felt like every part of your body was hurting.

'Is that what you really think?’


'Let me tell you something. I love you more than my own life. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me but the reason I was like this was because I thought you got sick of me. Seeing you with another guy, laughing, made me think I wasn’t good enough for you. Maybe you really are better off without me.’ Kai trailed off and you couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You weren’t sad anymore. You were more pissed off than sad and it was driving you crazy. All you wanted to do was scream at him.

'That’s bullshit and you know it! Do you think I would go for someone else? I have you and that’s enough, but if you think we don’t belong to eachother just because you think you’re not good enough for me then so be it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything, putting you through all of this when you didn’t want it. I’m sorry, for loving you with all my heart.’ You stated and turned around, wanting to walk away and just when you were sure Kai wouldn’t come after you, he grabbed your arm and spun you around, pressing his body against yours and placed your hands on his chest, right where his heart is.

'Just stop it. Stop talking. I freaking love you and I would never let you go. I was an idiot and the biggest douche, but only because I’m head over heels for you. I thought it would be easier to let you go if I did all those things, but it only made me want you more. I can’t imagine not having you by my side and no matter what you say or do, I’m not letting you go.’

His eyes were unbelievably blue, focused only on you, taking your breath away. Tears started rolling down your cheeks, realizing how much you love Kai and despite every bad thing in your relationship, he still made you the happiest person in this world and you couldn’t imagine what would it be like if you had to let him go. He cupped your face and pressed his lips onto yours, feeling them after a really long time made you feel complete again. Kai was everything you’ve ever wanted. There might be times when you would have to let Kai go, but this was not it. Not yet.

You’re Back

Request: “Can I get an imagine for Stiles Stilinski? It takes place after the pack and the reader get him back from being forgotten. It’s basically a whole bunch of fluff. You guys are driving around in Roscoe and you just break down. He pulls over and asks what’s wrong. You then just let everything out about how much you missed him and how much it hurt to not have him by your side and how you thought you wouldn’t get him back. And he comforts you, telling you he knew you would find him. Thanks love💛🌻💕”

Ship: Stiles Stilinski x Fem!Reader

Warnings: fluff, angst, swearing, flashbacks, screaming, roscoe breaks down, etc. 

Notes: none of these gifs are mine, credit to owners.

Third P.O.V


(Y/n) ran down the corridor, her heart beat loud as it matched the rhythm of her footsteps. She heard the cry come from around the corner, only forcing her body to push harder. She wasn’t sure if it was a cry of joy or a cry of pain. Right now, they sounded too similar to bring a distinction between the two. As she turned the corner, (Y/n) gripped onto the wall for some sort of balance, her hands and palms sweaty from running away from the Oni. When they stopped following her, she knew something was up, something was wrong. Running down the corridor, she heard Scott cry out. 

Taking the corner quickly, she came to a complete stop when her eyes fell on a body that she desperately missed, the body of boy she was trying to save for what felt like forever. Stiles.. Gasping, the packs attention turned over to her. More importantly, Stiles’ attention. In that moment, it was just the two of them. It was as if time and everything around them had completely frozen. “Stiles..?” She said softly, so soft, it was almost inaudible. However, Stiles heard it loud and clear. The sound was music to his ears. Stiles forced himself up, muttering. “(Y/n)..?” They said each others names in a questioning manor, as if what they saw right in front of them was a dream, too good to be real. 

She picked up her pace, almost aching to touch him, to make sure that it wasn’t a dream. (Y/n) walked faster, tripping on her feet as she pushed herself further. But the minute they reached one another, it was like a gasp of fresh air. “You’re real.. You’re real..” Stiles seemed to mutter, like a strange mantra, never wanting to let go. She openly cried onto his shoulder, burring her face into the crook of his neck. They just stood their for a few minutes, minutes that felt like hours, completely content wrapped in one another’s arms. She could believe he was back. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t possibly let go. The thought of letting go seems absolutely ridiculous. If she did, he’d be gone again, ripped out of her grasp completely. 

Your P.O.V

“(Y/N)?!” Stiles shouted into my ear. Ouch, that was one hell of a way to grab my attention. Rubbing my ears, I glance back at him. “What, Stiles?” He shook his head at me, smiling softly. “Where have you been for the last two minutes? Roscoe died…again. C’mon, help me fix it. You know where the duck tape is. Can you grab it for me?” I nod, hopping out of the vehicle to follow his instructions. As he pops the hood of the car, I take a step back, watching the scene unfold in front of my eyes. I remember this moment, playing in my mind one-hundred different times, at least. Stiles huffing angrily over his crappy car that he loves despite its constant death and revival before we end up giving up to sit on the hood and talk until we couldn’t talk no more. 

I watch as Stiles rips off his flannel, sweating more than he probably should. I can’t help but smile at little at the sight. It scared me to think that I had totally forgotten these little moments with him. The moments I cherished the most. Without Stiles, I wouldn’t be who I am today. It hurt when he was gone. It felt like someone had ripped a hole into my heart and torn me to shreds. Looking at him now, it felt like everything had moved back into place. Back into where it should have always been. When Stiles looked back at me, I nearly died at the sight. His smile, the one I’ve loved and missed forever. “(Y/n), what’s wrong?” It hadn’t occurred to me that when he turned to grin at me, I didn’t reciprocate the same expression. Instead, my face turned into bit of a scowl. 

He tossed the rag back onto the engine, ignoring his car troubles to walk over to me. Wrapping his massive calloused hands with mine, my hands shook at the reminder that he was real. The thought of never being able to feel his touch again made my heart weak with pain. He whispered again, his hazel eyes meeting mine. “What’s wrong, (Y/n)? Please talk to me.” When I look up at him, I can’t help but grin. “I missed you so much.. When my memories were taken, it wasn’t just my memories that were snatched from me.. They took a piece of me. They took you away. Stiles, you mean the world to me. When I forgot about you, I felt like my world was just bland and grey. Everything we learned from one another seemed to have left me.. I felt cold.. Like I was missing the most important part of my life..

Wherever I went, I felt like there should have been someone there with me, crying or laughing by my side. But when there wasn’t, I felt so god damn alone. I felt like I was going crazy. Whenever I made a joke with Scott and you weren’t there, I was expecting someone to laugh with me. I was expecting you to laugh. But when you didn’t, when there was nothing but silence, when I couldn’t hear your contagious giggle, I felt completely empty. I am beyond happy that you’re back. I feel whole again. I’m just… I’m so petrified of losing you again..” As I finish, Stiles wraps his long muscular arms around me. Another thing I completely forgot about was how much bigger he had gotten due to lacrosse. His body was warm and his smell was intoxicating. 

Kissing my head, I felt a drop of water fall onto my head. Stiles’ tears. “(Y/n), I missed you too. Not being able to laugh with you, not being able to hold you or talk to you has been the hardest thing in the world. But I am here-” He says, taking my hand to rest on his heart. “I am real. And I swear to you that I’m not going anywhere. Never again will I leave you. I promise. And if I do leave for a short time, I will always make my way back to you. Ya know why?” I shake my head, letting him continue. “Because you’re my home. And no matter what, I will always come home to you.” I cry into his shirt, unable to withhold my happiness. He brings me closer to him, resting his chin atop of my head. I whisper into his chest, smiling softly. “I’m so glad you’re back..” 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

Bellarke fandom

I love you guys, all of you. I love the fact that I’m you’re so hyped before each episode even if the previous one get our hopes down. I love the meta writers who keep our hopes up and our mind sane. I love the energy that there still is after four year and that it never fails. I love that right our hopes are based on minutes of a song and a glance in a sneak peak. I love the fact that you fight so hard on pools to get recognition for our little cinnamon roll children. I love all honesty of you: those who contributes to the fandom by doing gifs (which I live on), the talented people who writes or draw, and so many others. But I also love the people who can’t do shit (like me 😝) but who are still so important because you make up the fandom, you read, you react, you fangirl and fanboy on. I guess what I wanted to say is I am proud to be a part of the bellarke fandom and the energy and hope and craziness you bring to our fandom. I don’t know who’s going to read this or if it’s going to be noticed, but know that I love you for being a part of this dramatic af fandom. You’re gold. And thank you for everyone who made me laugh.

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The whole Summer/apocalypse guy relationship made me super uncomfortable. I actually had to pause it and take a break. Summer is, what, seventeen? Bad, bad, bad.

Oh my god when she was making out with Hemorrhage I just started laughing and looked away, I was like “no Summer NOOO” but I cried when the “intern” came in asking about a coffee run and was like “never mind” and just backs out LOL. That part itself made the scene. 

Summer, you wild and crazy flower pot, stay away from boys. 

It’s crazy how sometimes it just suddenly hits me how much I miss you. Like there’s nothing that reminds me of your laugh or your smile or some joke we made. Instead there’s only your absence that makes me realize how much I want you there. Every part of you. I can’t wait to see you again

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Hello! I really love your writing. I was wondering if you could write the RFA+V+Saeran and ballerina!MC? (I lowkey want to see what happens if she comes home late with crazy stage makeup on. I mean, wouldn't that be hilarious--)

I’ve made a post about ballerina!MC before, this’ll be like a part two of some sort


i swear zen’s been in crazy makeup once at least because of one play that acquired more stage makeup than usual

“hey babe <3, welcome ho-jSUS CHRIST AJHSHJASJAG

• he’d have a mini-heartattack before bursting out laughing bc oh silly me this is how you probably felt when he came home in crazy makeup

• asks if you had a good day and if you wants some tea or whatever. Some chill time ensues, maybe massages. Those are great


• falls off the couch he was sitting on and stares into the roof is this my fate, is this how my life ends

• you end up cry-laughing because the launch off he did off the couch was magical and so was his expression. You tell him to hold on and makes your way to the bathroom to wash the makeup off

• you guys end up having a good laugh as you cuddle on the couch and talk about both of your days 

• “Please try not to do that again- I don’t think i will survive another surprise” 


• she greets you at the door with her cup of coffee and ends up gracefully spitting it out and kinda half-coughing 

• you took her by surprise and she took you by surprise. Where’s the towels… Coffee spills everywhere 

• both of you ends up giggling as you clean up the stains and after you wash of the makeup she kisses you

• you make a vow to try not to do that again  


“Hello love, did you have a good day? Want me to fill the bathtub for you?” he asks as he leans in to kiss you

jumin pls don’t kiss me like this, not like t his

• isn’t really phased about the matter of makeup occupying your face, just very curious- what kind of performance are you needed to wear THIS much makeup 

• you tell him as you both enjoy a nice warm bath together uwu


• “wHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE U DOING IN MY HOUSE” so dramatic. goes down on one knee and is all “When will my lover return from war”

• you kiss his cheek and he gets a kiss mark from your lips he giggles like a high schooler in love. 

• after the makeup is washed off and your face feels fresh and light you two crash on the couch cuddling and watching a movie because according to seven that’s the routine after coming home

• he wants to know all about the upcoming performance and what kinds of costume you wear to match the makeup 


he can’t see

• he goes in for a kiss but you stop him or else it’ll get smeared on him too, he touches your cheek and can feel that hey, this is not how your skin usually feels. V is v v confused lol

• you laugh a bit and explains that you have a shitton of makeup on you and you need to wash it off before the kiss 

• he wants to know how crazy it is and you explain the color schemes to him, he giggles. Sounds very crazy to him but he loves you either way- with or without makeup



• you scared him. are u happy now- be glad he didn’t drop his bowl of ice cream

• you tell him you’re sorry between your laughs and even though he looks really pouty he can’t stop that little smile from crawling its way to his lips. You silly 

• “What kind of performance is this for even? Who the heckle needs tHIS much makeup??? I don’t get it”


((Ahahaha, man I know I’m on break but I’ve been dying to draw my favorite part of the latest part of CPAU.

@loverofpiggies I was laughing like crazy when I saw that and then grinning like an idiot at work after. This part made me so happy for so many reasons I couldn’t resist doing a redraw. I cant wait to see where it goes from there.))

Let Me Love You pt. 5 [End]

Summary: She never really looked at Bucky that way, but she just recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend and Bucky is more than willing to help her get her mind off of him. Maybe she would let him help, if only he would stop being so infuriatingly annoying for just one second. A five part mini-series based on Ariana Grande’s ‘Let Me Love You’

Word Count: 947 (so short, I’m sorry!)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Unnamed female character

A/N: So this is the end. Thanks so much for reading. This will not be the last of me, I promise. So if you like what you read, maybe follow me for more? Hope you like it!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

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They hadn’t even made it out of the front door.

Steve, Wanda, Natasha, and Vision were all sat on the couches, watching television in the common room when the pair came into the room; laughing and holding hands, talking about some stupid cat video she had shown Bucky on YouTube. 

“Right, but imagine T’Challa.” She laughed, making Bucky throw his head back in laughter at the tiny kitten who was going crazy over a laser pointer.

Natasha was the first one to notice them. Her eyes dropped down to their linked hands and a smirk tugged at the corner of her lips. Next were Steve and Sam who shared a very, confused look. But then Sam whispered an ‘I told ya so’, to his best friend. Wanda and Vision just smiled, happy that they were no longer the only couple on the team.

“Where are you two going?” The voice belonged to Steve. It was his ‘dad-voice’ as she liked to call it. And she could practically see his face before she turned around. 

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